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Chapter 1434 - Esteemed Heavenly Wolf

The crack that had suddenly appeared in the sky let out a heaven-shaking roar. This sound was not like a roar but more like the howl of a wolf. It caused Wang Lin's body that had already began merging with the world to be forced out!

All of this happened in a flash. The moment Wang Lin's body was forced out by the wolf howl, the giant hand reached over! It seemed like everything had been perfectly calculated from finding Wang Lin, predicting Wang Lin would use Spatial Bending, and then using this strange wolf howl to block Wang Lin's escape.

In an instant, the arm closed in!

The aura from the arm contained Joss Flames. The person who wanted to capture Wang Lin was not a second step cultivator but a third step cultivator! To be precise, it was someone who had just entered the third step. Someone like Daoist Water and Master Simo, at early stage of Nirvana Void!

In particular, that aura felt extremely tyrannical as it charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly turned around without hesitation. He waved his hand and a nail appeared in his grasp! This nail was black and gave off a sinister flash. There were even mournful roars coming from it.

This nail had been given to Wang Lin by the old man as a gift due to the old Vermillion Bird!

Wang Lin waved his hand without hesitation and the nail shot toward the palm. All of this happened in a flash. In an instant, the nail formed a gust of black wind and collided with the palm.

A thunderous bang echoed as the nail penetrated the palm and collapsed. As it collapsed, it spread across the entire palm like ink and extended toward the arm.

As the autumn wind blew, the arm trembled and dissipated into black ash.

The strength of the nail was outside of Wang Lin's expectation. Although the palm had dissipated, the tyrannical aura still hit him. Wang Lin coughed out blood as he viciously waved his hand. The Ancient Leaf flew out like a meteor toward the spatial rift!


The Ancient Leaf grew to more than 100 feet, 1,000 feet, 10,000 feet and instantly sealed the spatial rift!

Roars came from the rift as Wang Lin took a step forward and merged with the world. In a flash, he disappeared using Spatial Bending!

Three breaths after he left, the Ancient Leaf sealing the rift turned into specks of light and dissipated.

Wang Lin stepped out somewhere in the Ancient Star System. His right hand formed a seal and he said, "Fallen Leaf, return to your roots!"

A flash of crystal light appeared before him and turned into the Ancient Leaf, and he took it. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes as he quickly rushed forward. He used Spatial Bending again and disappeared without a trace.

"I can't return to the spatial crack in the Cloud Sea in my current state. The pursuit of the Sovereign Council has begun again. That's fine, I have lived my life in danger, I don't fear a mere bounty by the Sovereign Council. I want to see how many powerful cultivators will be lured out!

"While being hunted, I'll use the devour spell to recover my cultivation!" Wang Lin sneered.

After the Ancient Leaf disappeared from the spatial rift above the abandoned planet, a figure walked out!

This person was a burly man about 30 feet tall. His upper body was bare and he had a ferocious expression. His gaze was ruthless and cold. Above his brows was a mark. It was a ferocious green wolf!

Under the command of the Sovereign Council, one of the four vicious Ancient Star System clans, the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan!

He wasn't by himself, there was a girl sitting on his shoulder. The girl was wearing red and had a charming appearance. Her beautiful face was like a peach and her eyebrows were elegant. Just a raise of her hand could charm the minds of many.

There was also a mark between her eyebrows. This mark was extremely strange, and if Wang Lin saw this, he would recognize this as the mark belonging to the extremely mysterious Sealing Extermination Clan!

Back in the Seven-Colored Realm, Wang Lin met an old man from the Sealing Extermination Clan, and he had made Wang Lin face a life and death crisis! In particular, that dao spell was engraved into Wang Lin's memory!

This girl hadn't reached the third step yet and was only at the third Heaven's Blight. She held a compass in her hand and bowed a few times. Then she looked up and smiled. "Directly east, 197,845 kilometers! However, your right arm is poisoned and your combat power has been decreased by 30%. Without my help, that poison will not be easy to force out."

The burly man let out a cold snort and took a step forward. The world trembled and the abandoned planet trembled. The earth collapsed and was torn apart in a flash!

The planet collapsed as the burly man took a step into the void, causing a powerful shockwave began to spread. However, before it could spread far, the burly man's left hand reached out and grabbed the destructive force. This force was formed into a ball of light, and he threw it forward.

