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Chapter 1606 - A Guest From Xue Yue

Wang Lin didn’t know if his words would have any use, and even he was in a state of confusion. After a long time, he picked up the pill. A moment later, he let out a sigh and walked away.

He walked on planet Suzaku by himself. He didn’t stay in one place but crossed countless mountains and rivers with his comprehension of the world. He walked from one country to another.

The years went by, and Wang Lin devoured that pill. The pill gave him endless energy and the strength to fulfill his wish of traveling the world.

On his way, he saw countless strange faces. Among them, some kind, some fierce, some confused, and some stubborn.

He encountered robbers and bandits, but every time he encountered them, he only had to stand there and they would feel that mighty aura coming from him.

Wang Lin could frighten cultivators so there was no need to talk about mortals.

As he walked, his face became even more old, but his eyes became even brighter. They contained his endless wisdom and comprehension. This allowed his mind to be reborn and evolve.

He went to too many cities and saw too many people. He even went to many capital cities. Among the many imperial capitals and officials, Wang Lin’s temperament and words caused people to slowly respect him.

He even saw many emperors that enjoyed high status. In his eyes, these people were all the same.

There was no difference.

It wasn’t that there weren’t people that wanted his life, but anyone who had that feeling would end up backing away in awe before Wang Lin.

The country of Wu, inside the palace surrounded by thousands of soldiers. If the emperor gave a command, the army would move. He wanted Wang Lin to stay and become the country of Wu’s grand scholar.

But in the end, Wang Lin smiled, shook his head, and he left. Thunder rumbled in the sky and the sky changed colors. The thousands of soldiers didn’t dare to block him. After he left, they all clasped their hands toward him.

In the country of Sun, the emperor of Sun and his countless subjects followed Wang Lin thousands of kilometers to send him off.

In the country of Heavenly Dog, there were countless evil people, but in the end, when Wang Lin left, he reformed tens of thousands of people.

As he walked, the name “Grand Scholar Wang Lin” set off a storm on planet Suzaku. This storm became even more intense and was remembered by countless people.

Along the way, Wang Lin saw countless mountains. He stood on the mountains and looked at the world, feeling its might. He also met immortals, a lot of strange and familiar figures.

On planet Suzaku, there were many sects in these cultivation countries. Many of them built their sects in beautiful mountains, but some were built in dangerous areas as well.

Every mountain he passed, if Wang Lin wanted to, he could walk into a sect based off the feeling in his heart without deliberately looking for it.

Although the power of the sect protection formations varied, none of them could stop Wang Lin. He would then be detected by all the shocked cultivators inside the sect.

Even the elders that were in closed door cultivation for countless years would be awakened from the powerful aura coming from Wang Lin’s body.

Wang Lin calmly entered and calmly left. He only looked at the mountain, enjoyed the scenery, and comprehended the world. As for others, they were all the same to him.

Even among the cultivation world, the name of the mortal Grand Scholar Wang Lin slowly spread. The cultivators knew that on planet Suzaku, there was a grand scholar that even cultivators felt awe and respect for.

They didn’t feel awe for his power but his thoughts!

“Whether it is immortal or mortal, all of them are leisurely beings…” Wang Lin left some of his words everywhere he went.

Among cultivators, many talked to him to gain insight and comprehend the world. They formed their own domains and reach the Soul Formation stage. Even those that were already at the Soul Formation stage or beyond came to talk to him and were still shocked by his words.

One year, one year, time passed, and in the blink of an eye, it had been 12 years.

During these 12 years, Wang Lin had gone to many places. His name had unknowingly spread to many places he hadn’t been.

12 years ago, he left Zhao by himself. 12 years later, he was still alone as he walked across planet Suzaku.

On this day, as the snow fell, Wang Lin arrived at the capital of a country he didn’t know the name of. This country was very big, it was equal to three Zhaos.

Wang Lin had come to this capital city in his dream. He stood outside the gate as the snow fell, and a hint of melancholy appeared on his old face.

He tightened the coat around him and entered the city.

Walking on the snow on the ground, Wang Lin entered a very quiet street in the city. There were shops on both sides, but there were very few people in the shops.

Looking at the familiar place, the images from his dream became even more real. It was as if this dream was overlapping with what he was seeing. Wang Lin entered a trance as he slowly walked forward.

