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Chapter 188 – The Ancient God’s Inheritance (part 2)

Wang Lin was able to see everything that happened outside while he was hiding in the heaven defying bead’s space.

Originally, before the heaven defying bead acknowledged him as its master, he wasn’t able to do this, but after he reached the mid stage of Core Formation, he noticed a change when he entered the bead’s space.

That feeling appeared when he first entered the Core Formation stage as well, but it wasn’t as obvious as now. Wang Lin felt that his cultivation was only one of the reasons. The other might’ve been due to his soul growing stronger.

The wandering soul in the third realm allowed his soul to grow rapidly.

Now, when he was inside the heaven defying bead’s space, all he had to do was grab the strip of light to be able to see what was happening on the outside.

He was surprised by the appearance of Six Desire Devil Lord. He didn’t think that Six Desire Devil Lord would be able to make it to the exit of the third realm and reach the body of the Ancient God.

Also, from the whirlpool that Six Desire Devil Lord appeared out of, it seemed like he was just teleported from the fourth realm’s transfer array.

Wang Lin became very alarmed. He decided that once Six Desire Devil Lord leaves, he will go a different route. If the two were meet here, it would not be good for Wang Lin.

However, what happened next really surprised him.

The things consumed by Six Desire Devil Lord looked very familiar to him. He suddenly remembered back to the tunnel, where Six Desire Devil Lord used a technique.

After recalling that memory, he took a deep breath. However, a doubt raised in his mind. Didn’t it seem like Six Desire Devil Lord was absorbing them too easily?

It seemed as if everything was prepared, just waiting for Six Desire Devil Lord to arrive and consume them. He could clearly feel the Six Desire Devil Lord growing stronger.

Six Desire Devil Lord felt power he had never felt before. The Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation had reached completion. His heart was filled with excitement. The goal that he had been pursuing for thousands of years was finally achieved. He was feeling very confident.

This confidence came from the desire he had just absorbed from the Ancient God’s body. With the six desires combined, it created a very special power that allowed him to control someone’s life and death.

However, before Six Desire Devil Lord could indulge in those feelings, his heart suddenly sank. His face became ugly. From the distance, a meteor-like shadow was charging toward him.

“Old man, since you don’t care about our master/disciple relationship, don’t blame me for killing you!” Six Desire Devil Lord sneered. He still hadn’t moved as he stared at the shadow approaching him.

In the blink of an eye, the shadow had arrived before Six Desire Devil Lord, revealing Sky Devil Magician.

He stared at Six Desire Devil Lord with eyes that could hardly contain his ecstasy, laughing. “Good! As expected of my disciple. You dared to absorb the Ancient God’s desire. Yi Er, your master really needs to thank you.”

Wang Lin was stunned. He was able to see everything that was going on from inside the heaven defying bead’s space with the help of the heaven defying bead. Sky Devil Magician’s appearance, shocked him greatly. This person’s demon-like body looked very similar to Hunchback Meng’s.

What surprised him even more was that this person seemed to be Six Desire Devil Lord’s teacher.

Wang Lin didn’t know that the person responsible for the expedition into the Land of the Ancient Gods was Sky Devil Magician, but after analysing it, he had a rough notion what happened.

From what the man said, Wang Lin knew that Six Desire Devil Lord consumed the Ancient God’s desire. Although he didn’t know what the Ancient God’s desire was, he understood the implications from what he had just witnessed.

Six Desire Devil Lord revealed a cold look. Without a word, his hands quickly formed seals before his chest. He then whispered, “Spirit of Desire, appear!”

The moment the words left his lips, pillars of different colored smoke appeared behind Six Desire Devil Lord. Ferocious spirits appeared from each pillar of smoke, snarling toward Sky Devil Magician.

Sky Devil Magician’s eyes were filled with greed. He didn’t stop Six Desire Devil Lord, but activated the same technique instead. Just as Six Desire Devil Lord activated his technique, Sky Devil Magician also whispered “Spirit of Desire, appear!”

