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Chapter 287 – Reincarnation

After all, once a cultivator forms their Nascent Soul, they gain the right to fight the heavens. This right is very valuable, but it isn’t enough. In order to fight the heavens, one must understand the heavens and the cycle of reincarnation.

Only after one understands the law of the heavens can they find the way to defy the heavens. This type of thing is very mysterious. One either understands it or they don’t.

If one can’t comprehend the heavens, then no matter how much spiritual energy they absorb, they will always be weak. It’s like giving a baby a divine weapon. If they can’t wield the weapon, it is still useless.

If they use it by force, they will be able to harm the enemy, but they themselves will be hurt as well.

Comprehending the heavens and obtaining a domain is what allows the baby to wield the weapon. This is the only way to obtain the ability to wield that power.

Only after comprehending the heavens can one wield this power as if it were their own.

As a result, this stage is called Soul Formation.

Once one obtains the strength to wield this power, they have far surpassed mortals and other cultivators. They are an existence beyond humans because they have a divine soul.

However, this soul isn’t the normal type of soul in the records; it’s a state of mind, a change of heart, a very mysterious realm.

This realm is similar to the soul in the records, and that’s how the Soul Formation stage came to be.

But just having the power is not enough. Even if a baby has the strength to wield this power, it can’t wield it for long. This is how the Origin Soul came to be.

Once the baby grows up, it will naturally be able to store more power. This is the Origin Soul.

In order to form an Origin Soul, one needs a domain and divine sense. Then they fuse together into the Nascent Soul and thus, a new soul is born.

This is the Origin Soul!

As for the power that could be used, that is the power of the heavens. Soul Formation cultivators can use the power of the heavens, something that Nascent Soul cultivators can’t use.

The power of the heavens is the domain. Depending on the domain someone comprehends from the heavens, they will be able to display different powers of the heavens.

At this moment, Wang Lin understood everything. He slowly looked at the land before him and, after a long time, his Origin Soul slowly sank back down.

His Origin Soul returned to the cave and entered his forehead. It eventually fused back together with his body.

At this moment, all of the spiritual energy in Wang Lin’s body disappeared and fused with his Origin Soul.

After a long time, Wang Lin slowly opened his eyes. These eyes were like those of a newborn baby’s, with distinct black and white. There was also a hint of an aura.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and raised his right hand. He casually grabbed with his hand and a rift in space appeared. Cold air blew out from the rift that seemed to be able to blow out life.

Before, Wang Lin would only be able to open a rift in space this easily inside the land of the ancient god. Otherwise, he would have to use all of the spiritual energy in his body to barely succeed.

This cold air was the life extinguishing wind from the void. Nascent Soul cultivators could just barely resist it, but Core Formation cultivators would have to stay far away from it unless they possessed a treasure that could resist it.

Wang Lin was able to resist it before, but he would still feel very uncomfortable. However, if he were to go inside, he wouldn’t be able to withstand it.

This was also why back then, when the people he fought opened up a rift to run away, he didn’t dare to chase after them.

This cold air didn’t have any effect on Wang Lin anymore. Even if his whole body were to go into the rift, it would no longer harm him at all.

He faintly smiled as his right hand slowly entered the rift. When he withdrew his right hand, there were specks of light on it.

Looking at these specks of light, Wang Lin crushed them after pondering for a while.

He stood up and walked forward as the stone sealing the cave loudly opened.

As he walked out of the cave, he saw that all of the members of the Xuan Dao Sect were kneeling on the ground, looking at his direction. Even some of the nearby cultivators not from the Xuan Dao Sect were present. They were kneeling as well.

Wang Lin’s gaze only took a moment to sweep past everyone. He saw a lot of people that he knew. His gaze suddenly locked onto one of the middle-aged men.

The moment Wang Lin saw this person, he let out a faint smile. After he carefully looked at this person more, his smile became wider.

Wang Lin mumbled to himself, “40 years to reach the late stage of Foundation Establishment, very good!”

That white-robed middle aged man stared at Wang Lin, revealing a look of confusion. He felt like he knew this person, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t remember.

