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Chapter 309 – Fight

Chi Hu said, “Ceng Niu. Just like you and I, he also comes from planet Suzaku.”

“From planet Suzuka?” Red Butterfly was startled as she recalled the other four.

Just at this moment, the formation before the two suddenly lit up. When the formation reached its peak brightness, a figure appeared.

“It’s him!” Red Butterfly’s eyes lit up. Without a word, her hand moved like lightning and she sent a white handprint toward the formation.

Bang Bang Bang

The hand print shot through the air like lightning.

The figure that came out from the formation was Wang Lin. The moment he came out, he felt danger, so he quickly stomped the ground to shatter the formation and surrounded himself with a cloud of green smoke as he backed up. He waved his right hand and the beast trap flew out. With a roar, a ball of lightning appeared and shot toward the handprint.

At the same time, Wang Lin waved his hand and the restriction flag appeared in his grasp. Restriction gas filled the area ten meters around Wang Lin as his eyes locked onto Red Butterfly.


Under Wang Lin’s order, the restriction gas turned into dragons that fearlessly charged forward with their ferocious mouths open.

Red Butterfly’s face became even colder as she tapped the ground with her foot and flew backwards. At the same time, she waved her right hand and an ice sculpture appeared. This sculpture looked the same as the half-human-half-snake sculpture from before, only this one’s eyes were closed. The moment the ice sculpture appeared, a blue light shot out from the closed eyes.


The powerful impact caused by the collision of the hand print and the ball of lighting created a wave of air half a person tall that pushed outwards. The blue light hit the ball of lightning, creating a series of crackling sounds as ice appeared on the ball of lightning. The ice began to spread at an unimaginable speed.

In the blink of eye, a frozen ball of lightning appeared in the air. The outside was blue and the inside was dark purple with lightning moving through it. It looked very beautiful.

The blue light didn’t stop and continued to move forward. The thunder toad let out a miserable groan as it attempted to spit out a second ball of lightning, but it was touched by the blue light and frozen in place before it could. Its stomach was bloated, but the ball of lightning was trapped inside.

Even the ferocious dragons formed by the restriction gas were stopped by the blue light and showed signs of being frozen.

This time, Red Butterfly had used one of her most powerful treasures. Her goal was to kill Wang Lin in one strike.

When Wang Lin saw that his attack was stopped, he immediately back up again and pointed at his brow. One by one, wandering souls came out and surrounded Wang Lin as they howled.

Wang Lin jumped into the air. At this moment, he looked like a demon god descending. His eyes were filled with a strange light.


With one word, the wandering souls became vicious and fearlessly charged toward Red Butterfly. The blue light didn’t have much effect on the wandering souls; after all, wandering souls were already dead and they possessed some natural resistance to spells.

Chi Hu finally reacted. He frowned and shouted, “Stop!”

Red Butterfly’s expression changed. She sneered as she quickly backed up. The wandering souls surged forward like a tidal wave, chasing closely behind her.

Wang Lin unleashed his killing intent as he waved his restriction flag and a dozen more dragons were formed. They fused into one large lance and stabbed toward Red Butterfly.

This lance was like a phantom as it moved like lightning behind the wandering souls.

Red Butterfly backed up again.

Her hand rubbed the ice sculpture, causing it to suddenly grow to the size of a person before her. She let out a roar and the eyes of the sculpture opened as if it were alive.

The sculpture then shot out rays of blue light. Under this blue light, the wandering souls all let out miserable screams. Some of the wandering souls disappeared completely. The fearless wandering souls felt a sense of fear and didn’t dare to move forward.

However, the lance formed by the restriction gas broke through the blue light and charged forward.

Wang Lin’s body moved and charged forward. He followed closely behind the lance and shouted, “Red Butterfly! Your parents didn’t have anyone to send them off. You are unfilial!”

When the wandering souls saw that Wang Lin had personally charged forward, they didn’t dare to not follow. They flew behind Wang Lin like the tails of a black peacock, adding to his presence.

“For one selfish desire, you killed the Four Sect Alliance! You are heartless!”

The black lance broke through the waves of blue light like an unstoppable force, causing the surrounding space to tremble. Cracks even appeared in the space around them. The spreading of the cracks ripped the surrounding mountains to pieces.

“You tried to kill me without any reason! That is unjust!”

The frozen restriction gas broke free from the ice and joined the lance, making it even more powerful.

At the same time, under Wang Lin’s control, more and more restriction gas came out of the restriction flag to join the lance as it broke through the blue light, causing its color to become even darker and more fierce.

“Your teacher is still alive, yet you sold yourself to Suzaku! You are unfaithful!”