Suddenly, behind Sky Devil Magician, appeared the same pillars of smoke that formed six ferocious spirits that charged forward.

Six Desire Devil Lord revealed a devious smile. Although he learned from Sky Devil Magician, he knew that Sky Devil Magician didn’t teach him certain things about the Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation. Since a long time ago, he had been improving the Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation himself. He believed that his Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation was absolutely not inferior to the Sky Devil Magician’s.

While the two almost identical techniques hit each other, Sky Devil Magician suddenly let out a strange smile. He suddenly opened both his arms, and his body quickly started to float upwards.

His hair flowed in the air without wind. Waves of spiritual energy emitted from his body.

Sky Devil Magician muttered, “Use the bone as the guide…” The voice sounded a bit heart broken. The moment the words were said, the golden bone in Six Desire Devil Lord’s hand started to shake until it exploded into countless golden specks, dissipating in Six Desire Devil Lord’s hand.

The golden specks flowed like a golden river toward Sky Devil Magician. They reassembled into a golden arm bone before him. This time, the hand mostly closed, with only its index finger pointing at Six Devil Desire Lord.

Wang Lin stared at the scene before him. He felt it was strange that Six Desire Devil Lord was able so easily successfully absorb the Ancient God’s desire. It was as if there was something manipulating the event. The moment Sky Devil Magician appeared, Wang Lin suddenly realized that all of this was set up by Six Desire Devil Lord’s teacher. If it was like this, then Sky Devil Magician must have some grand goal in mind.

A thought flashed through Six Desire Devil Lord’s mind. Ignoring the spirits fighting each other, he started backing up. A red light appeared around him and he immediately escaped. At that moment, he realized why the whirlpool he had created using the arm bone at the third realm’s exit had collapsed.

The bone arm didn’t really belong to him, but still belonged to Sky Devil Magician. Otherwise, it wouldn’t suddenly leave him to go back to its original master with just one word.

The moment the arm bone left him, the connection he had established with it for a thousand years was instantly severed. This surprised him and lead him to think about many things.

Sky Devil Magician revealed a satisfied look. He didn’t even look at Six Devil Magician and said, with a calm voice, “Use desire as a sword…”

The six spirits fighting with the Sky Devil Magician’s six spirits immediately let out a scream. They turned back to smoke and fused together to form the shadow of a person.

Meanwhile, Six Desire Devil Lord, who was running away with the red light around him, started to silently dissipate. When he reappeared, he found, to his horror, that he was next to Sky Devil Magician again.

He appeared exactly where the shadow that was formed by the six spirits were. To be exact, the two fused into one.

Sky Devil Magician’s voice started to sound like a demon’s. “Use this person’s blood and essence as a sacrifice…” The moment those words were said, Six Desire Devil Lord lost any ability to resist. Small explosions injured every part of his body, causing him to bleed from everywhere.

With a wave of Sky Devil Magician’s right hand, all the blood that came from the wounds of Six Desire Devil Lord began to form a ball of blood that floated in the air. During this entire process, his body was controlled by an invisible force. He was not able to resist at all.

“Use this person’s cultivation to form the road…use the six desires of the Ancient God Tu Si as the medium… open up the place where the Ancient God’s soul rests…” Sky Devil Magician’s eyes revealed a crazed expression. He had waited 4000 years for this.

In reality, when he entered the Land of the Ancient God a thousand years ago, it wasn’t his first time, but his third. 4000 years ago, when he entered the Land of the Ancient God for the first time, using a magic treasure, he was able to get past the third realm and enter the fourth realm. That was when he won the arm bone. He realized that this place contained unimaginable fluctuations of desires. Others would only feel discomfort in their hearts, but he was very sensitive to this because he was already using various desires as attacks.

Sky Devil Magician could be considered a peerless genius. When he detected the strange desires, he didn’t immediately start to absorb them, but instead used the arm bone to leave the Land of the Ancient Gods.

After coming out, he worked hard on studying desires until he created the Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation Method. When he came here the second time, he also made it to the fourth realm, but realized that the Ancient God’s desires became even larger. He also started to see those demonic cultivators.

