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Chapter 157 – A Sad and Beautiful Complexion

The devil’s face immediately became very grim as he slowly spat out one soul after another. After spitting out more than 40 souls, his golden core was on the brink of shattering.

Wang Lin waved his hand and all 43 souls flew into his forehead. They entered his consciousness and floated next to the soul of the Core Formation cultivator from Xuan Wu.

The Ji Realm red lightning flew through each of the souls. As they disappeared, Wang Lin could feel his own soul become a bit stronger.

The devil secretly relaxed a bit as he stared at Wang Lin but complained in his heart, “This is too much! These are all souls I managed to steal back from the damn sword! Sooner or later, I’ll have my revenge! Just wait until my cultivation recovers to the Nascent Soul stage!”

Just as he was thinking about how he was going to deal with Wang Lin once he recovers to the Nascent Soul stage, his body was grabbed by Wang Lin and was thrown back into the dragon tendon. The devil let out a few frustrated sighs. The urge to go all out against Wang Lin appeared again. However, the urge died down again when he thought about how he wouldn’t get a good result even if he were to shatter his golden core.

After taking a gulp of spirit liquid, Wang Lin sat down to cultivate. After thinking about the power of Jie Donglei’s sword cultivation method, he took out several hundred spirit stones. He was going to use these to place several hundred layers of the turtle shell’s defensive formation on himself.

After completing all of this, he took a deep breath and hit the side of the wall. The dragon’s mouth slowly opened up. He got up and walked out.

Just as he walked out of the dragon’s mouth, he saw a charming and delicate figure standing near the tail of the dragon. Li Muwan’s expression looked haggard, but her eyes were shining as she stared at one of the scales on the dragon’s tail.

Shang Guanmo stood next to her with a glowing pearl, providing light for her.

Wang Lin remained silent. This time, his closed door cultivation didn’t take long, but from the looks of Li Muwan, she hadn’t left at all. He sighed in his heart as he jumped down. His body glided down along the dragon and landed behind her.

When Shang Guanmo saw Wang Lin, he immediately put even more spiritual energy into the pearl to make it shine brighter. He also forced sweat to appear on his forehead to make it look like he was focused.

Wang Lin watched her delicate face making a serious expression. Her eyebrows, which were as beautiful as a painting, were furrowed, and she was biting her lower lip as she carefully examined the scales. A gentle wind blew by, moving a few strands of her hair.

Wang Lin’s voice was gentle as he slowly said, “Let us go, I’ll take you home…”

Li Muwan’s fingers trembled. She raised her head toward Wang Lin and stared at him for a long time before whispering, “Are you really going to send me back?”

Wang Lin dodged Li Muwan’s gaze and nodded.

Li Muwan chuckled, but this chuckle contained a trace of helplessness. She stood up, tidied up her clothes, and said, “Give me three days of time, okay?”

Wang Lin looked at her once before floating back to the dragon’s head and sat down in the lotus position.

Li Muwan took out a piece of jade from her bag of holding and placed it on her forehead. After recording the pattern of the scales she had memorized, she turned to Shang Guanmo and calmly said, “Prepare a room for me.”

Shang Guanmo quickly agreed. He felt like he was wrong about what he saw back then. This fiend and this little girl’s relationship wasn’t what he originally thought it was.

Inside the room, Li Muwan calmly sat on the ground as scenes from these past few years flashed through her eyes. From when she was being chased by that Core Formation cultivator from Xuan Wu, to being saved by Wang Lin, and the two of them escaping together. Then to being chased by the fire beasts and charging through the fire beasts into the Sea of Devils. Creating the cave where she focused on alchemy and he focused on cultivation… until he left for three years and brought her back the pill furnace. When he returned, he was being chased by Core Formation cultivators. He was then able to reach the Core Formation stage and carved up a path of blood.

When Wang Lin was reaching the Core Formation stage, a weak girl like herself went out to face those Core Formation demonic cultivators herself. Just as she was about to kill herself, Wang Lin suddenly appeared and saved her. She wasn’t able to comprehend this sudden change. It caused her body to weaken and she was about to fall over when he caught her.

“Don’t move. I’m taking you to kill people.” This phrase kept echoing inside Li Muwan’s ears. Thinking about that phrase made many complicated feelings appear in her heart and her face turned red. Along the way, she thought about it many times and couldn’t help but bitterly smile about it. However, as Wang Lin killed his way here, that phrase weighted heavily in her heart.

