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Chapter 1787 - I’d Rather Be With My Wife Forever

As his words echoed, Xuan Luo’s figure slowly appeared in the palace Wang Lin was bowing toward until his figure appeared in the star system.

The moment Xuan Luo appeared, the expressions of Dao Master Blue Dream and Tuo Sen suddenly changed. Their pupils shrank and their expressions became extremely solemn.

They hadn’t noticed the mysterious Xuan Luo who had suddenly appeared. Even now, they could only see him, but if they were to close their eyes, they wouldn’t be able to detect him.

Xuan Luo didn’t even look at Tuo Sen and Dao Master Blue Dream. Instead, he looked at Wang Lin with a smile of interest and waited for Wang Lin’s answer. He was not surprised that Wang Lin knew where he was hiding, but he couldn’t help but make speculate when Wang Lin had called out his name. He guessed a few things.

Xuan Luo smiled and slowly said, “I know. In the first flower in the world, where that little white tiger set up the law, you took a wisp of soul from the little Planet Five Elements cultivator! Then you secretly soul searched that strand of soul to see what happened on Planet Five Elements after you left!” 

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit and nodded. In truth, it was as Xuan Luo had said; Wang Lin had learned his name from the soul of the Planet Five Elements cultivator’s avatar.

The memory from the avatar soul was incomplete and only covered recent events. But this included when Xuan Luo appeared after Wang Lin left.

This matter confirmed the doubts Wang Lin had when he saw the cultivators from Planet Five Elements. After all, he hadn’t seen the old man who had spoken of the Ancient Dao Clan with contempt!

To be more precise, when Wang Lin set up the trap for the Seven-Colored Daoist, the disappearance of the Eye Fish shocked him greatly. He carefully looked for the reason and found it in the avatar soul.

In the second flower, Wang Lin had vaguely become aware of something. Then, in the Ancient Tomb, he confirmed his speculation. When he retreated behind Xuan Luo and let Xuan Luo act, Wang Lin confirmed that what he knew was true.

“The reason you can accurately detect my position should be related to the Eye Fish… I ignored the connection between the male and female Eye Fishes.” Xuan Luo shook his head. He indeed was negligent about this matter.

However, Wang Lin had been able to find him and figure out his identity. From his point of view, Wang Lin had surpassed his test, and he was extremely satisfied.

“Is what this old man said correct?” Xuan Luo smiled and looked at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression was strange and he nodded once more.

“As a result, not only do you know this old man’s name, you even know my identity?” Xuan Luo smiled even wider. He had been hiding beside Wang Lin for a long time, and his mood has been very good. There was an indescribable feeling and even some regret as he felt that Wang Lin should have found him a bit later.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a moment before speaking. “One of the nine suns of the Immortal Astral Continent, the Ancient Dao Grand Empyrean!” When he found out about this from the avatar soul, a huge wave was set off in his heart. However, he hid it very well, so no one had seen through him.

Wang Lin looked at Xuan Luo and slowly said, “The reason the cultivators from Planet Five Elements gave up the fight for the third soul was because of Senior. They even came to help because of Senior. Junior is grateful.” 

The more Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin, the happier he was. He was extremely satisfied with Wang Lin along the way, and when he heard Wang Lin’s humble words, he laughed.

He appreciated even more that even though Wang Lin knew he was present, he hadn’t ask for his help. During this entire battle in the core of the cave world, Wang Lin had managed to reverse the situation by himself.

Xuan Luo no longer hesitated about taking Wang Lin as his only disciple.

“Follow me back to the Ancient Dao’s land in the Immortal Astral Continent. Become my only disciple and guard the Ancient Dao Clan. Little fellow, are you willing?” Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin with a gentle gaze. His voice wasn’t demanding at all but had the tone of a senior discussing something with a junior.

His expression and tone aroused a sense of warmth in Wang Lin’s heart. However, Wang Lin didn’t agree and instead began to ponder.

Xuan Luo had observed Wang Lin for a long time and somewhat understood Wang Lin. Seeing Wang Lin ponder, he vaguely guessed Wang Lin’s thoughts.

Xuan Luo frowned and looked at the golden door with a sigh. He didn’t frown at Wang Lin but at what he guessed Wang Lin was thinking.

“There are many cave worlds on the Immortal Astral Continent. It can be said that any sizeable sect has their own cave world. However, since ancient times, rarely any life could come out from the cave worlds, much less kill the owner of the cave world!”

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s soul had been shattered, he wouldn’t have been sealed. Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin and spoke.

“Do you know why? This is because of the law of the Immortal Astra Continent!

