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Chapter 1632 - Self Divine Retribution

“I’m you.” The white-haired young man revealed an elusive smile as he looked at Wang Lin.

“No need to pretend to be mysterious!” Wang Lin let out a snort and moved like a meteor. He ignored the white-haired young man and moved through this vast and strange continent.

However, after he moved less than 1,000 feet, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stopped. He looked ahead and then waved his hand forward.

With this wave, ripples appeared before Wang Lin, revealing a water-like barrier.

This barrier contained powerful celestial energy. It dissipated Wang Lin’s attack and created a rebound force. Invisible ripples rushed into Wang Lin’s body from all directions.

“You can’t get in.” The strange, white-haired young man was inside the water barrier. He shook his head.

“You want to know what divine retribution is, you want to know the origin of divine retribution. Beat me and you will know everything… Don’t be surprised that I know what you’re thinking, because I’m you.” The white-haired young man stepped forward and his white hair fluttered. He gave off a very gracement temperament.

The white-haired young man smiled and softly said, “Throughout the ages, you’re not the first heaven-defying cultivator to reach the third step, but none of them survived this divine retribution… I’m looking forward to seeing if you can do it.” 

While they spoke, the white-haired young man stepped out from the water barrier. He raised his right hand and pointed at Wang Lin.

“Do you dare or not?”

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He charged forward without wasting time or speaking nonsense. He raised his right palm and closed in on the white-haired young man.

“Self divine retribution… A bit interesting.”

The white-haired young man remained calm and also stepped forward Wang Lin, raising his right palm as well. This scene was extremely strange, and if an outsider saw this, they would be shocked.

Two people that looked exactly the same, whether it was their appearance or clothes, were using the same spells. They moved like two meteors and moved closer together in this vast continent.

In an instant, the two closed in on each other. There was a flash of killing intent in Wang Lin’s eyes as his right palm collided with the young man in white’s right palm.

A thunderous rumble echoed across the continent, making it seem as if the entire world was going to shatter. This deafening roar echoed and lingered for a long time.

As the sound echoed, Wang Lin and the white-haired young man did the same thing. The moment their palms touched, their fingers curled at the same time.

Another rumble echoed and a powerful storm erupted between them. The storm caused their same white hair and white robes to flutter. At this moment, even their gazes were the same, gloomy with a hint of killing intent.

It was as if they were both trying to form a fist and extract the other’s essence. All of this happened in an instant.

They both formed a fist and pulled backward. The white-haired young man immediately coughed out blood and his body was knocked back, with blood flying out of his orifices. The fire tattoo appeared in his left eye, thunder appeared in his right, and even his karma, life and death, and true and false essences flew out like gas from his orifices. They turned into a mass of chaos and were held in Wang Lin’s hand.

Looking at Wang Lin, he also coughed out blood and his expression and essences ended up the same as the white-haired young man’s. The white-haired young man also held Wang Lin’s essences.

Both of them retreated 1,000 feet. There was no difference at all!

While they retreated, they even had the same thought. They both used the essences they had extracted from the other using the Karma Print to make up for the loss in essences.

“There is no need to verify, your thoughts are my thoughts. You spells are my spells. I am you! You want to test me with your spells. This may work against others, but it is useless against me!” The white-haired young man gave Wang Lin a strange smile and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“If you still don’t believe me, I’ll help you believe it.” As he spoke, he charged toward Wang Lin.

His left hand rose into the air and white gas surrounded it. His right hand rose up and black gas like ink surrounded it. The white-haired young man closed in on Wang Lin and pressed his hands down.

“Life and Death Seal!”

An extremely powerful life and death aura erupted from the white-haired young man’s body. His left hand contained life as well as the heavens and earth themselves. His right hand contained death as if it controlled the fate of everything!

As he closed in, his left hand closed in on Wang Lin and the white gas flew toward Wang Lin. This white gas was life force, which normally couldn’t do any harm. However, Wang Lin knew that it was part of the Life and Death Seal. Once it entered his body, death would soon arrive to complete the seal.

Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy. He let out a cold snort and raised his left hand. It was filled with life force that turned into a mist. His left hand penetrated the mist and collided with the white-haired young man’s left hand.

Both of their bodies trembled with a bang and both had life force enter their bodies, disrupting the flow within them. Both coughed out blood but didn’t retreated. Instead, they each raised their right hands and collided once more.

A thunderous rumble echoed before both of them were knocked back and coughed out blood. However, as they retreated, they both roared at the same time.

“Life and Death Seal!”

“Life and Death Seal!”

As thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin landed on the ground and was forced back step by step. Every step he took caused the earth to tremble, and he retreated more than 100 steps before he stopped with a pale face.

His body was a complete mess as the Life and Death Seal erupted. If not for the fact that he had comprehended life and death, he would’ve been seriously injured.

The white-haired young man also retreated, and his body hit the water barrier. He went through it and arrived above an ancient demon statue. Countless cracks immediately spread across the entire statue, starting from the spot where the white-haired young man landed.

The statue collapsed and dissipated the force. Blood flowed out from the white-haired young man’s mouth, but he still had that strange smile.

“What about it! Karma Print, Life and Death Seal, and all the spells you know, I know!! How can you kill me? What are you going to kill me with?” The white-haired young man’s smile became bigger and bigger until he began to laugh.

The two were separated by the water barrier. Wang Lin’s expression was gloomy as he stared at the white-haired young man inside the barrier. He closed his eyes.

The moment he closed his eyes, the expression of the white-haired young man changed and he also immediately closed his eyes.

Both of them closed their eyes and the True and False Dao appeared. When the eyes were closed, everything was false. With a thought, true and false would change in the blink of an eye.

They had closed their eyes at the same time. It was as if everything in this world had become an illusion as if it didn’t exist. This wasn’t because the world was actually an illusion but because they both had seen through its essence.

In an instant, Wang Lin opened his eyes, and at the same time, the white-haired young man’s eyes opened as well. There was a flash of coldness in both their eyes. When the eyes were open, everything would be true again. At the moment of changing from false to true, one could see through everything.

The instant after they opened their eyes, they both closed their eyes again.

The moment they closed their eyes, Wang Lin waved his right hand.

“With the True and False Dao, everything can be false as long as my heart wills it. Dust to dust, earth to earth, everything disappears!”

The white-haired young man also waved his right hand and saw the same thing.

Both used the True and False Dao to dissipate everything. If only one person had used this, the spell would be extremely powerful, but now that both of them had done the same, they both trembled. Both coughed out a large amount of blood and were knocked back.

However, after only retreating three steps, Wang Lin stopped and reversed the force in his body. He charged at the white-haired young man.

The white-haired young man’s movement was the same as Wang Lin’s, and he also rushed over.

The two got closer and closer and arrived at the center of the area outside the barrier. They both raised their right hands, both pointed at each other, and both shouted the same two words.

“Stop spell!”

“Stop spell!”

After Wang Lin spoke and as his finger and the white-haired young man’s finger pointed at each other, both of them trembled.

The Stop spell not only stopped the body; the origin soul and everything else would be stopped as well, including the flow of time. At this moment, both Wang Lin and the white-haired young man were completely frozen in place!

Under the Stop spell’s effect, both of them stopped moving and fell from the sky. While they fell, Wang Lin was deducing in his mind.

“It should be like this…”

Everything Wang Lin had done from the moment their Karma Prints collided had an ulterior motive, but he had no time to think. If he had tried to analyze it, the enemy would likely have noticed it.

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