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Chapter 221 – Soaring Cultivation

Wang Lin stared at the pill furnace as he thought about Yun Fei. He slapped his bag of holding and took out a piece of jade. This was the piece of jade he got from Yun Fei.

He placed the piece of jade on the table and said, “This piece of jade was with the person who had the pill furnace. See if there is any connection between them.”

Li Muwan’s beautiful eyes lit up. She picked up the piece of jade and scanned it. After a while, she frowned slightly and whispered, “Qihuang Sect… this should be from the Qihuang Sect. The recipes inside of this jade are clearly from the Qihuang sect. Brother Wang, did you get this at the inner part of the Sea of Devils?”

Wang Lin nodded.

Li Muwan lightly bit her lower lip and said, “Then it has to be the Qihuang Sect. The Qihuang Sect was originally a sect from a rank 4 country, but, after conflicts with an enemy sect, they moved into the Sea of Devils and have disappeared without a trace. It seems this pill furnace belonged to the Qihuang Sect, meaning that the method of opening the seal is lost. Wan Er only knows that this seal can’t be carelessly opened. It requires a series of procedures and the right timing to open. If it is opened by force, it will damage the pill that is side. Also, Wan Er feels that the pill isn’t ready yet. Even if we open it correctly, it won’t have reached the potential it could have if we were to keep it sealed for a while longer.”

Wang Lin secretly nodded. This was the only explanation of why Yun Fei didn’t open it herself, but tried to exchange it for the removal of her restriction.

Li Muwan said, with a determined look, “Brother Wang, Wan Er will go to the Cloud Sky Sect’s library to see if there is any information on opening the seal. If the pill is for increasing cultivation, then it will increase the chances of you reaching the Nascent Soul stage.”

Li Muwan took out several bottles of pills and handed them to Wang Lin. After she explain what all of the pills did, Wang Lin left.

Wang Lin left the southern courtyard under Li Muwan’s reluctant gaze. After all, Wang Lin’s cultivation was too low. If he stayed with Li Muwan for too long, it would attract people’s attention.

Therefore, Wang Lin left the southern courtyard and decided to go into closed door training back in his room.

He and Li Muwan had already made arrangements and left each other a transmission jade. Once she opens the seal, she will send the pill to him.

At the same time, for Li Muwan’s safety, Wang Lin left the devil Xu Liguo and the second devil to protect her. With those two working together, they should even be able to hold off a Nascent Soul Cultivator for a bit.

That amount of time would be enough for Wang Lin’s main body to appear. Also, only the devils that had a link to Wang Lin could still connect with him while he was inside the heaven defying bead’s space.

Just as Wang Lin walked out of the southern courtyard, a gentle voice came out of the white fog behind him.

“Your name is Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin’s steps stopped. He turned around and saw the white fog roll as a middle aged man walked out. He was very handsome and very refined. He had the aura of a fairy.

This person was outer sect elder Sun’s son, Sun Zhenwei.

Wang Lin calmly said, “I am.”

Zhen Wei revealed a friendly smile and chuckled, “Did you just go to see your teacher’s ancestor?”

Wang Lin sneered in his heart, but he calmly nodded.

Sun Zhenwei looked at Wang Lin and smiled, “In two months, I will also be someone that can be considered your teacher’s ancestor. You are very diligent, and that’s good. If you have any questions about alchemy, you can ask your teacher’s ancestor, and if you have any question about cultivation, you can ask me.”

Wang Lin’s expression remained normal as he calmly said, “If there is nothing else, disciple still has a batch of pills to attend to.”

Sun Zhenwei became angry and his face sunk, but he quickly smiled again. After glancing at Wang Lin, he took out a flying sword and said, “This flying sword is called green wind. Consider it a greeting gift. Take it.” With that, he waved his hand and the sword moved toward Wang Lin and floated in front of him.

After Wang Lin received it, he clasped his hands to say his thanks, then turned around and left.

Sun Zhenwei kept smiling as Wang Lin disappeared. A cold light flash across his eyes as he secretly thought, “This brat is only at the Foundation Establishment stage, so he will the perfect pawn to monitor Li Muwan. Hmph, even if he suspects that something is up with his cultivation, he won’t be able to find anything.”

Wang Lin walked all the way back to the courtyard he resided in. After entering his room, he formed a restriction and placed it on the flying sword.

The flying sword shone a cold light. Sun Zhenwei giving him the flying sword was well within Wang Lin’s predictions. At most, the flying sword was just a means to spy on him.

Wang Lin sneered. His restriction not only stopped the monitoring effect of the flying sword, but did so in a way that Sun Zhenwei wouldn’t notice.

