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Chapter 1543 - Take Me As Your Disciple!

The madman’s scream caused the Nether Beast to become startled. It slowly recognized the madman as that person from before.

After it recognized him, a roar came from the Nether Beast’s soul phantom. Now that it was frightened, its body trembled and its roar became even stronger.

Its roar caused the madman to immediately turn pale and retreat in fear.

If Wang Lin wasn’t here, the Nether Beast would have fled without hesitation. However, at this moment, its other personality appeared. After a moment of fear, its dazed eyes slowly turned. Then its expression suddenly became fierce and it roared at the madman. Its large body appeared completely and charged at the madman!

The madman let out another miserable scream and quickly retreated. However, the more he retreated, the more fierce the Nether Beast became. It was about to close in on the madman.

The two large whiskers started to lash around, causing popping sounds to echo. The Nether Beast was very excited right now. It had always been frightened by the madman, while the madman had never seemed frightened before. This fun made even its soul feel cheerful.

Its roar became even more intense as it closed in. Because it was too close, one of its waving whiskers hit the madman. The madman let out a scream and retreated even faster.

Similarly, because its whiskers had touched him, the Nether Beast also trembled. It retreated a bit to maintain a certain distance before it began to let out fierce roars to frighten the madman.

“Little Red, quickly, come and save me!! Go and let it eat you so it won’t eat this king. This king is not tasty, AH!!” The madman trembled, feeling completely frightened.

“Escort, escort!! Which warrior will come and escort me!?” the madman yelled as he quickly retreated. He fell on the ground and began crawling backward, looking miserable. This showed how frightened he was of the Nether Beast.

Just as he was about to be overcome by despair, Wang Lin stepped forward and stood before the madman. At this moment, the madman felt like Wang Lin was extremely mighty!

“You are the best, you are really good to me, even better than my big brother. Go stop this evil beast from eating this king. This king doesn’t taste good, AH…” The madman was agitated. He didn’t expect Wang Lin to appear before him at this critical moment. He was so moved, he had forgotten everything.

In his eyes, Wang Lin had become the only one he could rely on.

“This king will reward you. This king will give you Little Red, this king will give you Little Silver, this king will give you that little seven-colored girl. This king’s back palace has 40,000 beauties, I’ll give them all to you!!”

Wang Lin didn’t speak and raised his right hand. Wang Lin sent out a message, and the Nether Beast was startled. With its low intelligence, it didn’t understand Wang Lin’s intent, and began to ponder in a daze.

However, as it was thinking, its body subconsciously rushed toward Wang Lin, wanting to rub Wang Lin with its big head. In the madman’s eyes, the Nether Beast was charging straight at Wang Lin.

A moment later, the Nether Beast touched Wang Lin’s body. Wang Lin’s expression changed and he coughed out blood. He grabbed the madman and quickly retreated.

Wang Lin’s retreat caused the Nether Beast to become startled. It was wondering why its master had retreated. It doesn’t seem like it had collided with its master yet.

However, Wang Lin sent out a message and it decided to listen. In its mind, Master wanted to play a game with it. When it thought of this, it became excited, let out a roar, and started charging at Wang Lin. This caused the sky to change colors and its aura to become shocking.

“Ah, it’s coming again, it’s coming again!! It’s going to eat me, it won’t let me go!” The madman was being held by Wang Lin and continued to let out miserable screams.

The apologetic gaze in Wang Lin’s eyes became even stronger, but he hid it well.

“Warrior, save me, warrior, save me… I’ll let my big brother give you the title of king. I’ll make my big brother give you all his concubines. Warrior, save me!

“This beast is extremely powerful; even I’m not its match. This beast likes to eat people, especially living ones. It will slowly chew the person and then digest them. If your body is fragile, it’s not a bad thing, because you will instantly die...

“What’s most terrifying are those with indestructible bodies; they will suffer from being chewed and digested for thousands of years until death!” Wang Lin quickly retreated with the madman in hand. However, he never got too far from the Nether Beast and always kept a certain distance. It was close enough that the Nether Beast’s whiskers were almost right in front of him.

This short distance pressed the madman with a great deal of pressure and made him feel endless fear.

“What should we do, what should we do? How about you let it eat you? Maybe it will be too full to eat me…” The madman trembled and was about to cry. Tears began gather in his eyes.

Wang Lin began to laugh in anger from his remark. Wang Lin stared at the madman and said, word for word, “Look at its giant body, do you think it will be full from eating just one person?”

