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Chapter 299 – Battling Red Butterfly

Then the illusion changed. This time, many celestials flew into the sky with faces filled with anger.

But just at this moment, the hand that shattered the sword flipped around and plummeted to the ground. A ray of silver light suddenly flew out from the hand and went toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin was absorbed inside this scene and was suddenly shocked. The moment the silver light appeared, he became alert and threw out the beast trap. The thunder toad appeared, spat out a ball of lightning, and collided with the ray of silver light.

After a series of rumbles, the thunder toad backed up a hundred feet. Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he jumped onto the thunder toad and went to the woman behind the silver light.

Wang Lin slowly said, “Red Butterfly!”

When he was immersed inside the illusion, this woman suddenly appeared and attacked him without a word. If Wang Lin’s divine sense hadn’t already reached late stage Soul Formation level, then he would have thought that the silver light was part of the illusion and would have been killed on the spot.

Red Butterfly’s expression was cold as she stared at Wang Lin and said, “You indeed know me. Speak, who the hell are you?”

Wang Lin’s expression remained calm as he said, “Who doesn’t know Xue Yu’s genius?”

Red Butterfly coldly said, “Not going to say? Then you might as well remain here forever!” With that, she raised her right hand and a ray of silver light appear in her palm. She coldly stared at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin laughed out loud. His eyes lit up and he said, “I heard that Red Butterfly managed to reach the late stage of Soul Formation in just 100 years. Although 100 years isn’t long, it’s a lifetime for mortals. I wonder, are your parents still alive?”

Red Butterfly frowned. She waved the silver light in her hand and then the sky was suddenly covered with specks of silver light. The light started to rain down upon Wang Lin.

Wang Lin slapped the thunder toad, then its abdomen swelled up and it spat out a ball of lighting. The ball of lightning floated into the air, then Wang Lin shouted, “Explode!”

Suddenly, the ball of lightning exploded and rays of lightning blocked the specks of silver light. This allowed Wang Lin time to quickly retreat.

As for the thunder toad, after it spat out the ball of lightning, it quickly retreated with Wang Lin.

While Wang Lin retreated, he shouted, “Red Butterfly, do your parents have any other children? If not, then doesn’t that mean they have no one to send them off? That means you lack filial piety.”

Red Butterfly frowned again as she coldly looked at Wang Lin and charged after him. She waved her right hand and a flying sword suddenly appeared above her head. The flying sword shot out after Wang Lin at several times her flying speed.

There was hint of a domain inside the flying sword. The flying sword contained such a powerful emotionless domain that snowflakes began to appear around the sword.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He slapped his bag of holding and the restriction flag appeared. Black fog suddenly surrounded the area. The fog formed the shape of dragons and charged at the flying sword.

Subsequently, Wang Lin didn’t retreat anymore; instead, he disappeared inside the black fog. When he reappeared, he was a dozen feet behind Red Butterfly. His hand formed a seal and the spiritual energy in his body moved and a black and white swirl appeared.

At this moment, the life and death domain expanded from this swirl.

Red Butterfly frowned again and said, “Know your place!” With that, she raised her right hand and grabbed at the air. Suddenly, five rays of cold energy shot out from her finger and formed five snowy mountains, all of which fell toward Wang Lin.

“This snow is born in the sky and dies on the earth!” Wang Lin’s eyes remained calm as the black and white swirl activated. Although the enemy was a late stage Soul Formation cultivator, since she wanted to kill him, he must at least give her a fight.

The life and death swirl suddenly enlarged. The five snowy mountains immediately began to melt, and by the time they descended upon the swirl, they had already shrunk to less than half of their original size.

The moment they collided, a sliver of emotionless domain entered Wang Lin’s body, causing him to cough out a mouthful of blood. The blood immediately turned to ice after leaving his body.

Wang Lin could feel that his body was surrounded by coldness. His memories of his family and loved one started to fade. Wang Lin’s heart didn’t panic. He knew that once all these memories were gone, he would become an emotionless killer. This would become a seed in his mind for Red Butterfly to control his life and death.

The life and death domain activated in his body. Scenes of when he turned into a mortal, Da Niu’s parents’ lives and deaths, and various experiences as a mortal solidified in his heart.

Using this moment of clarity, Wang Lin shouted:

“One hundred years; an entire lifetime and the love of one’s parents is not something the heavens can erase. Red Butterfly, even if your parents have entered the reincarnation cycle and are already watching you from behind, do you dare to turn around and look?”

