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Chapter 1496 - Those People!

Their overwhelming strength caused Master Lu Fu's will to fight to collapse! He could no longer struggle and was only left with unbelievable shock!

Even with Master Lu Fu's cultivation level, he could only feel bitter as he stared dumbfoundedly at everything before him.

He knew he had made a huge mistake! His mistake was extremely fatal: he had mistakenly underestimated Wang Lin's cultivation! When Wang Lin returned to Allheaven, Master Lu Fu thought that Wang Lin had the power to fight him and he shouldn't carelessly provoke Wang Lin.

This judgment changed when he saw the rain sword on planet Qing Ling. Master Lu Fu thought he had seen through Wang Lin's cultivation and he relaxed a bit.

However, when Wang Lin broke the formation in eight breaths of time on planet Dong Ling, he realized the error in his judgement. He had raised Wang Lin's status to be his equal, but he still believed that with his various treasures, Wang Lin would find it difficult to deal with him!

It wasn't until Wang Lin let out a roar outside the formation that Master Lu Fu considered Wang Lin to be slightly above him. However, even at that point, he didn't believe Wang Lin had the ability to seriously injure him!

With his various treasures, at most they would be evenly matched! No one would have the advantage over the other!

When the Literary Battle was interrupted, Wang Lin's calmness brought a great amount of pressure onto Master Lu Fu. As soon as he decided to battle, he brought out the phantom Wind Celestial Realm and even triggered the planet formation!

He originally thought that even if Wang Lin was a sliver above him, he could still force him to retreat. However, when Ling Dong appeared, Master Lu Fu was terrified to find that he was wrong again!

Wang Lin's calmness came from the fact that he had a third step slave!

This was beyond Master Lu Fu's expectations. Although he was shocked, it ignited his determination to fight. He believed that this was Wang Lin's final ace, while he still had the planet formation. With the planet formation, he could just barely force a draw!

However, Zhou Jin's appearance was the last force that collapsed his mind. Master Lu Fu's confidence disintegrated completely and he felt unimaginable shock!

He could have never imagined that Wang Lin didn't just one third step slave but… two!! The second one had almost reached the peak of the early stage of Nirvana Void and wasn't far from mid stage!!

Master Lu Fu's had a bitter expression and his mind was buzzing.

The 18 treasures that had appeared inside the planet formation were pushed back by the third step auras released by Zhou Jin and Ling Dong.

This formation was not complete, so it couldn't face Wang Lin's group of three!

Zhou Jin's appearance set off a monstrous wave, and the blood wolf behind him let out a roar that entered the ears of the tens of thousands of cultivators that had just found their courage. It was as if their necks and origin souls were being held, and it brought them unimaginable fear!

The confidence they had obtained from Master Lu Fu's speech collapsed!

"Third step… Third step… there is actually another third step cultivator!!!"

"Impossible, third step cultivators are extremely rare. This… How did two third step cultivator slaves appear?!"

"Third step cultivators that are rarely seen in tens of thousands of years. Today there… there are so many…"

"Two third step cultivators as slaves. This Wang Lin… What kind of identity does he have? How did he do such a thing…"

Master Flamespark had lost all ability to think. All the things that had occurred in this short period of time had shocked him until he went numb. Although numb, Zhou Jin's appearance still caused a sharp pain in his mind.

"Two… Two… Perhaps there is a third… A fourth…" Master Flamespark muttered to himself.

Li Yunzi's eyes were filled with confusion as well. He just stared ahead, and his thoughts seemed to dissipate. He could no longer think.

Any second step cultivator in the Inner Realm would be scared out of their wits after seeing this. Two third step cultivators as slaves, this was just terrifying!

Blood God's heart pounded and despair filled his eyes. He could have never imagined something like this could happen. Even Master Lu Fu had been forced to retreat. The world was large, but at this moment, he felt like he was in a cage!

At the instant Zhou Jin and Ling Dong appeared, their third step auras swept across Allheaven and charged into the other three star systems!

Cloud Sea Star System, in the secret chamber in the God Sect.

Daoist Water was calmly cultivating. His injuries had recovered, but at this moment he suddenly opened his eyes in shock. He subconsciously stood up and looked into the distance.

His expression changed in a flash and filled with disbelief!

Also inside the God Sect, a beautiful woman was sitting inside a large sealing formation. She sat there with her long hair scattered and gave off a sense of beauty that would make anyone's heart pound.

