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Chapter 197 – The True Inheritance

The man standing on top of the creature jerked his head and looked toward Wang Lin with a strange expression on his face. He thought, “Impossible…”

The moment Wang Lin entered the rift, the bag holding the top quality spirit stones, the ten instruments, and the beast trap all started to glow.

However, the glow immediately dimmed once he entered the rift, as if a force was interfering with the divine sense connected to the bags.

Wan Lin already knew that with the personalities of those ten people, they wouldn’t just hand over their treasures. They must have placed some sort of technique on them to allow them to control their treasures remotely.

So when Wang Lin received those items, he had always been on guard against them. He decided to use the rift that could cut off divine sense as a countermeasure.

The moment Wang Lin’s body entered the rift, the old man’s expression changed as he noticed that his divine sense was obstructed.

Ta Sen’s sarcastic smile became wider. He let out a growl and waved his right hand, causing a circle of red light to appear. It was small at first, but quickly began to widen. Soon after, his right hand didn’t stop moving and formed more red circles. He sent them in all directions.

The irregular shape surrounding Ta Sen started to shake violently. The old man didn’t have time to worry about Wang Lin and regained his focus to keep the irregular shape intact.

As for the man covered in scales, who had been standing on top of the creature, he began to ponder. Without a word, he slammed his hand on his forehead and he split into two. [Facepalm so powerful, his body split into two] One of his bodies charged toward the irregular shape. The moment he touched the irregular shape, he recited a chant and used his hand to form seals that allowed him to pass through the irregular shape.

After successfully entering, his eyes lit up and he waved his right hand, causing an illusionary spear to appear in his grasp. The spear looked exactly like the one Ta Sen had, only this one was a mere illusion.

But the pressure released from the spear wasn’t in any way inferior to the real spear. He immediately lunged forward and attacked Ta Sen.

Outside the irregular shape, the other him drifted in the air, constantly chanting and forming hand signs. Countless balls of purple lightning appeared around his body.

More and more balls of lightning appeared. The lightning crackled between the balls, releasing a destructive aura.

Although he was constantly performing techniques, his eyes were locked on to the special scale on the creature’s body while carefully observing the surroundings.

All of this happened in almost the exact instant Wang Lin’s body disappeared into the rift. The moment the old man shifted his attention to maintaining the irregular shape, a rift suddenly appeared near the special scale on the creature.

A shadow suddenly came out of the rift.

The old man and the man covered in scales immediately noticed the rift and the shadow coming out of it. The old man’s face revealed an hateful expression. He tried to do two things at once. He used his left side to keep the irregular shape intact and raised a finger in his right hand to point at the figure that appeared from the rift. However, he was momentarily stunned, then revealed a cold smile. From the figure that appeared, he couldn’t sense his life saving treasure at all.

As for the man covered in scales, he didn’t even look at the figure, but waved his hand, commanding a small part of the balls of purple lightning to charge toward the figure.

However, after a few moments, he frowned and commanded the balls of lightning to change direction, but the figure, instead of dodging them, charged toward the balls of lightning.

The figure moved extremely fast and collided with the balls of lightning, but the figure quickly bursted into small creatures. They were completely destroyed by the balls of lightning.

While the lightning was rumbling, four large, black tornados appeared from the rift.

The tornados hummed, and one of them seemed to be concealing something inside. The scale covered man’s expression became strange. After carefully looking at the tornados, he let out a sarcastic smile. Within those tornados were only some soul fragments, not Wang Lin. All of this was simply to trick people.

He waved his right hand and more of the balls of purple lightning were sent out. This time, the balls of lightning went around the tornados because he had a new target: the rift.

As for the old man, he had the same idea. His pointed at the rift with this right hand.

As a result, the four tornados successfully made their way past the scaled man and charged toward the million foot long creature. Soon, the tornados arrived next to the creature.

When the balls of lightning hit the rift, the rift slowly became smaller and smaller, until it disappeared.

The man covered in scales was stunned. Without a word, he waved both of his hands and all the balls of purple lightning around him suddenly shot toward the four tornados. He wished he could send the body that he had sent to fight with Ta Sen to charge at the tornados as well.

But in that moment, Ta Sen, who was surrounded at the center of the irregular shape, stared at the black tornados. His eyes lit up as he understood what was happening and let out a laugh. Disregarding the person he was fighting, he chanted a few very complex chants and his body suddenly turned into a blood mist.