Although Red Butterfly’s expression remained the same, Wang Lin could feel that the emotionless domain in his body had weakened a bit. The life and death domain cycled through his body rapidly as his body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was on top of the thunder toad. He then quickly retreated.

Wang Lin waved the restriction flag in his hand and a hundred dragons made of the restriction smoke charged toward Red Butterfly.

Wang Lin used a few breaths of time to force the emotionless domain out of his body so it could no longer harm him. His expression was dark, as what had just happened was very dangerous. If anything had gone wrong, he would have become part of the cycle and no longer have the right to compete with the heavens.

“A late stage Soul Formation cultivator’s domain is really powerful!” Wang Lin took a deep breath. In truth, the moment Red Butterfly sneak attacked him, their battle had already began.

Wang Lin had seen the Ice Heart Tactic. The key was to expel all emotions and then to crush and refine them until one reaches a state of no emotion.

This was Red Butterfly’s Dao heart!

From the day he had first seen the Ice Heat Tactic, Wang Lin thought about how Red Butterfly had reached the late stage of Soul Formation in only 100 years. On one hand, it showed how powerful she was, but on the other hand, it was also one of her greatest weaknesses.

Without time to practice one’s Dao heart, they simply can’t compare to the old monsters who had lived for much longer. Also, with only 100 years, there was no way to completely erase all of her emotions.

This was why Wang Lin brought up her parents. Only by making her remember the past and feel a sliver of emotion for Wang Lin to use to break her Dao heart could he have a chance of winning.

But this woman’s Dao heart was firm and wasn’t affected by Wang Lin’s words. Only when Wang Lin activated his life and death domain to resist her emotionless domain did he realize that his words were working.

Although he didn’t say much and the effect wasn’t obvious, his words planted a seed in her heart. If she can’t remove this seed, she will never reach the Soul Transformation stage.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. He knew that with Red Butterfly’s talent, this seed won’t last long. However, if he repeatedly touches that weak spot and proves that his life and death domain is the real path while her emotionless domain has flaws, then this woman will no longer be scary.

Red Butterfly didn’t care about these dragons that were charging toward her. The moment the dragons got close, Red Butterfly’s origin soul came out and she waved her hand. A ring of blue light expanded and then all of the dragons turned to ice.

She stared at the direction where Wang Lin had retreated to and her eyes became even colder. She understood what Wang Lin’s intentions were. Originally, it wouldn’t be an issue, but Wang Lin’s domain was very strange. He had managed to obtain a sliver of life and death from the reincarnation cycle.

The moment the snowy mountains landed on the swirl, she clearly felt the life and death domain enter her body, causing memories of the past to be brought back. Although she was able to quickly remove those images, Wang Lin’s words entered her ears. “Even if they have entered the reincarnation cycle, they are watching you from behind.”

The moment those words came out, Red Butterfly’s memories became chaotic. Although it only took a moment for her to clear them up, she had also missed the chance to kill him.

“A mere early stage Soul Formation cultivator, but he indeed is interesting to try to ruin my Dao heart. This person can’t be allowed to live.” Red Butterfly’s eyes returned to normal and she chased after Wang Lin.

While Wang Lin ran, he waved his hand and put away the thunder toad. However, a late stage Soul Formation cultivator’s speed was far above an early stage Soul Formation cultivator’s. Soon, he felt slivers of cold energy appear behind him.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. Just as he was about to escape, his mind suddenly went blank and he remembered that giant hand print that he had seen in the palace.

He tried to understand it but failed in the end.

As he ran, the image of the handprint became clearer and clearer in his mind. He suddenly remembered the illusion he was shown, specifically the handprint that crushed the sword and descended upon the land.

The illusion of that hand print quickly merged with the image of the hand print from the palace. Under this strange state of mind, Wang Lin’s body suddenly flew up and he quickly climbed up the sky.

Red Butterfly sneered as she chased behind him and thought, “It doesn’t matter if you run forward or up; you won’t be getting away that easily.”

Wang Lin rose up into the sky and suddenly stopped. He looked at the ground as if he had realized something and gently pressed down with his hand.

Suddenly, the sky darkened and various streams of energy gathered under him, forming a giant palm right below Wang Lin.

The palm pressed down toward Wang Lin.

For the first time, Red Butterfly’s expression changed. She wanted to dodge, but the palm was very big and it arrived very quickly. It went through Red Butterfly’s body and landed on the ground, creating waves of dust.

She was shocked and quickly checked her body to find that nothing was wrong. She didn’t know that this palm of Wang Lin’s had no power and was only him trying to understand the hand print.

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