Li Muwan muttered, “I’m taking you to kill people…” Her lips curled up into a faint smile as she took a breath. “Other people would take me to watch a beautiful moon or the setting sun, and yet he takes me to kill people…”

Shortly after, she exhaled and muttered, “Over these years, he never asked for my name and I still don’t know what his is either. Perhaps in his eyes, my name is not important. What’s important is that I know alchemy… Now that the pills have been refined, I guess I have lost my value…” Thinking about this, the complicated feelings in her heart became even stronger until they became a heart piercing pain. A stream of blood leaked out from the corner of her mouth. This line of blood in contrast with her immaculate beauty was a very shocking.

The term sad beauty was very fitting for her right now.

After a long time, she bit her lower lip and took out pieces of jade scales from her bag of holding. There was a total of 18,874, the same as the number of scales on the dragon.

Earlier, Jie Donglei didn’t have enough disciples to stand on every single scale.

These pieces of jade scales were the fruits of her last half a month of sleepless effort. She spent all that time recording each scale. The amount of mental stress she had accumulated cost her at least five years of her life…

It was just that Li Muwan didn’t care about any of that anymore. She took up the scales one by one and linked them together. Sometimes she would even change what was inside them.

First she fused the almost 20,000 pieces of jade into 10,000 pieces, then 5,000 pieces, and so on.

Three days later, Li Muwan’s face was pale and her body was very weak. She felt like she would fall over if the wind were to blow on her. She walked out of the cave leaning against the wall.

Wang Lin was holding an object that he had been studying for the last three days in his hand. When Li Muwan came out, he put the object away before jumping down before her. When he saw her even more worn out face, he frowned and asked, “What were you doing in the the last three days? Drink this.” He took out a jade bottle that contained 300 drops of spiritual liquid and placed it in Li Muwan’s hand.

Li Muwan put away the jade bottle like a treasure and whispered, “Thank you, senior brother. I am fine. Let us… go…” With that, her face regained some color as she leaned on Wang Lin’s shoulder and said, “Come on… let’s go home…”

Wang Lin pondered for a very long time before wrapping his left hand around Li Muwan’s waist. His body immediately flew into the air and cut open a path in the fog before them, then the two quickly disappeared into the sky.

The plum blossom is an elegant thing. If there it had a hint of gold, it would look too grand. However, that red in the center changes the entire feel of the flower; from plain to awe-inspiring, from elegant to something strange.

There were many cultivators talking to each other at the inn, but when the old man entered, the talking stopped. A few gazes turned toward the old man before they were withdrawn.

After the old man entered the inn, he didn’t even look around and sat down on a seat near the window. After ordering some light wine, he sat there and drank by himself. His brow sometimes furrowed and sometimes loosened. His heart was clearly very heavy.

At this moment, the talking in the inn returned.

At one of the tables, a few cultivators revealed worried expressions and whispered, “That fiend killed his way here and then fought with the Fighting Evil Sect’s Jie Donglei for three days and three nights. Finally, he used a mysterious magic treasure to kill Jie Donglei in an instant and then whipped his body for seven days and seven nights. Hehe, I think Nan Dou City will have a new owner.”

The old man’s expression changed when he heard the words “mysterious magic treasure”.

A round-faced cultivator revealed a reminiscent look and sighed. “Hehe, so what about it? I personally saw that fiend myself. At that moment, the sky was filled with bodies he had trapped. There were at least 1000 bodies being dragged behind him. That fiend really knows how to enjoy himself. He was even holding a beautiful girl in his arms as he flew across the sky. That scene is something I will never forget in my life.

The old man slightly frowned and muttered to himself.

A cold-faced young man took a drink and sneered, “You guys should be quiet. I heard that that person cultivates the very vicious death spell and hates it when people talk about him. Be careful, if words reaches his ears, you guys will die without a grave.”

The moment the old man heard the words “death spell,” his eyes immediately lit up.

The young man sneered as he took another gulp. “In my opinion, since that person has the kill order on him, if he is still within Nan Dou City, then he won’t live for much longer. Right now there are no Nascent Soul cultivators near Nan Dou City, but once the news spreads, Nascent Soul cultivators might make their way here. If I were him, I would find a place to hide out these 100 days.”

“Hundred day kill order!?” The old man’s eyes immediately lit up even more. His right hand reached out and the young man’s face immediately turned red as his neck was grabbed by an invisible forced and pulled over.

“Boy, this old man is very interested in the person you talked about. Could you tell me about him in detail?”

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