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Chapter 1689 - The Power of Two Arrows!!

His answer didn’t come in the form of words but Wang Lin’s actions!

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with a golden glow, and he raised his left hand. The Li Guang Bow appeared with a rumble and he grabbed it. His right hand grabbed the bowstring and suddenly pulled back.

With a buzz, the Li Guang Bow reached full moon. The arrow that had terrified many people appeared on the bow, and the space around it twisted.

After the arrow appeared, the world changed colors and trembled. The celestial recovered from his shock and looked at the bow. He felt like it was familiar.

“This bow is very familiar… This bow… Li Guang Bow!!!” The moment the celestial recognized this bow, his expression changed greatly. Fear and disbelief filled his eyes as he let out a scream in fear and retreated like crazy.

He knew about this bow and about the power of an arrow from it. It was a powerful treasure that could even shake the hearts of the people from his home on the Immortal Astral Continent. It had terrifying destructive capabilities!

At this moment, he suddenly understood that this person had been sitting here precisely to wait for them to appear. This person had been waiting for the Ancient Celestial Realm to open and use this bow to kill them!

“Who is he?!” The celestial retreated as if he was crazy. The only thought in his mind was escape, escape, escape!

The huge change here caught the attention of all the other celestials. However, when they saw the bow in Wang Lin’s hands, felt the trembling of the stars, and were shaken by the ripples from the bow, their expressions all changed!

“Li Guang Bow!”

“It’s actually the Li Guang Bow!!”

Alarmed, the celestials that charged out retreated like crazy. They wanted to return to the Ancient Celestial Realm. Encountering someone who had the Li Guang Bow and could draw it as soon as they walked out was a nightmare.

However, even though they moved fast, they weren’t fast enough to escape from the Li Guang Bow. The Sovereign wasn’t able to and they also weren’t qualified!

Wang Lin’s right hand pulled the string even more as he let out a roar. At this moment, it was as if Wang Lin was about to break the bow!

He stared at the terrifying and retreating celestials with monstrous killing intent in his eyes. The people he wanted to kill were these disciples of the Seven Dao Sect! These arrogant Seven Dao Sect disciples who saw the people of the cave world as ants!

“You are no different from the people of the Scattered Thunder Clan!” Wang Lin’s right hand loosened and a buzz echoed across the entire star system. The bowstring suddenly retracted and sent a powerful force into the arrow!

This howling sound was loud enough to shatter the heavens. The power of the Li Guang Bow caused the heavens and earth to tremble. The world before the arrow collapsed and fragmented as the arrow shot forward.

The celestial that was going to kill Wang Lin had nowhere to dodge. He screamed as his body collapsed as the arrow penetrated him. His origin soul was extinguished!

He was not the first cultivator from the Immortal Astral Continent that Wang Lin had killed, and he wouldn’t be the last!

As the arrow shot forward, it expanded until it was tens of thousands of feet long, and it was still expanding! The dozens of celestials that had come out were deathly pale. Compared to the speed of the arrow, they were like babies trying to run away.

With a bang, the three celestials collapsed and then died with miserable screams!

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo as three celestials’ bodies trembled and collapsed. Just as their origin souls were about to escape, they disintegrated. They were destroyed by the cave world they felt contempt for!

The arrow gave off a golden light. This golden light lit up the entire star system and continued to spread out. The rumbling sounds continued, and in the blink of an eye, another eight celestials died.

They were still feeling ecstasy while walking out of the Ancient Celestial Realm, but now that ecstasy turned into the reason for their deaths!

The arrow instantly killed all the celestials that had walked out, then it went inside. This caused a thunderous rumble to echo inside the gap and triggered a violent collapse.

The impact of the collapse spread out in all directions as a shockwave. This shockwave was powerful enough to change the trajectory of cultivation planets but wasn’t enough to move Wang Lin’s ancient god body!

Wang Lin’s hair fluttered quickly, and the shockwaves caused his clothes to flap loudly. However, his eyes were firm, just like his body!

He was going to kill, and this arrow wasn’t going to kill enough!

Wang Lin didn’t know how many people were inside the Ancient Celestial Realm or how many of them were powerful, but he understood that just the Li Guang Bow might not be enough to destroy them all. However, he could destroy the opening to the Ancient Celestial Realm so that they would never be able to come out again!

