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Chapter 189 – The Ancient God’s Inheritance (part 3)

Knowing that someone had easily broken though what he thought was the perfect restriction startled Sky Devil Magician.

After thinking quickly, his face revealed a bold expression. His hand reached toward the tunnel and pulled out one-third of the ice crystal. His left hand slapped the tunnel, causing it to immediately disappear, leaving no trace behind.

Sky Devil Magician felt like his heart was bleeding. If he only had a few more hours, he could have shrunken that ice crystal enough for it to fit through the tunnel, but now he could only get one-third of it out.

Once the ice crystal split, a lot of what was contained inside would be lost. Also, there was only one chance to retrieve the ice crystal. It couldn’t be retrieved piece by piece.

After he took the ice crystal, without a wasting a moment, he moved it toward his face in order to press it against his forehead. However, before it could reach its mark, a cold voice stopped him and said, “If you dare move, I’ll devour you and increase my own knowledge!”

Sky Devil Magician’s right arm shook. He was too familiar with that voice. It was no wonder the restriction was so easily broken. This person was one of the ten generals of the owner of the Blood Sea. In terms of cultivation, he was already something that people in the Suzaku Star System couldn’t comprehend.

It was accurate to say that this person was an ancient cultivator, and was only alive today due to some special circumstances.

“This subordinate, great Lord Duo Mu…”

Sky Devil Magician forced a smile. He didn’t dare to move his right hand. Even if he could start to absorb the ice crystal, it would take time for him to fully absorb it, and if the person in front of him wanted to kill him, it would only take a second.

A few seconds later, a purple haired man wearing red clothes slowly floated in from the direction the first person had come from. His height was like a normal person’s. He didn’t turn into a demon like Hunchback Meng and Sky Devil Magician had, but kept his normal appearance.

He looked very ordinary, but was surrounded by a very special atmosphere. When people looked at him, they would become nervous.

The first thing the middle aged man looked at wasn’t the Sky Devil Magician, but at an empty space. He had some suspicion in his heart. He felt fluctuations of spiritual energy in that location.

But this was outside the Ancient God’s Qi Sea, so it was not unnatural to have fluctuations of spiritual energy. After he gave it one more look, he scanned the area again before finally locking his gaze on Sky Devil Magician.

Wang Lin’s heart was gripped with horror. He felt like the person saw into the heaven defying bead and into his heart. It was the first time that he had felt that sensation.

The person could detect the heaven defying bead. This really surprised him. He took a deep breath and blinked a few times.

Under the gaze of the person, Sky Devil Magician felt like they could see right through him, but since he had been able to live in the Blood Sea until now, he had his ways of dealing with things. The moment the person appeared, a strange spiritual energy started to quietly rotate within his body. Soon, the feeling of being seen through started to slowly disappear.

The middle aged man’s gaze scanned Sky Devil Magician until it landed on the ice crystal in his right hand. He reached out his hand and the ice crystal flew out of Sky Devil Magician’s hand, landing in his.

Although Sky Devil Magician’s heart felt like it was bleeding, no discontent was shown on the surface. Even his inner heart was completely concealed by the strange spiritual energy.

“What is this?” The middle aged man’s voice was plain, but contained an indescribable dignity. He gave the ice crystal one look, but wasn’t able to see what was so special about it.

Sky Devil Magician quickly said, respectfully, “Lord Dou Mu, this ice crystal is made from the cultivation of my disciple, Six Desire Devil Lord. The reason I accepted him as a disciple was to use his cultivation to help raise my own. If the lord likes it, then consider it a gift from your subordinate.”

The middle aged man gave Sky Devil Magician a look, then picked up the ice crystal with his two fingers and flatly said, “Really?” As he was talking, he used a bit of strength. That caused the ice crystal to shatter into pieces and dissipate into the surroundings.

Sky Devil Magician was completely stunned for a while. He stared as the ice crystal shards disappeared, unable to say a word.

The middle aged man sneered, “This thing is so fragile, and you consider it a treasure!?”

Sky Devil Magician laughed bitterly as he shook his head. His whole body seemed like it had suddenly gotten older. He was unable to say a word.

The middle aged man said, “Come with me to search for the Soul Devourer!” Then the middle aged man reach out and grabbed with his hand. Sky Devil Magician felt a strong force from all sides holding him as the middle aged man quickly flew away, dragging him along.

After the ice crystal broke, tiny crystal shards started to disappear into the surroundings. Wang Lin stared at the disappearing crystal shards. Many times he wanted to grab them in order to study them, but he held himself back.

