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Chapter 1525 - No One Remembers!

When Wang Lin grabbed the Heaven Splitting Axe, a powerful ancient god aura rushed into his body through his right hand. It went straight in between his eyebrows into the eighth star that was only a vortex!

This ancient god aura was heaven-shaking. As it rushed into Wang Lin, his eighth star vortex began to swell and absorb like crazy!

“Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!!” Wang Lin’s voice was like thunder, and behind him, the Cloud Sea cultivators became crazy.

“Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!!” This wasn’t just Wang Lin’s voice, but the cries and roars of the thousands of remaining cultivators. At this moment, they forgot about death, they forgot about everything. The only thing that remained was monstrous battle intent!

Wang Lin stood above tens of thousands people and looked at the thousands of cultivators behind him. “Are you all willing to die with me?”

This line set off a storm and echoed into the ears of the thousands of cultivators, causing them to let out a heaven-shaking roar!

This roar entered the ears of the countless Outer Realm cultivator and made their hearts tremble. They looked at Wang Lin with fear in their eyes. Countless years ago, during the second Sealed Realm War, their ancestors also looked at another person with the same eyes, the Lord of the Sealed Realm at that time!

Wang Lin’s eyes were like lightning as he turned to look at Grandmaster Yun Luo, who was being protected by countless cultivators. Monstrous killing intent erupted from his eyes!!

He was prepared to do what Master Hong Shan was stopped from doing!

Before the excited gazes of the thousands of Cloud Sea cultivators and the fearful gazess of more than 100,000 Outer Realm invaders, Wang Lin stepped forward with monsterous killing intent!

“Kill!!!” Wang Lin roared.

This roar was heaven-shaking. It was an ancient god roar. This roar shook the heavens, and an indescribable aura erupted from Wang Lin’s body and entered this roar!

This roar caused the expressions of a large amount of Outer Realm cultivators to change, and they actually retreated. The shock to their souls caused endless fear to rise inside them!

It was as if Wang Lin, who was holding the Heaven Splitting Axe, was in invincible existence. The shocking battle intent erupting from his body would cause anyone who blocked him to collapse!

Those thousands of crazed cultivators moved with Wang Lin!

Thousands of Cloud Sea cultivators charged forward like crazy. They were going to die!!

The Cloud Sea cultivators could die in battle, but they couldn’t escape. This was a determination, a will, a glory! The glory of dying in battle!

This glory was going to spread across the entire Inner Realm and ignite the frenzy of war. Only then could there be a sliver of hope for victory when the gap between the two sides was so great!

The war that would last an unknown amount of time had just begun. If they lost this battle, there will not be any living being left in the Inner Realm!

This was a real battle to the death!

In the cold mountain in the distance, the beacon burns for several seasons. Those that died at the frontier were buried but not remembered!

Wang Lin rushed into the invading Outer Realm cultivators like a sword piercing into the enemy. He didn’t wave the Heaven Splitting Axe in his right hand, he only lifted his hand. Just the killing intent made it so no one dared to block him!

Grandmaster Yun Luo’s expression changed greatly. She stared at Wang Lin and raised her jade-like hand! As the orders were sent, the shocked Outer Realm cultivators all charged forward with ferocious expressions. It was as if this was the only way to mask their fear!

Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot as he continued rushing forward. A powerful storm surrounded his body. No one could block him, no one dared to block him!


Those cultivators that had charged forward immediately scattered. The fear in their hearts suppressed their ferocious expressions!

Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud immediately charged forward to stop all the third step cultivators from interrupting. However, the cold-looking boy was on par with Master Hong Shan, who had just been injured by the celestial imperial concubine. Even with his cultivation level, he couldn’t hold everyone off when facing so many third step cultivators.

The Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor was the first to rush out from the battle against Master Hong Shan. He was filled with killing intent and surrounded by black fire as he charged forward!

As he charged forward, his fire sparrow mark flashed and rushed out, forming a giant black firebird. The firebird was very large, and it surrounded the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor’s body.

A large amount of Joss Flames appeared above the firebird, giving it a powerful momentum. He charged through layers of cultivators toward Wang Lin!

“Little bastard, so what if you have the Heaven Splitting Axe? Let this old man show you how I’ll kill you!!”

