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Chapter 1446 - Mantis Hunting Cicada

The fat cultivator's hand quickly formed seal and the abacus beads rotated rapidly around him. As he waved his hand, the beads formed a strange figure before him.

This figure looked like the remnants of a chess board. The beads were like chess pieces on a board.

His face became extremely serious and he began to chant. As he did so, his right hand formed a seal. In an instant, the chess board-like beads charged at the red fog.

The chess board closed in on the red fog in a flash, and roars came from inside the fog. A portion of the fog rushed out and attempted to devour the chess board.

A thunderous bang echoed, and just as the red fog was about to devour it, five-colored light shined from the chess board. An illusory figure also appeared. It formed seals and its palms slammed at the red fog.

An invisible force appeared and pushed the red fog back. The chess board was not devoured. Looking at this, the surrounding cultivators all narrowed their eyes. There was a hint of joy in the eyes of Esteemed Ling Dong. Only the middle-aged scholar revealed a look of disdain. The fat cultivator was filled with pride, and he raised his right hand. The chess board closed in on the red fog, with the illusory figure around it.

Wang Lin calmly looked at all of this unfold, and his eyes lit up. The fat cultivator's method had some merit. The abacus was an extraordinary treasure. Each bead inside contained a lot of restrictions, and when combined, they could create wonderful effects.

If it was an ordinary restriction, he might have had a chance, but these small tricks couldn't break open the red fog. The restrictions inside the red fog were extremely complex. Not only did the fog contain the Ancient Soul Restriction, there was also the Time Restriction mixed in. The combination of the two was extremely powerful.

The chess board got close to the red fog and immediately disappeared inside. Then a violent roar came from the fog. Just as everyone looked closely, the expression of the fat cultivator changed. His face turned pale and he coughed out blood. It was clear that his treasure had been destroyed. It was connected to his origin soul, and that connection had been cut by force. He immediately tried to retreat, but after retreating only two steps, the red fog surged like crazy and extended forth, covering the sky. It then dragged the fat cultivator inside.

His miserable screams were ear-piercing, and they echoed across the area. The sounds of bone cracking shook everyone's hearts! Esteemed Ling Dong was gloomy. If there was no way to break it, he would have to break it open by force. However, doing so would cause great damage to the dao spirit inside. If it was like this, it won't be worth it even if he opened the restriction.

"Since this old man can't open it, then no one else can have it. Might as well open it by force and destroy it!" There was a flash of coldness in his eyes and he was about to step forth.

However, just at this moment, the middle-aged scholar holding the fan clasped his hands and said, "Esteemed Ling Dong, before trying to open it by force, let me try. Even if I can't open it completely, I might still break a part of it. Then perhaps when Esteemed Ling Dong breaks it by force, the damage on the dao spirit will be less."

Esteemed Ling Dong turned around and looked at the middle-aged scholar. He pondered a bit and then nodded. "You have to be careful!"

The middle-aged scholar nodded with a smile. He knocked the fan in his hand and slowly walked toward the fog.

Wang Lin's expression was calm, but he began to pay attention. More and more restrictions formed below his feet without anyone noticing.

The middle-aged scholar approached the fog. After a while, his right hand formed seals as if he was calculating something. There was flash of deduction in his eyes. A moment later, his right hand moved forward, forming afterimages, and landed on the red fog.

Roars came from the red fog. As the roars echoed, the red fog formed a hand that shot toward the middle-aged scholar. However, he acted like it didn't exist; he formed another seal and pointed forward.

Thunderous rumble echoed. It was unknown where the middle-aged scholar had pointed. The red fog trembled and collapsed before reaching him.

This scene caused Esteemed Ling Dong's eyes to light up.

Ling Dong narrowed his eyes. This middle-aged scholar indeed had some skills, and his skills in restriction was far above the people before him.

Sweat appeared on the middle-aged scholar's forehead, but his expression was calm. In a flash, he moved like a dragon and circled the red fog. His hand didn't stop moving, continuing to form seals as he pointed at the red fog. The roars from inside the fog became even more violent.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he sneered. Although the middle-aged man had hidden himself very well and acted like he was breaking the restriction, Wang Lin had seen through his true intent.

