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Chapter 158 – The Fog Turns to Sea

The inn suddenly became silent. Everyone’s eyes were on the green-robed old man. The old man held the young man in his hand and coldly looked at everyone else.

“Eyes like lightning” These three words came to the minds of the surrounding cultivators. They felt like their entire beings were being seen through and a bucket of cold water was being poured over their heads at the same time.

An early stage Core Formation cultivator’s cup immediately fell to the ground as he quickly lowered his head, his eyes filled with terror. He secretly groaned, “This feeling, it should be a Nascent Soul…”

The old man withdrew his gaze and loosened his hand. The young man’s neck was covered in a black bruise.

The old man poured a cup for him, took a drink, and slowly said, “Speak, how did all of this happen?”

The young man didn’t even dare to breath too loudly. With his late stage Foundation Establishment cultivation, he wasn’t able to see through this old man at all. However, with his many years of experience, he knew that this old man was at least a mid stage Core Formation, or even late stage Core Formation cultivator.

“That person suddenly appeared half a month ago, killed ten of the Fighting Evil Sect’s elders, and for some reason got tagged with the kill order…” The young man explained everything he knew in detail.

The old man closed his eyes and casually waved his hand. The young man’s eyes widened as his entire body was turned into a mist of blood and then a strange wind came and carried the blood mist away.

The cultivators in the inn were all terrified. They wanted to leave, but no one dared to move first.

The old man pondered a bit. He opened his eyes as he locked on to the early stage Core Formation cultivator and said, “You, come over here.”

The Core Formation cultivator’s body trembled as he quickly stood up and arrived one foot away from the old man. With a trembling voice, he respectfully said, “Junior Xu Mu greets senior. Whatever senior needs, please ask. Junior swears on my own golden core that everything I say is true, just please have mercy.”

The old man poured a cup of wine. After he drank it, he said, “Since I entered the inn, every time that person was brought up, the spiritual energy in your body went out of control. I guess you must have seen him in person.”

Xu Mu took a deep breath. Fear lingered in his eyes as he whispered, “Junior has indeed seen that fiend in person.”

“What is his cultivation level?” A mysterious light appeared in the old man’s eyes as he asked the question. He wanted to know this the most. This was also why he killed the young man. The young man had said a lot of useless things but never said what cultivation level that person was at.

“Early stage Core Formation!” Xu Mu felt a bit uneasy, so he quickly added, “Senior, the person looks like he is just at the early stage of Core Formation, but he has two treasures…”

Hearing the words “two treasures,” although the old man’s expression remained the same, he became alert.

“One of them is a flying sword that can teleport…”

The old man felt a bit disappointed as he poured a cup of wine and drank it.

Xu Mu carefully observed the old man as he nervously said, “There is another one. It is… junior really doesn’t understand what it is either. I only see a red light and there is something inside the red light. However, whoever gets touched by the red light dies and their body gets turned into a skeleton.”

The old man pondered for a bit, then stood up, dropped a piece of low quality spirit stone, and grabbed Xu Mu. Both of them instantly traveled more than 1000 kilometers.

The moment he left, all of the cultivators in the inn were filled with terror. The three words in everyone’s minds were “Nascent Soul cultivator!”

Under Xu Mu’s guidance, the old man teleported to the Fighting Evil Sect in just half an hour. He spread out his powerful divine sense and found Shang Guanmo.

To Shang Guanmo’s shock, the old man was able to take another drop of his soul essence blood to use the connection between the two drops to track Wang Lin. He then threw Xu Mu down and quickly left.

As for Wang Lin, he moved very fast while carrying Li Muwan. The flying sword made an opening through the thick fog of the Sea of Devils.

The Sea of Devils is surrounded by fog all year round, but for only one month out of every year, the fog turns into water. In all the years that Wang Lin had stayed in the Sea of Devils, due to him being in closed door cultivation, he hadn’t encountered this phenomenon.

One month after he entered the 14th valley, the fog turned into sea. This happened every year for the three years he had spent there, and now it was about to happen again.

Li Muwan was different. She had personally experienced it every single year. With the protection of the formation, the seawater couldn’t enter the cave, but she could clearly see the deep blue ocean outside, along with some of the rare spirit beasts that would swim by.