After the blood mist appeared, it quickly spread in all directions. The irregular shape that surrounded him suddenly collapsed and released a shockwave outwards

This caused all ten people that were maintaining the irregular shape to display frightened expressions. Six people, including Dou Mu, were hit by the shock wave. Their bodies were soon invaded by the blood mist, which rampaged through their bodies, destroying all their internal organs, before finally exiting from their heads.

The moment the blood mist came out, the six revealed looks of disbelief as their limp and empty bodies fell straight into the Dead Sea.

The man charging toward Wang Lin had to stop and turn around. He didn’t have the time to deal with Wang Lin. Both his hands opened, directing the balls of purple lightning that were charging at the black tornados to turn and shoot toward the blood mist.

Meanwhile, his other body threw the illusionary spear. The spear turned into a black dragon and charged toward the blood mist.

As for the four people that survived, all were extremely afraid, especially the old man. He never thought that Ta Sen still had a move like this.

The blood mist under the pursuit of the balls of purple lightning and the black dragon quickly came together to form ten identical copies of the red haired man. They all appeared in different locations. One of them suddenly charged toward the black tornados.

The remaining nine bodies followed the lead of the two that held the spear and the half moon blade. They started to close in on the man covered in scales and the remaining four survivors.

Almost immediately, the body that chased the black tornados caught up. He waved his hand and sent out a red light. The four tornados quickly fused into one.

After the tornados fused into one, it collapsed, and countless souls of small creatures burst out in all directions.

A few of the souls hit the scales of the million foot long creature.

The sudden turn of events stunned that clone. He let out a smile and pointed his finger in various directions. With each point, a large amount of the small creatures’ souls disappeared.

But at the same time, the souls that hit the million foot long creature started to gather together. They released a demonic feel before quickly exploding.

This explosion caused a chain effect. All of the remaining souls exploded, causing a large amount of spiritual energy to release into the surrounding area.

The moment the explosions occurred, a rift appeared near the million foot long creature’s body and a figure quickly rushed out. It moved like lightning, and, in a flash, it landed on a scale on the giant creature’s body.

This person was Wang Lin, however, this time, his body didn’t look real, more like an illusion. It was clear that the him now was his soul that had left his body.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, the clone of the man covered in scales that was fighting with Ta Sen and slowly moving here was suddenly stunned as he stared at Wang Lin. His eyes revealed a look of disbelief. From Wang Lin’s soul, he sensed a fragment of the inheritance of knowledge.

All of this happened in a very short period of time. Wang Lin had always had a careful personality when he entered the rift, and felt the destructive force coming from the items he got from Dou Mu’s group. This caused him to be extra careful. In conclusion, how could he reappear without any preparation?

Thus, he used the method from the inheritance of knowledge to hide in the rift and used the rift’s effect of blocking out divine sense to block the effects of those treasures. After he carefully examined the treasures, he noticed that the glow dimmed and the destructive force went away. Only then did he relax a bit.

So after he opened the rift, he sent out the souls of small beasts as scouts. He found that the attention of not only the old man, but also the attention of the man covered in scales were focused on him.

Wang Lin was watching when that man come out from the million foot long creature earlier, and he realized that the man covered in scales could fight evenly with Ta Sen. Taking these factors into account, Wang Lin didn’t dare come out.

He carefully pondered for a while, then he sent out four black tornados and hid part of his divine sense inside of them, then quickly retreated back into the rift.

As for everything that happened between Ta Sen and them, he saw it all through the black tornados, especially Ta Sen’s supernatural ability, which made Wang Lin feel that his earlier decision was correct. If he had really followed the old man’s instructions and tried to seal Ta Sen, it seemed that before he could even complete the seal, he would have died like those six.

After Ta Sen formed the ten clones, one of them came toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin fused the four tornados himself, before Ta Sen could act, and the countless souls of small beasts burst out. As a result, his divine sense scattered among the souls of the small beasts, so the chances of him being found out were a lot lower.

However, Wang Lin was not arrogant enough to think that he wouldn’t be found out. If he was found out, then, at most, he would just cut off that part of his divine sense.

After all, the main purpose of this portion of his divine sense was to act as a scout. He controlled the souls of the small beasts to land on the body of the million foot creature.

One of the souls hit that special scale by accident, and the moment it touched the scale, he clearly felt a strong call from it.

