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Chapter 190 – The Ancient God’s Inheritance (part 4)

In the Ancient God’s body, there were demonic cultivators searching almost every inch of it. The Ancient God’s body was very large, but to the cultivators, although it was a bit of a pain to search through, they all knew the place every well.

They didn’t even fear the Qi waves. Some of them even charged into the Qi waves to search.

Even after all that searching, they still found nothing. However, none of the demonic cultivators stopped, because whether or not they find the Soul Devourer directly affected their future.

While Wang Lin was surrounded by the tentacles, he entered a strange state. All around him was darkness filled with countless stars.

He couldn’t feel his body, but it didn’t feel the same as when his Soul leaves his body. He could clearly feel himself quickly moving forward.

The shiny stars became larger and larger, until they became huge sphere. Shortly after, he saw a giant. The giant sat cross-legged on a large sphere with his hands together, forming a seal. He moved his right hand and one of the spheres in the distance exploded, releasing a terrifying blast.

The giant didn’t care at all. A stream of golden liquid flew from the exploded sphere to the giant’s right hand. Shortly after, the giant rubbed his chest and a colorful light came out. After the light disappeared, a normal sized baby appeared in the giant’s hand.

He gave the baby a cold look. His right hand pinched the golden liquid and dripped it onto the baby, then he stood up and threw the baby toward a sphere.

Suddenly, the golden liquid surrounded the baby. It moved like a golden meteor and quickly slammed into the sphere. The speed was very fast and the impact was great. It wasn’t until it was close to the center of the sphere that it slowed down.

Shortly after, the giant didn’t even give the baby other look and disappeared.

A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s head as he watched the scene before him. A trace of shock flashed through his eyes. This person must be an Ancient God! Wang Lin now finally understood the Ancient God’s power. There spheres were obviously what Si Tu Nan had mentioned before. The world they lived in was a spherical object called a planet.

Looking at it now, every single star here was really a planet. They looked very small because they were a great distance away, but in reality they were large beyond comparison.

With a wave of his hand, the Ancient God could destroy a planet. What kind of power was this? What kind of magic technique?

A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s head. He understood why Ancient Gods had almost all disappeared. How much spiritual energy would a body that large require? If they continued to grow stronger, how many planets would be destroyed?

Wang Lin was silent for a while. He looked at the planet the baby was in. With that thought, he suddenly felt like he was on the planet.

There were many cultivators on this planet. Besides the few top cultivators, who noticed the disturbance caused by the baby’s arrival, no one else noticed. Even for those top cultivators, they still couldn’t find anything.

From the clothes they wore, it was clear that they were very different from the world Wang Lin was from.

Wang Lin quickly sunk into the ground and arrived at where the baby was. The baby was wrapped in the golden liquid and was quietly sleeping in the planet’s core.

After an unknown amount of time, there were more and more cultivators on the surface, It became very busy

But suddenly, one day, after countless years of slumber, the baby opened up his eyes. The golden liquid around him rapidly shrunk. The golden liquid was absorbed by the baby as it started to grow older.

What happened next was a calamity. Wang Lin watched as the baby grew into a child. With one movement from the child, all the plants on the planet died and turned into green liquid that flew into the core of the planet to be absorbed by the child.

The process lasted a long time…

No matter how the cultivators searched, they couldn’t find anything. It was as if they were being blinded by something. They just couldn’t figure out where all the plant essence disappeared to.

Shortly after, it was the spiritual energy.All the spiritual energy on the planet quickly disappeared in a short period of time, until there was no more spiritual energy left on the planet. The cultivators on the planet could do nothing but migrate.

All the spiritual energy was absorbed by the youth. His body grew a lot bigger.

Later on, more and more natural disasters appeared on the surface. Mountains collapsed, and even some of the cultivators that didn’t migrate soon enough started to die unexpectedly. The cause of death was unknown. Most of the time, the person would suddenly lose all their cultivation along with their life.

Many years later, the entire planet became a dead planet. Then, the youth suddenly moved and the entire planet exploded.

In the middle of the exploded planet, the youth walked out. He was thousands of feet tall and his eyes were cold, without any emotion.

The child has his eyes closed. He seemed to be searching for something with his divine sense. After a long time, he muttered to himself “My name is Tu Si!”

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and stared at the void where Wang Lin was and coldly said, “I’m the Ancient God’s successor. You should inherit some of my memories, stay alert!”

Wang Lin was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. He was no longer in the void, but inside a transparent filament.

“Inheritance…” A thought flashed through his mind. Everything he saw earlier must be related to the ice crystal.

In that moment, there were three golden words in his brain. He scanned them with his divine sense and immediately recognized them.

