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Chapter 191 – Dead Soul Sea

The Zifu Sea of Knowledge before Wang Lin was like a large ball. It was clearly divided in half; one blood red and the other pitch black.

The blood red half had to be the Blood Sea and the pitch black part must be the Dead Soul Sea

While looking at the strange ball in front of him, Wang Lin remembered something. Back then, the fight between the red haired man and the remains of the Ancient God’s soul was earth shattering. They fought to kill each other with the Ancient God’s body as the battleground. In the end, the Ancient God Tu Si lost because he had already died and only had some of his soul remaining, but he split his Sea of Knowledge into two. One was the Dead Soul Sea to prevent anyone from getting the inheritance of knowledge and the other half was the Blood Sea, made to trap the red haired man.

Witnessing the scene before him, he really admired the likes of Six Desire Devil Lord’s master, Sky Devil Magician. That person was a genius to think of using the desire of the Ancient God, with the Ancient God’s bone as a guide, to temporarily open a passage into the Dead Soul Sea to get to the knowledge inheritance.

If not for the appearance of the middle aged man, Sky Devil Magician would have successfully obtained the knowledge inheritance.

A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. He moved his body forward and charged toward the Dead Soul Sea.

The moment his body was near the black area, a black mist suddenly came out and surrounded him, preventing him from moving forward.

Wang Lin tried moving to move in other directions, but no matter which way he went, the black fog would appear to block his path. No matter how hard he charged forward, he was unable to get past the black fog.

Wang Lin pondered for awhile. He slammed his bag of holding and drank a few big gulps of Liquid spiritual energy, then he sat cross legged and started to cultivate. His eyes revealed a cold look as his hand formed different techniques in front of him. Soon, countless illusionary circles appeared around him.

His eyes grew brighter and brighter, and his hands moved faster and faster. The restriction illusionary circles started to increase. After a long time, his hand suddenly stopped and pressed forward.

The illusionary circles formed countless rings and quickly spread in all directions. Soon after, Wang Lin stood up. He placed his right hand on his chest and his left hand on his right shoulder. Both hands seemed to be performing strange seals while both his legs moved him forward slowly.

Suddenly, a black snake appeared from where he had stepped. It quickly climbed up his body until it split into two at his chest. The black snake followed along his arms and arrived at each of the strange seals that both of his hands had formed.

In an instant, a skull sized ball with many tentacles attached to it appeared in front of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin roared lowly, “Ancient God, break!” His eyes became cold and threw both of his hands to his sides. The black sphere charged forward like lightning, quickly catching up to the illusionary circles as it charged at the black fog.

This Ancient God Break was the only technique that Wang Lin could use after reading the Ancient God Tactic. The power of this technique wasn’t for attack, but to use a large amount of spiritual energy to break all restrictions.

The Liquid spiritual energy Wang Lin drank earlier was turned into that black sphere by the Ancient God Break technique.

At the same time, Wang Lin charged forward like a meteor.

The first thing that touched the black fog was Wang Lin’s illusionary circles. The moment they touched it, it was like hot iron touching snow. The fog quickly melted away.

But the moment the fog dissipated, more fog came to replace it. From the looks of it, instead of the fog decreasing, it seemed to be increasing, forming even thicker layers of fog.

After the illusionary circle was the black sphere that was created by the Ancient God Break technique. On this sphere were countless flaming tentacles, and the moment they touched the fog, the fog would shatter. The moment it shattered, four waves of pressure would explode outward in all directions.

As a result, in this dense fog, a deep gap was opened. Looking at the gap from outside, it seemed to be endless. Wang Lin used that opportunity and quickly flew into the gap.

After the four waves pushed outward, they would quickly get overwhelmed by black fog. Gradually, as the waves couldn’t handle the pressure anymore, they started to shrink, and as a result, the gap got smaller. Soon, the gap closed due to the waves collapsing.

Wang Lin’s speed was very fast. He quickly charged toward the shrinking gap. Although he saw the gap visibly shrinking, he knew that now was not the time to be backing down. Even if there was only a small possibility, Wang Lin didn’t want to give up his plan.

Seeing that the waves around him had shrunk and that the end still wasn’t in sight, a thought flashed through his mind. He drank another gulp of liquid spiritual energy. Both of his hands formed a seal and he muttered some chants. After releasing his hand, another black sphere appeared.

