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Chapter 222 – Heaven Stealing Seven Furnace

The Tian Li pill was something that could increase the chance of forming a core. It was a rare pill that was only given to core members of a sect or if the member had some great contribution.

5 Tian Li pills was already an enormous amount. After all, Li Muwan was only 1 person. It must have taken her years of effort to make these pills.

After Wang Lin looked at them for a bit, he picked one up and put it in his mouth.

This Tian Li pill was several times stronger than the one his main body took all those years ago. After all, the Tian Li pills back then used substitution materials.

Time slowly passed and the first Tian Li pill failed. Although it failed, it did move all of Wang Lin’s spiritual energy to his dantian.

The second Tian Li pill also failed, but the spiritual energy in Wang Lin’s body became even more concentrated. If one looked in from the outside, Wang Lin’s dantian was like the sea and all of the meridians in his body were like rivers. The spiritual energy flowed from the meridians into his dantian, forming a whirlpool in the middle.

Every time this whirlpool spun once, all of the spiritual energy in his body would surge. The process looked very strange.

The third Tian Li pill also failed, but the whirlpool in Wang Lin’s dantian spun even faster. Soon, a drop of golden liquid gathered in the center of the whirlpool.

Wang Lin didn’t immediately take the 4th pill, but sat there and cultivated. After a long time, the whirlpool started to slow down and there were now three drops of golden liquid in his dantian.

These three drops of golden liquid were formed by all of the spiritual energy in his body. The moment the 3rd drop appeared, all of the spiritual energy had disappeared everywhere else in Wang Lin’s body and even the whirlpool in his dantian was slowly fading.

Wang Lin used the ancient god tactic. However, instead of the spiritual energy being absorbed by his body, he forced the spiritual energy to cycle through his body.

There was no such thing as Foundation Establishment, Core Formation, or Nascent Soul to the ancient gods. After all, none of them would give up their outer power method, so, besides Wang Lin, no one else had ever used the ancient god tactic for inner power.

So when all of the spiritual energy in his body condensed into three drops of golden liquid, Wang Lin was very confused, but he couldn’t find any memories that would explain it.

He could clearly feel that within each drop of this golden liquid, there was enough spiritual energy to match a Core Formation cultivator. He felt that this was very similar to when he was at the Jue Ming Valley in the country of Zhao and used his Ji Realm to form the cold essence bead.

However, in the end, Wang Lin’s body was destroyed and his Ji Realm fused with his soul. He could never use that cold essence bead technique again.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the three drops of golden liquid. He picked up the 3rd bottle. This bottle didn’t have a wax seal and there were more than 30 black pills inside.

This pill was called the Suo Ming pill. Li Muwan said that this pill should be taken after reaching the Core Formation stage. At the Foundation Establishment stage, only one could be taken, otherwise, a person’s body will swell up and their spiritual energy will go into chaos.

Wang Lin calmly picked up this pill and then, without even looking at it, he threw it into his mouth. Suddenly, slivers of spiritual energy appeared in the originally empty meridians. Soon, under the effect of the ancient god tactic, Wang Lin’s body was filled with spiritual energy again.

He quickly cycled the spiritual energy into his dantian again. The whirlpool that was fading started to slowly spin again, until it was rapidly spinning once more.

After an unknown amount of time, the golden liquid in Wang Lin’s dantian increased to five drops.

A sudden feeling of swelling appeared in Wang Lin’s dantian. His eyes lit up as he consumed the last 2 Tian Li pills and started to cultivate.

The two Tian Li pills surged through Wang Lin’s body like a giant wave. The pressure generated by the wave soon pressed upon the five drops of golden liquid.

Suddenly, the 5 drops of golden liquid that were originally apart started to come closer together. Soon, the 5 drops collided and fused together.

At the same time, under the effect of the 2 Tian Li pills, Wang Lin’s dantian cracked. The cracks couldn’t be stopped and soon, Wang Lin’s entire dantian shattered.

These shattered pieces of his dantain merged into the golden liquid along with the spiritual energy from the Tian Li pills. Soon, everything merged together to form a golden core that was the size of a fist in Wang Lin’s lower abdomen.