Just at this moment, the middle-aged scholar suddenly roared. His body stopped moving and his hands mercilessly pressed down on the red fog. "Esteemed Ling Dong, please help me. Use the power of Joss Flames and I can break half of the restriction!"

His voice sounded urgent, and Esteemed Ling Dong seemed to trust the middle-aged scholar a lot. He didn't hesitate at all to step forward. Then he raised his right hand and Joss Flame energy gathered in his palm. It condensed in his hand in an instant and then he slammed down on the red fog! A palm print made of Joss Flames shot out and rapidly closed in on the red fog! It landed on the red fog almost at the same time as the middle-aged scholar's hands. A thunderous rumble echoed and a portion of the red fog dissipated. However, just as a hint of joy appeared on Esteemed Ling Dong's face, the red fog raged and immediately turned into a mouth that devoured the pale middle-aged scholar.

Miserable screams echoed inside the fog, and at this moment, the red fog devoured Esteemed Ling Dong's Joss Flame palm print. A destructive roar erupted from inside and echoed violently like thunder. This caused this sealed area to shake violently. At this instant, that destructive aura suddenly erupted in the form of a storm that could destroy the world. This storm was formed by red fog and moved far too fast. This caused the world to begin to collapse. Some cultivators were too slow and their bodies immediately collapsed. Esteemed Ling Dong's expression changed; even he felt danger coming from the storm. He retreated without hesitation and landed on the 20,000-foot platform. He then waved his hand and shot into the sky. Not only him, but everyone else also retreated. Some were slow and were devoured by the red fog. Wang Lin retreated the fastest, even faster than Esteemed Ling Dong. At almost the same instant the middle-aged scholar was devoured, the restrictions he had gathered under his feet shot toward the earth. Then he charged into the sky without any hesitation.

The red storm was like a tide, and its destructive aura tore the sky. Everyone began to frantically escape and rushed into the spatial rift in the sky. Everyone dissipated and more than 10 people were devoured by the red storm. Including Wang Lin, less than 11 people escaped into the spatial rifts. The red fog now filled the entire world, leaving no gap.

After a long time, the fog began to churn and slowly retreated back onto the platform on the ancient god's back. The sky was now dark red and the spatial rifts were all gone completely, sealing the entrance to this place.

The roars from the fog gradually disappeared and the surroundings became completely silent.

Time slowly passed. After half an hour, a person slowly walked out of the fog. This person was the middle-aged scholar that everyone thought had died. He revealed a sinister smile containing a hint of pride in the corner of his mouth.

"So what if he is Esteemed Ling Dong? No one can take treasures I take fancy to! Just a small trick and everyone was forced out. Now the dao spirit inside belongs to me!"

As he laughed like crazy, the pride on his face intensified. He looked at the fog with greed in his eyes. He then licked his lips and waved his hand. Nine pieces of jade appeared in his hand.

"Ancient Soul Restriction, Time Restriction! Although I can't break them open, I can make them stop working for 20 seconds!"

The middle-aged scholar waved his right hand and the nine pieces of jade gave off a ghostly light. They formed a circle and shot toward the red fog. The roars became even more violent, but after a moment, the roars stopped due to the ghostly light from the jades. The middle-aged man stepped into the circle formed by the jades and then his hand ripped an opening inside the restrictions that had stopped. His eyes were filled with greed and he was about to step into the crack he had torn open.

However, just at this moment, a miserable scream echoed inside the world. "Impossible, there is still an active restriction. I should have stopped all restrictions…" The middle-aged man quickly retreated back out. His face was bloody and his body was rapidly decaying. In the blink of an eye, after only retreating 30 feet, he rotted into a corpse.

Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, 20 seconds went by. The ghostly light from the jades quickly dissipated and the red fog showed signs of activity again. Soon, it was active once more.

15 minutes quickly passed by and the corpse opened his eyes. His appearance quickly changed back to the middle-aged scholar.

"It looks like no one can sneak into this place…" The middle-aged scholar's eyes lit up and he walked toward the red fog.

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