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Chapter 323 – Sword Saint Ling Tianhou

The celestial swords sped by in a ray of light. Wang Lin closely followed the swords through the void and in the blink of an eye entered the celestial fragment.

“It’s him!” The first thing Wang Lin saw was a white-robed woman with long hair flowing in the air. Before her were two golden dragons.

Chi Hu also noticed the white-robed woman. He was shocked and silently pondered.

After arriving here, Wang Lin put away the compass. He revealed a shocked expression as he began to silently ponder as well.

Those two golden dragons roared like crazy and all of the celestial swords that came from all over the celestial realm charged toward them.

Gradually, as more and more celestial swords arrived, they intertwined together and formed another golden dragon.

The three golden dragons circled around the white-robed woman. Her cold gaze would occasionally sweep the surrounding area.

There were still waves of celestial swords flying toward here.

It didn’t take much time. As waves of celestials swords arrived, more than 100 others had gathered in this fragment. These were the fast ones that had managed to follow the celestial swords.

As the celestial swords endlessly arrived, so did more and more cultivators. Almost all of them revealed hints of greed as they stared at the golden dragons around the white-robed woman.

Anyone who could enter the celestial realm was an elite of their respective cultivation planet. While they all were greedy, they all managed to control themselves. They were waiting to see who would be the first one to act.

“Ting Er, please stop. There are already three rain celestial swords. That is enough,” a soft voice in the forehead of one of the golden dragons said.

The white-robed woman calmly said, “It’s not enough. Just wait a bit and the fourth rain celestial sword will take form.”

Just as she finished speaking, the celestial swords began to take the shape of the fourth dragon. As more and more celestial swords arrived, the speed at which it was forming increased.

Just at this moment, a powerful roar suddenly came from the east. This roar was filled with provocation. All three golden dragons turned their gazes toward the east.

A giant ball of fire flew in from that direction. The heat wave already arrived before the fireball got close. Some of the nearby cultivators’ expressions changed greatly. They quickly backed up and made a path for it.

Just as they got out of the way, the ball of fire charged through the void and exploded in the sky above the fragment. The ball of fire scattered into countless smaller meteors that shot out in all directions. In the middle of the ball of fire was a Qilin surrounded by green flames. It blew two white streams of steam out of its nose as it stared at the three golden dragons.

“This is… celestial Qilin! The Da Lou Sword Sect’s guardian beast!”

“This beast belongs to sword saint Ling Tianhou. That old master is here!”

“What kind of treasure could make senior Lin Tianhou come personally?”

A few of the more knowledgeable cultivators were shocked. They began to guess why Lin Tianhou was here. A few of the cultivators with weaker wills backed up and exclaimed out loud.

Wang Lin calmly looked toward the large celestial Qilin. On its very large head sat one person.

This person was wearing a green robe and his white hair moved without any wind. Although he looked skinny, the aura he gave off was very oppressive. This was especially true for the four illusionary swords behind his back. Every time they flashed, Wang Lin would feel a bang on his chest.

Bang! Bang!

After two bangs, Wang Lin’s face became pale and a stream of blood came out from the corner of his mouth, causing him to withdraw his gaze. Chi Hu coughed out a mouthful of blood with a terrifying expression on his face.

No just the two of them, but many people had blood streaming from the corners of their mouths. Their faces were filled with shock and terror.

A few people, the ones who recognized the Qilin, quickly lowered their heads and sneered in their hearts. “Hmph, the Da Lou Sword Sect’s sword saint is not someone we can compete with. That person’s cultivation level is higher than the heavens and those four swords are his life treasures that he created from his cultivation. They never disappear and can be turned into thousands of swords. If your cultivation level isn’t high enough, then just taking a look at them will injure you. If you try to force yourself to look at them, you may even die.”

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he slapped his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag. The flag turned into black fog and quickly surrounded him. He ate some pills and began to cultivate, which allowed a sliver of red to return to his face.

After that Qilin appeared, it snorted two hot streams of air before charging forward.

At this moment, the old man sitting on the Qilin opened his eyes. He stared at the white-robed woman with a serious expression on his face.

The old man’s face was gloomy as he slowly asked, “Are you a celestial?”

The moment those words came out, all of the surrounding cultivators panicked, but then all of them quickly became silent as they looked toward the white-robed woman.

