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Chapter 286 – Beginning Transformation

The Nascent Soul slowly floated upward until it completely left Wang Lin’s body. The Nascent Soul also opened its arms and remained in the same position as the body.

The spiritual energy in the heavens suddenly found an outlet. It rapidly gathered around Wang Lin and formed a giant vortex in the back mountain of the Xuan Dao Sect.

This vortex was now visible to everyone near it. It looked like a funnel and grew larger and larger at the top.

Then the sky changed as a giant black hole appeared in the cloudless sky. Inside the black hole, One could see stars shining.

Wang Lin seemed to notice and his Nascent Soul raised its head. Its gaze pierced through the cave and stared into the black hole.

His heart immediately shook. He remembered this scene from the ancient god’s memory. This was the space outside of planet Suzaku.

When a cultivator reaches the Soul Formation stage, their Nascent Soul will go through a series of changes. This process requires a large amount of spiritual energy. During this process, one can use their domain to open up a passage to the sky and use that boundless spiritual energy to help them reach the Soul Formation stage.

This is a chance every cultivator has when they reach the Soul Formation stage.

The appearance of the black hole was the final confirmation to every cultivator who had read the record. It was certain that there was indeed someone reaching the Soul Formation stage in Zhao.

The spiritual energy poured out of the black hole like a flash flood and was sucked up by the vortex. Then it underwent a series of changes before entering Wang Lin’s body.

The Nascent Soul started to slowly emit a rainbow-colored light. The light became brighter and brighter until it covered the entire back mountain. Soon, the entire Xuan Dao Sect was covered in this rainbow-colored light.

At this moment, the surrounding cultivators became filled with excitement and devotion as their eyes became filled with a hot craze.

For them, it was a great honor and luck to be able to watch someone reach the Soul Formation stage in their lifetime. It was also great for their cultivation.

However, this was not the reason Wang Lin chose to reach the Soul Formation stage in Zhao. It was simply because he felt a strange urge to.

The Nascent Soul cultivators were the ones who received the greatest benefits as their Nascent Souls seemed to be undergoing changes. All of their Nascent Souls flew out of their bodies and began to cultivate.

As Wang Lin’s Nascent Soul absorbed more spiritual energy, the rainbow-colored light became even stronger. His Nascent Soul also began to float up higher above his head.

The appearance of the black hole above Zhao caused the mortals to become even more pious. It was as if a heavenly pressure had washed over them, removing all distractions and letting them focus on their respect for this heavenly pressure.

The closer the mortals were to the black hole, the more they were affected. This was especially true for the village right next to the Xuan Dao Sect as every child was staring dumbfoundedly at the black hole. If there was a cultivator around, they would be able to see a faint belt of light above their foreheads that connected to the black hole.

In reality, whenever a cultivator is about to reach the Soul Formation stage in a rank 4 cultivation country, they return to their own country. Every time a cultivator reaches the Soul Formation stage, the black hole that appears causes the mortals around it to change.

Those without a spirit root can gain one!

This is one of the reasons why rank 4 cultivation countries can completely suppress rank 3 cultivation countries. Every time a cultivator reaches the Soul Formation stage, they produce a lot of mortals who can cultivate as well.

Wang Lin didn’t know any of this. At this moment, he had completely fused with his life and death domain to experience the laws of the heavens.

As more and more spiritual energy entered Wang Lin’s Nascent Soul, his Nascent Soul rose higher and higher. The stone wall didn’t stop his Nascent Soul at all, and his Nascent Soul slowly flew out of the back mountain.

At this moment, all of the surrounding cultivators saw something they would never forget. They saw a mini person who was emanating a rainbow-colored light and sitting cross-legged slowly rise into the air.

The moment the Nascent Soul appeared, the surrounding spiritual energy rushed toward the Nascent Soul. The Nascent Soul’s hand also began to rapidly form different seals.

This process lasted for a long time…

Wang Lin’s Nascent Soul began to form the seals even faster as spiritual energy poured into him. He eventually started producing afterimages. The rainbow-colored light around the Nascent Soul gradually began to converge back into it until it was completely contained within the Nascent Soul.

Shortly after, Wang Lin’s Nascent Soul became transparent, as if it would disappear at any time.

At this moment, the black hole in the sky spat out the last bit of spiritual energy, then gradually closed and disappeared.

The last bit of spiritual energy descended like a dragon and entered the Nascent Soul. At this moment, slivers of strange energy came out of the Nascent Soul.

