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Chapter 1454 - Points!

The nearly 100 cultivators around Wang Lin were all shocked. Everything happened so fast that the battle was over before they could react!

He moved through the crowd, with no who one daring to block him. He had captured Dao Master Miao Yin's maid, and the power of his Ethereal Fire was heaven-shaking!

What shocked them even more was that the blow from one of the five masters, Dao Master Miao Yin, was blocked and he wasn't injured!

This kind of thing was enough to shock all the surrounding cultivators!

"Ethereal Fire Cultivator!"

"Not only is he an Ethereal Fire cultivator, not even an attack from one of the five masters could kill him!"

"Forget killing, he wasn't even injured at all!"

"The spell he used clearly used origin energy. Even if he is not a third step cultivator, he is only one step away!"

"Who is he!?"

The dark mosquito beasts descended. They weren't slow, it was just that everything that had just happened was too fast! Wang Lin's actions, along with the arrival of the mosquito beasts, caused all the cultivators to stop fighting.

The storm in the sky rumbled violently, and as Wang Lin stared at it with his cold gaze, there was a thunderous bang. It was as if a pair of giant, invisible hands had grabbed the storm and ripped it open. The storm collapsed and two figures rapidly retreated from each other!

The person who retreated to the right was Great Desolation. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he laughed. "Good, indeed worthy of being the descendent of that old bird. You even dared to capture one of the five masters' maids before him. This courage, this decisiveness, you are a worthy talent!

"I didn't give you that poison to protect yourself for naught!" The old man smiled as he spoke. He had noticed that Wang Lin was not ordinary, and if the two of them were to join forces...

The person on the left was the young man who was Dao Master Miao Yin. He looked down at Wang Lin from the air and suddenly smiled.

"Very good!" This smile was extremely cold. After looking at Wang Lin once, he looked up at Great Desolation. He waved his hand and a 10,000 foot green snake appeared. The green snake started to struggle and hiss.

With a squeeze, the green snake let out a mournful scream and its illusory body collapsed. It then turned into a pill the size of a head and floated before Dao Master Miao Yin.

Bursts of fragrance filled the air; just one smell would make your blood flow faster and your mind more clear.

"Great Desolation Old Poison, you're not my match in this tomb, and it is useless to continue fighting. Since this lord stole your dao spirit, I'll give it back to you!

"The matter between us is over, you can leave now. How about it?" After he finished speaking, Great Desolation's eyes lit up.

There was flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes. This sentence turned the situation around!

All of the five masters were extremely cunning; they all had cultivated for tens of thousands of years, so none of them were fools! At a glance, he had noticed that there was a chance Wang Lin and Great Desolation would team up. Then he immediately gave up the dao spirit to cause a huge crack to appear on the possibility of them joining forces!

"Don't you just want this dao spirit? I'll give it to you! Compared to the Heaven Defying Bead Wang Lin possesses, this is nothing!" Dao Master Miao Yin remained calm, waiting for Great Desolation to make a choice.

Wang Lin sneered. If he was outside, he would immediately leave if he encountered Dao Master Miao Yin, as the gap between them was too big. However, in here, Wang Lin was certain he could hold his own. Although Dao Master Miao Yin was one of the five masters, he could only display up to early stage Nirvana Void cultivation here.

Although he had no chance of winning, Dao Master Miao Yin would have to go through great difficulties to kill him.

However, the most important fact was that Wang Lin had Gu Nizi!

Great Desolation squinted his eyes and pondered for a moment. He smiled and didn't even look at Wang Lin as he said, "Bring the dao spirit over and this old man will leave!"

Dao Master Miao Yin didn't speak and only looked at Great Desolation.

"This old man Great Desolation swears by my Joss Flames that once I obtain the dao spirit, I'll leave and not come back!" Great Desolation seemed to know what Dao Master Miao Yin was waiting for. He didn't hesitate to form a seal with his right hand, then a strange rune flew out.

To make an oath with one's Joss Flames was a convincing method between third step cultivators. With a wave of his hand, the rune flew toward Dao Master Miao Yin.

After taking the rune, Miao Yin relaxed and threw the pill in his hand.

Great Desolation waved his sleeve and took away the pill. He smiled and glanced at Wang Lin before flying off into the distance. The moment he stepped into a spatial rift, Wang Lin suddenly flew into the sky.

The moment Wang Lin flew into the sky, the thunder tattoo appeared before him and he charged at Dao Master Miao Yin. Dao Master Miao Yin let out a cold snort and his eyes revealed a ruthless gaze. The first thing one must do when battling an Ethereal Fire cultivator was to seal one's emotions.