“If the life inside the many cave worlds don’t have a bloodline from the Immortal Astral Continent, they can’t get past the law of the Immortal Astral Continent.

“Although it is a law, it can be considered a powerful pressure that separates the cave worlds. Any life without the bloodline that leaves the cave world is crushed the moment it leaves!” Xuan Luo’s ancient voice echoed.

“This law from the Immortal Astral Continent is something no one can resist! I understand your thoughts, you don’t want to leave by yourself. You want to let everyone else leave and see the Immortal Astral Continent!” Xuan Luo sighed.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit and softly said, “If they don’t want to leave, Junior won’t force them, but if they want to leave, then Junior indeed does have this thought in mind.”

“This is impossible! Forget you, but the woman named Wan Er in your Dream Dao can’t go to the Immortal Astral Continent!” When Xuan Luo said this, Wang Lin suddenly raised his head.

“She can’t go either?”

Xuan Luo revealed a complicated expression. He knew how important that woman was to Wang Lin, and he nodded.

Wang Lin was startled for a long time.

“However, someone told me before that if there was someone in the Immortal Astral Continent to welcome me, it would reduce the power of the law…”

“Whoever told you that lied to you! This matter is impossible unless all nine suns act at the same time to help resist the supreme law of the Immortal Astral Continent!

“The law of the Immortal Astral Continent was formed by the bloodline of the Celestial Ancestor and Ancient Ancestor, and it is impossible to change!”

Wang Lin’s face became pale, as if he had lost most of his blood. He staggered back a few steps and the last mouthful of blood in his body seemed to flow out from the corner of his mouth.

The light in his eyes immediately dimmed and the stabbing pain of despair rose up in his heart.

“I have checked the woman named Wan Er. It is very strange that her soul is incomplete. A part of it seems to have disappeared, and I have checked the entire cave world for you but found no trace. This matter is very strange.

“However, no matter what, as long as her soul is incomplete, she can’t be awakened. If her soul was complete, I might be able to wake her up!

“You can head to the Immortal Astral Continent yourself first. Later, when you have a chance to find the missing soul, you can then return…” Xuan Luo stopped talking. He could see that blood tears had filled Wang Lin’s eyes.

“Really… Impossible…” Wang Lin bitterly lowered his head.

“I won’t abandon Wan Er here alone and go to the Immortal Astral Continent by myself… the reason I wanted to open the door and head to the Immortal Astral Continent was for her!!

“In order to awaken her, I originally thought of heading to the Immortal Astral Continent to find the method… If she can’t go and I go by myself alone for thousands of years… If she can’t go, I might as well stay in the cave world and never leave until I die…” Wang Lin murmured as tears fell, and the tears were slightly red.

If the soul was in sorrow, the mind was in sorrow; if your everything was drowned in despair and sorrow, tears of blood would flow.

Wang Lin’s words fell in Dao Master Blue Dream’s ears. He silently listened to his daughter’s lover so attached to another woman, but this time, he didn’t feel anger. Instead, he felt sympathy and sorrow, and he thought of his own wife.

Xuan Luo looked at Wang Lin. After a long time, he let out a sigh and suddenly spoke.

“Wang Lin, it is not impossible! This old man will go all out once and help you fight against the law of the Immortal Astral Continent and use the Heavenly Sun Reincarnation Spell. Any of your friends that want to leave the cave world will be reborn on the Immortal Astral Continent with my spell!

“After they reincarnate, they will be people of the Immortal Astral Continent and obtain a bloodline. However, their memories will be sealed and you will have to find them one by one to awaken their sealed memories!

“This process could be very long. This old man can’t calculate the specific time. Some people might only need a few years to reincarnate, and some may take as long as 1,000 years.

“Also, this old man can’t determine their reincarnation location. The Immortal Astral Continent is simply too big. You have to be prepared and be confident to find them one by one!

“As for the woman named Wan Er… Her soul is incomplete, so she can’t be reborn… But this old man will help with this as well. While I’m resisting the law of the Immortal Astral Continent, you have a 50% chance of taking her to the Immortal Astral Continent safely!

“However, the possibility is only 50%! Once you fail, you will die with her! Tell me your choice!” Xuan Luo would have to pay a great price for this, but he said this without hesitation.

There was no such thing as free help in this world, and Wang Lin understood this. Only a difference in practice could yield different results, such as Duan Tian in the past and Xuan Luo now. Although they had helped with their own agenda, Wang Lin’s heart felt warm and not cold.

And Wang Lin cared a lot about the people he owed, like Duan Tian and now Xuan Luo.

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