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Chapter 1495 - Not Just One!

Li Yunzi's eyes were about to pop out as he stared at everything taking place before him. He seemed to have forgotten that he had lived for tens of thousands of years. He was as shocked as when he was just a mortal child and saw a cultivator for the first time.

What he was feeling now was several times stronger than what he felt back then!

He couldn't imagine how a third step cultivator could become someone else's slave. This also destroyed his respect and fanaticism toward the third step!

Even more seriously, it ripped open the image of third step cultivators being supreme beings!

This scene allowed him to know that third step cultivators were also cultivators… And could become someone else's slave!!

However, this violent reveal created a powerful impact on Li Yunzi. His body trembled and he coughed out a mouthful of blood.

"Who the hell is this Wang Lin… He… He… How did he do this? How did he make a third step cultivator his slave!?

"His strength is already a match for a third step cultivator. Now, adding this slave, he… His strength already stands at the peak within the Inner Realm!!"

Blood God was completely stunned. He didn't dare to believe everything he was seeing. Originally, with his age and cultivation level, such a childish thought shouldn't appear, but he couldn't help but think of it.

"Hallucination… This must be a hallucination… An extremely rare third step cultivator that all cultivators look up to, how could such a great existence be willing to become someone else's slave… This is impossible!!"

However, Blood God's line of thinking was cut off due to another speculation in his mind, and it set off a huge shockwave in his brain.

"If he isn't willing, could it be that Wang Lin forced him… This should be impossible. Although his power is comparable to a third step cultivator, how could he force a third step cultivator… This is a third step cultivator, third step. In Allheaven, this old man has only seen Master Lu Fu…"

The three of them were already startled by Esteemed Ling Dong. An uproar occurred among the the tens of thousands of cultivators that had been pushed away by the Wind Celestial Realm.

Being able to become member sof the Thunder Celestial Temple and staying here proved that none of them were weak. They clearly felt that heaven-shaking pressure coming from Esteemed Ling Dong.

Under this pressure, they weren't able to stand still. Fear washed over them and terror filled their hearts!

"This… This…"

"Is it the third step… To cause the Ancestor's expression to change and stop. Could this really be the legendary… third step!!!"

"The same aura as the Ancestor. This is definitely a third step cultivator!!"

"Third step cultivator, three third step cultivators have appeared at the same time in Allheaven!! Absurd, extremely absurd!!! For tens of thousands of years, there was just the Ancestor, but now…"

"This Wang Lin's cultivation level wasn't high when he left. However, now, after 800 years, his cultivation has reached such a terrifying level… A third step cultivator as a slave… Incredible!!"

The uproar spread across the star domain until it was like thunder that rumbled violently.

This shocking scene was something no one dared to believe. This had exceeded all their expectations. This was something they couldn't even imagine in their dreams!

Master Lu Fu's expression was pale and he was as gloomy as water. There was a hint of madness in his eyes as he waved his sleeve and let out a roar!

This roar echoed and suppressed the fear of the tens of thousands of cultivators. Now only his voice remained!

"This old man has underestimated you. You have actually taken a third step cultivator as your slave. This person's cultivation level is equal to mine and he has way more Joss Flames than me. I'm not even his match!"

Master Lu Fu's voice entered the ears of all the Allheaven cultivators present.

"However, even if this old man is no match, I'm certain I can still battle against you! This old man is very talented; if not for the lack of Joss Flames, my cultivation would have long reached the mid stage or late stage of Nirvana Void!

"Although I'm lacking in cultivation due to lack of Joss Flames, over the past tens of thousands of years, I have refined many treasures! With the power of the planet formation, it is still enough to battle you!" Master Lu Fu's voice echoed as he waved his sleeve. The planet formation released an aura that was several times stronger than before and swept across the stars.

Thunderous rumbles echoed like crazy. Those cultivators that were shocked by Ling Dong's appearance let out fervent roars once more.

"Allheaven Ancestor, Ancestor Allheaven!"

"Allheaven Ancestor, Ancestor Allheaven!"