There were numerous lines connecting the golden core to the meridians. A huge surge of spiritual energy appeared as the golden core spun once.

At the same time, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes shined brightly as he crossed the threshold between Foundation Establishment and Core Formation.

During all of this, Li Muwan was at the library for more than a month. In this month, she had almost never left as she searched through the library for a way to open the seal.

In fact, she had already found three methods to open the pill seal, but each of these methods had a chance of lowering the effect of the pill or making the pill useless.

Li Muwan was unable to accept these risks. She had a feeling that this pill was the key for Wag Lin to break into the Nascent Soul stage.

Sun Zhenwei had been keeping an eye on Li Muwan’s actions. He had already felt that there was something strange going on with her being inside the library for so long.

But no matter how much he guessed and analyzed, he couldn’t figure out what. And as for that disciple named Wang Lin, he had been in closed door training for a month and hadn’t gone to see Li Muwan at all.

The flying sword Sun Zhenwei gave Wang Lin still hadn’t had any response. Although all of this was normal, Sun Zhenwei still felt like something was off.

But there was only about a month left before the cultivation pair ceremony. Whenever someone form the sect came to congratulate him, he was obligated to greet them, so he no longer bothered with his matter.

The few Nascent Soul cultivators of the Cloud Sky Sect also knew that Li Muwan didn’t like the idea of the cultivation pair, so they didn’t question why she had been inside the library for so long. They even opened up the secret areas that were normally restricted for her as a favor to try to mend the rift between them.

About 20 days away from the day of the cultivation pair ceremony, Li Muwan finally found another method, one that had a higher chance of success.

She carefully calculated in her heart that with this method, there was a 50% chance of opening the seal without harming the pill. Even if it wasn’t successful, the harm done to the pill would not be very large. At the very least, the chance of the pill becoming useless was the lowest out of all the methods.

Seeing that time was up, she decided to use this method.

After she made her decision, she quickly recorded the method. However, she didn’t leave immediately, but read some other stuff for most of the day before finally leaving.

In fact, Li Muwan had recorded many things during her month long stay here. She had also read many things besides things related to the pill seal.

The reason she did this was to deceive others. Li Muwan wasn’t new to the cultivation world. In fact, after experiencing so much, her already clever mind became even more sharp and cold.

If she was not like this, it would have been very difficult for her to survive as a woman in this cruel world of cultivation.

This caution came actually more or less from Wang Lin. It could be said that Li Muwan gained some of Wang Lin’s caution during their time in the Sea of Devils. This caution had saved her many times after they split up.

She knew that in the Cloud Sky Sect, there were people, especially Sun Zhenwei, who wanted to know what she had been searching for for so long here.

As a result, Li Muwan’s caution played a very big role. Even if someone came to spy on her, it would be very difficult for them to find what she was really looking for.

Even if they traced the recording technique she used, they still wouldn’t be able to find much. During her stay here, Li Muwan recorded many things and things regarding the pill seal only made up a small portion of that.

Soon after she left, Sun Zhenwei walked in. After he walked in, he took out a purple token and on the token, the word “Cloud” was clearly written.

The moment this token appeared, the space 3 meters before him sudden distorted as 2 men in grey robes walk out. The two looked at the token and kneeled on the ground. “Outer sect disciple greets the Cloud Order,” they said.

“This scripture library has always been guarded by the outer sect. What have you two found out in the month that you have been spying on Li Muwan?” Sun Zhenwei’s face was no longer gentle, but revealed a trace of darkness.

One of the men in grey whispered, “Elder Li’s search was all over the place, from pill recipes to medication effects. From disciple’s observation, there wasn’t anything that stood out.”

Sun Zhenwei frowned. He didn’t believe that Li Muwan would waste a month of time to look at random things. He pondered for a bit, then asked, “Did she record anything?”

The other man in grey calmly said, “She did, but they were equally as random. It was as if elder Li didn’t have any real goal. However, there is another possibility.”