The entire Nascent Soul changed from transparent to solid again. It gradually grew until it was the size of a normal person. If one looked closely at it, they would see that his Nascent Soul looked exactly like his body.

At this point, the Nascent Soul opened its eyes. There were no emotions inside them. They looked like ordinary people’s eyes, but waves of coldness rolled out of them. At this moment, everyone who saw this Nascent Soul saw an illusion showing that after this Nascent Soul had undergone a series of changes, it had become a mysterious existence that surpassed cultivators.

Its gaze seemed to be directed at the earth, and no matter what it looked at, its gaze was always cold, as if there was nothing in this world that would interest it.

The most important part of the Soul Formation stage is that the Nascent Soul becomes the primary soul. If the primary soul remains, then the body will remain forever, just like the laws of the heavens.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s Nascent Soul underwent a change with all the spiritual energy from reaching the Soul Formation stage and changed into a primary soul.

If one compares a Nascent Soul to a child, then the primary soul is like an adult that has gained the ability to use the power of the heavens. This is what makes Soul Formation cultivators so fearsome.

A Soul Formation cultivator is able to contain the power of their domain in their attacks because of their primary soul. The primary soul is formed with the Nascent Soul as the base and empowered by the spiritual energy of the heavens.

It is because of the existence of the primary soul that Soul Formation cultivators are far stronger than Nascent Soul cultivators. This is the same reason why Nascent Soul cultivators are so much stronger than Core Formation cultivators.

The difference between the realms is a gap that can’t be crossed.

Mortals breathed in the spiritual energy of the heavens and earth, causing their bodies to change so they could better cultivate spiritual energy. Gradually, as the body gathers more and more spiritual energy, it reaches a certain stage, then the body undergoes a change in quality.

This change is called Foundation Establishment.

According to the ways of cultivation, one can’t have external help when reaching the Foundation Establishment stage. One must try and try again themselves to truthly walk the heaven defying path of cultivation.

However, reaching the Foundation Establishment stage is too hard, which is why heaven defying pills like the Foundation Establishment Pill were created. Now, after a long time, there are very few people who can reach the Foundation Establishment stage without the help of a Foundation Establishment Pill.

Although this doesn’t follow the standards of the heavens, the cultivation union said that the heavens are dead, so there is no need to defy them. Because a long time has passed, people forgot about this matter.

After one reaches the Foundation Establishment stage, their body becomes even more accustomed to cultivating spiritual energy and can contain more spiritual energy. However, at a certain point, one will reach another bottleneck.

As such, the Core Formation stage came to be. The goal of the Core Formation stage is to compress the spiritual energy in one’s body again and again until the intangible spiritual energy becomes tangible. Then it goes from tangible to liquid, and finally, from liquid to solid, all to form one’s core.

This process is very difficult for cultivators, but it is not impossible. If one has enough talent, it’s a lot easier.

The core eases the load on the body and allows one to absorb more spiritual energy. As more and more spiritual energy is gathered, some of it goes into the core, causing the core to become more solid. The amount of spiritual energy condensed in the core is unimaginable.

This is why Core Formation cultivators are like heavenly beings to Foundation Establishment cultivators. After all, the amount of spiritual energy Core Formation cultivators have is unimaginable for Foundation Establishment cultivators.

After a cultivator forms their core and continues to cultivate, they will reach another bottleneck, this is the late stage of Core Formation.

At this point, simply cultivating spiritual energy is no longer enough. This is when the cultivator undergoes a second quality change.

This isn’t a complete quality change, but for cultivators, it is a huge change. This is the first step to truly become a heaven defying cultivator.

The core shatters and the Nascent Soul is born.

Nascent Soul has the word nascent because it is the beginning of the path of cultivation.

The core shattering and birth of the Nascent Soul is a mysterious change. It is like the breath of a baby in the mortal world.

The core is like a mother who is pregnant. When it breaks, it will give life to a baby.

This is how the phrase Nascent Soul came to be.

The shattering of the core and the birth of the Nascent Soul is a symbol of rebirth.

The amount of spiritual energy a Nascent Soul can absorb is not even in the same realm as a core.

After obtaining a Nascent Soul, one has the ability to escape death, to fight the heavens, and to walk down the heaven defying path.

Once the Nascent Soul reaches a certain stage, it is time for the Soul Formation stage. The talent required to reach the Soul Formation stage isn’t high, as what the Soul Formation stage requires is comprehension of the heavens.

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