He took the sphere and threw it to the side. The sphere broke and the surrounding waves seemed to gain a second life and started to push outward again. Time was of the essence. The burden on his body was great every time he used the Ancient God Break technique. If it was only three times, the harm on his body wasn’t great, but more than three would cause him great harm before he mastered the Ancient God Tactics.

The Ancient God Break technique was based on the Ancient God Tactics, but right now Wang Lin was just using spiritual energy to get by.

He continued to move forward. As the wave couldn’t stand the pressure of the fog anymore again and started to shrink, Wang Lin finally reached the end of the fog.

After a quick glance behind him, Wang Lin let out a bitter laugh, then turned around to leave. At the bottom of the fog was a continuous layer of purple lightning. If he carelessly entered, he was bound to die.

Also, below the layer of purple lightning he saw a black sea. Within the black sea’s roaring water were creatures that look like dragons, but weren’t dragons, that stared at Wang Lin through the layers of purple lightning.

This was not a place that Wang Lin could enter by force. It seemed that before he even entered the Dead Soul Sea, he would die. Wang Lin had a very decisive personality. The moment he saw something was wrong, he backed off.

The waves started to collapse. The moment before the gap was about to be sealed, he charged out. He stared back at the black fog. His face was gloomy and uncertain.

If he couldn’t enter the Dead Soul Sea, then he wouldn’t be able to leave the Ancient God’s body. But with his current strength, entering the Dead Soul Sea was impossible. Even the likes of Six Devil Magician wouldn’t be able to enter the Dead Soul Sea.

The only person that could enter was the person who inherited the Ancient God’s power.

Wang Lin pondered as he stared at the other half of the huge sphere, the Blood Sea.

This was the place the red haired man was trapped in. If he could break free, then entering the Dead Soul Sea was easy. It could be said that this man’s chances of breaking into the Dead Soul Sea were much higher than Wang Lin’s.

After all, within the Dead Soul Sea contained the inheritance of knowledge. If the red haired man obtained it, then he would have obtained both inheritances and would immediately become an Ancient god.

Wang Lin stared at the Blood Sea, his mouth gradually revealing a small smile. He thought about the events that had occurred earlier. It because Wang Lin was a soul Devourer that all those demonic cultivators were crazily searching for him.

Then for what reason were they searching for him? He thought back to what happened before, when he met the large wandering soul that was about to become a soul devourer. The appearance of such a large wandering soul was not normal.

As a Soul Devourer, Wang Lin knew that, in the Decaying World, the soul devourers had very clear boundaries between territories. If a wandering soul was about to evolve into a soul devourer, a soul devourer would stop the evolution by devouring that wandering soul.

Unless there was no soul devourer nearby, would a wandering soul be able to evolve successfully? Because there was already a soul devourer in the third realm, such a large wandering soul should not exist. It was very likely that under some special circumstances with the help of external forces, this was possible.

Especially considering that the soul devourer seem to be in a strange state, as if it was sleeping, not aware of its surroundings. Wang Lin knew the answer.

The sleeping state of the soul devourer was caused by someone. The purpose was to allow other wandering souls to evolve into soul devourers. It revealed that the other party had some grand scheme.

This plan required two soul devourers to complete.

This was the only reason to explain why the moment they realized Wang Lin was a soul devourer, all those demonic cultivators started to search for him as if they were crazy. According to Wang Lin’s observation, for that wandering soul to become a soul devourer would still require a long time.

A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s Mind. The last question he had was who was all these demonic cultivators working for?

Hunchback Meng was able to come back from the dead. There must be some shocking secret behind it all. Also, the capture of Duanmu and Wang QingYue. The more Wang Lin analyzed the situation, the more he started to grasp the grand picture. He felt like he had almost seen through the mysteries.

Wang Lin stared at the Blood Sea. His expression was calm. Someone within the Ancient God’s body who has the power to control all these demonic cultivators must be the person who inherited the Ancient God’s power. It must be the red haired man trapped in the Blood Sea.

If it really was that person, then the reason why they wanted two soul devourer was clear. Besides leaving the Blood Sea, Wang Lin couldn’t think of any other reason.

Wang Lin pondered a little. A cold look flashed through his eyes. He looked at the Blood Sea again as he held his finger to his brow. His body started to turn transparent as he entered the heaven defying bead’s space.

In the heaven defying bead’s space, Wang Lin looked at Situ Nan and his parents, then sat down where there were few floating lights. Since he had entered the Core Formation stage, he was no longer restricted from bringing items with spiritual energy into the heaven defying bead’s space. This was a very clear change in the bead.