Sun Zhenwei’s eyes lit up and he said, “Speak.”

The men in grey calmly said, “Elder Li is very clever and cautious. She already knew that there would be people spying on her, so she purposely hid her search among other things. If that is really the truth, then she has succeeded.”

Sun Zhenwei snorted. He had already guessed something was up, but he remembered that there were only 20 days left. He really wanted to see what Li Muwan could do about it.

Sun Zhenwei was also no longer afraid of Li Muwan’s friend. During the cultivation pair ceremony, there would be many Nascent Soul ancestors present. If that person tries anything, the ancestors will take care of it for him.

After Wang Lin reached the Core Formation stage, he consumed several bottles of pills. As the ancient god tactic absorbed all of the spiritual energy in the pills, his cultivation shot up and broke through the early stage of Core Formation into the mid stage.

But Wang Lin still felt that this speed was too slow. He ignored the consequences and kept taking pills, but he could feel the effects of the pills decrease.

Li Muwan told him about this phenomenon. This was what happened to one’s body after taking too many pills. This phenomenon was very mysterious. Although all of the spiritual energy was still in the pill, the moment the spiritual energy entered Wang Lin’s body, a large portion of it would disappear before the ancient god tactic could even activate.

This phenomenon was called body barrier.

This was a problem that anyone who takes a lot of pills will encounter and the only method of fixing this problem was to take even more precious pills.

Otherwise, there was no other way. No matter how much time passes, this barrier will still exist in one’s body.

After continuously taking pills for days, the body barrier appeared in Wang Lin’s body, but he couldn’t stop taking pills now and Li Muwan had also taken this matter into consideration.

In fact, with an alchemy master like Li Muwan, Wang Lin didn’t even have to think about the pills at all, because she had already prepared everything perfectly.

Wang Lin picked up the bottle from the ground. What was in this bottle was the key to get past the body barrier. The pills in this bottle were called Body Barrier Breaking pills. Although they were called that, they didn’t really remove the body barrier. They were just pills that Li Muwan made with some very rare materials that would help one’s body better absorb the effect of pills.

If you only look at the rank, this pill was only a rank 1 pill, but if used properly, it could have some amazing effects.

After taking this pill, Wang Lin quickly took several bottles and swallowed all of the pills inside. Although the speed at which the spiritual energy was dissipating hadn’t slowed down, the rate that Wang Lin’s body absorbed them had increased greatly.

For a normal person, although it increased the rate, they would only be able to feel that they were absorbing spiritual energy a bit faster.

But with Wang Lin’s ancient god’s tactic, that slight increase gave it enough time to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy that would have normally dissipated.

With this method, Wang Lin’s cultivation shot up from mid stage Core Formation to late stage. Although he hadn’t reached the peak of late stage, he was very close to the Nascent Soul stage.

But all of the pills Li Muwan had given him were used up.

On this day, Wang Lin awake from his cultivation inside the heaven defying bead. He could feel a call from the devil Xu Ligou. From his earlier agreement with Li Muwan, he knew that this meant that she had found  way to open the seal.

Wang Lin stood up and took a step forward. His body suddenly faded as if he had broken through space and disappeared without a trace.

In a garden in the northern courtyard, pieces of golden light appeared from the void and fused together into a human shape. Soon, the figure became solid, revealing Wang Lin’s figure.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, his eyes lit up as he looked at the flying sword he had left on the ground. He waved his hand and picked up the sword. There was a restriction made from divine sense placed on the flying sword. The restriction was rather clever, but, as he suspected, the effect of the restriction was for monitoring.

Wang Lin calmly threw the sword and it got stuck in the ground. He opened the door of the room as he walked toward the gate.

But just at that moment, his steps stopped as the gate silently opened and Zhou Lin walked in.

After he saw Wang Lin, his eyes immediately focused on him. He immediately detected the difference in Wang Lin. It has to be said that before he went into closed door training, Wang Lin was only at the 3rd layer of Qi Condensation . He couldn’t even see through Wang Lin’s cultivation now. Even if the current Wang Lin’s cultivation wasn’t at the late stage of Core Formation, he thought that Wang Lin was at least at the mid stage. He let out a bitter smile and said, “Teacher is currently being watched. She asked me to take you somewhere to meet you.”

