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Chapter 1449 - Secret of the Platform

The Stop spell had to be used at the most critical moment and couldn't be used too early, or else the target would guard against it. It had to succeed in one use! Therefore, it could be considered an unexpected killing move! The Stop spell had accompanied Wang Lin for more than 1,000 years, and it had been used to great effect every time. Esteemed Ling Dong was seriously injured and was on the verge of dying. Now his body trembled as the red fog roared and fixed the hole. It also devoured Esteemed Ling Dong.

To use the smallest price in exchange for the greatest reward, that was Wang Lin's principle for fighting. If he had taken the jade before Esteemed Ling Dong was more injured, Esteemed Ling Dong might have broken free.

The Stop spell was the same, so Wang Lin had to fight and cause Esteemed Ling Dong to reach the limit of his injury. At the most critical moment, he was going to take the jade and use the Stop spell to land the fatal blow. Wang Lin quickly formed seals and restrictions landed on the red fog. Roars came from the fog for a long time before it gradually calmed down.

"I'm not afraid of restrictions, but for the dao spirit to be sealed inside, then it must be extremely powerful. I'll let them fight, and that will benefit me the most!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up. This was all part of his plan. If Esteemed Ling Dong wasn't seriously injured, the dao spirit might not have been his match and it would inevitably be damaged.

However, right now this was very suitable for Wang Lin's plan.

The thunder in Wang Lin's right eye flew out and the thunder tattoo came with it. It floated above the red fog, and bolts of thunder descended, forming a net.

Fire rushed out from his left eye and formed a sea of fire that burned the red fog. It fused with the thunder and became a blockade.  

After doing this, Wang Lin pointed to between his eyebrows and his ancient god stars rotated. The Emperor Furnace appeared and surrounded the fog.

Wang Lin's hands formed a seal and he sent out a restriction, then the Emperor Furnace began refining. Looking at the fog, Wang Lin's eyes lit up. The Emperor Furnace was a royal ancient god weapon, and aside from its powerful defense, it was used to refine. Not to refine pills or treasures, but to refine ancient slaves! After doing this, Wang Lin no longer looked at the fog but walked toward the two leaves that had sealed each other. With a wave of his right hand, the two leaves flew at him.

"I didn't expect Esteemed Ling Dong to also possess an Ancient Leaf… I just don't know where he got it from." Wang Lin separated the two leaves. Holding the one that belong to Esteemed Ling Dong, hi divine sense swept through it along with ancient god power to wipe the divine sense from it. After all, it was a treasure of the Ancient Order, so outsiders couldn't truly control it.

After leaving his ancient god aura on the leaf, Wang Lin carefully put them away. This treasure had great use to him! In some cases, it could be compared to the Stop spell! Wang Lin's gaze swept by and he looked at the 2,000 foot dark red platform. In a flash, he appeared on the platform.

"Before, Esteemed Ling Dong said 'second rank platform.' He must've meant this… I just don't know what use this has…" Wang Lin frowned as he knelt down and began examining it.

A moment later, Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he saw some clues.

The surface of the platform had many lines under the dark red blood. Wang Lin immediately figure everything out at a glance. They were the numbers that appeared between the cultivators' eyebrows. When they were fighting for the platforms, even when the cultivators died, the numbers didn't dissipate. Instead, they turned into runes and floated there.

When he first saw this, he didn't realize the secret, but now that he had examined the platform, he understood everything.

"Those number runes can allow the platform to upgrade…" Wang Lin murmured as he looked down. There were 589 marks on the platform.

More than 10 cultivators had died here, and although they were dead, their number runes were floating there.

Even the red storm didn't destroy the runes, and since Esteemed Ling Dong and the middle-aged scholar were anxious for the treasure, they didn't find time to collect them.

There was a flash of light in Wang Lin's eyes and he waved his sleeve. Those runes flew toward him and, after looking at them, he placed them on the platform beneath him.

The runes landed on the platform and soon fused with it. After the 11th rune fused, the platform shook violently.

