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Chapter 1524 - Holding the Heaven Splitting Axe!

Although this one sentence was a roar that shook the entire star domain, it wasn’t enough to restore the collapsed glory, it wasn’t enough to restore the desperate will to survive!

There were less than 10,000 cultivators of the Cloud Sea remaining. Under the constant slaughter, they began to flinch… One person retreated, then everyone retreated like the tides, and everything collapsed!

Every single Cloud Sea cultivator revealed despair as they looked at the Outer Realm invaders that were several times their number. They lost the courage to keep fighting.

Once they retreated, the Outer Realm cultivators became even more fierce. Their mad laughter and roars spread out into the heart of every Cloud Sea cultivator.

However, they were still retreating… Few people were not afraid of death, and they were afraid.

“The Cloud Sea is done for…”

“Rather than dying here, might as well survive now… The war is not over. Although this battle is lost, if I go to another star system, there will be another chance…” Many excuses floated into their minds for their escape. They retreated even faster… Master Hong Shan didn’t retreat. He was battling six third step cultivators, and he knew he could not retreat. He was powerless to stop other cultivators from retreating in fear, but he was a third step cultivator. If he retreated, this battle would really be over!

The failure of the first battle would be a fatal blow for the Inner Realm, who hadn’t finished their war preparations. 

As the Cloud Sea cultivators frantically retreated, the Outer Realm cultivators rushed like wolves into a flock of sheep. Miserable screams echoed, and without glory thousands more died!

There was another person who didn’t retreat!

Wang Lin!

He didn’t speak again but raised his head with a determined gaze. He charged toward the Outer Realm cultivators pursuing the Cloud Sea cultivators!

Every step he took caused thunderous echoes to rumble. Wang Lin waved his hand and the giant thunder tattoo appeared once more. The moment it appeared, Wang Lin’s right hand ripped space itself!

“Open, Ancient Thunder Realm!”

Space rumbled and a giant spatial rift was opened. An ancient aura rushed out. Then a number of ancient thunder dragons came out of the rift and entered the thunder tattoo. Endless thunder rained down!

Every bolt of thunder was more than 100 feet thick, bombarding the enemy like crazy after Wang Lin released his thunder essence!

A fire storm appeared out of nowhere, forming a giant vortex. There was a Vermillion Bird inside, and it shot toward the Outer Realm cultivators as it let out a cry!

The thunderous rumbles shook the star domain! One person stopped the pursuing Outer Realm army! One person caused the Outer Realm army to stop!

This scene was enough to shock the hearts of all cultivators!

The star domain seemed to be split in half. One one side was the thousands of Cloud Sea cultivators in despair!

The other side was the Outer Realm army that was ten of thousands in number!

At the center was Wang Lin!

There was a huge thunder tattoo roaring in the space between them. There was a nine-colored firestorm revolving around Wang Lin!

Wang Lin’s back was turned toward the thousands of Could Sea cultivators, and he was facing the endless army before him. He calmly looked at them!

He unexpectedly caused the entire Outer Realm army to not dare take even half a step forward!

After a brief moment of silence, roars came out from the Outer Realm army and they rushed forward!

Wang Lin didn’t speak. He raised his right hand and the blood sword appeared. He grabbed the blood sword and stepped forward. The thunder tattoo’s roar rumbled and the firestorm rotated around him.

The moment the Outer Realm cultivators closed in, over 1,000 people began burning from the Ethereal Fire and retreated with miserable screams. More than 1,000 people were hit by thunder, and their bodies collapsed!

However, there were simply too many Outer Realm cultivators, and there was a large amount of powerful cultivators among them. Wang Lin not reached the third step yet, but even if he did, he wouldn’t be able to resist more than 100,000 cultivators!

Storms of spells from the Outer Realm cultivators rushed at Wang Lin. This was a battle to the death, but he didn’t retreat. He let out a roar and continued to rush forward. He coughed out blood and dyed his white clothes red.

His eyes were bloodshot, his face was filled with exhaustion, his origin energy was drying up, his mind wasn’t able to keep up, and the injuries on his body were becoming worse!

Injuries covered his entire body!

