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Chapter 220 – Pills

Li Muwan raised her head as she looked at Wang Lin. Her face slowly turned red as she said, “You…you can come in.” She moved to get out of the doorway.

Wang Lin didn’t say anything as he walked forward. When he walked past Li Muwan, a fragrance that could cause one’s heart to flutter entered his nose. Wang Lin stopped and looked at Li Muwan. They were very close to each other. Wang Lin could clearly see her face becoming more and more red, even her neck was starting to turn red.

Wang Lin’s eyes were no longer cold as he wrapped his arm around Li Muwan’s waist. Li Muwan’s body softened up again as she fell onto Wang Lin’s chest. Wang Lin could clearly feel Li Muwan’s fast heartbeat.

After a long time, Li Muwan bit her lower lip and pushed Wang Lin away. She looked at Wang Lin and asked, “Why do you look different from before?”

Wang Lin let go of Li Muwan. He scanned the room, then sat down on a chair. Li Muwan poured tea for him, then stood there, waiting for his answer.

Wang Lin slightly smiled and said, “Ma Liang was a possessed body. This is my real body.”

Li Muwan blinked and quickly asked, “Your real name is Wang Lin? Also, why is your current cultivation level so different from the you that I saw a while ago?”

Wang Lin nodded. After pondering for a while, he responded. “Wan Er, when there is time, I’ll tell you. Now, I want to ask, is there a pill that will allow a Foundation Establishment cultivator to reach the Nascent Soul stage in two months?”

Li Muwan’s beautiful face revealed a contemplative expression. She whispered, “Only in some ancient books are there records of pills that allowed one to reach the Nascent Soul stage in a short period of time, but those pills’ recipes are either lost or the materials are extinct, and finding alternative materials is extremely difficult.”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm, but his heart sank. If there were no pills like that, then how will he reach the Nascent Soul stage in two months? This was a very serious problem.

Li Muwan frowned as she carefully searched her memories while sitting next to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin didn’t bother her. 200 years of time didn’t leave any marks on her at all. This made Wang Lin feel a bit strange.

She not only didn’t age, but became even more charming than before. There was also a graceful temperament with a hint of arrogance.

Many different recipes and books flashed through Li Muwan’s mind. After a long time, her eyes suddenly lit up and, with a tone of happiness, she quickly said, “I was thinking of a way. If it is going from Foundation establishment directly to Nascent Soul, then even on this entire planet, Sasuka, there are basically no existing pills that could do this. But if we split up this problem, then it would be doable. The first part would be to move from Foundation Establishment to Core Formation, then, after reaching Core Formation, try to find a way to reach Nascent Soul.”

Wang Lin nodded.

Li Muwan let out a smile. Her eyes were filled with confidence. She blinked a few times with her beautiful eyes and said, “If it is rising up to Core Formation, Wan Er has quite a few pills for that. Ma….errr brother Wang, what pills have you taken so far?”

Wang Lin pondered a little, then said, “This avatar hasn’t taken many pills. Besides Pei-Yuan pills, only Foundation Establishment Pills.”

“Foundation Establishment Pills?” Li Muwan’s eyes were filled with surprise as she continued. “If it is just Pei-Yuan pills, then it is fine. After all, they are the most basic pills that alchemists learn to make. But the Foundation Establishment Pill can be considered a spirit pill. Brother Wang, did you make the pill on your own?” With that, she let out a faint smile and delicately said, “Hmph, I remember now. Your teacher, Zhou Lin, is still in closed door training. I’m your ancestral teacher right now.”

Wang Lin’s face let out a rare faint shade of red, but it soon disappeared. He coughed and said, “The Foundation Establishment Pills were made by me, but they were infused with that spirit liquid I gifted you before.”

Li Muwan’s eyes revealed a serious look. She stood up and asked, “Do you have more of that spirit liquid?”

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he nodded.

Li Muwan’s chest rose up and went back down as she took deep breaths. “Brother Wang, how much of that spirit liquid do you have left? Is there a lot?” she asked.

Wang Lin’s right hand slapped his bag of holding as he placed a white bottle on the table.

Li Muwan’s eyes revealed a disappointed look and muttered, “So there is only one bottle left. There probably wasn’t much of something as rare as this to begin with…”

Before she could finish, another bottle appeared in Wang Lin’s hand. One bottle after another appeared in Wang Lin’s hand and were placed on the table until there were 8 bottles.

Li Muwan was dumbfounded. After a long time, she regained her senses. She looked at the 8 bottles, then at Wang Lin, before asking, “Brother Wang, are all of these bottle filled with pure spirit liquid or did you dilute it?”