She didn't seem to notice the aura that terrified Daoist Water as she silently cultivated.

In the rank one region in the Cloud Sea Star System, there was a small continent. There were no fierce beasts or humans living there, it was completely desolate.

Deep within the continent, there was a valley, and a middle-aged man wearing red was silently sitting sat there.

Before him, the Demon Sect's sect master and various elders respectfully knelt there as if they were waiting for a response from the man in red.

The man in red suddenly opened his eyes. The shocking aura that erupted from his body withdrew immediately and was suppressed until none remained.

He then looked into the distance, and after a long time he slowly said, "That child is the person the Lord of the Sealed Realm inside the jade found… This little fellow is pretty good…"

In the Alliance Star System, in the sealed Rain Celestial Realm, Qing Lin had been healing for hundreds of years. He suddenly opened his eyes with a hint of doubt and shock as he looked into the distance.

Before him sat Situ Nan in awe. At this moment, he also opened his eyes. His eyes lit up and then became filled with confusion.

There was a stone statue in the Rain Celestial Realm. This statue was at the highest peak in the Rain Celestial Realm. Only one person had sat below the mountain for hundreds of years. He was a middle-aged man who wore a black coat and had long, black hair. He was constantly shrouded in a cold aura and killing intent.

The middle-aged man's cold expression was almost exactly the same as Wang Lin's in his earlier days!

He had personally created his forbidden land, and not even Situ Nan was allowed to come up here. Even Qing Lin's daughter, Qing Shui, and Zhou Zi were also not allowed up here!

Even if Qing Lin came, this man in black would dare to attack him!

All of this was because of what Wang Lin said to him before leaving!

"Watch this stone statue, no one is allowed to touch it!"

At this moment, there was a flash of coldness in his eyes and his body trembled, revealing a shocking sense of excitement. He looked up into the distance. Although he couldn't see anything, he could feel that faint connection… "Teacher!!"

In the Rain Celestial Realm, a woman in white was sitting in a field filled with celestial grass and the fragrance of flowers. There was a large tiger lazily lying before her. He would sometimes look toward the woman.

Even further away, on a mountain that seemed to be frozen, sat a woman who had a cold expression. She sat there facing the coldness as she looked into the distance, and her expression was cold.

At the foot of the mountain stood a house, and a man in green stood inside the yard. His body gave off an ancient aura, but one could tell that he was very handsome when he was young.

Although his body existed, it looked like a spiritual body, it was not corporeal.

Standing in the yard, he looked up at the mountain peak. He revealed a hint of infatuation, and there was no remorse in his eyes… In the sealed headquarters of the Alliance Star System, there was an angry and mournful voice that had hissed for hundreds of years… "Kill, kill, kill!!! I'm going to kill every living thing in the world. I'm going to shatter this world!!"

In the Alliance Star System, where the collapsed Corpse Sect was. A gaze that seemed to almost solidify looked toward Allheaven.

"The promise from the Lord of the Sealed Realm, is he it…"

In the Allheaven Star System, inside the magnificent planet formation, Wang Lin calmly looked at Master Lu Fu. He didn't humiliate the other but slowly walked past Master Lu Fu, toward the startled Blood God.

Master Lu Fu's face was pale, and he allowed Wang Lin to walk past him. He no longer had any thought of stopping Wang Lin. His complicated expression revealed his bitterness.

Master Lu Fu had once helped Wang Lin in the Land of the Ancient God. Even though Master Lu Fu had only helped him on a whim, much like how a mortal would help an ant cross the river, Wang Lin wouldn't forget it.

Therefore, Wang Lin had agreed to the Literary Battle and didn't intend to break down all face. As a result, he still gave him face; otherwise, Wang Lin wouldn't have gone through all of this.

He originally intended to use the Literary Battle to give Master Lu Fu a chance to back down. However, Master Lu Fu remained stubborn and Wang Lin became impatient. Thus he summoned Ling Dong and Zhou Jin to give Master Lu Fu an unimaginable shock!

Wang Lin walked past the bitter Master Lu Fu and slowly stepped into the vortex. He arrived before Blood God.

Blood God's face was pale, and the moment Wang Lin arrived, he let out a scream. His hands formed a seal and he was going to struggle before his death. He retreated rapidly and waved his sleeves. A giant devil shadow appeared behind him!

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