These voice quickly linked together. This was the roar of tens of thousands of cultivators, a roar they released when they were about to collapse to uplift themselves and Allheaven!

Their voices were like a shocking flood! They merged with the storm and formed an indescribable momentum. There was also faint Joss Flames floating from the heads of those cultivators toward Master Lu fu!

Master Lu Fu let out a laugh in the sky and then pointed at the planet formation with a serious expression. The a ten thousand-foot-long lance suddenly appeared from the vortex inside the formation!

After the lance came a black blade!

After the blade there were nine dao beads that formed a circle!

In a flash, 18 treasures appeared one by one from the storm. Every treasure released a shocking power.

An indescribable power gathered within the storm and pressed toward Wang Lin and Esteemed Ling Dong!

The roars of the tens of thousands of Allheaven cultivators entered Wang Lin's ears!

"Allheaven Ancestor, Ancestor Allheaven!"

Master Lu Fu's momentum reached a limit. He suddenly lifted his foot and charged at Wang Lin!

At the same time, countless celestials' shadows charged out. It was like heaven itself was descending!

There was also that broken sword. It instantly got within 100 feet of Wang Lin. That domineering sword energy targeted the area between Wang Lin's eyebrows!

Master Lu Fu regained his courage after being shocked by Ling Dong's appearance. He had just made up his mind to battle against Wang Lin!

A sudden change occurred!!

Wang Lin calmly looked at the rapidly approaching Master Lu Fu. He frowned and slowly said, "Ancient Slave Zhou Jin!"

A shocking wolf howl came from the Emperor Furnace and echoed across the stars. The star domain rumbled as Zhou Jin's figure walked out from the Emperor Furnace!

The moment he came out, the aura of a third step cultivators appeared!

This aura was filled with tyranny and bloodlust. Combined with Zhou Jin's naked upper body, it gave off a fierce aura! Behind Zhou Jin was a large, blood red wolf that stared at Master Lu Fu!

Master Lu Fu thought that the shock he felt before was already the limit, but compared to now, what did the shock he felt before even count as!?!

An indescribable shockwave of terror washed over his body, and he didn't dare to approach. He retreated until he was more than 1,000 feet away, and his eyes revealed shock.

The broken sword suddenly rumbled as it got close to Wang Lin and let out a thunderous rumbles as if a powerful force was squeezing it. It could no longer advance, and it released cracking sounds as if it couldn't bear it anymore. A crack appeared on it and it was forced to retreat!

This broken sword had to retreat!

It could penetrate Tuo Sen's body, but it wasn't qualified to face three third step cultivators. It was sharp, but it was still a broken sword, so it had to retreat!

The sword had a spirit, and the spirit let out a miserable scream. The spirit was seriously injured, and it retreated back to Master Lu Fu. It was trembling violently like a terrified cultivator!

There was also the Wind Celestial Realm behind Master Lu Fu. Those celestials were charging at Wang Lin when Zhou Jin and Ling Dong appeared. They took a step forward at the same time and the power of Joss Flames echoed.

Tens of thousands of invisible collisions appeared in an instant. The celestials' shadows were swept clean as a gust of wind blew by!

Even the phantom Wind Celestial Realm collapsed under Zhou Jin and Ling Dong's shocking pressure!

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!

The Wind Celestial Realm was torn apart and dissipated, leaving only Master Lu Fu, who was even more terrified than before!

"Not just one third step slave… It's two!! Two third step slaves. This… This… This…" Master Lu Fu became like Master Flamespark and company, he was completely startled. His eyes were filled with disbelief; it was like cold water had been poured over his head. His body trembled and he no longer thought of fighting. He was unable to fight, he didn't dare to fight!!

The blood wolf that had appeared behind Zhou Jin made Master Lu Fu think of a rumor!

At this moment, Master Lu Fu's plan collapsed before this drastic change. He would have never expected Wang Lin to have such a shocking backing behind his calmness!

Facing three third step cultivators, he had no strength to continue the fight!! Although he had the planet formation, it wasn't complete yet. How could he battle against three third step cultivators?

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