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Chapter 218 – Decisiveness

In the Cloud Sky Sect, most Nascent Soul cultivators were in the outer sect, but there were still a few in the inner sect. However, most of these Nascent Soul cultivators focused on alchemy and rarely on fights.

Just like the one Nascent Cultivator in the southern courtyard, who was currently using his own Nascent fire and the earth’s fire to refine a batch of pills that would increase his cultivation level.

On the way to the southern courtyard, Wang Lin hid all traces himself and moved like a ghost. He arrived outside the southern courtyard and stared at the white fog as he walked in.

Cheng Xian told Wang Lin where he lived. The fog had no effect on the current Wang Lin. The moment he spread out his divine sense, he could clearly see everything in the southern courtyard.

Close to the center of the courtyard, Wang Lin noticed a fluctuation of spiritual power. He could clearly see that there was an early stage Nascent Soul cultivator there.

The moment Wang Lin’s divine sense passed by, the Nascent Soul cultivator noticed Wang Lin’s presence. He was startled and wanted to immediately head out, but he suddenly stopped, looked at the pill furnace, and began to hesitate.

As for Wang Lin, the moment he found out that there was a Nascent Soul cultivator, and only an early stage one at that, he waved his hand and a small flag appeared.

Almost immediately, the flag grew and trapped the Nascent Soul cultivator.

Wang Lin let out a cold smile. If the cultivator had reached the middle stage of Nascent Soul, then he would have immediately given up on helping Cheng Xian and would’ve left.

But since the Nascent Soul cultivator was only at the early stage, Wang Lin had no fear. Although the restriction flag was weaker without him controlling it, it could still trap an early stage Nascent Soul cultivator for a quarter of an hour.

A quarter of an hour was enough for Wang Lin to do everything he wanted to do.

Wang Lin no longer bothered with the Nascent Soul cultivator as he continued to walk in the white fog. No one noticed that he had trapped the Nascent Soul cultivator with the restriction flag.

Wang Lin easily moved in the white fog and arrived at Cheng Xian’s room. In the scan by his divine sense earlier, Wang Lin had already found that Cheng Xian was here, but the situation seemed a bit dangerous.

Cheng Xian was laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Two streams of tears flowed down from his eyes and the spiritual energy in his body was in chaos.

By his side stood an overweight middle aged man. The middle aged man sighed as he threw pills into Cheng Xian’s mouth and scolded, “Little brat, I already told you that those girls are nothing but trouble, especially that girl named Tong. Very cunning and devious. She’s not someone you can handle. Do you understand now? From now on, stop thinking about chasing girls and follow your teacher in learning alchemy. That is the proper path.”

Cheng Xian didn’t listen to a word of it. As the pills entered his mouth, the spiritual energy in his body slowly calmed down.

His teacher sighed and said, “I know you’re frustrated. How many times have you gone there? If it wasn’t for me throwing away my pride, you would have already lost your life. The western courtyard isn’t a place you can freely go to. This time, don’t blame teacher for trapping you here. The western courtyard has already sent word. If you keep causing trouble, they will destroy your cultivation.” The middle aged man shook his head and left the room.

Wang Lin stood outside the yard. After seeing all this, he pondered for a while, then disappeared. He reappeared in the yard and walked into Cheng Xian’s room without anyone noticing.

He looked at Cheng Xian and waved his hand. The restriction on Cheng Xian was immediately broken and Cheng Xian got up and looked at Wang Lin with deep hatred in his eyes. “You were sent by them to kill me? Kill me. I’m not scared,” he said.

Wang Lin was wearing a mask and his aura and cultivation were completely different from before, so there was no way for Cheng Xian to realize that it was him.

Wang Lin glanced at Cheng Xian. He moved his hand and a restriction instantly appeared and surrounded the room.

Cheng Xian’s pupils shrank. He let out a wry smile and said, “They even got an elder from the outer courtyard to deal with a junior like me. Come on, if I even blink, then my name is not Cheng Xian.”