Wang Lin decided that unless it was his last resort, he wasn’t going to look for the red haired man to open up the Dead Soul Sea. Now that he had the Ancient God Tactic and have many treasures to help increase his cultivation, he decided to go into closed door training to attempt to reach the Nascent Soul stage.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and focused his divine sense on the three big words left in his brain. Gradually, complex techniques appeared one by one in his heart.

The first layer of the Ancient God Tactic contained three parts: stealing spiritual energy, swallowing spiritual energy, and melting spiritual energy.

The moment each Ancient God was born, their body would automatically use the first technique. But as the Ancient God grew up to a child, the first layer would cultivate to the melting spiritual energy stage. If the Ancient God broke into the second layer, he could absorb the planet’s energy. If this was not achieved, then the baby would keep sleeping. Once a certain amount of time passed, the golden liquid surrounding the baby would disappear. After losing the protection that prevented people from detecting him, the only road left was to be found and devoured by others.

After studying the first technique for a very long time, Wang Lin let out a breath and opened both his eyes, revealing a contemplative look. After studying this technique, Wang Lin understood one of the reasons why the Ancient God’s body was so large.

Ancient Gods focused on training their bodies and rarely used weapons. It could even be said that their bodies were the best treasures. Their bodies’ hardness could compare to the best treasures in the world.

The focus of the Ancient God’s Tactic was to use all of the spiritual energy that one steals to reinforce the body. Once the limit of the body is reached, one must expand the body, or else their cultivation would stop. The larger the body becomes, the more spiritual energy the body requires. After reaching a certain size, the Ancient God would experience body reconstruction. This was process to increase the quality of the body.

To an Ancient God, the more times their bodies experience reconstruction, the stronger their cultivation and bodies become.

Also, with every reconstruction, their souls would also become larger. Among the Ancient Gods, there were no cultivation levels like in the world of cultivators. The Ancient Gods’ cultivation was mainly just their soul and their body.

The body was the weapon and the soul was the hand that controlled the weapon, combining into the almost invincible Ancient God Family.

In ancient times, the Ancient Gods were glorious, but in the end, were still buried in history. As of today, they have disappeared without a trace besides a few mentions in some ancient texts.

Wang Lin realized that, by using the Ancient God Tactic, he could use the spiritual energy that he’s stolen to raise his cultivation. This would allow him to increase his cultivation quickly.

He took out his bag of holding. After searching for a while, he took out an object.

It was a dantian. It was obtained when he went on a killing spree. This dantian contained all the cultivation of a middle tier cultivators.

Without a word, Wang Lin threw the dantian into his mouth. The moment the dantian entered his mouth, it released tons of spiritual energy into his body.

Wang Lin immediately used the spiritual energy Stealing technique of the first layer of the Ancient God Tactic, then he put his hands together and sat down to cultivate. All the spiritual energy was quickly absorbed by the spiritual energy Stealing technique, but the moment it was about to be fused into this body, Wang Lin stopped it and moved all the spiritual energy into the core in his body.

Waves of spiritual energy surged in his core, forming patterns.

A hurricane passed through his body. The spiritual energy that took it two hours to gather disappeared in an instant.

If Wang Lin didn’t have the spiritual energy Stealing technique, he would need to spend anywhere from several months to several years of time to digest the dantian, and he would only be able to absorb 70 to 80 percent of it while the remaining would be lost.

Although time moved faster in the heaven defying bead’s space, it would still waste a lot of time. However, in what was only an instant in the real world, he was able to completely absorb the dantian.

His core spun in a pattern, sending out waves of spiritual energy to his body. Wang Lin’s eyes glistened. A single dantian allowed him to reach the peak of the mid stage of Core Formation, one step away from the late stage.

Wang Lin’s right hand moved toward his bag of holding and took out bottles of immortal pills made by Li MuWan. He started to put them into his mouth, one by one. Time flew by really quickly. The moment a pill was consumed, the spiritual energy Stealing Technique would completely absorb it. Right before the spiritual energy entered this body, Wang Lin would redirect it toward his core.

As a result, his cultivation quickly increased as he broke through the mid stage of Core Formatin into the late stage.

Next, Wang Lin took out the most valuable object in his bag of holding; the spinal liquid that he obtained from the dragon in the tunnel.

