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Chapter 298 – Phantom

After picking up the ancient sword, he scanned it with his divine sense and immediately became excited. He took a deep breath before putting the sword into his bag of holding.

This sword was very powerful; however, he never thought that the sword’s structure would be similar to the restriction flag’s. There were numerous restrictions placed on the sword and they were all pure attack restrictions. As a result, this sword was very powerful, and therefore useful to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin skimmed through them and noticed that most of the restrictions were ones he had never seen before. These restrictions were in groups of three with a total of 300 groups.

This large number of restrictions was not something Wang Lin could learn in a short period of time. He contained his urge to immediately study them and took out the green-robed cultivator’s bag of holding.

He scanned it with his divine sense and then his expression became strange again.

After a long time, Wang Lin sighed. “Killing people for treasures in the Celestial Realm is indeed tempting.”

There were only three items inside the bag of holding. The first item was a piece of jade, the second item was the return cauldron, and the last item was a bundle of top quality spirit stones. There were hundreds of top quality spirit stones.

Even with Wang Lin’s ability, he couldn’t help but become excited at hundreds of top quality spirit stones. He looked about and couldn’t help but mock himself.

“It seems my ability is still not good enough.”

In truth, it was hard to blame Wang Lin, because top quality spirit stones were so rare on Suzaku. There weren’t a lot of top quality spirit stones on the planet the Da Lou Sect was from either, but the Da Lou Sect was a old sect that was tens of thousands of years old, so they naturally had stocked up quite a bit.

After reading the jade, he completely understood the situation.

The Da Lou Sect had found a total of 37 fragments in the Celestial Realm after entering it so many times. They then secretly placed transfer arrays on each one of them.

However, the transfer arrays were built in the Celestial Realm, so they couldn’t be activated by normal spirit stones. This was also why the green-robed cultivator had so many top quality spirit stones on him.

After this, Wang Lin understood that a lot of cultivators who entered the Celestial Realm belonged to big sects like the Da Lou Sect and had their own transfer arrays set up all around. Only those that came here for the first time, or independent cultivators, would fly up and randomly land on a fragment.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the return cauldron. The function of this cauldron was to return to the planet they came from. So if Wang Lin were to use this, would he return to Suzaku, or to the Da Lou Sect?

Wang Lin pondered a little before putting it away and making sure to keep it apart from his own return cauldron. If he were to accidentally use the wrong one and really got transported to the Da Lou Sect, it would be very dangerous.

After finishing all of this, Wang Lin threw the jade he was holding forward and moved it with his divine sense. Suddenly, the jade began to shine as a formation with two grooves appeared. Clearly, these two grooves were for spirit stones.

Without a word, Wang Lin took out two top quality spirit stones and accurately threw them into the grooves. The formation began to move as the jade glowed even brighter. The image of a map eventually appeared.

This image wasn’t foreign to Wang Lin; it was the same scene everyone saw as they descended into the Celestial Realm, which now looked like a shattered mirror.

In this image, there were 37 fragments that were glowing, creating a contrast against the countless grey fragments.

Wang Lin looked at the image and recalled the fragment he had fallen down to. His eyes quickly moved and found where he was currently located.

His right hand pointed at one of the fragments. The image disappeared and the formation activated, then Wang Lin’s figure disappeared.

On one of the fragments at the end of the Celestial Realm, the wind was very violent and there was a large rift in the sky. Chilly wind blew out from the rift and into that fragment. It was as if the entire fragment was shrouded in the rift’s power.

This place didn’t have any mountains; it looked like a desert. This place originally had mountains and rivers, but during the collapse of the Celestial Realm, one of the celestials’ treasures fell here and created that rift.

As for the treasure, it shattered after creating the rift and turned into a violent wind that blew across the fragment.

At this moment, in the middle of this violent wind, a formation appeared in the sky. The formation formed a pillar of light that blocked the wind, but the pillar was shaking violently. It was as if it could shatter at any moment.

Wang Lin’s figure appeared in the formation. He took a look around and frowned. This fragment was simply too different from the last one he was on. If that one was considered relatively intact, then this one was completely destroyed.

According to logic, there should be no reason for the Da Lou Sect to place a formation here. Wang Lin pondered a bit. He saw the pillar shaking violently, so he quickly charged out of the formation.

The moment Wang Lin walked out of the pillar, he felt the blade-like wind hitting his body. After he left the formation, it quickly hid itself using a special method.

There was only one sound that could be heard: the howling of the wind. It sounded as if there were countless people crying. As Wang Lin descended, the sound got even louder.

The moment he landed on the sand, he suddenly became alert. He quickly turned around and saw that within the howling wind, black figures appeared one by one.

Wang Lin’s heart was shocked when he saw the black figures, but his divine sense felt nothing. Without a word, he slapped his bag of holding and took out the restriction flag.

At this moment, the black figures became clear, causing Wang Lin to make a strange expression. These figures were all extremely beautiful women.

The women wore beautiful, rainbow-colored dresses, and behind him was a group of boys holding trays with celestial fruits and delicious wine.

There were people talking and laughing as they walked toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin frowned harder. He saw that these people were talking but heard no sound from them. The surroundings were still filled with the howling of the wind and nothing else.

Gradually, these people got closer and closer, then Wang Lin noticed black figures that appeared above them. These figures were young men flying on clouds. They looked like they were guarding these women as they scanned their surroundings.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and put away his restriction flag. Those people were now in front of him. He didn’t dodge or avoid them; he simply let them walk right past him.

One of the boys directly walked through Wang Lin’s body.

After this group of people was off in the distance, Wang Lin let out a bitter smile. He had already noticed that these people weren’t real. They were just illusions.

He guessed that there was a mysterious power on this fragment that could create illusions of scenes from the Celestial Realm before it was shattered.

Wang Lin looked at the people that had just left and felt sorrow. Those people must have been important during their time, but now everything was gone with the wind, and the only thing that remained was an illusion.

What exactly happened to the Celestial Realm to destroy it to this degree?

This question once again appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. After pondering for a while, he followed the illusions.

These people walked farther and farther, until they finally stopped at a location. Wang Lin looked from a distance and suddenly noticed the scene change. A building suddenly appeared. There were many tables inside with fruits and wines placed on them.

There were a few people sitting around the tables talking to each other. Every now and then, they would wave their finger and techniques would appear as if they were debating about something.

Wang Lin watched this scene and especially paid attention to all of the techniques shown. He took a deep breath. These people didn’t use any chants or seals; they simply waved their hands to use techniques. It was as if the power of the heavens were in the palms of their hands and could be used as they wished.

One of the people suddenly stood up and angrily yelled at someone. Then his hand reached out and created a giant ball of purple lighting. He pointed up and the ball of purple lightning slowly ascended into the sky.

Wang Lin’s followed the ball of lighting, but at the same time, the clear sky suddenly turned dark. Patches of black lighting gathered into a fist and slammed into the ball of purple lightning.

The ball of lightning suddenly shattered and the fist of lightning descended without slowing down.

The expression of the people inside suddenly changed. Two people responded quickly and went outside to check, but the fist made of lightning had already descended.

The power of that one punch instantly obliterated the bodies of all the celestials inside, along with the building. Only the two people that flew out were able to protect themselves with a rainbow-colored light.

The expression of the two changed greatly, and at this moment, a blue sword qi flew across the sky and created a giant rift. Waves of cold wind blew out of the rift.

Shortly after, a giant hand appeared in the sky and gently pinched the sword inside the blue sword qi. The sword shattered and disappeared into the rift, but the sword’s hilt wasn’t destroyed; it kept flying across the sky.

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