However, it was impossible to calculate the amount of Outer Realm cultivators that had died by his hand, and Wang Lin didn’t try to calculate. At this moment, he couldn’t find a reason for him to leave… The Lord of the Sealed Realm’s request, everyone he knew in the Inner Realm, his hometown, all of this made it so he couldn’t retreat… Wang Lin’s eyes were bloodshot and the world became the color of blood. During this constant slaughter, one person from the retreating Cloud Sea cultivators stopped.

He was a young man, a young man only at the Nirvana Scryer stage. He was lucky to not die during that tragic battle. He turned and stared at Wang Lin’s back in the distance. He looked at Wang Lin charging into the endless waves of cultivators like two huge arms stopping the army.

“Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight…” the young man muttered. The collapsed glory showed signs of reawakening.

Another Cloud Sea cultivator stopped retreating and silently looked at Wang Lin’s back. The battle intent in his eyes awakened and his eyes turned red; a sense of madness erupted from his heart.

Even more Cloud Sea cultivators stopped retreating and looked at Wang Lin, muttering, “Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight…” At this moment, an inexplicable feeling erupted, and it could make anyone go crazy!

“Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!”

“Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!!!” The Cloud Sea cultivators stopped one by one until these cultivators that were running away like homeless dogs all stopped. They all looked at Wang Lin, and at this moment, Wang Lin’s roar echoed clearly in their ears!

These words were feeble in their ears and weren’t able to set off any ripples in their minds. However, at this moment, Wang Lin was using his actions to tell the Cloud Sea cultivators what the meaning of “Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!” was!

Although their “glory to the Cloud Sea” had collapsed, Wang Lin gave them another glory, the glory of battle!! To fight for the Cloud Sea, to fight for their home, and to fight for everything they wanted to protect!!

Just at this instant, the giant Heaven Splitting Axe descended once more and another 5,000 Outer Realm cultivators died. Wang Lin looked up at the Heaven Splitting Axe and charged up as the thousands of Cloud Sea cultivators watched!

“Lord of the Sealed Realm, help me!!”

Wang Lin’s roar echoed into the Realm Sealing Formation, into the jade that had trapped the palace lord of the Heaven Punishment Palace!

The Lord of the Sealed Realm’s remnant divine sense erupted with all the life force he had left. A gentle light spread into the entire Realm Sealing Formation.

It went into the Heaven Splitting Axe that had just chopped down and was slowly rising up! The Heaven Splitting Axe suddenly trembled when this light fused with it!

It struggled greatly and resisted the soft light. However, as the soft light continued to fuse with it, a thunderous rumble echoed and the large axe stopped in the air. Bursts of ancient god aura rapidly spread from it!

“Heaven Splitting Axe, please lend my inheritor your power…” An ancient voice came out of the formation and entered the ears of every cultivator!

There was a hint of sorrow in Master South Cloud’s eyes. How could he forget this voice?

The expression of the woman in red that was fighting against him changed and a rare trace of fear arose in her eyes. The memories of the past appeared in her mind.

Master Hong Shan’s expression was calm, but there were hints of reminiscence in his eyes. It was as if he had returned back to the past when he traveled with the Lord of the Sealed Realm. The Lord of the Sealed Realm’s adherence to old ideas made him angry, but the Lord of the Sealed Realm would just silently shake his head and smile.

The cold-looking boy also heard this, and a hint of fear also appeared in his eyes. The person he feared the most was not the Sovereign, not the celestial imperial concubines, but the Lord of the Sealed Realm!!

As the ancient voice echoed, the Heaven Splitting Axe stopped struggling and shrank until it was several dozen feet tall. However, the ancient god aura it emitted increased greatly!

Wang Lin leaped up and grabbed the Heaven Splitting Axe before everyone!!

This was an ancient god weapon, the most powerful royal clan weapon. This was a heaven-splitting axe!!

The moment Wang Lin grabbed the axe, his ancient god stars rotated rapidly. An aura similar to when he obtained the Ancient Order inheritance erupted from his body!

It had been countless years since the axe had been sealed into the formation, and Wang Lin was the first ancient god to hold the Heaven Splitting Axe since then!!

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