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Chapter 1605 - Liu Mei

Two years after his father left, Wang Lin’s mother fell asleep and never woke up. She had a happy face, as if she had met Wang Lin’s father in her dream. They reunited and didn’t want to come back.

There was a person that held you while you were still a baby. No matter how tired she was, she would still whisper to you until you were asleep and no longer crying.

There was a person that worried about you wetting the bed as you slept and feared that you’d catch a cold. She would disregard her own sleep and wake up several times throughout the night to check your bed to see if it was wet.

There was a person who endured her exhaustion to wake up to make you breakfast so you wouldn’t be hungry as you grew up and studied.

There was a person who would only eat the head and tail of the fish after learning you liked to eat fish. When you would smile and ask why she wouldn’t eat the body of the fish, she would smile and reply that she like eating the head and tail. You believed her.

There was a person that mended your clothes for you as you grew. There a few spots of red on the needles that were difficult for you to see.

There was a person who would still look at you with the same gaze even after you grew up. She would silently look at you, silently be happy, silently smile until she silently closed her tired eyes.

This person was called “mother.”

There was another person. When you were still a baby, he held you up high in the air until you replaced the sun and became everything to him.

There was another person. Before you learned to walk and was still falling, he held your hand. He laughed as he helped you take your first step in life.

There was another person that held your hand through the mountains and rivers as you laughed with joy. As you looked up, you would feel that he was the mountain, he was the sky.

There was another person who saw you take it very seriously when your mother said she liked the fish’s head and tail. Then saw you leave the head and tail to your mother, yet he only sat there looking at his wife with an apologetic and soft gaze.

There was another person who was stern as you grew up and would almost make you feel annoyed. However, as you grew up, you would gradually see the love you couldn’t see before in those stern eyes.

There was another person that laid on the bed with this eyes slowly closing but filled with fear and helplessness. However, your embrace and soft words made him like a child, like when you were young and he raised you into the air. He no longer felt afraid and helpless, but warm as he died in your arms.

This person was called “father.”

Wang Lin sat before this parents’ tomb and his tears flowed. He laughed and cried. The memories were engraved in his mind and he would never forget them. He wasn’t drinking wine, but at this moment, it was as if he was drunk.

In his dream, in the other life, he couldn’t mourn for his parents. He couldn’t hold his father’s body as he died. He couldn’t kiss his mother’s forehead before she slept.

In this life, he was able to.

If a man has a wife and children, then although the pain of losing his parents was strong, he still had someone to rely on. But if a man didn’t have wife and children, his sorrow could shroud the world.

From now on, there was no embrace that could warm his soul when he becomes exhausted.

From now on, there was no smile that could dissipate this melancholy while he felt lonely.

From now on, in this entire world, there was only his lone figure silently looking at the sun rise and fall.

Wang Lin guarded the tomb for three years, until all his hair turned white. His body was no longer upright but slightly bent. His body gave off an ancient aura and a trace of time.

“38 years…” There were wrinkles on his face. He was now an old man that was almost 60 years old.

Big Fortune was even older. He held a cane and stood behind Wang Lin. He silently looked at his right wrist, and after a long time, he gently nodded.

“Life, how many 38 years can there be… I don’t know about others, but for me, there shouldn’t be a next one,” Wang Lin whispered as he knelt down before his parents’ tomb and kowtowed.

“Do you still remember that old temple…” Wang Lin got up and looked back at Big Fortune, who looked like he couldn’t walk too far anymore.

“In that old temple, I said I was missing a book boy and you followed me.” Wang Lin revealed a smile as he looked at Big Fortune. During these 38 years, Big Fortune had accompanied him along the whole way.

“Big Fortune can still be a book boy.” Big Fortune rolled his eyes and grinned.

“You’re old and I’m old… However, there are still things I want to do… Big Fortune, help me guard my home. Wait for me, wait for me to come back.” Wang Lin looked up at the sky and saw the white bird.

“I’m stilling missing a hint of understanding of the world. I want to spend the rest of my life going to the different countries on planet Suzaku. When I come back, perhaps I won’t have gained anything, perhaps I will have gained enlightenment.”

On the spring of the 38th year, Wang Lin left the mountain village by himself. Big Fortune stayed, silently awaiting Wang Lin’s return. Perhaps it would be in 10 years, perhaps it would be in 20 years, perhaps it would be in a lifetime.