Now that he saw this person looking at him, he immediately felt something. It was as if something inside him was awakening. An image flashed across his mind. It seemed like he used to be in the same sect as this person…

But he immediately shook his head as this thought was too insane. He took a deep breath and immediately lowered his head.

At this moment, an old Nascent Soul cultivator moved forward. He knelt before Wang Lin and asked, with a trembling voice, “Is senior from Zhao?”

The moment those words came out, all of the cultivators around held their breath. Their eyes were filled with excitement as they stared at Wang Lin. Even the middle-aged man raised his head and looked toward Wang Lin again.

Wang Lin’s current appearance was not that different from back then, but the aura around him was completely different, so it was no wonder people didn’t realize it was him. But even if people did, they wouldn’t dare to say it out loud.

For a rank 3 cultivation country to become a rank 4 cultivation country, they need a Soul Formation cultivator that was born in that country. Rank 4 cultivation countries have a technique to verify this. This technique comes from Suzaku, so unless someone’s cultivation level is higher than the cultivators of Suzaku, it is very hard to fake.

And the most important part is that the Soul Formation cultivator must live in the country for 100 years before they can report to a rank 4 cultivation country to get their new rank.

Obviously, Wang Lin couldn’t accept this condition. After hearing the old man’s words, Wang Lin pondered for a long time and said, “I’m from this country, but I’m unable to stay for 100 years. Sorry.”

The old man’s body shivered and he revealed a disappointed look. All of the surrounding cultivators revealed the same expression.

When expectations are too high, the amount of disappointment is even higher.

Wang Lin let out a sigh. His right hand grabbed in the air, then ten balls of light appeared. He threw them out and the ten balls of light landed on ten different cultivators.

The ten cultivators’ bodies shook and they revealed painful expressions, but this pain didn’t last long. After catching their breaths, they revealed joyous expressions.

That white-robed middle-aged man was one of them.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I can’t stay, but I have left behind ten spirit seeds. Although they won’t make your cultivation any easier, once you reach the late stage of Nascent Soul, I’ll naturally know and come to teach you!” After he finished speaking, he looked at the white-robed middle-aged man again and let out a faint smile.

The spirit seed he gave to the middle-aged man was different from everyone else’s. It contained the power to save his life three times.

These spirit seeds were something a Soul Formation cultivator formed using the power of the heavens. Their value was unimaginable.

As the middle-aged man stared at Wang Lin, the sense of familiarity in his mind became even stronger, but just as he was about to remember, he suddenly felt pain in his head. This pain was much stronger than what he could handle. Just as he felt as if his mind would explode, a gentle power came from the spirit seed and the pain disappeared.

His body trembled and was covered in sweat.

A gentle voice in his head said, “Don’t think about it anymore. Once you have reached the Nascent Soul stage, you will remember everything from the past. If you know now, it will only bring you pain.”

The person’s body shook. When he raised his head, he noticed that Wang Lin was faintly smiling at him.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and looked at the land before him. Unless special happens, he won’t come back to Zhao until someone reaches the late stage of Nascent Soul.

His body slowly rose into the air and gradually disappeared in the sky. On the ground, all of the cultivators raised their heads and revealed determined expressions .This was especially true for the middle-aged man.

“I will reach the Nascent Soul stage! I will!”

Just at this moment, an object fell from the sky. Everyone looked at it and realized that it was a wood carving. The wood carving fell on top of the mountain and fused with it. Suddenly, the mountain felt like it was filled with spiritual energy.

A voice from the distance said, “This object can save Zhao from the invasion of rank 3 cultivation countries three times. Be careful…”

With the tragic ending of the Four Sect Alliance in mind, he did one last thing for Zhao.

At some point in the few hundred years that followed, this wood carving saved Zhao from an invasion. The invading cultivators had already pushed Zhao to the limit, causing all of the Zhao cultivators to come kneel before the wood carving.

The mountain shone before the mockery of all the invading cultivators, causing their attitude to change…

When the light disappeared, all of the invading cultivators died…

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