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Chapter 1786 -  One Clasp of the Hands to Pay Respects as the Dust Settles

The door opened completely!

In Allheaven, the giant furnace covered in black gas in the core of the cave world trembled. The black gas shattered inch by inch.

A giant crack appeared in the middle of the furnace, and golden light scattered. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the crack grew larger and larger. Finally, the furnace was split in half.

As it split, a golden door as large as the world appeared. The door opened and clouds filled the inside of the door. Sometimes you could see a strange continent, sometimes it was a blur.

When the door appeared, the ruins outside the furnace disintegrated and turned into space that connected with the rest of the cave world.

All the cultivators observing here felt a tremble that spread across the entire cave world. As the tremble echoed, the entrance to the core of the cave world in Allheaven suddenly disappeared and the furnace appeared!

The golden door from the furnace gave off endless golden light that shrouded the cave world!

Outside the golden door, people appeared one by one. These people were the ones that had entered the core of the cave and hadn’t died. There were Tuo Sen, Dao Master Blue Dream, Tang Shan, and the people from Planet Five Elements.

There was also Wang Lin.

Aside from the rumble from the golden door opening, there was silence; no one else spoke. They all looked at the golden door and the world on the other side that was sometimes clear and sometimes a blur.

As Wang Lin looked at the door, his eyes revealed more than 2,000 years of melancholy.

The door had finally opened, finally appeared!!

Wang Lin had waited for a long time for this day. The day when he learned that the world was only a cave world, he imagined the day when he could open the door to the real world. To the Immortal Astral Continent!

Now that he was looking at the golden door, he seemed to have entered a trance. More than 2,000 years of memories replayed in his mind. He had gone from a child from a village in the mountains and step by step arrived at the present, where he opened the door of the cave world.

This process was bitter; very few people could understand the hardships he had suffered, the countless encounters with fate for good or ill.

“Wan Er, I have opened the door to the cave world. That’s where I’ll awaken you… This is my promise to you.” Wang Lin looked at the door and felt sadness in his heart. He thought about Li Muwan.

“Xie Qing, I promised to revive you. I’ll definitely succeed!”

Wang Lin looked at the golden door. In an instant, he seemed to see his entire life inside the door.

The third concubine, Tang Shan, bit her lower lip and looked at the golden door, tears flowing down from her eyes. She missed her hometown, missed her sect, missed her teacher and sect. She had been in the cave world for far too long. She should be numb, but her longing had turned into her will to continue waiting.

She had managed to wait until this day arrived.

The old man named Ma and Yun Yifeng looked at the golden door with emotions. They had been in the cave world for a long time, but in the end, they hadn’t gained anything. The old man named Ma looked at Yun Yifeng with kindness in his eyes.

He still remember back then, when Yun Yifeng was only an 18 or 19-year-old youth. However, now, aside from his appearance, Yun Yifeng was already very old.

“Let’s go home…” The old man named Ma let out a sigh.

“Going home…” Yun Yifeng looked at the golden door. Even he, who was always calm, was moved and felt very complicated. He was confused and was unclear if the Immortal Astral Continent was his home or whether Planet Five Elements in the cave world was his home...

Behind the old man named Ma were the two middle-aged men from Planet Five Elements. They looked at the golden door with the same complicated feeling they couldn’t express clearly.

There was also the Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird. They looked at the golden door and felt bitterness in their hearts. They recalled the Seven Dao Sect and their time with the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign.

Now they were going to return to the Immortal Astral Continent, but the Seven Dao Sect was likely long gone.

Compared  to the people that didn’t belong to the cave world, Dao Master Blue Dream’s eyes were filled with hidden hesitation. Even though he already knew a lot and understood that the world was just a cave, now that he was facing the door of the cave, he didn’t know what to do.

Should he leave or stay...

Tuo Sen or Tu Si also silently pondered. He looked at the golden door. It was unknown what he was thinking.

In Allheaven, outside the golden door, several rays of light closed in. Some cultivators from the cave world came from far away. When they saw the golden door, they were all shocked.

Wang Lin’s gaze withdrew from the golden door after a long time. He could tell that after leaving the fifth flower, his eight essence true bodies had disappeared. His water essence was still only at small completion, and the other seven essences were hidden away.

Everything was back to before he had entered the Dong Lin Pool.

Even though Wang Lin knew that this would happen, he still felt a small fluctuation in his heart, but he soon suppressed it. He was now filled with expectation about the Dong Lin Pool on the Immortal Astral Continent.

