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Chapter 1445 - Second Order Platform

There were nine cultivators standing on the nine platforms, all of them male. Seven of them were old men, while the remaining two looked to be around 40 years old. Their eyes were filled with killing intent.

The smell of blood that rushed into this sealed land when they entered.

Their nine platform were almost completely dyed red and filled with blood! What was even more shocking was that there was a large amount of souls floating on the platforms. The souls all had twisted expressions and were letting out mournful cries.

Not one of these nine were weak; five of them were around the fourth Heaven's Blight and two at the fifth Heaven's Blight. One of the old men was extremely eye-catching as he had a head of blood red hair. There was also a faint Joss Flame coming from him. He was clearly someone who was half a step into the third step! However, it was obvious he had received a lot of external help to get this far, and without a large amount of Joss Flames, he wouldn't finish the last step. His body emitted a sense of majesty, clearly showing that he had a high status and would normally not appear before people. The last person was a middle-aged scholar holding a feather fan. His eyes narrowed and there there was a flash of light within them. He was only at the third Heaven's Blight, so holding a spot here meant that there was something extraordinary about him. What shocked everyone the most were the platforms under their feet. The platforms were almost all 10,000 feet wide, but the one under the old man who was half a step into the third step was 20,000 feet wide, twice the size of the other platforms. "Not even a second order platform, yet they want to covet the treasures here…" The old man who was half a step into the third step calmly looked at Wang Lin's group.

Wang Lin's eyes narrowed and he stared at the platform under the old man, but he remained silent. The surrounding cultivators were all silent as they had obviously noticed how strong Wang Lin was. They began to gather together with Wang Lin in the lead.

The old man's gaze landed on Wang Lin. Not only him, but all eight remaining cultivators looked over with killing intent. It seemed a bloody battle was about to erupt.

However, just at this moment, the middle-aged scholar at the third Heaven's Blight stepped forward and whispered something in the old man's ear. The old man's eyes narrowed and he looked at the ground and at the platform on the back of the ancient god. Then his gaze swept by Wang Lin's group.

"You, come here!" The old man pointed at one of the cultivators beside Wang Lin. He was someone who had managed to steal a platform, and after being pointed by the old man, his face turned pale.

After hesitating, he didn't dare not come out. He stepped out and clasped his hands at the old man. He then respectfully said, "Junior greet Esteemed Ling Dong!"

"Oh? You recognize this old man!" There was no anger on the old man's face.

The cultivator quickly said, "The name of Esteemed Ling Dong is famous in my Ancient Star System, so of course Junior knows."

"Go break the seal on the back of the ancient god. If you can break 10% of it, I'll let you live!" the old man slowly said, but his words were filled with power and were impossible to reject.

The cultivator's expression immediately changed, making it seem like he was struggling. After a moment, he nodded and took a deep breath. His hand formed a seal and he began casting a spell as he charged at the platform on the back of the ancient god.

In a flash, the cultivator arrived before the ancient god and looked at the platform filled with red fog. After a long time, he clenched his teeth, his right hand formed a seal, and a shadow appeared. The shadow formed a right hand, and it immediately hit the fog. The fog roared and instantly turned into a big mouth. It moved at an unimaginable speed toward the cultivator to devour him.

There was no chance to dodge at all and a miserable scream echoed. The cultivator was devoured and dragged into the fog. Screams continued to echo, shocking everyone. "It is indeed a dao spirit! I just don't know what rank!" The old man who was half a step into the third step was filled with joy. He took a step and arrived next to the red fog. He waved his right hand at the fog.

Just as his hand was about to land, a roar came from the fog once more. The fog churned violently, formed a devilish shadow, and blew out some red fog. The red fog was extremely fast, and it charged toward the old man. They collided with a thunderous bang and the old man's face suddenly changed. He immediately retreated hundreds of feet before he stopped.

"At leasts rank 6!! Unfortunately, there is a restriction on it!"

"It is the Ancient Soul Restriction!" The third Heaven's Blight middle-aged scholar's eyes lit up. When he spoke, another middle-aged man among the remaining seven narrowed his eyes as if he had spotted some clues. 