Dong, dong… dong… The sound of iron being hit came from the distance. Wang Lin looked over and saw a blacksmith shop with his old eyes.

Inside the shop, there was a middle-aged man who had his stout upper body revealed as he held a hammer and struck the iron.

Although snow was falling, the man didn’t feel cold at all. He continued to swing the hammer, creating that sound.

Beside the man was a small chair where a seven or eight-year-old boy sat, dressed in a thick, cotton coat. His face was flushed and he looked excitedly at the man.

“Dai Niu…” Wang Lin’s eyes became blurry and he gently shook his head. The child before him was not the Dai Niu from his dream.

“Senior, you have stood outside for a long time, come inside to warm up.” The man put down his hammer and wiped away his sweat. He turned to Wang Lin outside the shop and smiled.

Wang Lin was stunned for a moment before he nodded with a smile. He went into the blacksmith shop, the hot air melting a lot of the snow on his body.

“Wife, bring some good, warm wine.” The man put on a coat. Seeing that Wang Lin was old, he helped Wang Lin sit down and sat down beside Wang Lin.

The man smiled. “Senior is not a local?”

Wang Lin looked at the shop and softly said, “I came here once more. Now that I passed by here again, I came to look around.”

The boy that was seven or eight years old looked curiously at Wang Lin. When he heard his mother’s voice, he got up and ran over. Shortly after, he appeared with a middle-aged woman with a wine jug. The woman looked virtuous and poured a cup of wine for Wang Lin with pity in her eyes.

“Senior, the weather is cold, drink a cup of wine to warm your body. Did you come here to look for your relatives?”

Wang Lin smiled but didn’t speak. He picked up the wine up and took a sip before drinking the entire cup.

“Senior, the wine of my Ceng family is pretty good, right, haha. My grandfather was not a blacksmith but a wine seller. It was me who opened up the blacksmith shop.”

The man picked up his cup and laughed after drinking it.

The fire in the shop was very strong and formed a powerful contrast against the snow outside. It forced the coldness from the snow out.

Wang Lin sat there and drank the Ceng family’s wine. He couldn’t tell if this was a dream or not.

After a long time, when the snow became lighter, Wang Lin got up and said his goodbyes. The man felt pity toward Wang Lin and gifted him some wine to warm his body.

When Wang Lin left, the sky was dark, but thanks to the snow, the ground was very bright, allowing him to see far. As he walked, the light from the blacksmith shop disappeared behind him. He walked further away as the moonlight dragged his shadow.

After that brief rest, Wang Lin seemed to have understood something. He still walked across planet Suzaku and went to many places. It was now the 15th year since Wang Lin left Zhao, he was now in his early 70s. 

His spine was even more bent and his body gave off the feeling of his twilight years, but his eyes became as bright as the sun. No one dared to look at his eyes. His eyes contained karma, contained life and death, contained true and false… Not even his teacher, Su Dao, had this temperament.

In the summer of the 15th year, in a strange country, the rain fell and Wang Lin stood inside a pavilion next to the road. He looked at the rain outside and he could faintly see the sea in the distance through the rain.

That sea was very large, it separated two continents.

On the other side of the sea, there were many countries. That was the last place Wang Lin wanted to go. There was a woman there that he loved in his other life. He had to go take a look.

The rain fell until it formed lines. The world became a blur until he could only see the outline. Wang Lin looked at the rain and listened to the sound as he slowly closed his eyes.

Just as he closed his eyes, the figure of a woman walked closer from the distance. The woman seemed to be surrounded by a cold aura. As she walked closer, cracking sounds echoed and the rain turned into ice.

She was holding a baby, and the bay was wrapped in a thick quilt. No rain landed on the baby, and the baby was asleep.

The woman stopped before the pavilion. She was middle-aged, but her face was still beautiful and delicate. However, her cold aura gave off a powerful killing intent.

“Are you Grand Scholar Wang Lin?”

Wang Lin opened his eyes and calmly looked at the woman before nodding.

One of them stood inside the pavilion, where there was no rain. The other stood outside the pavilion, and there was also no rain. All the rain turned into ice around her.

“I came from Xue Yu and have a question to ask you.” The woman’s voice was cold, as if it came from the snow.

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