“Ancient God Tactic”

Wang Lin closed his eyes. After a long time, he opened his them and revealed a strange smile. Wang Lin understood that what the Sky Devil Magician spend so much effort to get was the Ancient God’s inheritance.

According to the information he obtained from a part of the memory, Wang Lin knew that every time an Ancient God died, an inheritance would form, and whoever obtains the inheritance would become an Ancient God.

The Ancient God’s inheritance was split into two parts. One part was power and the other part was knowledge.

Only when someone had both parts could they immediately become an Ancient God and obtain everything an Ancient God had. But not all Ancient Gods’ bodies would create an inheritance. Only after the Ancient God reached a certain level and his body remained undamaged for 100,000 years was there a chance for an inheritance to form.

Overall, the chance was not great. In fact, it could be said that the chances were very small. To this day, the amount of Ancient Gods that were capable of producing an inheritance were few.

There was a very important reason for this. Aside from all the other requirements of forming an inheritance, the Ancient God must willingly give up his life. An Ancient God’s life was very long. If they accidently died, there was no chance of creating an inheritance.

Only those in their prime who used their lives as the price could produce an inheritance.

As for the Ancient God’s family, they were extremely cruel when it came to raising their young. They often just tossed them into a planet. Once attached to a planet, they would act like a parasite and absorb the planet for nutrition. When the baby reached a certain stage of maturity, the planet died.

Of course, there were chances of failure with this method as well, but the Ancient Gods were a merciless race. They didn’t care about the life and death of the babies. This was also another reason why the Ancient Gods were so scarce.

Wang Lin took a deep breath. A thought flashed through his mind. According to the memory, he knew that there were no magical treasures or any residue of immortal drugs. They were made up by people with ulterior motives.

He also used the memories he had just obtained, as well as his connection with the Ancient God’s body and found out that the inheritance was already obtained by someone tens of thousands of years ago.

The most important thing for Wang Lin was finding a way to leave the Ancient God’s body. The memories contained the answer, but the answer made Wang Lin feel helpless.

For for an ordinary person to leave this place was very hard, but for a successor it was very simple. All they have to do was be in the Ancient God’s body and wish to leave.

If Wang Lin entered the Sea of Knowledge the normal way and obtained the inherited memory, then all would be fine. But he obtained part of the memory though an alternate method. As a result, he had to go to the Sea of Knowledge.

However, before, Wang Lin didn’t know how difficult it was to enter the Sea of Knowledge. But now that he had received part of the inheritance memory, it could be said that within the Land of the Ancient God, no one could compete with his knowledge of the Sea of Knowledge.

To enter the Sea of Knowledge one must have obtained the inheritance of the Ancient God’s power, then use it to use the remaining spiritual energy in the Ancient God’s body to open up the Sea of Knowledge.

However, there was a little change in all of this and that was in the part of the memory Wang Lin obtained. There was a small mention of the reason why the Ancient God Tu Si gave up his life to create an inheritance.

The Ancient God’s race had passed on a mysteriou magical technique for a long time. Its name was Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique.

Once the technique had been successfully mastered, the Ancient God would split his divine consciousness into ten. Then ten into tens of thousands and tens of thousands into millions. Each of the divine consciousnesses would have cultivation not inferior to the original body. The creator of this technique was unknown. It was just that in countless years, no one has succeeded in cultivating this technique.

TuSi could be considered a genius in cultivation. After failing to produce any results while cultivating this divine technique, he came up with a crazy idea. It was to do reverse cultivation. He gave up his long life, and at the moment of his death, during the moment his soul started to dissipate, forcibly used the divine technique to keep the pieces of his soul from disappearing. This was to keep cultivating until he achieved results similar to the Flowing Ink Transformation Divine Technique.

Unfortunately, if Tu Si had more time, he would have really succeeded. However, there was one change, and that was a red haired man who charged into the Ancient God’s body.

That person’s cultivation was amazing. He forcibly took the inheritance of power and waged a war with the Ancient God Tu Si’s remaining soul. Finally, because Tu Si was already dead, his remaining soul was destroyed.

The Sea of Knowledge split into two. One part became the Blood Sea to trap the red haired man, causing him to be unable to leave. The other part became the Dead Soul Sea to prevent anyone from entering. It was there that the complete inheritance of knowledge was hidden.

A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. He carefully scanned the inherited memory. The more information he had, the better he grasped the situation.

Comparing all the information, Wang Lin felt that his biggest gain after entering the Land of the Ancient God were the three words “Ancient God Tactic” in his brain. In addition of holding part of the Ancient God Tu Si’s memory, it also contained an incomplete Law of Supernatural Powers. This Ancient God Tactic was something that was in the Ancient God’s head since youth, and was a technique that they practiced all their life to control Supernatural Powers.