Esteemed Ling Dong looked at the red fog on the platform and said, "Ancient Soul Restriction… This old man doesn't know much about restrictions. How confident are you in breaking it?"

The middle-aged scholar hesitated a bit and said, "Well… Only 20%..."

Esteemed Ling Dong frowned. "20%!" 

Wang Lin still calmly watched all of this unfold. He had already noticed the restriction on the red fog ever since he arrived. This restriction was indeed the Ancient Soul Restriction, but it had other restrictions mixed in as well. It was not easy to break! He remained silent and wanted to see how these nine people would break it.

Just as Esteemed Ling Dong frowned and was pondering, an old man in green walked forward. He clasped his hands and said, "Esteemed Ling Dong, I'm a bit confident in breaking this restriction, it's just that after breaking it…" He didn't finish speaking and looked at Esteemed Ling Dong.

Esteemed Ling Dong said, "If you can break the restriction, you can have any other treasures beside the dao spirit! Also, you can take most of the treasure these little cultivators got from the platforms."

The eyes of the old man in green overflowed with ecstasy and he said, "Rest assured, this old man has been studying restrictions since childhood. Others may not say it, but there is no restriction this old man can't break! Even Fellow Cultivator Xiao Jing is not my match!"

His gaze swept by the middle-aged scholar. The scholar revealed a smile and clasped his hands. "What Senior Gao said is correct; I'm only a latecomer compared to Senior."

The old man in green laughed and proudly said, "Restrictions are the origin of formations. This old man has studied them for nearly 10,000 years and has seen the grand path. I have developed a method that can break all restrictions! Also, the restriction inside the fog is not some Ancient Soul Restriction. This old man has delved into restrictions and has never heard of Ancient Soul Restrictions!" After he spoke, he charged at the red fog. When he was within a few dozen feet of it, his right hand formed a seal and then he waved it, causing restriction lights to flash.

An instant later, a giant rune appeared. This rune was formed by restrictions, and it shined brightly. Its momentum seemed to be able to confront the red fog, and the roars coming from within the red fog stopped. It was as if there was a gust of wind, and the red fog retreated a bit.

The old man became even more proud as he pointed forward with a roar. The rune charged at the red fog.

"This old man…" As the old man roared, the rune charged at the red fog. However, before he could finish speaking, the red fog turned into a big mouth once more. It moved extremely fast and devoured the rune along with the old man in green.

His unfinished words became a miserable scream and echoed across the world.

Esteemed Ling Dong's face turned black. He didn't think that the old man who had gone in filled with confidence would only bring a result like this.

A giggle came from a cultivator beside Wang Lin. This giggle came from the fat cultivator. His laughter immediately caught Esteemed Ling Dong's gaze.

The fat cultivator quickly took a few steps forward past Wang Lin and he clasped his hands at Esteemed Ling Dong. His face was filled with a smile ashe said, "Junior Xu Fu greets Esteemed Ling Dong. This junior is a bit confident in breaking open the restriction. Junior has no connection to the people here; we just happened to be sent here together! Junior also has a secret to tell Senior. Among this group of people here, one of them is an Ethereal…"

"If you can break the restriction on this fog, I'll let you live, give you treasures, and let you follow me!" Esteemed Ling Dong interrupted the fat cultivator's words. He was not interested in the secret. All he wanted was the dao spirit inside. "Rest assured, I have observed the red fog for a long time. Although I'm not 100% confident in breaking it, with Senior's help, I'm 70% confident!" The fat cultivator was happy and turned around to coldly look at Wang Lin. He sneered with the corner of his mouth and charged at the red fog. He stopped 100 feet away from the fog and was filled with caution. His hand quickly worked the abacus and then the abacus broke. The beads flew out and turned into a restriction vortex. Then the fat cultivator took a deep breath and charged at the red fog. "Courting death!" Wang Lin looked at him calmly and sneered in his heart. He then looked up at the middle-aged scholar with the feather fan and saw a look of disdain.

"Although this person is only at the third Heaven's Blight, to be able to mix with these people means he is very cunning! Perhaps he also wants what's inside the fog…" Wang Lin's mind was like a demon's, and a restriction silently appeared under his foot...

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