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Chapter 285 – Point of Transformation

A series of changes were happening within the original body. In truth, the original body had already met the requirements to become a one star ancient god. As a result, it was already walking on the path of the ancient gods, but due to Wang Lin’s indecision before, it caused that path to be incredibly difficult.

But after the enlightenment in the old shrine, he was able to understand the mysteries of his life and death domain. As a result, Wang Lin decided to have his original body walk the path of the ancient gods.

Wang Lin looked at his original body, which was currently cultivating. He opened his bag of holding and took out several blood drops filled with killing intent and then pointed at the original body’s brow. The blood drops flew into the original body one by one.

The original body’s white hair immediately turned red and his killing intent reached its peak.

At this moment, the original body seemed a bit similar to Te Sen from the land of the ancient god.

After a long time, the original body finished absorbing all the spiritual energy and opened his eyes. His eyes had no pupils, they were only two masses of red. Combined with the red hair, he didn’t look human. Instead, he looked like an ancient demon.

Wang Lin and his original body both let out a faint smiles. However, their smiles would shock anyone who saw them. The original body’s smile was filled with the sense of being far above others, while the avatar’s smile was filled with bloodlust.

Wang Lin slapped his bag of holding and took out several hundred bottles of pills. This was a large majority of the pills Li Muwan had given him back then. The moment those pills appeared, the original body opened its mouth. All of the bottles broke as the pills flew into its mouth, turned into spiritual energy, and moved through its body.

The ancient god’s tactic worked frantically inside his body to absorb all of the spiritual energy from the pills. Gradually, the original body became even harder and had a slightly metallic sheen.

Finally, golden threads came out of the original body’s pores and his clothes all disappeared as well.

The number of golden threads increased as more pills entered his mouth and the ancient god’s tactic operated. Finally, the golden threads intertwined and formed a golden cocoon.

Waves of pressure came out of the golden cocoon. The beating sound of a powerful heart come from inside the cocoon.

However, no one but the avatar could hear this sound.

The avatar stared at the golden cocoon the original body was in and sat down to guard it.

13 days later, the beating inside the golden cocoon became even louder. It was like a beating drum. Finally, when that sound reached its peak, a crack appeared on the golden cocoon.

More and more cracks appeared and the cracks grew larger and larger. Finally, the cocoon was covered in cracks and a very blinding purple light leaked through them.

Crisp crackling sounds came from the golden cocoon , then large chunks of the cocoon’s shell fell off. Then a bronze-colored arm reached out from inside the golden cocoon.

Subsequently, his original body walked out of the golden cocoon. His red hair that looked like flowing blood was behind his shoulders and the two purple stars on his forehead slowly rotated in a circle.

His eyes were no longer red and had darkened a lot, but if one looked closely, it looked as if his eyes contained seas of blood.

The original body managed to reach the second transformation of the ancient god after absorbing his original body’s cultivation and countless pills.

The amount of spiritual energy needed for an ancient god to undergo transformation now was countless times the amount required before.

After the original body appeared, it silently pondered and looked at the avatar. The avatar slapped his bag of holding and took out a flying sword. He pointed at the original body and the flying sword flew at it.

The original body didn’t block; it let the flying sword attack it. At the moment of impact, there was a sound of two metal objects colliding. Sounds of two metal objects hitting each other continued and even sparks appeared.

The original body casually reached and grabbed the flying sword. It tightened its hold and, with a crack, the flying sword broke into pieces and became useless metal.

The original body and avatar both let out smiles of satisfaction. After pondering a little, the original body sank into the ground and disappeared.

According to the memories of the ancient god, if a baby ancient god hasn’t been tested at the center of the planet, then he will never become a true ancient god. When Wang Lin decided on this road, he had already made his decision.

The original body continued to sink into the earth until it reached a point where the pressure would be too powerful even for cultivators. However, with the help of the ancient god’s tactic, the original body didn’t feel anything and continued to descend.

Even Wang Lin wasn’t sure how far it had descended, but his original body still hadn’t reached the center of Suzaku. He made a rough estimate and believed that he was 1/6th of the way there.

