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Chapter 196 – Agreement Broken

The cyclone collided with the snake and collapsed.

Wang Lin’s soul activated his portion of the inheritance, but his heart quickly sank. It seemed that his part of the inheritance wasn’t enough to cause any reaction, despite his heart wanting to leave this place.

Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy. He had doubts before, and, with the inheritance not working here, he confirmed that this place wasn’t the Sea of Knowledge.

As a result, everything he had done before had been a waste. Wang Lin’s eyes became cold, but his expression quickly recovered. He was well aware that none of the recent events had been normal. According to the memory from his part of the inheritance, the fact that Tu Si’s soul became the Dead Sea and Blood Sea when it was split into two parts was true.

This place really was the Dead Soul Sea, but why wouldn’t the inheritance of knowledge work here?

Wang Lin looked around. His gaze fell upon a scale on the million foot long creature and a thought came to his mind.

His heart skipped a beat as he stared at the scale and memorized its location. When Wang Lin activated his inheritance of knowledge, he felt a faint response from that scale.

Although the response was weak, it responded to the call of his part of the inheritance, so that scale must’ve been special in some way.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. His didn’t raise his right arm, but gently waved his index finger. A very small rift appeared and quickly disappeared. Wang Lin’s movement was every secretive, and the small rift disappeared as soon as it appeared, so no one else noticed.

Wang Lin’s heart calmed down. The appearance of that rift meant that he could use his unique method of moving around with his portion of the inheritance.

He scanned his own bag of holding with his divine sense and sneered in his heart. He had a lot of bags of holding. The one that made him the most worried was the one holding the ten life saving treasures, the Huan Yuan Beast Trap, and the 20 top quality spirit stones. He had never let his guard down since he received them.

He didn’t believe that these ten people would so easily allow him to hold on to these things. What he had said before was to simply mislead them.

After a lot of experience with entering the rifts, Wang Lin realized that the rifts that were opened by using the inheritance were different. If one entered it, they wouldn’t have to immediately exit on the other side, because there was a small space between entrance and the exit. The space was filled with chaotic energy that prevented any divine sense to enter.

He experimented with it before. He took out a flying sword and threw it into the rift. When the sword entered the rift, he lost connection with it. Only after the sword came out from the other side was the connection restored.

His heart became excited. If he could take advantage of this property of the rift, it could work wonders for him.

After pondering a little, Wang Lin took the bag of top quality spirit stones, the beast trap, and the ten instruments, mixed them up a bit, and placed them in three different bags of holding.

At the same time, a change occurred.

Dou Mu’s group looked at each other and, following the old man, put their hands together. A light beam connected the ten of them, forming an irregular shape that surrounded Ta Sen.

Ta Sen’s cold eyes glanced at the ten people. His face revealed a cold smile. He sneered, “You ten have waited so many years, and now finally found an opportunity? Very good!”

The old man’s face became gloomy. Without a word, his two hands constantly changed. The other nine followed suit. Their hands changed signs faster and faster.

The irregular shape that had been formed suddenly started to glow and close in on Ta Sen.

Ta Sen smiled coldly as he looked away. He looked at the creature and slowly said, “It seems you guys have already been in contact with each other. You planned to seal me again.”

The creature stared at Ta Sen and calmly said, “After sealing you, these ten will each get part of the inheritance. With this large of a temptation, anyone would agree.”

Ta Sen didn’t seem to care about the irregular shape quickly closing in on his body. He started to laugh loudly. His right hand held the spear and suddenly struck forward. A series of booms could be heard. A large black dragon suddenly appeared and charged at the irregular shape.

Shortly after, the red haired man pointed his finger at his brow while coldly looking directly at the old man and shouted, “Explode!”

The old man’s expression changed. His body started to glow red. Slivers of chaotic Qi came out of him as his body trembled. He quickly placed his hand on his stomach and shouted, “Scatter!”

Suddenly, the red light was vented out of his body. The other nine’s faces became more serious and their hands changed signs. This caused them to switch to a state in which they could absorb Qi.

The red light quickly split into nine red lights and entered the bodies of the nine people. They were glowing red. The old man quickly shouted, “Close!”

In that moment, the red light quickly left the nine people’s bodies, became one again, and went back to the old man’s body. The moment the red light entered his body, he trembled and spat out a mouthful of black blood. His face suddenly paled. He stared at Ta Sen and grinned, “Ta Sen, since this old man dared to attempt to kill you, I already have a method to break your technique. This technique is useless against me!”

