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Chapter 1448 - Taking Advantage of the Illness to Kill!

When Wang Lin saw that the restriction was activated, he waved his right hand and the blood sword appeared. Blood light flashed inside the bubble and slashed forward. The bubble collapsed and Wang Lin took a step out! He already knew there was a problem with the red fog. Even if Esteemed Ling Dong had made him go first, Wang Lin had a way to defuse the danger and launch an ambush. Wang Lin rushed into the passage. Inside the passage, Esteemed Ling Dong coughed out blood and quickly retreated. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes and the blood sword shot forward.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Esteemed Ling Dong waved his hand, but he didn't expect the blood sword to be so powerful. It penetrated his right arm. He let out a muffled groan, and he couldn't help but pause. Wang Lin didn't hesitate; he knew that this person was half a step into the third step. If he was going to kill him, he had to be decisive. After the blood sword shot out, the thunder tattoo in his right eye appeared. The nine accompanying thunders rotated around it and it shot into the fog toward Esteemed Ling Dong. "Thunder essence!" Esteemed Ling Dong had been seriously injured by the restriction and then was injured by the blood sword. Now he was being blocked by the thunder tattoo, and his eyes were filled with shock.

The thunder tattoo was too fast and they were too close, so it closed in in a flash. Esteemed Ling Dong's face was pale and he waved his hand. His little remaining Joss Flames appeared, forming a giant statue before him.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the thunder tattoo landed on the statue. The statue was completely black and had its arm folded. The violent thunder force surged like crazy, causing cracks to appear on the statue before it suddenly collapsed. The thunder tattoo was knocked back into Wang Lin's eye and Esteemed Ling Dong coughed out blood. He closed in with a ferocious expression and he was about to charge out of the fog. There was a roar from the fog as if something was charging out. Within the depths of the passage, a red qilin-like beast was rushing out.

"It's a rank 4 fire dao spirit!!" Esteemed Ling Dong's mind was shaking, but he didn't have time to think about it. Before him was Wang Lin and behind him was the raging rank 4 dao spirit. He had no time to refine the dao spirit, especially as it was rank 4! More importantly, the restriction was showing signs of awakening. If he couldn't get out in a short period of time, he would be trapped inside and it would very dangerous. He had fallen for Wang Lin's trap inside the passage and a strange restriction had entered his origin soul. He suppressed it at first, but the blood sword had caused it to loosen. Then the thunder essence caused his suppression to collapse completely, and the restriction erupted inside his body.

Esteemed Ling Dong hadn't faced this kind of life and death situation in tens of thousands of years. He had never expect himself to end up in such a miserable state in the hands of a junior.

However, he was someone who was half a step into the third step. Although it was dangerous, he decisively gave up the dao spirit and charged toward Wang Lin. His eyes revealed monstrous killing intent, and he hated Wang Lin to the bone. "Do you really think you can trap this old man? Once I leave, I'll refine your soul!" With a roar, Esteemed Ling Dong moved at an indescribable speed and was almost out of the fog. But how could Wang Lin let him escape? After using the thunder tattoo, the nine-colored fire in his left eye began to roar. The nine-colored fire formed a firestorm and shot toward Esteemed Ling Dong.

"There is also a fire essence!!! Who the hell are you?!" Esteemed Ling Dong's hand formed a seal and he coughed out a mouthful of origin energy that turned into a mountain and ocean painting. The painting had a boundless ocean, and as the fire was about to collide with the mountain, Esteemed Ling Dong roared, "Tsunami!!" 

As his voice echoed, the ocean inside the painting rushed out like crazy, forming a monstrous wave that rushed toward the nine-colored firestorm.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and large amount of white gas shot into the air. Wang Lin's nine-colored firestorm collapsed and the nine-colored fire was pushed back. The entire ocean had evaporated, leaving only the mountain! Wang Lin coughed out blood and was pushed back several steps, but his expression was ferocious and there was a hint of madness hidden within.