After the time it took for one incense stick to burn, the middle aged man suddenly appeared again. He frowned as he scanned the area once again, before disappearing into the distance.

Earlier, when he scanned the ice crystal, he only detected some spiritual energy. The reason he crushed it was because he suspected that there was more around that spot.

The Soul Devourer could have been there. The fluctuation he felt here was very strange.

After the time for another incense stick to burn passed, Wang Lin let out a sigh. Although he didn’t know what the ice crystal was, considering how much effort Sky Devil Magician spent to get it, it couldn’t be as average as the middle aged man said.

Unfortunately, the ice crystal had already been destroyed by the middle aged man. Wang Lin really wanted to see what it was made of.

He sighed. He wasn’t in a rush to leave the heaven defying bead’s space because that middle aged man was simply too strong. Maybe he had left some traps around that area.

But at that moment, the location where the ice crystal shattered suddenly started to shine. It was some of the remaining crystal shards. The crystal shards became more and more numerous, before finally condensing back into the ice crystal.

Shortly after, a golden circle appeared in the sky. There seemed to be a layer of thin film inside it. There were spider web-like cracks growing on the film as a suction force grew stronger and stronger, pulling the ice crystal toward it.

A thought flashed through Wang Lin’s mind. He gritted teeth. Without hesitation, he left the heaven defying bead’s space. An illusionary figure appeared, and as it became more real, it reached out its hand and grabbed the ice crystal.

At this point, the illusionary figure became real. It was Wang Lin!

After he grabbed the ice crystal, he didn’t stop, but quickly flew away. On the way, he didn’t try to save any energy, but used almost all of his spiritual energy to fly as fast as possible.

After flying for a hour, he finally slowed down a bit. He looked back behind him before finally looking at the ice crystal in his hand. His face revealed a hesitant expression. He didn’t know what this was. When he was flying, he tried to put it into his bag of holding, but this thing was really strange. It wouldn’t fit inside his bag of holding.

Wang Lin’s face revealed a bold expression. Sky Devil Magician put such great importance to this ice crystal, it must not be normal. He suddenly remembered Sky Devil Magician’s movement and pressed the ice crystal on his forehead.

As soon as the ice crystal touched Wang Lin’s forehead, with a little force, it went inside of Wang Lin. Wang Lin didn’t feel any different. His spiritual energy didn’t increase, and his soul was still the same.

Wang Lin had doubts in his heart. It seemed like the ice crystal had just disappeared. He scanned his body, but couldn’t even find a trace of it.

He frowned. Did Sky Devil Magician really spend all that effort, and even killed his disciple, to get this? Was the middle aged man correct when he said that this was trash?

Wang Lin furrowed his eyebrows. As his body was about to move forward to get to the Sea of Knowledge, his head started to hurt.

The pain was very light. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. But moments after it disappeared, a stronger pain appeared. This cycle repeated itself rapidly. What was just a slight pain had turned into severe pain.

All of this happened too quickly. Wang Lin only moved a few feet before he let out a blood curling scream as his body trembled. The pain emerged quickly, each time more severe than the last. He immediately touched his brow to try to enter the heaven defying bead’s space to meditate, but he found that there was suddenly a strange spiritual energy from his brain that was blocking him from entering the heaven defying bead’s space.

Wang Lin’s face looked weak. He quickly sat down cross-legged and started to meditate. He quickly found that his own Sea of Knowledge was surrounded by a blue light. The pain was coming from there. This pain, no matter how strong Wang Lin’s mind was, he couldn’t block it, only endure it.

After a few moments, a blue circle slowly flew out of Wang Lin’s head. From the blue circle appeared countless tentacles. The tentacles just hung there. As time passed, more and more tentacles appeared, and they became longer and longer.

Eventually, all the tentacles started to move. They started to spin rapidly around Wang Lin. As more and more tentacles started to spin around him, a giant oval shaped cocoon-like object appeared in the sky.

Meanwhile, a blue light came from the cocoon-like object. As the blue light appeared, it caused massive amounts of ripples to spread in the space nearby. As the ripples increased, a suction force appeared and pulled the giant cocoon into it.

In the blink of an eye, the cocoon disappeared into the sky. Everything was calm again, as if nothing had happened.

Not long after, a demonic cultivator appeared at that location. His face looked very old, and it felt like he was full of hostility. After he appeared, he scanned the area, then casually grabbed at the air, making countless cracks appear where he had grabbed.

The demonic cultivator didn’t stop. He kept grabbing with this right hand to check the cracks in space one by one. After not finding anything, he finally turned and disappeared from there.

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