Wang Lin faintly smiled and said, “I didn’t dilute it. It’s the same spirit liquid I gave you before. Is this enough? If not, I can give you more.”

Li Muwan’s face suddenly turned red. She stared at Wang Lin and asked, “There’s more?”

Wang Lin nodded and said, smiling, “However much you want, I have.”

Li Muwan’s chest rapidly went up and down. She opened one of the bottles and carefully looked at what was inside. She then looked at Wang Lin with a look of disbelief. After a long time, she finally managed to say one sentence.

“Brother Wang, do you know what effects this spirit liquid has?”

Wang Lin didn’t hide anything and slowly said, “I have always used the spirit liquid instead of pills to raise my cultivation. Lately, I noticed that this spirit liquid can also help increase the success rate of alchemy.”

Li Muwan was stunned again. She looked at Wang Lin with an odd expression. After a long time, she laughed. “Brother Wang, you’re really…. wasting a heavenly treasure. Although I don’t know where this spirit liquid came from, after experimenting with what was in the bottle you left me for a majority of my life, I found that if you use the spirit liquid during alchemy, it can increase the success rate of making pills. Also, if you consume it directly, it can prevent you from aging. After taking it for a long time, it can increase a person’s lifespan. If a large amount of it is used to make a pill, it can make a powerful spirit pill that would be several times more effective than just drinking it. If there was only 1 drop of this spirit liquid, it wouldn’t be that good, but if there are more than 10 drops, it can be sold for an unimaginable price in the cultivation world.”

After Wang Lin heard this, his eyes were still calm as he said, “Oh, so if you use this to make a pill, will it increase my chance of reaching Nascent Soul?”

Li Muwan took a deep breath and said, with confidence, “If there was no spirit liquid, then I would have no confidence in helping you reach Nascent Soul. All I would be able to do is give you a lot of pills and hope for the best. But, with all of this spirit liquid, I have a 30% chance of getting you to Nascent Soul in 2 months.”

“30%…” Wang Lin frowned as he nodded. He quickly touched his bag of holding and took out a pill furnace. The pill furnace was the one from Yun Fei.

“Wan Er, do you recognise this pill furnace?”

Li Muwan only took one look and her expression suddenly changed. Her eyes revealed a look of disbelief. After a long time, she took a deep breath and asked, “Brother Wang, where have you been in these past 200 years?”

Wang Lin let out a faint smile and asked, “What? Is this a treasure?”

Li Muwan repeatedly nodded. Her face was filled with excitement and her body was giving off an irresistible aura.

“Brother Wang, the quality of this pill furnace is extremely high. In fact, it’s comparable to the giant pill furnace in the Cloud Sky Sect. Wan Er suspects that this pill furnace is even better than those pill furnaces. If you look at these complex lines, they aren’t natural, but traces of countless pills produced by this pill furnace. These signs are sometimes the real indication of the value of a pill furnace. If Wan Er is correct, then this is the main treasure of an alchemy sect.”

Wang Lin secretly nodded. Her analysis was very close to his own speculation.

Li Muwan looked at the yellow paper with dreamy eyes and slowly said, “But, compared to this pill furnace, this piece of yellow paper is even more precious. Look at the seal on this yellow paper. Wan Er has only seen hints of this in some old books. This paper is called a pill seal. Its function is to absorb the spiritual energy of the world. While sealing the pill, it also helps nourish the pill at the same time. This technique was even rare in ancient times. The production process of pill seals have long been forgotten. What is more rare is how complete this pill seal is and that it’s still functioning. It has to be said that if even a normal pill was placed under a pill seal, after a few days, its effect will increase by one fold. If left longer, its effect will increase even more.”

“Rumor has it that all of those heaven defying pills in stories were created after being left in a pill seal for hundreds of years. It can be said that the pill seal played a key role in making those pills.”

Wang Lin was very surprised. He looked at the yellow paper. He didn’t expect the paper to be more precious than the pill furnace. Exactly what kind of pill would be inside of a pill furnace this rare and sealed by a pill seal this precious? Following this logic, wouldn’t the pill be even more precious than the pill furnace and pill seal combined?

Li Muwan took a deep breath. She looked at the pill furnace and continued with her beautiful voice, “Brother Wang, you might have already guessed that the real treasure isn’t the pill seal or the pill furnace, but the pill inside. It is rumored that only heaven defying pills would be placed inside of this type of pill furnace and use this type of seal. Wan Er is now very curious as to what kind of pill is sealed inside here.”

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