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Chapter 308 – Loving a Dead Woman

Many techniques were flying through the air on a fragment in the southern part of the Celestial Realm. There were currently three people fighting over a celestial jade.

Ten thousand kilometers away from the three of them, a middle-aged man stood in a grassy field while drinking wine from a gourd. He shook his head and said, “Ting Er, don’t worry. I’ll find you more celestial jades so that your body will remain the same for 1000 years.”

This middle-aged man was from Suzaku, like Wang Lin.

He walked on the plain while drinking. After a long time, he stopped. Looking down on the ground, his face was filled with old memories as he said, “Ting Er, do you still remember this place? Back then, this was where I met you, but now there is no one left.”

He let out a sigh as his right foot gently tapped the ground. In an instant, his body disappeared. He quickly descended into the ground until he arrived at a very large cave.

Inside the cave was a tower that was surrounded by green gas.

The middle-aged man took one step and walked through the green gas and into the tower.

This tower had three layers. The inside was very simple and looked very similar to someone’s home, but there was a certain sense of elegance.

As this person entered the tower, his gaze became soft. He walked through the room and touched all of the furniture before sitting down and muttering, “Ting Er, this was where I met you…”

His eyes revealed a deep sense of love as he gently took out a pagoda from his bag of holding. He rubbed the pagoda and it emitted a white light.

After the white light disappeared, the body of a woman in white appeared in his arms. He let out a smile and said, “Look, Ting Er, we are home.”

This woman was very beautiful. She had an aura about her that made her seem fairy-like. Her skin was white, but there was also a hint of red. If someone were told that she was still alive, they would believe it.

For some reason, the moment she appeared, she seemed to fit right into the surroundings. It was as if this place belonged to her.

The middle-aged man gently touched the dead woman’s face. The affection in his eyes deepened as he muttered, “When I first laid my eyes on you, I knew you were going to be my wife. I can’t be wrong. Ting Er, do you like this name? This is the name I picked for you.”

He muttered as he gently kissed the woman’s forehead, revealing a fulfilled look.

“For you, I gave up the right to become the sect head. For you, I betrayed my teacher. I don’t regret it, I don’t regret it at all. Who cares if they say I’m crazy? I’m not crazy!”

After caressing the woman’s face for a long time, he stood up.

“Ting Er, let us go upstairs. There is a dresser for you upstairs. How about you let your husband put makeup on for you?” The man carried the woman upstairs.

At the side of the dresser, the man placed the woman down. As he picked up an eyebrow pencil, his eyes swelled up with emotions. He muttered, “Ting Er, are you happy? I am very happy…”

“Why are are you not talking? Please talk! Are you not happy?”

“Please speak!!”

“Please speak now!!!”

“Why won’t you speak!?!?!?!”

The middle-aged man’s voice became louder and louder. He threw the pencil aside as he shook the woman and his voice became louder and louder.

After a long time, the man suddenly became shocked. He quickly hugged the woman and muttered, “I’m sorry, Ting Er. Please don’t blame me. I know I was wrong. I’ll never yell at you again. No one can take you away from me, no one! If anyone dares to, I’ll kill them! Kill! Kill! Kill!”

He took a deep breath, then kissed the woman’s face a few times before smiling. “Ting Er, look. This tower was originally going to collapse, but I was able to maintain its condition because this is your hom– umm… our home!”

“You must be tired. Rest a bit.” The middle-aged man carried the woman to the bed. He sat on the side of the bed and looked at the woman with a gentle gaze.

“Ting Er, when I first saw you, you were laying there like this. Nothing has changed since then. Ting Er, do you still remember? When I first came to the Celestial Realm, I came to find celestial spiritual energy, but I found you here. When I first saw you, I knew you were my wife, so I stayed here with you for a very long time…”

As he spoke, his hand reached out to the woman’s hand. As he rubbed her hand, he said, “You are so perfect, perfect… You are mine. No one can steal you from me. Ting Er, tell me, you love me too right?”

“Compared to celestial spiritual energy, you are the real treasure!”

The middle-aged man smiled as he lied down beside the woman and muttered, “Okay, Ting Er, let us rest for the night. Tomorrow, your husband will go find more celestial jades for you. Sleep. Don’t be scared, I am here…”

Wang Lin flew in the air with a determined look on his face. The one month time limit was almost up and he had made up his mind to go to the place Chi Hu mentioned.