He was shocked. He decided to flee, and after a bitter fight, he barely escaped. It was at that time that he found out some secrets about the Ancient God’s inheritance.

After escaping, the huge temptation was simply too great for him to handle, thus, after contemplating hard, a very daring plan formed in his mind. After preparing for a thousand years, the time had finally come.

From the time he died, to when he handed the inheritance treasure to Six Desire Devil Lord, everything had been carefully planned by Sky Devil Magician.

At the third realm, even if Hunchback Meng didn’t call him, he would have appeared when Six Desire Devil Lord was in danger. His goal was to have him enter the fourth realm.

It could even be said that ever since the day he accepted Six Desire Devil Lord as a disciple, everything had been for the sake of what was happening today.

Six Desire Devil Lord’s body finally exploded into a mist of blood. As for his Nascent Soul, Sky Devil Magician grabbed it and turned it into boundless spiritual energy.

Sky Devil Magician’s eyes had an excited and crazed look. He put his hands together and spit a mouthful of blood into the spiritual energy. He said, in a fearsome voice, “Ancient God, lead the way…go, Ancient God’s fear!”

Suddenly, the golden arm bone that was floating in the air exploded with a bang. It created circles of golden ripples that condensed into a golden circle in the air.

Meanwhile, a black dragon came out of the blood mist of Six Desire Devil Lord. The black dragon had a very ferocious face. It turned toward Six Desire Devil Lord’s spiritual energy and sucked up almost one-sixth of it. As its body started to glow, it slammed its body on the golden circle.

At that moment, it seemed as if the whole Land of the Ancient God shook. If it wasn’t for the restriction Sky Devil Magician had set up earlier, all the other demonic cultivators would have immediately noticed.

There was a loud roar. The black dragon kept slamming into an invisible barrier. Numerous cracks appeared where the black dragon slammed. Once the black dragon finished slamming into the barrier, its whole body dissipated into white smoke, and disappeared from the Ancient God.

The Ancient God had forever lost the Fear Desire!

Wang Lin gawked at the scene before him from within the heaven defying bead’s space. With his heart pounding, he revealed an excited expression. That golden arm bone was really the Ancient God’s bone. Even that bone that was missing half its ring finger that was sitting in Wang Lin’s bag of holding.

But what made Wang Lin’s heart even more excited was where the black dragon had slammed into. A thought crossed his mind as he stared at that location.

“Go, Ancient God’s greed!”

In the blood mist, a red dragon appeared. It swallowed one-sixth of Six Desire Devil Lord’s spiritual energy and mercilessly slammed into the same location.

Afterward, joy, envy, and ignorance all appeared, each as a dragon, and slammed into the golden ring. When the last dragon, formed by ignorance, slammed into the same place, the area shattered, revealing a tunnel.

Sky Devil Magician laughed wildly. His hand went into the tunnel and grabbed out a light blue circular ice crystal. The ice crystal was about ten feet wide, but the tunnel wasn’t even three feet wide.

Wang Lin stared at the tunnel. After hesitating for a while, he finally gave up on the risky plan of going out.

Sky Devil Magician’s hands formed a seal and sent a ray of spiritual energy toward the ice crystal. At that moment, his expression changed. He could feel that someone had broken his restriction and was coming very quickly toward him.

His face revealed an unwilling expression. It could be said that the restriction he set up earlier was the strongest restriction he could set up. He also stacked a lot of other restrictions on top of it. Even for him to break the restrictions, it would take a very long time. Even though the Ancient God’s body was large beyond comparison, it was unlikely for people to pass by. He still put in a lot of work on the restrictions just in case.

Only this time, he never would have expected for a soul devourer to appear. Or that the owner of the Blood Sea had sent all the demonic cultivators to the body of the Ancient God to chase after the soul devourer.

As a result, there would be some inevitable changes to his plan, but he couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. He was also fairly confident in his restrictions. That’s why he went ahead with the plan anyway.

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