The spinal liquid from the dragon was only enough to fill a small bottle. One could see how precious it was. This was the most precious drug Wang Lin had obtained so far. After hesitating, he opened up the bottle.

After drinking a gulp, his body released a burning heat. The spiritual energy Stealing technique activated and quickly circulated the spiritual energy. Time slowly passed. Wang Lin could clearly feel his core become larger, its color more bright, and its spinning even faster.

After the gulp of spinal liquid was absorbed, Wang in took another.

One day, two days, three days… until a month later, Wang Lin had been closed-eye cultivating the entire time. The spiritual energy Stealing Technique was constantly active in his body.

There were only ten drops of the spinal liquid left. The core in his body was about the size of two fists. It color was golden with faint glow of red. Every time it spun, the meridians in his body would ache, but he still hadn’t broken into the Nascent Soul stage.

A month ago, Wang Lin took a pill that would increase the chances of his Nascent Soul forming, but the pill only turned the core red, with no sign of it breaking and forming a Nascent Soul.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin let out a sigh. He wondered if others had this much difficulty forming their Nascent Soul, but it seemed it was lot harder than he had imagined.

He was running low on pills in his bag of holding, and there wasn’t much Liquid spiritual energy left. After pondering for awhile, he arrived at where Situ Nan and his parents were. He kowtowed a few times in front of his parents, then pointed his finger to his brow and left the heaven defying bead’s space.

Outside the Sea of Knowledge, Wang Lin’s body went from an illusionary form to more and more solid one. He stared at the Sea of Knowledge and let out a sigh. Based on his plans before, if he was lucky enough to enter the Nascent Soul stage, then he might have a chance to enter the Dead Soul Sea. Perhaps the moment he gained the inheritance, he would be able to leave the Ancient God’s body.

But now, he wasn’t confident.

After pondering for a while, Wang Lin raised his hand and a cold look appeared in his eyes. Now there was only one road left. If he didn’t want to be trapped here, always avoiding the pursuit of the demonic cultivators forever, there was only one way.

His right hand grabbed at the void,created a rift, and entered it. After coming out, he left the Sea of Knowledge and arrived somewhere within the Qi Sea.

After he appeared, he hesitated. Both of his hands came together and sent out a few rays of light in all directions, creating many rifts. As the rifts were sealed up, he spread out his divine sense in all directions. As a result, the demonic cultivators that had been bitterly looking for him noticed his presence and quickly charged toward him.

Soon, the demonic cultivators appeared near Wang Lin, one by one. They stared at Wang Lin, revealing smiles. One of them was Hunchback Meng. After he saw Wang Lin, that feeling of disgust appeared. Without a word, his right hand reached out to grab Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was normal, and he was very calm. As Hunchback Meng reached toward him, he sneered, “Don’t you want to break the seal on your master?”

The moment Wang Lin said those words, although all the surrounding demonic cultivators’ expressions remained normal, their eyes were filled with surprise. Hunchback Meng was stunned and he stopped his right hand.

Wang Lin noticed this pause. He confirmed now that what he guessed was correct. Now the only thing he needed to confirm was that their master was the red haired man trapped in the Blood Sea.

Hunchback Meng’s face was gloomy and showed uncertainty. He let out a cold snort and his right hand grabbed toward Wang Lin even faster.

Wang Lin wore a steely expression. He didn’t move an inch. He had already set up traps here ahead of time. If anyone tries to catch him, the nearby rift would quickly tear open and bring him away from this place. After all, they were in the Ancient God’s body, and no one was more familiar with this place than him.

His eyes were calm. If Meng made a move and none of the other demonic cultivators intervened, his prediction was wrong. They don’t care if the soul devourer was dead or alive.

The moment Hunchback Meng’s hand was about to catch Wang Lin, a cold voice suddenly resounded


The moment the voice was heard, Hunchback Meng felt like he was being held by an invisible hand and was thrown back. He stopped after spitting out a few mouthfuls of black blood, then kneeled on the ground. There wasn’t any resentment in his face. He respectfully said, “Greetings Lord Duo Mu.”

Meanwhile, all the other demonic cultivators kneeled down.

The middle aged man that had destroyed Sky Devil Magician’s plan appeared before Wang Lin, staring at him with a cold expression.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he replied.

“You really are a soul devourer. Very good, follow me!” After the middle aged man finished speaking, he waved his hand in the void and a rift hundreds of feet wide appeared in the sky.

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