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Chapter 1633 - Punish Myself

Therefore, after testing several times, he decided to use the Stop spell to freeze each other’s minds, to seal his own mind so the enemy couldn’t read it.

Using this moment, he quickly deduced in his mind and figured out a solution.

Wang Lin wasn’t sure the white-haired young man would be able to obtain his thoughts if he thought for too long. As a result, he only thought for a moment before he made his mind blank and devoid of any thoughts.

As both of them were about to land on the ground, the Stop spells on their bodies were released. The moment they were free, they did the same thing. They didn’t retreat, but a flash of coldness appeared in their eyes and they began a frenzy of attacks.

Thunderous rumble echoed. In a short period of time, they used more than 10 identical spells. These included Bai Fan’s celestial spells, Qing Shui’s spells, and Wang Lin’s original spells.

These various spells shook the heavens and earth, and the resulting rumbles echoed into the distance. This dim world was under constant bombardment.

Even the fire essences and thunder essences were used by both at full force. However, in the end, both sides suffered heavy losses. They both coughed out blood and looked extremely gloomy. They also looked bleak and weakened.

There was a thunderous bang and Wang Lin quickly retreated. He was breathless. In this short period of time, he felt how difficult it was to fight himself. He was experiencing the feeling others must have felt when fighting him.

He had an ancient god body, and the white-haired young man was the same. He was at the mid stage of Spirit Void, and the white-haired young man was the same.

Wang Lin even took out treasures, but what shocked him was that the white-haired young man took out the same treasures. After that, Wang Lin no longer took out any more treasures. He vaguely understood that everything the white-haired young man had came from him.

“It’s useless. I am you. You can’t kill me!” The white-haired young man retreated and stopped to wipe the blood from the corner of his mouth. He began to laugh fiercely.

Wang Lin didn’t speak, but the coldness and killing intent in his eyes became even stronger. He charged forward once more like a ray of light.

The white-haired young man’s eyes revealed mockery as he charged at Wang Lin.

The two closed in with a bang. They used various spells as their palms collided in exchange for the same injuries. However, after they knocked each other back, Wang Lin let out a roar and charged out once more.

This cycle continued once, twice, three times… Until after more than 10 times, there was no thought going through their minds beside slaughter. Wang Lin’s eyes were completely red, and the white-haired young man’s eyes were also red.

“Kill, kill, kill, kill!!” Wang Lin roared as his hands formed a seal and endless thunder essence shot out.

The white-haired young man roared out the same words. The same thunder appeared and shot toward Wang Lin.

In an instant, the two collided for the 19th time. Monstrous amounts of thunder collided, causing a thunderous rumble. Their bodies trembled and their right eyes almost collapsed.

While retreating, Wang Lin let out a roar at the sky and closed his eyes. The True and False Dao filled his body. With this eyes closed, everything in the world became false.

The white-haired young man also let out a roar as he closed his eyes and entered the realm between true and false.

However, just as he closed his eyes, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. There was no hint of madness in his eyes; it was as if all the madness from before was fake.

The white-haired young man trembled and his expression changed greatly for the first time. For the first time, his movement was not the same as Wang Lin’s. He rapidly retreated and tried to open his eyes.

However, Wang Lin had waited for this for too long, so how could he let this person escape? Wang Lin charged forward and his palm landed on the white-haired young man’s chest. Wang Lin’s fingers clenched and he pulled back.

“Karma Print!”

His essences were extracted and the white-haired young man let out a miserable scream before coughing out blood. He was just barely able to open his eyes; however, just as he was opening them, Wang Lin’s left hand containing life landed between the white-haired young man’s eyebrows.

The moment it landed, Wang Lin’s right hand absorbed the essences that were extracted before landing on the spot between the white-haired young man’s eyebrows again. This palm contained death!

“Life and Death Seal!”

“Impossible!!” The white-haired young man was pale and his eyes were filled with disbelief. He coughed out a large amount of blood and his body almost collapsed as he retreated.

All of this happened in a short period of time. The moment the Karma Print and Life and Death Seal seriously injured the white-haired young man, Wang Lin closed his eyes. He stepped forward and opened his eyes, revealing a terrifyingly calm gaze.