He was extremely fast, and in an instant he was less than 10,000 feet from Wang Lin. The black firebird released menacing-looking flames that were closing in on Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s eyes were red from killing. He stared at the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor as he charge forward. He didn’t speak a word and jerked the Heaven Splitting Axe in his right hand. His ancient god stars rotated rapidly and ancient god power filled his body. He mercilessly chopped down on the incoming Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor!

“Anyone who blocks me will die!!” Wang Lin jumped forward and waved the Heaven Splitting Axe. A giant phantom axe appeared before Wang Lin!

This phantom axe was very large, almost as large as the formation spirits. It chopped down at the black firebird!

This axe was heaven-shaking, and it attracted too much attention. Even the various third step cultivators battling Master Hong Shan and Master South Cloud all looked over from the corners of their eyes.

There was no need to speak of the countless invading cultivators that had rushed in. They looked over with fear and expectation in their eyes. They were expecting the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor to kill Wang Lin so Wang Lin could die before them!

This was the only way to disperse the fear that lingered in the hearts of the Outer Realm cultivators!

The thousands of Cloud Sea cultivators behind Wang Lin looked up in excitement. They didn’t fear death, but if Wang Lin was blocked by the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor, even if those two began a fierce battle, it would heavily impact the fierce momentum they had just built up!

Wang Lin couldn’t be blocked, not even for a breath!

Wang Lin was filled with killing intent when the phantom axe smashed down on the black firebird. The black firebird released a monstrous flame to resist the Heaven Splitting Axe!

However, this axe was the Heaven Splitting Axe!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the monstrous fire collapsed. The fire wasn’t able to resist at all as the phantom axe pierced through!

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the stars. Everyone clearly saw what happened next, and it was something they could never forget. The pride of the Cloud Sea cultivators, the immortal nightmare of the Outer Realm invaders!

The phantom axe didn’t stop; it swooped down upon the black firebird. The firebird let out an extremely miserable cry that echoed in the hearts of all the cultivators present!

The black firebird’s body was chopped in half by the Heaven Splitting Axe and collapsed!! This revealed the pale-faced and terrified Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor that was inside the firebird!

He watched the axe fall with a momentum he couldn’t resist. It was as if he had lost all power to fight back, only able to watch the Heaven Splitting Axe land between his eyebrows!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and an aura of death rushed into the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor. Blood erupted from between his eyebrows and a line of blood appeared!

This line continued to spread and eventually split apart. It ripped away his flesh, blood, and his clan mark, revealing his skull.

His skull began to shatter and cracks appeared, revealing the pink brain below!

The phantom Heaven Splitting Axe chopped down and cut his brain like tofu. It mercilessly slashed down and split the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor’s head in half!

Cracking sounds echoed as the phantom Heaven Splitting Axe moved. Blood erupted from the neck, chest, and every part of the Fire Sparrow Clan Ancestor’s body. The axe pierced through and split his entire body in half!

His origin soul wasn’t able to escape; it was destroyed as his body was chopped in half and dissipated among the stars!

All of this happened in a flash!

Instant kill!

Instantly killing a third step cultivator!

After the axe passed through, everything became silent. The Outer Realm cultivators were staring at the collapse of the firebird and were stunned by the corpse of the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor that was chopped in half… They couldn’t believe it, they didn’t dare to believe it!!

At this moment, no one could stop Wang Lin! He charged through the Fire Sparrow Clan ancestor’s torn-up corpse. He was filled with killing intent as he stared a the pale Grandmaster Yun Luo, who was filled with fear!

All Outer Realm cultivators seemed to react at this moment. They all let out screams of terror, and all the cultivators before Wang Lin retreated!

Even the cultivator closest to Grandmaster Yun Luo became pale and subconsciously retreated. They looked at Wang Lin as if he was a demon that had climbed out from hell and was going to destroy all life!

Even Grandmaster Yun Luo started to retreat. The fear in her eyes was even more intense than others’. She looked at Wang Lin and recalled the image she had diviniated. The back of the figure in her vision, that terrifying existence, seemed to be walking toward her!

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!!”

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!” Excited roars came from those thousands of cultivators. Their voices became louder and louder and more and more excited until they become a sound that seemed to echo for an eternity.

“Glory to the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!!”

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