His right hand formed a seal and he suddenly waved his hand. Joss Flames appeared, along with the illusion of a beautiful woman. She was holding a jade sword and struck at Wang Lin with it.

The sword energy was monstrous and felt like it would chop this sealed land in half. It shot toward the thunder tattoo!

In a flash, the sword energy collided with the thunder tattoo and a thunderous rumble echoed. The sword energy didn't slam into the thunder tattoo but split into thousands of strands.

The thunder tattoo collapsed in a flash. Wang Lin coughed out blood and anxiously moved back. He seem weakened and was about to retreat.

Dao Master Miao Yin was about to chase, but just at this moment, a black wind howled behind him. The world behind him suddenly twisted and a huge shadow appeared. The shadow formed a palm that gave off a fishy smell, and it shot toward Miao Yin!

The dark palm appeared too suddenly, and it instantly closed in on him. His expression changed and he decisively gave up on chasing Wang Lin. Then he formed a seal and a cloud of purple mist appeared. An ancient shield charged out from the mist.

There was a thunderous bang when the dark palm landed on the shield. Popping sounds echoed and countless cracks appeared on the shield. but it didn't collapse. However, it was pushed back and smashed into Dao Master Miao Yin.

Dao Master Miao Yin coughed out blood and rapidly retreated.

However, just as he retreated, the weaken expression on Wang Lin suddenly dissipated. There was a flash of killing intent as he waved his right hand and a monstrous blood light appeared. The blood sword shot toward Dao Master Miao Yin.

"I want all his Joss Flames!!" Wang Lin said calmly as he charged out.

"I want his body to house my soul!" An ancient voice echoed in the world.

Dao Master Miao Yin didn't pay attention to Wang Lin. The shield before him flew out, colliding with the giant palm. There was anger in his eyes and he snapped, "Great Desolation Old Poison, you broke your promise!!"

"What a joke. This old man has always kept his promises! Since you stole my treasure once, there will be a second time, a third time; how can I continue to let you steal?" As he laughed, Great Desolation's figure flickered inside the dark palm print.

"This little cultivator is a junior of that old bird. That old bird is the only close friend I have, so how could I leave him? That body of yours is mine!" As Great Desolation spoke, he waved his right hand. The five nails on the palm broke off and turned into five knives made of black gas. They were extremely sharp, and they shot toward Dao Master Miao Yin.

Dao Master Miao Yin quickly retreated as the blood sword appeared behind him. He didn't care much about the blood sword or Wang Lin. He thought that at most Wang Lin could distract him; his real enemy was the Great Desolation Old Poison before him!

When he saw the five nails fly out, he focused most of his attention on what was before him. As more power was poured into the shield, endless purple gas appeared until it was like a purple ocean.

"Junior Wang Lin, scram for this lord. When this lord has time, I'll kill you!" As he retreated, he waved his left hand and an illusion walk out from the purple ocean. This figure was 1,000 feet tall and his body was covered in purple armor. He held a trident in his hand, and after he appeared, his eyes lit up and he charged at Wang Lin and the blood sword.

Dao Master Miao Yin hadn't seen Wang Lin and Master Simo's battle. He had been eager to leave to come to the Ancient Order Tomb and never even tried to find news about what happened on the Great Emperor Planet.

If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't know anything, he wouldn't have looked down upon Wang Lin like this and put all his attention on the enemy before him, because behind him was a god of slaughter!  An ancient god that had refined Esteemed Ling Dong and had greatly increased in power!

The blood sword howled and collided with the trident with a bang. There was almost nothing in the world that could stop the blood sword. It pierced through the trident and the figure. It then shot directly toward Dao Master Miao Yin!

This sudden change caused the expression of Dao Master Miao Yin to change greatly. He was too late to dodge. The five knife-like fingernails from Great Desolation were closing in.

At the moment of crisis, Dao Master Miao Yin waved his hand and let out a roar. Scales appeared on his body. These scales were purple and gave off a purple glow. In an instant, they covered his body.

The five nails collided with the shield, causing a thunderous rumble. The shield was torn apart and the nails landed on Miao Yin's body.

At the same time, the blood sword charged into his body!

A heaven=shaking sound echoed across this sealed land. As the shockwave spread, a giant rift was opened in the sealed land and the fog outside rushed in..

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, Dao Master Miao Yin coughed out blood. His chest was a bloody mess and filled with poison gas. The blood sword had penetrated his chest and returned back to Wang Lin

"Sound essence, water essence, Sound Wave Destruction Dao!!" Dao Master Miao Yin had a hideous expression as he quickly retreated. He had to admit that he had looked down upon Wang Lin, and right now he let out a shrill laugh!

However, he didn't know that Wang Lin had already prepared his most powerful blow!

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