“There may be some feuds between us, so perhaps we should fight to the death… But now that the door has opened, all our grievances are gone!

“If any of you want to leave the cave world, I’ll send you off!” Wang Lin clasped his hands at everyone here!

Wang Lin’s words were sincere without any lies, and he was tired.

The memories of more than 2,000 years ago until now, when the door had finally opened, replayed in his mind. As long as he was human, he would feel tired.

Not only was he tired, everyone here was the same. Dao Master Blue Dream had helped because of his daughter and was injured. Tuo Sen and Wang Lin were enemies and friends. He had helped at a key moment and was also tired.

Whether it was Tang Shan, Black Tortoise, Vermillion Bird, or the cultivators from Planet Five Elements, they were all tired. The intensity of the battle in the core of the cave world was rarely seen!

The old man named Ma from planet Five Elements was the first to step forward after pondering. He looking at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze, and after a long time, he spoke.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, this old man will leave first. If you come to the land of the celestials, you can come visit the Five Elements Sect!”

Wang Lin nodded and calmly said, “Thank you, Senior, for helping before. If I’m fortunate, I’ll definitely visit the Five Elements Sect.”

Yun Yifeng, who was behind the old man named Ma, looked at his surroundings with nostalgia. In the end, he looked at Wang Lin and clasped his hands.

“Brother Wang, take care. Our battle is not over. We’ll decide a victor on the Immortal Astral Continent!”

“Fellow Cultivator Yun, take care.” Wang Lin looked at Yun Yifeng. This person was very cunning. Wang Lin had somewhat seen through him in the cave world. Wang Lin’s gaze fell on the other two middle-aged cultivators from Planet Five Elements. He seemed to remember something, and waved his hand at the distance.

Ripples echoed in the distance. The White Tiger General and the other Planet Five Elements cultivator appeared. Their appearance didn’t surprise the old man named Ma; he seemed to already know.

However, the Black Tortoise General and Vermillion Bird General were startled.

“Fellow cultivators of planet Five Elements, I send you all off!” As Wang Lin spoke, the White Tiger General released the cultivator from Planet Five Elements. The cultivator from Planet Five Elements pondered for a bit and then returned to his sect.

A group of people turned into a ray of light and flew toward the golden door. There was a flash of golden light and then it disappeared.

Seeing the people of planet Five Elements go through the door, the Black Tortoise General and the Vermillion Bird General walked forward a few steps and clasped their hands at Wang Lin.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang Lin, the matters before… Alas, thanks, Fellow Cultivator, for forgiving us. We will take our leave first. If there is anything you need, we’ll certainly help.” The person who spoke was the Black Tortoise General. He waved his right hand and a jade floated toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin accepted the jade and nodded, then he looked at the White Tiger General in the distance.

“You can go as well.”

The White Tiger General was startled, and his eyes were filled with gratitude. He bowed deeply toward Wang Lin and then arrived next to the Black Tortoise General and the Vermillion Bird General. The Vermillion Bird General looked at Wang Lin with a profound and complicated gaze.


The three of them turned into three rays of light and flew toward the golden door as Wang Lin pondered. They disappeared into the door and returned to the Immortal Astral Continent.

The third concubine, Tang Shan, bit her lower lip and stepped toward the golden door. When she was 100 feet or so from the door, she stopped and looked at Wang Lin.

“Thank you…”

Wang Lin looked at Tang Shan and slowly said, “You have helped me and I have helped you, there is no need for thanks.”

Tang Shan opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she stayed silent. She flew toward the door, and the moment she was about to disappear, she suddenly turned around.

“Will we ever meet again…”

Wang Lin didn’t speak. Tang Shan’s gaze became dim and she was shrouded by the golden light. No one but her saw her eyes dim, and she slowly disappeared within the golden door.

At this moment, everyone who didn’t belong to the cave world had left one by one. Wang Lin’s gaze moved past Dao Master Blue Dream and the others until it landed on the void. He clasped his hands at the void.

There was nothing there, and nothing looked out of the ordinary. There were no ripples or anything, but Wang Lin’s words echoed as he clasped his hands.

“Senior Xuan Luo, you have followed me the entire way. You went to Planet Five Elements, to the Celestial Realm, and came to the core of this cave. Now that you have seen me open the door, have you seen enough? Can you show yourself?”

The void began to distort as Wang Lin spoke, and a hidden figure appeared. These sudden words and change shocked everyone. Their gazes all shifted toward the figure.

“How did you know my name…” A gentle voice came from the blurry figure.

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