Close to four years of time meant the fog had turned into sea four times. Every time, Li Muwan would personally manage the formation and only relax after it was over.

The fog was even denser now than when they first arrived in the Sea of Devils. Some parts of the fog had already turned into water.

As the two flew higher, the fog got denser and denser, until it felt like they were swimming in water.

Li Muwan whispered, “It’s about to turn into a sea…”

Wang Lin didn’t answer. He suddenly stopped to look behind and started to observe the surrounding fog. He could see that the slowly moving fog was moving faster than before. It was as if it were being pushed forward. Even some of the surrounding creatures were moving in every direction but forward.

Li Muwan saw Wang Lin’s expression and whispered, “What is it, senior brother?”

“Nothing.” After Wang Lin finished speaking, he flew forward even faster. He felt very uneasy. From the movement of the fog, it was clear that someone was flying in this direction at a very fast pace. The person chasing from behind had to be a very powerful cultivator; it would be impossible to produce this pushing effect on the fog otherwise.

Also, the surrounding creatures were scattering in all directions except for forward. This made Wang Lin even more sure that someone was closing in from behind.

In fact, this is very easy to explain. If there is a school of small fish swimming in the water and then a very fast sword flies through them, they would immediately scatter in all directions but forward.

Wang Lin played a lot in the rivers near the village with the other kids when he was a boy. After seeing this happen, he was able to make the connection and detect the abnormality.

Wang Lin’s eyes became cold as he took out the spirit liquid and took a big gulp. The golden core in his body quickly spun as it absorbed the spiritual energy in the liquid, allowing him to release even more spiritual energy. This resulted in his speed increasing.

Li Muwan was able to feel Wang Lin’s nervousness. She quickly took out some materials and made some simple formations to throw behind them.

Wang Lin looked behind him and revealed a look of admiration. Li Muwan felt a sense of sweetness in her heart, but she had used too much energy before, so now felt like she had no strength left. When she saw Wang Lin’s speed increase after drinking the spirit liquid, she hesitated a bit before taking out the bottle of spirit liquid that Wang Lin had given her. She drank a few drops and was immediately shocked. She carefully put it away and continued to make those small formations.

As the two flew higher, an invisible force eventually appeared. This was the pressure of the sea that was unique to the Sea of Devils. Anyone that tried to leave would have to face this pressure.

70,000 kilometers behind Wang Lin, the old man slapped his bag of holding and took out a green gourd. The gourd immediately grew to 100 times its original size. The old man casually sat on the gourd as it flew forward. Thanks to the gourd, his speed was at least doubled.

As Wang Lin moved, he could feel the pushing force of the fog getting stronger. Although some of it was due to his own speed, it was obvious that the person chasing him had increased their speed through some unknown method.

The fog in the Sea of Devils had thinned down a lot as water began to appear. If one were to look from above the Sea of Devils, then they would see that the fog was thin enough to see through.

Under the moonlight, the Sea of Devils sparkled. It was as if a layer of water had already formed. The water quickly spread as time passed and waves roared as they hit the land.

The old man frowned from his seat on the gourd. Before him were well-placed, active formations. Although the formations were weak and he didn’t mind them, if he continued to ram into them one by one, they would still hinder him.

The old man let out a snort as he waved his hand and slapped the gourd. The seal on the gourd opened up and a powerful force pushed out.

A ripple began to spread out from the mouth of the gourd. All of the formations that the ripples touched were instantly destroyed. Even the fog and sea water were pushed aside, creating a tunnel forward.

The old man sat on top of the gourd as he quickly charged into the tunnel.

Wang Lin’s body had already been soaked by the water. He took another gulp of spirit liquid and quickly charged forward into the descending sea.

He hugged Li Muwan and pushed his body forward. His body moved through the water like a fish. Soon, he could see the surface. His eyes became cold as he pointed forward and the flying sword suddenly disappeared.

Then Wang Lin dragged Li Muwan out of the water like a sword piercing the heavens. The moment the two came out of the water, they disappeared in a trail of light.

The crystal sword moved in rhythm with the waves, waiting for the right moment to attack.

Half an hour later, a large swirl appeared in the sea. The swirl was about 100 meters wide and it moved in one direction.

There was a black tunnel connected to the bottom of the Sea of Devils at the center of the swirl. A green gourd slowly rose from within the tunnel.

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