However, this was already the limit of the original body. If he were to continue to descend, his body would collapse.

After all, in ancient times, the adult ancient gods would surround the baby ancient god in a drop of their blood to provide for the baby and help protect the baby from the powerful pressure at the center of the planet.

The original body sat down cross-legged and began to quietly cultivate… Unless the avatar encounters a life and death situation, it wouldn’t move; it would continue to cultivate.

Aside from that, the only movement the original body would make was go down toward the center of Suzaku to complete the way of the ancient god, but the path to become a real ancient god was simply too hard.

The ancient gods went through three losses and seven trials. Every single time was a life and death test. It would be impossible to complete it all without spending a very large amount of time.

What is even more unbearable compared to all of this is the solitude..

One must cultivate in solitude, endure the solitude, and finally, enjoy the solitude.

Also, the disappearance of the ancient gods weighted on Wang Lin’s heart like a giant rock. In ancient times, after Tu Si died, some unimaginable things happened that caused the celestial realm to be destroyed, the ancient celestials went extinct, the ancient gods went extinct, and this even affected the ancient cultivation world, causing the cultivation union to appear.

Although all of those things were very distant from Wang Lin, once someone learns that Wang Lin was cultivating the path of the ancient gods, those things might not be so distant anymore.

Therefore, Wang Lin could not let anyone know that he had an original body following the path of the ancient gods.

Otherwise, there would be disaster coming his way!

After the original body left, Wang Lin’s avatar looked up while inside the cave. His gaze seemed to be able to see through the cave walls and saw the sky above it.

Wang Lin softly said the two words, “Soul Formation!”

He stretched out his arms as his life and death domain began to slowly spread. It covered the entire back mountain, it covered the Xuan Dao Sect, and continued to spread.

Slowly, the life and death domain continued to spread until it covered all of Zhao.

He slowly closed his eyes as he comprehended the laws of the heavens and the life and death domain.

At this moment, whether it was the mortals or cultivators, everyone felt something in their hearts. The mortals could only experience a mysterious feeling, but all of the cultivators began to panic.

The expressions of the few Nascent Soul cultivators in Zhao greatly changed and they flew out from their various sects to check what was going on. However, with their cultivation levels, they would only feel and not locate where it was coming from.

Not to mention them, even the few remaining Nascent Soul cultivators in the Xuan Dao Sect didn’t know that the source of this feeling was in their back mountain.

At this moment, Wang Lin felt what everyone was feeling. The feelings of panic and daze, confusion and shock, and all these various other feelings were laid out before him.

Gradually, the clouds disappeared until there were no clouds or wind in the entire country of Zhao. Only a sense of peace was left. In this peace, all of the mortals and cultivators affected by the life and death domain calmed down.

In the mortal world, from the king to the peasants, everyone seemed to have lost control of themselves as they bowed toward one direction.

This was even true for cultivators, no matter what cultivation level they had reached.

As the sense of calmness spread, a few of the Nascent Soul cultivators noticed that this heavenly change was coming from the Xuan Dao Sect.

The Xuan Dao Sect was now empty after the few Nascent Soul cultivators ordered everyone else to leave. All of the disciples of the Xuan Dao Sect were now kneeling outside the sect.

These Nascent Soul cultivators were all very nervous as they had a guess as to what was going on. That guess was that there was a guest reaching the Soul Formation stage here, but this guess was too unbelievable and it caused them to be very nervous.

Although they had never experienced these kinds of changes in the heavens before, they had read about them in ancient records. It was a bit different from the records, but this kind of change could only happen when someone was reaching the Soul Formation stage.

At this moment, one question appeared in the remaining Nascent Soul cultivators’ minds.

Who the hell was reaching the Soul Formation stage here? Why did this person choose to do it here… could this person be someone from Zhao?

This speculation from the people that vaguely understood what was happening caused them to become extremely excited. This type of excitement was something they had never felt before.

Wang Lin sat cross-legged inside the cave, and at this moment his body was emitting a rainbow colored light. In this light, Wang Lin had the air of an immortal.

Gradually, a little person that looked exactly like Wang Lin flew out from his forehead. This was his Nascent Soul.

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