All these events felt like they took a long time, but they happened within the span of a few breaths.

Ta Sen secretly sneered. He pointed his finger at his brow and looked at the nine other people, one by one, and shouted, “Explode!”

The old man’s eyes lit up and he quickly shouted, “Li Peng!”

Ta Sen paused. He faintly remember the words “Li Peng”. It was the name of the person from the group of 11 that had escaped from him all those years ago.

At this point, a laugh appeared from the mouth of the creature. That voice clearly wasn’t from the creature, but from another person. The creature opened its mouth and spat out a core. A tumor grew on the core.

The tumor was tightly attached to the core, as if it were a parasite. After the tumor grew a bit, it split open and a person’s face appeared from within.

The face looked very scholar-like, but the eyes, that were filled with evil like a demon lord’s eyes, coldly stared at Ta Sen and spit out a complicated chant.

The chant created ten circles that quickly appeared around the ten people and completely negated Ta Sen’s method of exploding the soul fragments.

Ta Sen jerked his head around and coldly stared at the face. His expression became dark, and he said, “It seems the reason I couldn’t catch you all those years ago was because you were saved by this animal!”

The head smiled bitterly, revealing a look of resentment. His voice was filled with hate and said, word for word, “Back when the eleven of us believed your lies, broke the seal that Tu Si had placed on you, and allowed you to regain your freedom, we realized that that was the biggest mistake of our lives. Today, we will clear up our mistake. It doesn’t matter if it’s the inheritance of power or inheritance of knowledge, both will be ours.”

Ta Sen moved the spear in his hand. He revealed a sarcastic smile and calmly said, “First, its ten people betraying me, then this animal was hiding another person. It can’t just be these two moves. What else is there?” With that, he gazed at Wang Lin and the hundreds of dumbfounded demonic cultivators that were outside the battlefield.

The head that was connected to the core sneered, “You will find out!” With that, he communicated with the creature using some unknown method. The creature suddenly moved violently and coiled in the water. It’s enormous body kept coiling, until it reached the height of Ta Sen and completely surrounded him.

Within the creature’s body, the black dragon formed by the spear stopped a dozen feet from the irregular shape.

As a result, Ta Sen was completely surrounded.

Ta Sen’s expression remained calm. He let out a sarcastic smile and spit out a purple light that became the half moon blade. It landed in his left hand. Ta Sen held the spear in his right hand and the half moon blade in his left hand. He attacked with both.

Suddenly, the irregular shape that surrounded him showed signs of collapse.

Ta Sen’s eyes lit up. He threw the two weapons forward and they each formed a meteor that hit the edge of the irregular shape.

Among the ten people, four of them spit out a mouthful of blood and trembled as if they couldn’t hold on much longer.

In that moment of crisis, the creature’s body suddenly turned stiff and a bump formed on the top of its head. Within the bump, a man covered in scales appeared. His pupils were diamond shaped. They gave off an inhuman feel.

The moment the person appeared, a shriek came from his mouth. The shriek was extremely sharp. It formed countless invisible blades that homed in on Ta Sen.

At the same time, the old man’s expression turned rigid. His forehead was covered in sweat. The irregular shape formed by the ten of them solely depended on themselves to maintain. With every shake caused by Ta Sen, their hearts trembled. He looked at Wang Lin and lowly growled, “Little friend, act now!”

Wang Lin’s expression became gloomy. He stared at Ta Sen. Since the moment the old man started to act, Wang Lin had observed Ta Sen, and from the start until now, the old man’s eyes were still calm.

After hearing the old man’s words, Wang Lin suddenly moved and charged toward the old man. The old man’s expression became excited. Right when he was about to speak, Wang Lin’s direction shifted and he flew past the old man and quickly charged toward the million foot long creature.

Wang Lin didn’t care if these people lived or died, all he cared about at that moment was one thing, and that was the special scale on the creature. In fact, from the start, he never planned to help with the so called seal. Wang Lin didn’t believe he had the power to do so.

The old man’s expression became sullen. He snorted and placed his hands on his chest, forming a diamond shape. He shouted, “My instrument, attack!”

The moment the old man’s words came out, Wang Lin’s right hand quickly opened a rift and entered it.

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