He could not let this person leave! He was going to kill a powerful cultivator half a step into the third step. "Mountain Spirit!" Esteemed Ling Dong was less than 30 feet from leaving the fog, and he ignored the fire dao spirit behind him. He waved his right hand and the mountain charged at Wang Lin. "Back off!" Esteemed Ling Dong's voice shook the world.

Fire burned in Wang Lin's left eye and thunder flashed in his right eye. They rushed out and formed a bolt of burning thunder between his eyebrows. It shot out at the meteor-like mountain.

"Power of heavenly thunder! All thunder, gather for me! Power of heavenly fire! All fire, gather for me! Fire and thunder essences, fuse and break all spells for me!"

When the thunder and fire meteor shot out at the mountain, a thunderous rumble echoed. Then a boundless force that seemed like it would tear the world apart scattered.

The mountain suddenly collapsed and Esteemed Ling Dong's eyes filled with disbelief. He was blocked by this impact! Wang Lin didn't retreat and forced himself to stay still. He then raised his right hand and pointed at Esteemed Ling Dong inside the fog.

"Ethereal Fire, burn!!"

Ethereal Fire suddenly appeared inside the shocked Esteemed Ling Dong's body. The fire came too quickly, so he wasn't prepared at all when it began burning.

Esteemed Ling Dong let out a miserable scream as the fire filled his body. He coughed out blood, but it immediately evaporated. Intense pain came from his body and the restriction inside his origin soul erupted, making his injuries even worse. "Ethereal Fire cultivator, damned Ethereal Fire cultivator!!" Esteemed Ling Dong roared as he withstood the pain of his body burning and struggled to step forward. He was less than 20 feet from leaving the fog. As he stepped forward, his hand suddenly tore at the space before him and he roared, "Open the Great Devil Ling Dong Realm. I use myself as Joss Flame to summon my Ling Dong Clan's Devil God!"

In an instant, a giant spatial rift appeared before him and endless devilish energy rushed out. Just as the rift appeared, Wang Lin took out the Ancient Leaf and was about to seal it.

However, just at this moment, a second Ancient Leaf appeared from Esteemed Ling Dong's hand. The two leaves collided and rolled off to the side. Without the Ancient Leaf, a giant black statue came out of the rift. This statue was the same as the one Esteemed Ling Dong had summoned before, only even more realistic. It had its arm folded, and the moment it appeared, its arms began to trembled.

The arms that were folded suddenly loosened and a powerful destructive force rushed out toward Wang Lin. This destructive force made Wang Lin feel danger, and he even felt like his ancient god body was about to be torn apart. Facing danger, Wang Lin didn't hesitate to raise his right hand, and the ancient god gauntlet appeared in his hand. "Ancient Blessing!"

In a flash, the shadow of the giant ancient god appeared before Wang Lin. The body filled with scars blocked the attack with his back. His arms were holding Wang Lin. 

The destructive force hit the ancient god shadow. The ancient god remained unmoving as it blocked this destructive force. Its giant body suddenly turned and his hand formed a first. The fist moved like a meteor. Although it was the second time Wang Lin had seen it, the grace and warmth still shook him. The punch landed directly on the giant statue and shattered it to pieces. The fragments of the statue were pushed back and, along with the remaining power of the punch, landed on Esteemed Ling Dong, who had just stepped out from the fog.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and Esteemed Ling Dong coughed out several mouthfuls of blood before being knocked back into the fog. The ancient god disappeared. Wang Lin knew that Esteemed Ling Dong was already injured to a certain extent, so he no longer hesitated. His left hand formed a seal and he reached out. The three jade that had been freezing the fog gave off a ghostly light and were pulled out by Wang Lin.

When the jades flew out, the red fog recovered. The red fog moved like crazy and the hole was about to fix itself. 

"No!" Esteemed Ling Dong rushed out once more while the rank 4 dao spirit closed in. There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin's eyes as he raised his right hand and pointed at Esteemed Ling Dong, who was half-devoured by the fog. 


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