Under this call, the portion of inheritance that he held inside his mind felt like it was going to jump out of his body.

But at the same time, within his inheritance, a new piece of memory appeared. After understanding the memory, Wang Lin’s heart couldn’t help but sink.

Wang Lin soon decided to make all of the souls of the small beasts explode. He sneered as his soul left his body and exited the rift like lightning.

Just as Wang Lin expected, the cultivation gap between him and Ta Sen was far too big. Despite it being a clone, it was clearly not at a level that Wang Lin could hide from. The clone left a feeling of disdain in his heart. He already detected Wang Lin’s divine sense in the black tornados, or else he wouldn’t have used a power that would hurt his body.

In fact, when Ta Sen entered the Dead Soul Sea, he felt that something was wrong. Even though he had no connection with the inheritance of knowledge, because he was born from Tu Si’s evil thoughts, he was very familiar with Tu Si’s knowledge sea.

This place seemed a bit odd to him, but he couldn’t clearly say what was odd about it. This was entirely based off his instincts.

Even with the million foot long creature appearing and the ten people betraying him, he didn’t mind much. All he really cared about was what was odd about this place. It wasn’t until Wang Lin appeared from the rift that it struck him like lightning and made him come to some understanding.

This was why he used the supernatural power to break out and why he didn’t immediately destroy Wang Lin’s divine sense, because he wanted to see exactly what this soul devourer had figured out.

In a flash, Wan Lin’s soul landed on the million foot long creature’s body. His body was very hazy, and he directed a cold smile at Ta Sen’s clone.

Ta Sen’s clone stared at the scales around where Wang Lin stood. He let out a cold smile. He knew that the odd thing about this place was one of those scales. While he didn’t know which scale it was, once he fused back into one body, he knew he would be able to figure it out.

At this point, in his eyes, Wang Lin had lost all value. He formed a diamond with his hand and looked at Wang Lin and said, “Die!”

Wang Lin’s smile became even colder. Earlier, when his divine sense hit the scale, the memory he gained was that no physical body could enter the place holding the inheritance of knowledge, only the soul could enter.

After receiving this memory, he decided to head out with just his soul. This was his bold idea. If everything turned out as he expected, then he would be the first person to enter the place holding the inheritance of knowledge.

If this was true, then obtaining the complete inheritance of knowledge was not impossible. Thinking about this, Wang Lin’s heart began to pound.

As for Ta Sen’s clone’s attack, Wang Lin didn’t mind it at all. His soul started to spread out like a cloud, and three words began to shine. Those three words were: “Ancient God Tactic”!

Ta Sen’s clone’s face suddenly changed. All the other clones that were fighting noticed something and all turned to Wang Lin’s direction. All of their expressions suddenly changed greatly.

The clones stared at the three golden words. Soon, his body moved, and all of the nine other clones charged toward where Wang Lin stood.

Almost immediately, the man covered in scales was shocked. Then, an idea came to him, and he quickly fused back into one body. He chased after Ta Sen’s clones and laughed loudly, “Ta Sen, anyone but you can inherit the master’s inheritance of knowledge. Little guy, it all depends on your luck!”

Those last words were meant for Wang Lin. In that moment, he made a decision, a decision that would cost him a price he could barely withstand.

Suddenly, the man covered in scales pointed his hand at his brow and said, “Using my clone as a sacrifice, I transfer the inheritance of knowledge!” His clone quickly shook, and, along with the spear, both turned into golden specks of light and disappeared.

As the clone that was the closest to Wang Lin charged at him, Wang Lin’s soul, which was spreading out quickly, shrunk, as if it were being sucked in by a strong force. In the blink of an eye, Wang Lin’s soul was sucked in by the special scale and disappeared.

Soon after the man covered in scales said those words, the scale exploded and disappeared without a trace.

Ta Sen’s clone turned back toward the man covered in scales and roared. His clones fused back into one body. His left hand was holding the half moon blade and his right hand was holding the spear. He stared at the man covered in scales with intense rage in his eyes.

“If that little guy doesn’t manage to merge with the inheritance of knowledge within a thousand years, you might have another chance!” The man covered in scales began to laugh loudly.

Disregarding what happened with those two, after Wang Lin’s soul was absorbed by the scale, he arrived at a world of clouds. This place had no sky or land, but endless clouds as far as the eyes could see.

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