The essence of these Supernatural Power was one word, plunder!

Plunder everything!

The memory Wang Lin had obtained contained only the chants for the first two levels. However, after he examined them, he couldn’t help but be surprised in his heart. His heart was pounding. If he followed this cultivation technique, then forming his Nascent Soul was no longer a dream.

After pondering a while, Wang Lin thought of something. He reached his hand out to the membrane surrounding him. His own body shined a colorful light. He muttered a few very complicated chants, then his whole body disappeared and reappeared where he disappeared from earlier.

The moment his body appeared, he immediately saw a Qi Wave in the distance. The boundless and endless Qi Wave roared toward him. Wang Lin’s body was motionless. He closed his eyes and performed a few techniques with his hand. When the Qi Wave arrived, he pushed his hand forward. His body integrated into the Qi Wave and was carried by it into the distance.

If it was before, Wang Lin wouldn’t be able to do this, but now that he had inherited part of the Ancient God’s memory, it could be said that he was more familiar with the inside of the Ancient God’s body than anyone else.

It can even be said that if he wished to hide, then no one would be able to find him, besides the red haired man who was trapped in the Blood Sea and inherited the Ancient God’s power. Using his amazing cultivation, he would be able to find him.

A thought flashed through his mind while he rode the Qi Wave. After the Qi Wave arrived at a certain point, he rushed out of the Qi Wave. Then, borrowing the force of the Qi Wave, he arrived at the end of the sky. He grabbed the space with this right hand and opened up a rift. With a flash, his body entered the rift.

When he reappeared, he had already left the Qi Sea. He flew toward the Zifu Sea of Knowledge at the Ancestral Point. Wang Lin decided to personally observe the Sea of Dead Soul from the outside. If it ultimately was what the memory stated it was, then he was ready to implement a very bold plan.

After leaving the Qi Sea, before his eyes was a glittering world. If it was in the past, Wang Lin would think this place was endless, without beginning or end, but now, he had inherited the memory. This place was no longer mysterious or large beyond comparison.

During the flight, Wang Lin’s mood was calm. Often, his hand would grab at the air, creating a rift. After entering the rift, he would appear thousands of feet from where he previously was.

This was a special method to move within the Ancient God’s body after inheriting the Ancient God’s memory. If he inherited the entire memory, then all he had to do was will it in his heart and he could arrive at any point in the Ancient God’s body.

Wang Lin just exited a rift. His expression suddenly changed and he sneered. Suddenly, before him, the space distorted. It was followed by the appearance of a demonic cultivator. He stared at Wang Lin in surprise, then he licked his lips and laughed. “Little guy, this old man has finally found you!”

As he was talking, his right hand grabbed toward Wang Lin. Wang Lin’s expression was calm, and without panicking, he took a step back and recited a complicated chant.

Immediately, the surroundings seemed to elongate indefinitely. To be more precise, the distance between the demonic cultivator and Wang Lin was instantly elongated. In the blink of an eye, the distance between the two went from a few dozen feet to tens of thousands of feet.

The right hand of the demonic cultivator grabbed empty air. He was stunned. His face suddenly darkened as he let out a cry. He threw his right hand forward as his whole body suddenly charged forward tens of thousands of feet toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin revealed a cold smile. He waved his hand in front of him and disappeared into a rift.

The demonic cultivator was stunned again. He blinked his eyes, and without a word, began to scan the area with this divine sense. His divine sense quickly connected with his companions and spread the news that he had found Wang Lin. In a few short breaths, with all of them passing on the message, almost all the demonic cultivators in the Land of the Ancient God charged toward this location.

Meanwhile, the few dozen demonic cultivators that were already here spread their divine sense to look for Wang Lin. They quickly found Wang Lin and flew at an incredible speed toward him.

Inheriting part of the Ancient God’s memory didn’t raise Wang Lin’s cultivation at all, but within the Ancient God’s body, he could go anywhere he wanted. No one else knew this place better than him.

Even the red haired man who inherited the Ancient God’s power couldn’t compete with him at this. Needless to say, the type of inheritances the two of them inherited were very different.

When the demonic cultivators found Wang Lin, they began to charge full speed at him. However, even with their divine sense locked onto Wang Lin, they were struck by the sudden discovery that they had lost all trace of him. It seem as if he knew the place better than they did.

As more and more demonic cultivators arrived at the location between the Qi Sea and Ancestral Point, their combined divine sense was enormous and can easily find Wang Lin, but the moment their divine sense locked onto Wang Lin, he would just strangely disappear. After this happened a few times no matter how much they looked, they couldn’t find a trace of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin sneered. He waved his right hand and entered the rift. After exiting, he arrived at Ancestral Point which was outside the Zifu Sea of Knowledge.

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