After throwing the flying sword to the side, he took a deep breath and put his hand on his brow to enter the heaven defying bead. Wang Lin knew that he was short on time. With the heaven defying bead, he had about 2 years of time.

There wasn’t much time remaining.

Wang Lin sat crossed legged inside the heaven defying bead and before him were more than 10 bottles of pills. Some of the bottles were sealed with wax.

These pills were the best of the pills Li Muwan had made in the past 200 years. All of these pills were very suitable for him and would increase his chance of reaching the Core Formation stage.

Wang Lin followed Li Muwan’s directions and placed the bottles in order of what he needed to take from right to left. He picked up a bottle and opened the wax seal. A strong aroma of medicine floated out of the bottle. Inside it were 10 lychee nut sized pills.

This pill was called the Qi-Zuo pill. It was a rank 2 spirit pill. By using a lot of rare ingredients, not only did it provide a large amount of spiritual energy, it also helped widen the channels in one’s body.

This Qi-Zuo pill was one of the 18 rare pills in the old Luo He Sect. In the cultivation world, it was a very rare pill and a grade above the Foundation Establishment Pill.

The thing that made this pill so rare was its effect to widen the channels. Even within the Cloud Sky Sect, there weren’t many pills that widened the channels, and all of those pills were rank 4. For a rank 2 pill to increase the channels was extremely rare.

Inside the Cloud Sky Sect, there were only 20 or so of these Qi-Zuo pills and all of them were made by Li Muwan.

Wang Lin picked up a pill and put it into his mouth. Then, he immediately began to cultivate. Spiritual energy flooded into his body and he immediately noticed the difference between it and the Foundation Establishment Pill. The Qi-Zuo pill had more than double the spiritual energy of the Foundation Establishment Pill.

The boundless spiritual energy slowly calmed down as it was swallowed by the ancient god’s tactic. After a while, Wang Lin swallowed another pill.

Time slowly passed by and Wang Lin’s cultivation had reached the late stage of Foundation Establishment after taking all of the Qi-Zuo pills. This method of pill consumption that disregarded any negative consequences in the future was something only Wang Lin was willing to do.

It has to be said that even in the few pills specialized in cultivation methods, no one would take this many pills in such a short amount of time. First of all, absorption was a very big problem. The absorption time varied depending on the pill, but it takes at least a few days or even longer to completely absorb all of the spiritual energy in the pill so none is wasted.

Aside from the fact that the materials for pills were rare, cultivators don’t want to be wasteful, so they absorb as much of the spiritual energy as possible, but the pills contain a fairly large amount of spiritual energy. If too much gets absorbed at once, not only will it not help, but it will increase the chances of a devil entering the cultivator.

And if too many pills are consumed in a short period of time, or so to say, if cultivation is raised too quickly in a short period of time, then even if there is no harm to the body, it will have deadly effects on future cultivation.

But none of these problems existed for Wang Lin. First of all, with the ancient god’s tactic, the spiritual energy in the pills are rapidly absorbed. And as for the effects on future cultivation, this was only an avatar and not the main body. In fact, the avatar was basically just a super “pill” in a way.

However, the amount of power in this “pill” was beyond anything a normal pill would have. It was a human shaped pill to help his main body break through to the Nascent Soul stage.

After using up all of the Qi-Zhuo pills, Wang Lin picked up the second bottle. He wasn’t sure how hard reaching the Core Formation stage will be for his avatar. It has to be said that back then, by using the Underworld Ascension Method, he formed three sub cores, then fused them together to make a core embryo. Then, only after taking a series of pills from Li Muwan did he finally reach the Core Formation stage.

Li Muwan didn’t say the name of this pill, but said that Wang Lin will know when he sees it. He broke the wax seal, then looked inside the bottle and let out a faint smile.

Inside the bottle were 5 purple pills. Wang Lin immediately recognized these as the Tian Li pills he took before.

It seems Li Muwan has spent a lot of blood and sweat in these past 200 years to refine these Tian Li pills again. In fact, this was true. The Tian Li pill was a rank 3 pill and the materials went extinct with the country of Hou Fen. It was only after coming to the Cloud Sky Sect and by using her status of elder that Li Muwan managed to get the materials to make more.

However, even the Cloud Sky Sect didn’t have much of those materials. After refining 5 of these pills, all of the materials for it were used up.

In fact, a vast majority of materials for the pills Wang Lin was taking were materials Li Muwan got from the Cloud Sky Sect. It could be said that the cost for Wang Lin’s cultivation this time was paid for entirely by the Cloud Sky Sect.

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