The madman was startled for a moment and carefully looked at the Nether Beast chasing them. His face immediately turned pale and he shook his head.

“Unfortunately, I only have cultivation but no spells to display my cultivation. If only I had those spells to drive the beast away…” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

“Yes, what should we do, what should do we… I’m going to die, I’m going to be eaten. It’s over…” The madman trembled and his eyes filled with despair.

“I have been afraid of fierce beasts ever since I was little, especially fierce beasts this big.”

Just at this moment, the Nether Beast’s whiskers unconsciously swept past the madman’s face, causing him to scream miserably again.

The madman’s eyes suddenly lit up and he shouted, “I know spells, I know spells. Yes, this is it. This king is too clever. You can quickly learn them and then drive the beast away!” 

He didn’t hesitate to tell the chant for the Realm Burning Umbrella and everything about this spell to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained unchanged, but his heartbeat quickly accelerated. He memorized it without missing a thing and continued to confirm it in his mind.

The more he confirmed, the more serious he became. This chant was extremely accurate. It was the great dao spell that not even the second Vermillion Bird’s master could be taught and had to learn in secret.

However, this dao spell was not something that could be learned immediately; it would require many years of closed door cultivation and comprehension to learn.

Wang Lin’s left hand formed a seal and millions of restrictions appeared. The stolen verison of the Realm Burning Umbrella appeared.

The moment the Realm Burning Umbrella appeared, fear appeared in the Nether Beast’s eyes. It’s dull mind couldn’t understand what was happening and why its master would use a spell like this against it.

The moment the umbrella appeared, it collapsed. Wang Lin quickly retreated with the madman in hand and said, “Still not enough.”

“Ah? Not enough? I have the Li Guang’s Heaven Shattering Bow Dao. I’ll teach it to you, just quickly drive the beast away…” The madman was nervous and immediately told Wang Lin the chant for this dao spell.

After he finished speaking, he still seemed unsure. Just then, the Nether Beast’s whiskers swept by again and the madman quickly said, “I’ll tell you the seven-color dao spell as well, but I can’t tell you the others. Even if I’m devoured, I can’t tell you, ah!”

Wang Lin couldn’t bear to push the madman too much. If not for the fact that these spells were extremely important to him, he wouldn’t be doing all this. He felt even more apologetic toward him, but at the same time the seed of karma had been planted. Although it was a bit shameless, Wang Lin would repay this several fold in the future!

On the path of cultivation, once he made a decision, he wouldn’t hesitate; this was Wang Lin’s path. The fortunes this madman had given him would be forever remembered in his heart. Even if this brought disaster upon him in the future, he wouldn’t hesitate to continue down that path! Everything was because he believed that he had to repay all the kindness he received!

After memorizing the Seven-Colored Lance and the Li Quang Bow, Wang Lin suddenly stopped. He raised his left hand and pressed down on the Nether Beast.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Wang Lin let go of his right hand and threw the madman to the ground. He waved his right hand and dense fog surrounded him and the Nether Beast so the madman couldn’t see anything.

Thunderous rumbles continued to echo across the world. The madman fell to the ground and looked at the fog in the air with excitement in his eyes.

“You’re not a warrior, you’re this king’s benefactor. My big brother said that I must repay my benefactor. You can rest assured that after you die, I’ll repay you, so please stop this beast,” the madman said as he quickly got up and ran without looking back.

“Benefactor, go peacefully. This king will remember this matter and will certainly repay you…” The madman ran faster and faster. In the blink of an eye, he was far away.

The sky rumbled even more violently, but this didn’t last for too long and the fog dissipated. Wang Lin walked out and looked at the madman before stepping forward.

The Nether Beast followed Wang Lin and chased with a fierce expression.

The madman turned around as he ran and let out another miserable scream. “It’s over, it’s over… I’m going to be eaten now…”

Filled with fear, he closed eyes and clenched his teeth. He then stretched out his neck and roared, “Eat, eat, so what? Eat!”

However, after waiting for a long time, he wasn’t eaten. Still frightened, the madman opened his eyes and was startled.

He saw the big beast that terrified him reveal a look of intimacy, and it was rubbing against Wang Lin. Wang Lin gently patted the beast with his right hand.

“You tamed it? You, you, you… You actually tamed it!!” The madman froze for a moment. His eyes were filled with fervor as he stared at Wang Lin.

“My big brother said that there are many powerful people among the stars. This beast is so frightening, I don’t think even my big brother could tame it. Expert, you must accept me as your disciple! You must take me as your disciple!!”

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