His gaze fell into the white-haired young man’s eyes. This caused the white-haired young man’s mind to tremble. He actually felt fear, and he hesitated. He didn’t know if he should close his eyes, because if he closed his eyes and Wang Lin disappeared from his senses, it would be a disaster!

However, if he didn’t close his eyes and Wang Lin used the True and False Dao, he would be seriously injured by the True and False Dao.

During this hesitation, Wang Lin’s opened eyes closed again. At this moment, everything in this world was false and he waved his right hand.

The white-haired young man let out a miserable scream and quickly retreated. Rumbles came from his body and he constantly coughed out blood. His white robe was dyed red as he shot toward the water barrier.

His body became blurry under the True and False Dao; it looked as if he could dissipate at anytime. However, he forced himself to hold on and let out a heart-wrenching scream.

“Impossible, everything is impossible. I can copy everything you have. You memories and your thoughts can’t be hidden from me. There is nothing I don’t know, nothing I don’t know!!!!

“You aren’t able to fool me, you can’t fool me. I’m you, unless you can… you can fool yourself first… I understand… dao of deception!!!

“Damn it, this is Liu Jinbiao’s dao of deception!!!” The white-haired young man understood, but he moved even faster to the water like barrier. He knew that as long as he could return there, he would not have to be afraid of wang Lin. As long as Wang Lin hadn’t killed him, Wang Lin couldn’t go through that water-like barrier.

It was indeed as what the white-haired young man had said, everything Wang Lin had done was done using the dao of deception! First, Wang Lin continued to attack, then he used the Stop spell to buy time to deduce the situation.

This deduction wasn’t the key, but it allowed him to use the dream dao to place himself in a dream-like state. Thanks to this, he was able to deceive himself after the Stop spell wore off.

Wang Lin was under his own deception during those extremely tragic impacts. It was as if his mind had split into two; one was the self that had been deceived and continued to battle the white-haired young man, while the other calmly looked for the chance to kill!

This chance came when when the white-haired young man closed his eyes because he thought Wang Lin was going to use the True and False Dao!

This was all deduced when Wang Lin was under the effect of the Stop spell, and he had implemented it all without hesitation to get this result.

If it wasn’t like this, it would’ve been very difficult kill the self divine retribution that was no different than him. Even so, Wang Lin had no way of killing this white-haired young man in a short period of time. He had experienced deeply how difficult it was, and the feeling of fighting himself was uncomfortable.

At this moment, the white-haired young man instant figured out the reason, and Wang Lin’s pupils shrank when he saw the white-haired young man retreating toward the water barrier.

Once he entered the water barrier and understood Wang Lin’s method, it would make him even more difficult to deal with. The white-haired young man could only be fooled once; he would not be fooled a second time!

Staring at the rapidly retreating white-haired young man, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He wouldn’t allow this person to escape, he had to kill this person!

Wang Lin didn’t use another spell to stop the white-haired young man, as even the Stop spell would have no effect. The white-haired young man was about to enter the water barrier when Wang Lin clenched his teeth and revealed a decisive gaze. He raised his right hand and hit his right leg without hesitation.

This hit caused his leg to tremble and become a bloody mess. The bones in this right leg gave off a sound as if they were about to shatter. The white-haired young man let out a miserable scream and his right leg became a bloody mess like Wang Lin’s.

It was as if Wang Lin’s palm had hit his right leg.

“How could you understand so quickly, you…” The white-haired young man’s eyes were filled with terror. He coughed out blood, and he was already seriously injured. At this moment, his right leg shattered, causing him to slow down.

The moment he slowed down, Wang Lin charged forward like a bolt of heavenly thunder. Wang Lin arrived before the white-haired young man and slammed into his body.

There was a thunderous bang and the white-haired young man’s body shattered completely. The water barrier that had been blocking Wang Lin became distorted and dissipated.

Wang Lin didn’t rush forward but closed his eyes. His cultivation surged and his ancient god power gathered in his right leg. He used his powerful mid stage Spirit Void cultivation and ancient god power to rapidly recover.

A moment later, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and stepped into the dissipating water barrier. However, just as he was half a step into the water barrier, he suddenly stopped.

He saw it!

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