Endless dust came from all directions and merged with the platform. The platform seemed to grow a full circle. The dust seemed to be piercing the void and then endlessly fusing with the platform.

The platform gradually grew larger and larger; 23,000 feet, 25,000 feet, 28,000 feet… until it was 30,000 feet before it stopped shaking. Its color was no longer dark red but purple. At a glance, it was like a small continent. What amazed Wang Lin was not the platform growing, but how it seemed have to gained life. The moment it became a 30,000 foot platform, an aura entered Wang Lin through his feet. Memories appeared in Wang Lin's mind, and before he could react, they became a part of him.

Wang Lin closed his eyes and a map immediately appeared before him. This map was very large, but most of it was covered by black fog. Only three places were not shrouded by black fog, and these three places took up 30% of the map.

After taking a careful look, Wang Lin found where he was. This place was called the land of fire, and in the three areas that were open in the map, there were three places like this. He also saw a route that led into the depths of the Ancient Tomb.

His mind trembled, and after a long time, he opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he was startled. Right now, countless rifts still remained in this sealed land. These rifts were like wounds that opened and closed; it was extremely strange.

His eyes narrowed and he took a step forward, leaving the platform. Just as he left, the rifts he could see disappeared; they were erased from his vision.

When he retreated back to the platform, those rifts appeared in his eyes once more.

"This platform is strange…" Wang Lin pondered a bit but couldn't think of a reason. He vaguely had an idea that in this Ancient Order Tomb, the platforms were everything. "The platform should have reached the third rank… If I can raise it higher, perhaps not only will the map be revealed, but it will gain more abilities…" Wang Lin pondered, and a moment later, his gaze fell on the Emperor Furnace.

Thunder and fire staggered inside the furnace as the fog was being refined. The fog had shrunk from 10,000 feet to 8,000 feet, and it was still shrinking.

With a sneer, Wang Lin sat down outside the Emperor Furnace. His hand formed seals and restrictions pierced the Emperor Furnacing, landing on the red fog.

Aside from the Ancient Soul Restriction, Wang Lin was good with the rest. As he continued to weaken the restrictions inside the red fog, layer upon layer of red fog dissipated. After 15 minutes, only 1,000 feet of red fog remained, revealing the platform the ancient god was carrying. Wang Lin waved his hand and the three jades left by the middle-aged scholar shot out. They penetrated the Emperor Furnace and shot into the fog, causing it to stop moving.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he suddenly stood up. His right hand pressed against the Emperor Furnace and his ancient god power rushed in. Countless souls rushed out and formed a giant pair of hands. The hands charged into the fog and mercilessly tore it apart. The fog was ripped opened, revealing the truth inside. Before Wang Lin could get a good look, a heaven-shaking roar echoed and rushed out. It seemed to be able to detect Wang Lin, and it charged toward Wang Lin's direction.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. Wang Lin coldly looked at the qilin-like dao spirit that smashed into the Emperor Furnace and was knocked back. Its body was covered in wounds and it looked dispirited. It was obvious that its battle against Esteemed Ling Dong was very difficult.

However, the ferociousness in its eyes hadn't lessened at all. As it retreated, it continued to let out roars.

Beside him was a corpse. It was a bloody mess; it was Esteemed Ling Dong! The Emperor Furnace belonged to Wang Lin, so there was no way for Esteemed Ling Dong to hide. Wang Lin saw that Esteemed Ling Dong wasn't dead. Instead, his origin soul was hidden and he was rapidly recovering.

Wang Lin raised his right hand and formed a seal before pointing at the Emperor Furnace. Ghosts appeared and took the dao spirit away, leaving only Esteemed Ling Dong lying there.

"Don't pretend to be dead, I don't plan to kill you. Rather than a dead Ling Dong, I want a third step ancient slave!" Wang Lin's voice echoed as his six ancient god stars rotated. Ancient god energy poured into the furnace and he began the cruel slave-refining process.

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