Wang Lin sat in the carriage and drank wine by himself as it went away from the Heng Yue Mountain. A few months later, the carriage arrived at the border of Zhao, where Wang Lin got off. He discharged the coachman and took a deep breath. He looked back at Zhao and took a step forward, crossing the border.

This was the first time he had left Zhao in his life. He didn’t know where the future would lead, but he didn’t think about it. He only knew that the road would be beneath his feet.

Just as he stepped forward, several rays of light flew by above him. He didn’t look up but calmly walked forward.

A soft sound came from the rays of light above. It came from a beautiful woman among several cultivators. Aside from her beauty, she was very charming, and this charm wasn’t fake but natural.

She stopped in the air and looked down at Wang Lin, who was walking away. Her brow wrinkled and her eyes were filled with confusion.

“What’s the matter, Junior Sister Liu?” A cultivator beside her opened his mouth in surprise.

“Nothing. You all return to the sect first. I have some personal matters,” the beautiful woman said softly. She no longer paid attention to them and flew down.

The cultivator that spoke was startled and was going to follow.  

“Senior Brother, I want to be alone.” The woman’s soft but determined voice echoed. The cultivator stopped and pondered for a bit. Then he left along with the rest of the group, who were also surprised.

Wang Lin stopped and turned around. He looked back at the sky and the beautiful ray of light closed in. The light stopped 100 feet from him and turned into a beautiful woman in purple.

The woman was very beautiful. Her beauty was something Wang Lin had never seen before in his life. She was several times more beautiful than Zhou Rui.

However, Wang Lin didn’t enter a daze. He had seen through everything and pursued the truth of the world; he had his own thoughts. In his eyes, although the woman was beautiful, once she closed her eyes and entered the soil, she would be no different from any other woman.

The woman looked at the old Wang Lin, at his white hair and wrinkled face, at his bright eyes. After a long time, she gave a slight bow.

“Senior, I saw you decades ago. Now that we are meeting for a second time, do you still remember me?”

Wang Lin looked at the woman before him and began to ponder. After a long time, he smiled and shook his head, saying in a hoarse voice, “I forgot.”

“Since you forgot, then let it be forgotten. Senior, I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt like we’ve met somewhere before. Not just this time, but last time as well. I want to know, what is your name?” the woman asked softly, with a smile.

Wang Lin remained calm and slowly said, “This old man is named Wang Lin.”

“Wang Lin?” The woman frowned and carefully thought for a long time.

“Are you Zhao’s grand scholar, Wang Lin?”

“This old man is.” Wang Lin nodded. His eyes gaze off an ancient aura. His gaze was profound, as if it contained the world.

“I must have remembered wrong…” The woman thought for a long time and couldn’t think of where that feeling of familiarity and that stinging pain was coming from. She looked at Wang Lin and didn’t understand why that feeling would become even more intense as she looked at him. His old face made her feel a sting in her heart and an unspeakable sadness.

“Excuse me, farewell.” She let out a sigh. She turned to leave with confusion in her eyes and pain in her chest.

Wang Lin softly said, “I wonder, what is young lady’s name?”

The woman stopped and turned around. “Liu Mei.” Below her pretty eyes, she revealed a beautiful smile that could cause one’s heart to skip a beat. After hesitating for a bit, she took out a pill from her bag of holding.

“You are getting hold, this pill can help you keep your energy. It is fate that we have met, so this is my gift to you. Goodbye.” Liu Mei put down the pill. Clouds appeared under her feet and she flew into the air, looking very beautiful.

“It is a previous life or reincarnation, or is it a dream… Or is it nothing at all… Liu Mei, Liu Mei… That woman from my dream that caused me to awaken from pain…” Wang Lin looked at the pill. He hid his thoughts very well.

After a long time, it wasn’t until that woman was far away that Wang Lin suddenly looked up. He used all his strength to let out a roar.

“Liu Mei, you have to remember. No matter what, whether it is the next life or reincarnation or a dream, don’t get close to a cultivator named ‘Wang Lin!’ Don’t get to know him, don’t get close to him…”

Liu Mei had already left and Wang Lin didn’t know if she had heard. He used all his strength until his voice went hoarse and there was no trace of that ray of light.

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