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Chapter 1702 - Roar Shocks Seven-Colored!

“Such cunning and decisive actions, Seven-Colored Daoist…” Wang Lin was witnessing everything and his mind was completely clear. He understood why the Seven-Colored Daoist was willing to be trapped in the illusion.

Fan Shanmeng had lured the Seven-Colored Daoist into the illusion, and he had allowed her to bring him in. However, he had used his powerful cultivation to forcibly change the illusion to go back to the battle where the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign shattered.

“The one thing he wants the most is to find the third soul. However, even after all these years, he still couldn’t find any clues about the third soul!

“He doesn’t know where the third soul is hiding and who it is now. Thus, he borrowed this illusion to return back to when the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign split into the three souls and seven fragments!

“Then he is going to follow the third soul like he is doing now. He is going to see where it went to reincarnate!

“If he really sees where the third soul went, it could be a chance to find the third soul even if the illusion is fake!

“I can’t let him succeed. If he really does manage to see what happened, he might really find the third soul!”

Wang Lin, still surrounded by the ghostly face sail, charged forward. He was here with his origin soul, so he was much faster than usual. However, he still couldn’t keep up with the Seven-Colored Daoist and the third soul. Those two disappeared before him, and Wang Lin spread out his divine soul but still couldn’t find them.

“I can’t continue like this, I’m too slow…” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. His right hand hit his body and he spat out a mouthful of essence energy. This essence energy was more precious than essence blood. His origin soul immediately weakened.

His origin soul stepped forward and fused with the essence energy. His speed suddenly increased greatly and he rushed forward 100 times faster than before.

In an instant, Wang Lin appeared far away, and a flash of seven-colored light appeared at the edge of his divine sense!

“Still need a bit more!” Wang Lin clenched his teeth and spat out another mouthful of essence energy. His speed increased greatly once more. Sharp pain came from his origin soul as if he was going to be torn apart. He had reached the fast speed he could withstand.

With this speed, Wang Lin finally caught up to the Seven-Colored Daoist with his divine sense. He also saw the light that was the third soul ahead of the Seven-Colored Daoist.

The Seven-Colored Daoist frowned. He had, of course, noticed Wang Lin. He had changed this illusion by force, so he naturally knew someone else had entered. However, right now was a critical moment for him to find where the third soul had gone.

This kind of chance was once-in-lifetime. After all, no one in the cave world could use such a powerful illusion spell!

He completely ignored Wang Lin and focused on locking on to the third soul. He wanted to see where the third soul would go!

As long as he could find where it was going, he would be confident in finding the third soul after leaving this illusion!

Time instantly passed by. Wang Lin coughed out a third mouthful of essence energy to barely keep up with the Seven-Colored Daoist. His origin soul seemed to be burning as he rushed forward.

The star system before him seemed to blur and revealed a star map. This star map was like the whole cave condensed. Wang Lin immediately recognized it as a map of the entire cave world.

There was still no Realm Sealing Formation separating the Inner and Outer Realms; they were still whole! 

Wang Lin personally saw the third soul charge into the star map. Although it didn’t head to the center, it was close to the center. If one carefully divided the map, it was clearly the Inner Realm!!

“Inner Realm!! The third soul went to the Inner Realm!!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light and he disappeared in a flash. The Seven-Colored Daoist let out a roar and his hand formed a seal. The star map began to expand rapidly, and the third soul that had disappeared was found once more!

The third soul pierced through the current Cloud Sea and flew toward the Summoned River.

Perhaps it would stop in the Summoned River, or it could pierce through to another star system. It wouldn’t take long for Wang Lin to know where the third soul had gone to reincarnate!

However, similarly, if Wang Lin could see it, the Seven-Colored Daoist could see it as well. The Seven-Colored Daoist was filled with excitement. Although he didn’t know if this was all real or if was happening the same way it did in the past, this was a chance!

The first chance he had over the countless years!

“If he finds the third soul, I’ll without a doubt die. I must find it before him! If I can’t find it, then I can’t let anyone else find it!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold and decisive. However, his cultivation level was far lower, so he could not stop this.

Seeing the third soul seem to slow down and about the stop, the excitement in the Seven-Colored Daoist had reached a peak. At this moment, Wang Lin suddenly stopped, and his hand formed a seal. The ghostly face sail around his origin soul flashed and his origin soul suddenly disappeared.

When he reappeared, the world was covered in seven-colored light. Wang Lin’s body trembled and he returned to the first illusion where the Seven-Colored Daoist sat filled with excitement.

Wang Lin’s origin soul was surrounded by the sail, and after looking around, his origin soul returned to his body in the first illusion.

The moment he entered his body, he stood up and walked toward the Seven-Colored Daoist without hesitation!

He was unable to stop the Seven-Colored Daoist in the second illusion, but he could return to the first illusion using the sail. He could awaken the Seven-Colored Daoist here and achieve his goal.

Just as Wang Lin closed in on the Seven-Colored Daoist, the nine firebirds suddenly opened their eyes. They emitted a powerful heatwave. This heat was not the power of fire, but light!

The heat of light was countless times stronger than fire. As it shrouded Wang Lin, he felt like he was going to melt. His hair caught on fire and instantly dissipated.

Wang Lin’s body was filled with intense pain. He felt as if he would be turned to gas if he got a bit closer!

“I can’t get close!!” Wang Lin’s face became pale and he became anxious. He didn’t know what the Seven-Colored Daoist had seen inside the second illusion, but he knew that if he didn’t have a method of stopping him, then he had to escape immediately!

However, Wang Lin was unwilling to leave like this. He retreated a few steps and stared at the excited Seven-Colored Daoist that was surrounded by the nine suns.

“How can I awaken him… How should I do it!? How could I do it!?” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly as various thoughts appeared in his mind.

After several breaths, Wang Lin’s eyes suddenly narrowed!

“Illusion. An illusionary world is like a dream. If I consider him to be sleeping, I just need to wake him up, then this problem has become a lot more simple.

“If he is asleep, I just need to wake him up. Wake him up…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he waved his sleeve. His thunder and fire essence flew out, forming a fire vortex that gave off bolts of thunder.

At the same time, Wang Lin formed a seal. His life and death essence, true and false essence, and karma essence all flew out. They fused into the vortex, making it even larger.

In the end, the slaughter essence appeared. The moment it entered, the vortex rumbled and changed shapes due to Wang Lin’s will. In the end, it took the shape of a horn!

Wang Lin had used his six essences to form this horn that could amplify his voice. The essences rotating inside the horn could cause the sound that entered to increase countless fold!

After doing all of this, Wang Lin activated all his three ancient clan powers to form ancient power. The shadow of an ancient one appeared behind him.

The veins on Wang Lin’s face swelled as he sucked in a breath. Then he let out a roar into the horn formed by his six essences!

This was the roar of the ancient god, of an ancient one! This was the roar Wang Lin had learned in the ancient tomb, the same one he had used against the Sovereign!

The sky collapsed and the earth trembled. Rifts were ripped open and the world changed colors. Countless spatial rifts were torn open between the Wang Lin and the Seven-Colored Daoist.

A storm started to rage; this was also caused by Wang Lin’s roar. And this was all before it was amplified by the horn formed by his six essences!

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