Wang Lin calmly looked at the person and nodded.

Zhou Lin walked into the garden and closed the gate. He looked at Wang Lin with a complex expression and said, “This…should I be calling you uncle… still… forget it. Since you are my teachers friend, you are my uncle. Uncle, this way please.”

Zhou Lin shook his head. He was actually still in closed door training, but he received a message from Li Muwan to come out early. Zhou Lin was an orphan who was saved by Li Muwan and had been following her ever since. He was filled with respect and gratitude toward Li Muwan.

From Li Muwan’s words, he realized that the disciple he took in was her friend. It took him a very long time to sort this all out in his head. This was why, after he saw Wang Lin’s cultivation level, he was only startled and not surprised. He just assumed that Wang Lin’s cultivation had always been like this and that he had been hiding it before.

Zhou Lin arrived in front of his room. He waved his hand and the door glowed. After that, he opened it.

Zhou Lin turned around to look at Wang Lin, then walked into the room.

Wang Lin didn’t move, but spread his divine sense and secretly placed a restriction that he could activate at any time on Zhou Lin’s body. Only after that did he walk into the room.

Wang Lin was cautious toward everyone. Although Zhou Lin was good to him before and was also Li Muwan’s disciple, when it was time to be cautious, he would never be sloppy.

Under the scan of his divine sense, he only found a fluctuation of spiritual power from the pill furnace and everything else seemed normal.

The moment Zhou Lin entered the room, he touch his bag of holding and took out three pieces of jade. He placed them under the pill furnace. He took a few steps back as he formed a few seals and shot them toward the pill furnace. The pill furnace glowed and sank 3 inches into the ground.

Zhou Lin took a deep breath and grabbed the furnace. After turning the furnace a few times, a ray of light appeared on the wall before him.

This ray of light moved like a dragon waving its tail. It moved quickly and soon formed a formation.

Zhou Lin took a few steps back and respectfully said, “This formation is connected to a secret chamber that teacher has secretly prepared and no outsider knows of. Uncle, please enter. Disciple will stand guard here and report to uncle if anything happens.”

Wang Lin didn’t move, but stared at the formation on the wall. After a while, he looked at Zhou Lin and said, “Your teacher is inside the secret chamber?”

Zhou Lin secretly sighed. He knew that Wang Lin wouldn’t believe him. He bitterly smiled as he took out a jade and said, “This is a piece of jade teacher gave to disciple. Uncle, please take a look.”

Wang Lin took the piece of jade and scanned it. He looked at Zhou Lin, then walked toward the wall. The moment he touched the wall, his body instantly disappeared.

Zhou Lin’s expression remained normal as he turned the pill furnace and made the formation disappear. He placed some herbs into the pill furnace and began to concentrate on alchemy, but in reality, he kept his divine sense spread out so that if anything happens, he will immediately notify his teacher.

Zhou Lin didn’t know what relationship Wang Lin had with his teacher, but he knew that everything he had now was from Li Muawn, so if Li Muwan asks him to do something, he will give it his all.

He also knew that his teacher must be doing some mysterious things that are related to the cultivation pair ceremony in 20 days. Once he gets involved, he will be dragged into this matter as well.

When Wang Lin appeared again, he saw Li Muwan.

Before him was a chamber. Although the chamber wasn’t large, the most eye catching thing in the chamber was the pill furnace. On top of the pill furnace were 7 black dragons. Right now, the 7 dragons were spewing out purple smoke that was slowly rising up and condensing into a purple ball.

Within the purple ball was a small pill furnace with a piece of yellow paper on it. Li Muwan’s eyes were glued to the pill furnace, her expression tense. When she saw Wang Lin, she softly said, “Above us is the square outside the Cloud Sky Sect’s main hall. To open this pill seal, we will need to borrow the power of the 7 Heaven Stealing Pill Furnaces.”

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