After setting the restriction, Wang Lin coldly said, “I was indeed asked by someone to come, but to help you, not kill you. Tell me what happened. The more details, the better.”

Cheng Xian was stunned. After glancing at Wang Lin, he hesitated and asked, “Who asked senior to come?”

Wang Lin frowned and coldly said, “I will only give you three sentences, and that was the first one. If things are still not properly explained in the next two sentences, I’m leaving.”

Cheng Xian clenched his teeth and said, “All of this was Gongsun Tong from the west courtyard’s fault. The reason she got close to me was because she was after my two spirit apes.”

Wang Lin pondered a little. “These two spirit apes are yours?” he asked. Wang Lin’s question was very clever. In the Cloud Sky Sect, there were many spirit beasts who’s purpose was to be used for alchemy. If that was the case, then what Gongsun Tong did wasn’t exactly wrong.

Cheng Xian nodded and said, “I know what senior means. Those two spirit apes aren’t the Cloud Sky Sect’s beasts. I brought them with me when I joined the Cloud Sky Sect. According to the Cloud Sky Sect’s rules, those two belong to me.”

Wang Lin calmly asked, “So this Gongsun Tong got close to you, then asked you for the two spirit apes. You wanted to please her, so you gave her the two spirit apes, correct?”

Cheng Xian revealed a look of regret and excitedly said, “But…but I thought she wanted to use the spirit ape as a mount. I never thought her goal was the spirit ape’s core. The large ape already had his core removed and went missing. I assume he is dead. Now, only the smaller ape is left. I went many times to ask for him back, but wasn’t allowed inside. It was the outer sect disciple, Lu Song, who injured me multiple times.

Wang Lin slightly frowned. He originally didn’t want to get mixed up in all of this, but since Cheng Xian helped him get the recipe for the Foundation Establishment Pill, he had to help.

After pondering a little, Wang Lin looked at Cheng Xian and asked, “How do you want to get revenge?”

Cheng Xian’s eyes were blood-red. He said, while gnashing his teeth, “If the smaller ape is still alive, then I will consider this matter my own fault. But if he is dead, then I want them to die as well!”

Wang Lin nodded and calmly said, “As you wish.”

With that, he backed up and disappeared without a trace.

Cheng Xian stared blankly at where Wang Lin was. His eyes revealed a confused look.

After Wang Lin left Cheng Xian’s room, he quickly charged toward the western courtyard. Just as he was about to leave the southern courtyard, he suddenly stopped and looked into the distance.

He felt a fluctuation of divine sense in that direction. After pondering a bit, he waved his hand and disappeared without a trace.

The moment his body disappeared, Li Muwan arrived as quick as lightning. Behind her was the middle aged man, still with a gentle expression on his face.

The middle age man frowned and slowly asked, “Junior sister, what exactly are you looking for?”

Li Muwan stopped. Through the drop of blood in her brow, she could clearly feel that that person was standing right here, but why couldn’t she see him? Li Muwan let out a bitter smile. She was a very smart person and immediately realized that it was because he didn’t want to see her.

Li Muwan bit her lower lip. Her face was filled with grief and said, “I know you are here. Why aren’t you even willing to meet me once?”

The middle aged man’s expression suddenly changed. He sent out his divine sense, but found no one. He frowned and suspiciously looked at Li Muwan.“Junior sister, who is here? There is no one else here.”

Li Muwan didn’t even look at the middle aged man as she closed her eyes and slowly calmed down. She said, “Wan Er doesn’t ask for anything else, but to see you once. In these 200 years, Wan Er has depended on that bottle of spirit liquid to keep my vitality. If you aren’t willing to come out, then Wan Er will kill herself right now to release myself from this obsession.” Her voice was very low, but it was filled with determination.

The middle aged man’s eyes lit up as he carefully looked at his surroundings.

At that moment, something appeared in the empty air. Almost immediately, a shadowy figure appeared from nowhere. It was Wang Lin. The moment he appeared, the middle aged man’s expression suddenly turned ugly. But the middle aged man didn’t dare to act rashly. He slowly moved his hand toward his bag of holding.

