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Chapter 1701 - Reason!

Waves of aura of that could make all life tremble spread out from the Seven-Colored Daoist. As it spread out, the fierce beasts would retreat in panic before they could even get close. This aura frightened them greatly.

This aura was even stronger than the heavens’ might; no life dared to come near it. It was powerful enough to make heaven and earth to tremble in fear from its might.

The reason there were so many fierce beast corpses around the Seven-Colored Daoist was likely because they had been killed before he entered the illusion.

Wang Lin was a bold man. At this moment, his eyes narrowed. After pondering a bit, he bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood. This blood turned into a total of 99 drops. Each drop contained the aura of his cultivation.

His eyes became serious as he waved his sleeves and one drop flew out, floating before his forehead.

“Immortal Ancient…” As Wang Lin muttered, all his ancient power surged and gathered on this drop of blood along with a sliver of his origin soul.

The drop of blood immediately became crystal clear. It now looked like a crystal!

After being fused with Wang Lin’s ancient power, this drop of blood gave off a bright red glow. Wang Lin let out a breath and the drop of blood flew forward. The remaining 98 drops surrounded it, forming a halo of blood.

Under the protection of the halo, it flew within 1,000 feet of the Seven-Colored Daoist.

The moment it came within 1,000 feet of him, the blood halo formed by 98 drops of blood silently disintegrated, leaving only the drop filled with ancient power! However, they had resisted the first wave of destruction for that drop of blood.

This drop of blood instantly flew hundreds of feet. During this time, it was destroyed tens of thousands of times, but it immediately recovered due to the ancient power.

In an instant, this drop of blood was within 100 feet of the Seven-Colored Daoist. Once it reached this point, the ancient power recovery wasn’t able to keep up. The drop of blood rapidly dissipated until only a sliver remained.

This sliver of blood could still be seen by the naked eye, but if one wasn’t careful, it would be easy to miss. This sliver contained a part of Wang Lin’s origin soul, so the constant destruction sent pain that made Wang Lin’s expression become twisted.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The moment the trace of blood was destroyed, it penetrated the last 100 feet and landed between the Seven-Colored Daoist’s eyebrows. The moment the blood dissipated, the strand of origin soul inside touched the Seven-Colored Daoist’s body.

1,000 feet away, Wang Lin closed his eyes and let out a soft murmur.

“Dream Dao!”

With these two words, Wang Lin’s mind trembled and and everything in his mind collapsed. As it all collapsed, a seven-colored light appeared and took his mind, causing it to sink into the endless abyss.

This was a world of seven colors. The sky was seven-colored, the earth was seven-colored, and even the clouds were seven-colored. There were many mountains on the earth, and Wang Lin appeared standing on the peak of a mountain.

After a brief moment of confusion, he immediately looked around.

“This is the illusion the Seven-Colored Daoist is in!”

Wang Lin carefully spread out his divine sense as he silently pondered. He flew forward and the pieces of the earth flashed by. After an unknown amount of time, Wang Lin suddenly stopped and looked ahead.

He saw a person sitting on the mountain head. This person was the Seven-Colored Daoist.

He was sitting there with his eyes opened. He was looking at the sky and his expression seemed somewhat dull.

Around his body floated nine fist-sized balls of light that were like flames. These were the nine fire birds, or suns. They were the Seven-Colored Daoist’s cultivation and treasure.

“Shan Meng… I remember, your name is Fan Shanmeng…” the Seven-Colored Daoist muttered.

Wang Lin looked at the Seven-Colored Daoist in the distance and revealed a strange expression. He had heard what the Seven-Colored Daoist had said, but the Seven-Colored Daoist doesn’t seem to notice him.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up.

“Could it be an illusion within an illusion…” A moment later, Wang Lin carefully stepped toward the Seven-Colored Daoist. He soon arrived under the mountain and was 1,000 feet from the Seven-Colored Daoist.

Staring at the Seven-Colored Daoist, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a decisive gaze. His right hand reached out and took out the ghostly face sail from his storage space. Although he didn’t know what it did and hadn’t refined it completely, he had fused his divine sense into it.

After taking out the sail, Wang Lin sat down and waved it. The moment Wang Lin controlled it, the sail wrapped around his body and flew forward with his origin soul.