Ignoring the three celestial swords, just that large coffin made of celestial jade was enough temptation. He believed that with a large amount of celestial jades, his push for the Soul Transformation stage will be a lot easier.

Reaching the Soul Transformation stage had very different meaning for Wang Lin. Once he reaches the Soul Transformation stage, Situ Nan will be able to awaken.

However, Wang Lin was only at early stage of Soul Formation and was very far from the late stage. It was unknown when he will reach the late stage, but he wasn’t anxious at all. He knew that he couldn’t be anxious for cultivation. Everything that will come will come.

In addition to all of that, some of the celestial herbs were also very tempting for Wang Lin. If he were to bring those back to Li Muwan, she would be able to make some top quality pills. This would allow her cultivation level to increase even more.

Unless a pill had a very powerful effect, Wang Lin wouldn’t casually take it. After all, at his stage, it was mainly about his own comprehension. Pills weren’t as important.

But pills made from herbs from the Celestial Realm would be very different.

After he made a decision, his body kept rising into the sky toward the vortex.

He only needed to use the jade when entering the vortex to go to the meeting place.

At this moment, at a fragment in the central part of the Celestial Realm, stood Chi Hu. Before him was a transfer array.

Chi Hu’s eyes were calm. He had waited here for seven days. During those seven days, there were some rascals that came by, but they had all been killed by him.

He was waiting, waiting for two people!

Chi Hu was 70% confident that they would be able to return with great rewards if those two came.

He believed that those two would be tempted after seeing the jade coffin. After all, this temptation was something hard for anyone to resist.

As as result, Chi Hu wasn’t in a hurry.

Those two people were chosen by him after careful selection. Not only was the first person very famous, but they also had connections with his Giant Demon Clan.

As for the second person, Ceng Niu, Chi Hu wasn’t able to see through him. Although he was only at the early stage of Soul Formation, Chi Hu still felt a sense of danger from him.

After thinking for a long time, he decided to invite Ceng Niu. After all, the stronger they were, the higher chance they had to succeed. As for whether or not the other two would try to kill him for the treasures, Chi Hu believed that he would able to make it out safely with his power.

Time slowly passed. On this day, the formation before him suddenly lit up and slowly brightened up the area.

This dazzling light had no effect on Chi Hu. He calmly turned to the formation and secretly thought, “They came!” But he didn’t know which one it was.

Once the light from the formation reached a certain degree, it suddenly dimmed. Shortly after, an exquisite figure appeared. This woman looked very beautiful, but the coldness on her face was very daunting.

Cold air enveloped the area and snow even began to fall around her. This scene looked very shocking.

Chi Hu’s eyes lit up and he thought, “It’s her!”

He let out a laugh and clasped his hands. “Fellow cultivator Red Butterfly, I have waited for you for a long time!”

This woman was Xue Yu’s genius, Red Butterfly!

She coldly looked at Chi Hu as she walked out of the formation and said, “If what you said is false, I won’t let this end so easily!”

Chi Hu revealed a confident look and smiled. “Fellow cultivator Red Butterfly can relax. Since you came, I can tell you. This jade was personally made by my Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor, Xi Zu. He should have no reason to lie.”

“Xi Zu…” Red Butterfly’s face relaxed a bit. This Xi Zu was a senior of her master and they had some connection. After all, there were only two clans on Suzaku that weren’t native to the planet: the Giant Demon Clan and Xue Yu.”

Naturally, the two clans kept in touch with each other. It could be said that the Giant Demon Clan was Xue Yu’s ally.

“Since it was personally recorded by Xi Zu himself, then I’ll believe you and go with you on this trip. I don’t want any treasures other than that celestial jade coffin. It must be mine!” Red Butterfly’s voice was very determined.

Chi Hu frowned and secretly thought that this Red Butterfly was too overbearing. Although he was interested in the celestial jade coffin as well, those three celestial swords were the things he had to get. If it was just two of them, it would be fine, but then there wouldn’t be anything left for Ceng Niu if the loot were split between the two of them.

Chi Hu pondered for a bit before slowly saying, “Fellow cultivator Red Butterfly, this matter is not so easily decided. After all, besides the two of us, there is one more that will join us.”

Red Butterfly calmly asked, “Oh? Who is it?”

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