This lance was the most powerful attack the restriction flag could use after reaching the first stage of completion. It used all of its restrictions. Wang Lin descended from the sky with wandering souls surrounding him. This scene made it look like the sky was collapsing.

The ground began to crack thanks to the expanding cracks in space. This gave the lance power from the earth.

The combined power of the sky collapsing and ground cracking would even seriously injure a mid stage Soul Formation cultivator.

“You are unfilial, unjust, and unfaithful! What kind of Dao are you cultivating!!! Your Dao heart isn’t stable! I want to see how your cultivation level will rise in the future!”

Even Chi Hu’s body involuntarily took a few steps back and his eyes were filled with shock. He didn’t expect Ceng Niu to have such a terrifying move.

“The unity of a person and their magic treasure!” Chi Hu was shocked. His eyes lit up, but he quickly suppressed his urge to fight. “This person must be a genius of the Ceng Family. If it were me, unless I use the treasure the family gave me, it would be difficult to escape this calamity. However, this Red Butterfly is at the late stage of Soul Formation… this Ceng Niu really is something; he knows that he must destroy Red Butterfly’s Dao heart first. This Ceng Niu is indeed not simple.”

Red Butterfly was too young after all. Compared to an old monster like Wang Lin, who has lived for over 400 years and has seen through human nature, her mental strength was still much lower than Wang Lin’s. Wang Lin’s words each landed on Red Butterfly’s heart. A flash of anger appeared on her face as she continued to back away.

Wang Lin continued to move forward while Red Butterfly kept backing up. Wang Lin knew that Red Butterfly’s battle experience wasn’t as good as his, so he took this chance to continue chasing and not give her any breaks.

Killing intent filled Red Butterfly’s eyes. As the genius of Xue Yu, from the moment she was born, she had never had such a disgraceful moment. In the past, as long as she used the ice sculpture, even late stage Soul Formation cultivators at her level would run away in panic.

Also, even Suzaku paid a lot of attention to her, so it was hard for her to not have some pride.

Wang Lin’s lance caused her to feel shock. This lance wasn’t all that powerful, but there was a mysterious energy within it. This energy almost felt like a sliver of divine retribution lightning!

But she was still a late stage Soul Formation cultivator. At this moment, her eyes lit up and her hand formed seals. She suddenly pointed at her brow and coughed out a mouthful of blood. A ray of red light suddenly appeared in the blood.

The moment the red light appeared, it turned into a beautiful rose.

The moment the flower appeared, the ice sculpture melted into a pool of water and moved below the rose. It was as if it had become nutrients for the rose, making it even more beautiful.

The lance charged forth and collided with the rose. One of the rose petals fell off and at the same time, Wang Lin’s expression changed because the lance collapsed.

Red Butterfly’s face burned a shade of unnatural red for a moment, but it quickly disappeared.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. Even this powerful of a move wasn’t able to kill this woman. Late stage Soul Formation cultivators were indeed powerful.

As his body backed up, the ruthless domain surrounded his body.

Red Butterfly stared at Wang Lin, who was backing up. She gnashed her teeth and said, “You are the first person to force me to use my life treasure. You can now die in peace!”

As she said that, she reached out with her hand and plucked one flower petal.

Chi Hu let out a roar as he flew into the air. “Stop! Fellow cultivator Red Butterfly and Brother Ceng, both of you were invited here by me. If you both continue, then don’t blame me for ruthless!”

Wang Lin took a deep breath as he focused all his attention on resisting the invasion of the ruthless domain and coldly said, “Fellow cultivator Chi Hu, I’m not the one that started all this!”

Red Butterfly’s face was cold as she looked at Chi Hu and said, “This has nothing to do with you! Stand down!”

Chi Hu’s expression changed. He stared at Red Butterfly and let out a loud laugh. “Fellow cultivator Red Butterfly, what if I want to get involved?”

Red Butterfly remained silent as she threw out the flower petal and it slowly flew toward Wang Lin. At this moment, the ground suddenly trembled and cracks appeared in the sky. The power of this flower petal had clearly reached the limit of this Celestial Realm fragment.

Chi Hu shouted, “Red Butterfly!”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he hit his bag of holding and immediately another restriction flag appeared. The restriction flag left his hand and flew into the air.

“Divine Retribution!” Unless absolutely necessary, Wang Lin really didn’t want to attract divine retribution lightning. With this, the fragment will collapse for sure and Wang Lin didn’t know if he would be lucky enough to escape it this time.

The restriction flag flew into the sky and turned into a cloud of black fog that surrounded everything within ten kilometers.

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