The white-robed woman calmly looked at the old man and said, “Stand down!”

The old man’s eyes lit up. He was filled with anger. As the number one or two person on planet Tian Yun, it had been a long time since someone dared to talk to him like this.

“Haha, the celestial realm is already broken. If you really are a surviving celestial, then this old man wants to try killing a celestial!” The moment the old man said those words, the Qilin under him roared.

The white-robed woman remained calm. Her eyes were filled with melancholy as she looked at the Qilin rather than the old man and said, “You evil creature, even your ancestors back then didn’t dare to act like this before me. Could you have even lost your inherited memory after the celestial realm collapsed?”

A hint of confusion appeared in the Qilin’s eyes.

The old man’s face became sullen as black smoke appeared on his hand. He made the smoke go into the Qilin’s head. The Qilin was terrified, causing the trace of confusion to disappear and be replaced by a vicious expression.

The white-robed woman shook her head and said. “So it is a fake beast that never received an inheritance.” With that, she raised her hand and pointed at the Qilin.

The Qilin immediately retreated. The vicious expression on its face disappeared and revealed a hint of fear. The Qilin shook the old man off its head as it groveled on the ground, its entire body trembling.

The old man floated in the air, his face very unsettled.

“…You remember? Forget it, the celestial realm is not here, so there is no point in me punishing you.” The white-robed woman let out a sigh. She didn’t put her hand away but pointed at the old man.

With one point, the heavens and earth shook. The old man’s face immediately became pale as he quickly backed up. At the same time, he pointed multiple times, causing the four illusionary swords behind him to come forward and block for him.

Bang! Bang!

After two bangs, two of the swords immediately shattered. The old man’s expression changed greatly as he turned around and disappeared. When he appeared again, he was already far away in the void.

The fourth dragon next to the white-robed woman became more and more solid. It was nearly completed.

“She is not a normal celestial!!! The way she refers to herself, could she be a celestial king…” The old man was terrified. With just two points, she was able to destroy two of his swords. Not even Tian Yunzi could do this. How could he not be shocked?

“Forget it, at the most I just won’t get the celestial sword today.. Ehh something is not right!” The old man suddenly stopped as he began to ponder and look at the fragment.

“If she really is a celestial king and I offended her, then according to celestial law, it is a crime that would destroy my origin soul. However, she didn’t kill me… I understand now. It is not that she doesn’t want to kill me, she wants to scare me away!” The old man turned around without any hesitation and charged toward the fragment again. This time, the two remaining swords appeared in front of him. They turned from two to four and four to eight. In the blink of an eye, there were over 100 swords in front of him as he galloped forward.

In an instant, he was back on the fragment.

On the fragment, all of the cultivators fled in panic after seeing the sword saint be defeated by the white-robed woman with only one point of her finger. Everyone knew that they couldn’t obtain the celestial swords, so they all secretly backed up, ready to leave this troublesome place.

But at this moment, the old man came back.

The white-robed woman remained calm. She turned and looked at the purple mass on the dragon’s forehead. She let out a sigh as she stepped forward and faced the old man.

“Celestial king, I want to see just how powerful a celestial is!” the old man shouted, as he charged toward her.

The white-robed woman waved her hand. A series of loud bangs rang out like the heavens were splitting apart.

Those more than 100 swords seemed to have slammed into an unbreakable metal wall and all shattered. That old man’s expression changed greatly as he quickly retreated. His hand continued to make seals when backed up.

Rays of defensive light screens appeared before him, but as soon as one appeared, it was shattered.

The old man continued to back up. His forehead was covered in sweat and his hand moved even faster.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

It wasn’t until the 300th light screen that it only shook instead of shattering. The old man’s face was pale. There was no panic in his eyes, only excitement.

Because he could clearly see that woman’s body shake, a sliver of death aura appeared on his face.

“A celestial is only this much!” He laughed as he clapped his hands together before his chest. When he brought them apart, lightning appeared between them. The lightning took the shape of a sword. Under the control of the old man, it flew toward the white-robed woman.

The white-robed woman’s expression remained calm as she let out a sigh and waved her hand. However, this time, after she waved her hand, the death aura on her body increased greatly.

A low voice came from the head of one of the golden dragons. “Ting Er… Let me out of here. If you use up the celestial spiritual energy I have gathered in the past 2000 years, you might have a chance to awaken again!”

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