Li Muwan stared at Wang Lin. Although Wang Lin was wearing a mask, Li Muwan could clearly tell that this person was the person from back then.”

“You came,” Li Muwan whispered.

Wang Lin wryly smiled and asked, “Why must you be like this?” With that, he coldly looked at the middle aged man and calmly said, “The moment your hand touches your bag of holding is the moment you die.”

The middle aged man’s right hand suddenly stopped. His face changed again. The feeling Wang Lin gave him was too strange. He was clearly only at the late stage of Core Formation, but the pressure Wang Lin gave him was like that of a Nascent Soul cultivator.

He had no doubt that if his hand touched the bag of holding, Wang Lin would instantly kill him. Large droplets of sweat appeared on his forehead as he quickly said, “Since brother is junior sister Li’s friend, then you are the Cloud Sky Sect’s friend. How would I dare to be rude? Brother misunderstood me.”

Li Muwan looked at Wang Lin. She had thousands of things she wanted to say, but she couldn’t let out a single word. She pondered a bit, then asked, “Do you still have that piece of jade?”

Wang Lin looked at her for a while. He was silent for a bit, then answered, “I threw it away.”

Li Muwan’s body shook. Her eyes were filled with sadness. She forced herself to calm down and whispered, “Since you threw it away, oh well. It wasn’t anything expensive.” Although she said this, she felt an excruciating pain in her chest. This pain was like a flood that was going to drown her heart.

That dragon jade was something she had put all of her effort into and even used her life force as a price to successfully create. If it wasn’t for the fact that she sacrificed too much for it back then, she would at least already be at the peak of Core Formation with all of the pills she had taken, if not the Nascent Soul stage.

How else could she have been stuck at the early stage of Core Formation?

The moment she heard that that jade was just thrown away by Wang Lin, her heart felt pain. This pain was so strong that, despite all her effort to calm herself down, her body still trembled and her face became pale.

Wang Lin turned his head and no longer looked at Li Muwan. He pondered a bit and said, “I’m leaving…” Wang Lin slowly turned and walked away.

Li Muwan’s heart ached. She let out a faint smile at Wang Lin’s back. Although it was a smile, it was clear to everyone else that it was a silent cry.

“The Cloud Sky Sect ancestors want me to form a cultivation pair with this person. Before, I kept rejecting him, but now, I have no reasons left to reject him… If you’re still in the country of Chu in 3 months, then please come to the ceremony…”

Wang Lin’ feet instantly trembled. Very complex feeling surfaced in his heart and he began to think.

Li Muwan’s eyes shined while waiting for his response.

That middle aged man finally understood why Li Muwan had always been so against becoming a cultivation pair. The reason was this person. Although his face was calm, a trace of killing intent appeared in his heart.

Wang Lin pondered for a long time. He said, in a low tone with his back toward Li Muwan, “Congratulations!” With that, he slowly left.

Li Muwan’s body quivered. After a long time, tears flowed down from her eyes and she muttered to herself, “I hate you…hate you!!!!”

That middle aged man let out a breath. He gently said, “Junior sister, he already left.”

Li Muwan bit her lower lip. She ignored the middle aged man and returned to her house.

The middle aged man’s face was still gentle, but he coldly smiled in his heart. He thought, “If it wasn’t for your 200 years of YuanYin, I wouldn’t have asked the ancestor to agree to us becoming a cultivation pair. With your YuanYin’s help and all of the pills I have collected, breaking into the Nascent Soul stage is only a matter of time. If you had agreed earlier, I would have still been nice to you, but now I decided that, once I reach Nascent Soul, I’m going to make you pay for repeatedly rejecting me!”

Wang Lin left the southern courtyard. Although he was a cruel person, he still felt a lot of regret toward Li Muwan. It was not that he was unable to accept her, but the path he must walk just wasn’t suited to have a woman following him.

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