Wang Lin’s origin soul left his body and entered the sail. The sail seemed to break through the void and rushed toward the Seven-Colored Daoist. The sail opened up in the sky and the ghostly face gradually turned into Wang Lin’s face, and the Seven-Colored Daoist looked at it with his dazed eyes.

At this instant, Wang Lin’s vision suddenly darkened. The Seven-Colored Daoist’s eyes were like black holes and immediately pulled him in.

“Enter!” Wang Lin sent out an order when a thunderous rumble followed by a familiar, mad laughter entered his ears.

The darkness before him seem to be ripped open by some strange force, and what happened before him was a place filled with collapsed pagodas. With all the ruins of the towering pagodas, it looked like a sect.

That familiar laughter belonged a middle-aged man with long hair wearing a grey robe. This middle-aged man was handsome and his eyes were cold. He exuded a sense of pride that could be felt by everyone from the bottom of their hearts.

At this moment, he raised his right hand. There was a giant pagoda before him. Just as he was about to break the pagoda, it collapsed and seven-colored light flashed from within. An angry person walked out!

When Wang Lin took a look at this person, he took a deep breath. This person was exactly the same as the statue in Wang Lin’s storage space, he was the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign!

Although the middle-aged man’s appearance was unfamiliar, his laughter and voice shocked Wang Lin. Wang Lin recognized that he was the madman!

There was a scarlet red dragon floating behind the madman. It let out an arrogant roar. Next to the madman was a bald teenager wearing a coat.

The bald teenager’s body looked thin, and at this moment, he had a ferocious expression as he fought someone. Wang Lin recognized the person the teenager was fighting, it was the Azure Dragon General!

Looking around, this place was a battle ground, and it was extremely chaotic. Three of the four generals were present, and the eight concubines were here too!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the earth collapsed. Large amounts of fragments collapsed and countless spatial rifts appeared in the sky. Gusts of cold wind flew out, freezing the land.

Watching all of this, Wang Lin was shocked. After a moment of being shocked, the madman and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign collided, causing a thunderous rumble. The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was knocked back and coughed out blood. His face was filled with pain and madness as he let out a violent roar.

“Fan Shanmeng, Fan Shanlu, why did you two betray me?! Was I not good to you? Why!? Was it just because I obtained that fragment that you forgot the tens of thousands of years we spent together!?

“Fan Shameng, come out!!

“You sneak attacked me during the journey back, but I allowed you to leave and didn’t kill you. Do you know how much it pained my heart? Do you know?! Now you have led an outsider to come and kill me, you bitch!!! And you, Lian Daofei, you have a noble status and countless dao partners beside you. You took a fancy to that bitch years ago, do you think I didn’t know?!” the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign roared, his eyes filled with madness.

The madman, or to be more accurate, Lian Daofei, looked extremely proud. After hearing this, he shook his head and revealed a smile, saying,

“It was her who seduced this king, but this king has no interest in someone else’s dao partner. I only came for the fragment. Hand over the fragment and I’ll leave. I won’t get involved in the affair between you two.”

“Fragment? Today, none of you here can leave!” The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s eyes were red and he waved his sleeve. The world changed colors and a giant vortex appeared in the sky. A giant eye appeared inside the vortex.

This eye had no emotion and was completely indifferent. It stared at everything below it and then slowly closed.

The moment the eye closed, Lian Daofei’s expression changed greatly.

“Heavenly Dao!!”

“All of you, die for this lord!!” The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign waved his hand and the world trembled. Black gas spread out and covered Wang Lin’s vision.

Miserable screams echoed and a powerful aura that made Wang Lin tremble shrouded his mind.

Lian Daofei was seriously injured inside this black gas and was devoured by the Heavenly Dao. The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign’s body collapsed and scattered. His scattered body split into three parts that flew in all directions.

One part was the Seven-Colored Daoist and the other was his essence. The last one carried all his memories, and it flew off into the distance.

Just at this moment, the Seven-Colored Daoist that was the first soul flew off after the third soul. Wang Lin’s mind suddenly became clear, and at this moment, he knew why the Seven-Colored Daoist was willing to be trapped inside the illusion and not leave!

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