After the first arrow was shot, the Sovereign’s body suddenly stopped millions of kilometers away. He stared ahead and his eyes were filled with joy!

“This is good for me too. I calculated that he only had the power for two shots. Now he has wasted one, and if he uses another, he will for sure die! Wang Lin, ah, Wang Lin, if you really fire the bow twice and I don’t kill you today, I will no longer call myself ‘Sovereign.’ I’ll take on your family name instead!” The Sovereign laughed as he rushed forward.

Just as he took a few steps, he laughed like crazy again. He was releasing the resentment he had felt for the last three years!

“The second shot, he indeed released the second shot. Wang Lin, you are dead! I’ll first seal the Ancient Star System so you can’t leave, then I’ll slowly kill you!” Without hesitation, the Sovereign waved his hand and his powerful cultivation spread out. This seal wouldn’t prevent people from coming in, but it would prevent them from leaving!

After doing all of this, the Sovereign disappeared as he rushed forward.

At the same time, the seventh concubine was deathly pale. She staggered back and her eyes were filled with monstrous resentment. As she stared straight ahead, it was as if she was going to break her teeth from clenching them so hard.

“Wang Lin, I’m going to kill you!!”

Dao Master Miao Yin and Devil Master Nine Heaven were rushing through the star system. Their hatred for Wang Lin was no weaker than the Sovereign and the seventh concubine’s. Although they were injured, that didn’t still their killing intent. At this moment, they were rushing toward Wang Lin, who they had locked onto!

“With all these people wanting to kill you, I don’t believe you can come out alive!” Dao Master Miao Yin smiled.

“This old man is going to extract a sliver of your soul and use it to light the Heaven Lantern for 10,000 years. Only by listening to his suffering for 10,000 years can my hatred be extinguished!” Hatred filled Devil Master Nine Heaven’s eyes.

Wang Lin indeed drew the bow a second time. This was the first time he had drawn it twice. This time, his forehead was covered in sweat. The drop of golden celestial blood between his eyebrows rapidly dimmed as he drew the bow completely open to a full moon. The arrow that was shot into the Ancient Celestial Realm had reappeared on the bow!

This arrow was stained with blood and gave off the a strong, bloody smell!

Before him, the hole to the Ancient Celestial Realm has mostly collapsed after the first arrow. The Ancient Celestial Realm that was revealed was also a mess.

There were countless fragments floating inside the rift. That arrow just now had shocking power!

At the moment the bow was drawn, two auras came from inside the rift. Both auras were as powerful as the Sovereign’s and quickly spread from the rift.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed killing intent and he loosened his right hand. The bowstring buzzed and a second arrow shot out! The moment the second arrow shot out, the golden light in Wang Lin’s eyes faded and the golden light in his left eye dissipated completely.

As for his right eye, there was still some left, but that soon disappeared. It was unknown whether Wang Lin had hidden it or if it had also disappeared like his left eye.

As the arrow got close to the Ancient Celestial Realm, a powerful suction force came from the tip of the arrow. As it rushed into the Ancient Celestial Realm, it pulled the gap. When the arrow completely entered, the gap to the Ancient Celestial Realm collapsed!

This collapse destroyed the gap, preventing the celestials of the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm from coming out. This also destroyed the passage and blocked all chance of them coming out!

Only the muffled rumbles continued to come from where the opening had collapsed. The two powerful auras were blocked and unable to come out anymore.

The muffled rumbles seemed to become more and more distant. Wang Lin couldn’t see the power of those two shots from the Li Guang Bow, but for the people inside the Ancient Celestial Realm, it was their nightmare!

The Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm and the Inner Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm were connected in a mysterious way. The four generals all had solemn expressions with a hint of terror as they looked at the churning sky before them. The sky was like a mirror, revealing a blurry yet shocking scene of what was happening inside the Outer Realm’s Ancient Celestial Realm!

“This child… This child… It’s best we don’t mess with him…” After a long time, the Azure Dragon general took a deep breath and dread filled his eyes.

The Black Tortoise general silently pondered for a moment before he said, “He definitely doesn’t only have two shots left. He is not a fool and his mind is as cunning as a devil’s. How could he let others see his bottom line so easily? I guess he has at least three more shots!” 

The four of them looked at each other and all nodded.

After Wang Lin shot twice, a laugh echoed across the Ancient Star System. The Sovereign appeared, filled with killing intent as he walked toward Wang Lin.

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