The ball of light landed in the void and caused the void to twist, forming a black hole. The burly man stepped into the black hole.

Wang Lin was moving with Spatial Bending through the Ancient Star System. Just as he appeared, he raised his hand and threw the Ancient Leaf behind him without any hesitation.

Just at this moment, a black hole appeared in the space behind him. The burly man's figure began to appear.

However, just as the black hole appeared, the Ancient Leaf suddenly landed on it.

"Seal!" Wang Lin's indifferent word echoed, but his eyes flashed. He faintly saw the girl on the shoulder of the burly man, and the mark between her eyebrows shocked him! Wang Lin silently disappeared.

Roars came from the black hole like crazy and thunderous rumbles echoed, but the Ancient Leaf remained unmoving! A moment later, another black hole appeared not far from the Ancient Leaf and the burly man from the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf clan walked out. He gloomily turned around and looked at the Ancient Leaf.

When he looked at it, the leaf turned into crystal light and dissipated.

"Damn it, what kind of treasure is this!? Master Simo has battled with this person, why didn't he say anything!? Also, that Grandmaster Yun Luo immediately went into closed door cultivation after returning!"

"You must not underestimate this person. If not for the fact that he is seriously injured, it wouldn't be easy for you to capture him with your cultivation level…" The maiden smiled and looked down at the compass in her hand.

"Northwest, 378,496 kilometers!"

The burly man coldly looked at the girl on his shoulder. Although he was at the third step, he didn't want to offend this girl too much. This girl was the maid of Dao Master Miao Yin, one of the five masters of the Ancient Star System. She had come to him herself to help him capture and kill Wang Lin.

He said, "Your master should have gone to the Ancient Order Tomb. What is your purpose for looking for me?" The burly man was in no rush to chase after Wang Lin.

"It's unsure if it is the Ancient Order Tomb, but after checking the ancient records, we are somewhat certain… Forget my master, most of the powerful cultivators in the Ancient Star System have gone there. Forget about this, that person is more than a million kilometers away. If you don't pursue, he will escape too far." The girl smiled and looked even more charming.

The burly man didn't speak and coldly stared at the girl.

"Fine, fine, I'll speak. Once you capture him, you have to let me take something from him. If you agree, the Dao Sovereign will award you a rank 6 dao spirit as thanks." The girl blinked and smiled.

The burly man silently pondered for a bit. He didn't speak but took a step forward.

"Northwest, 2,798,461 kilometers! Eh, its one of your Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan's branches."

The burly man let out a cold snort and the space before him was torn. His figure disappeared.

Wang Lin stepped out of the distorted space in the Ancient Star System. There were six cultivation planets arranged in a circle before him, and there was a formation set around them. It was a clan in the Ancient Star System.

At a glance, there was an illusory wolf head flashing on the formation. It was like a sign telling all the cultivators that passed by which clan this area belonged to.

"Wolf?" Wang Lin thought about the wolf howl coming from the spatial rift.

Wang Lin let out a snort and quickly charged toward the six cultivation planets. His body suddenly expelled blood fog which eventually shrouded his body. It was as if his flesh, origin soul, and soul had all turned into this devouring red fog!

The blood mist instantly became more than 100,000 feet wide and continued to expand. It rumbled as it charged into the branch of the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan!

The formation flashed violently but wasn't able to stop the blood mist's invasion. The blood mist formed by Wang Lin charged into a cultivation planet.

Mournful screams echoed and spread out like crazy. However, in just a moment, these cries stopped and it became dead silent.

All the cultivators above a certain cultivation level were surrounded by the mist. Their entire bodies were turned into blood and were then absorbed.

The red mist quickly spread toward the remaining cultivation planets. The people's mournful cries normally can't spread beyond the planet, but due to the large amount of voices, they spread across the stars!

These six cultivation planets were a new branch created by the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan, and there were no mortals on them, just cultivators. When the red mist swept by, a majority of them died! 

A black hole appeared among the stars and the burly man from the Esteemed Heavenly Wolf Clan stepped out of it. The moment he stepped out, he could hear the mournful screams enter his years. His body trembled and monstrous killing intent appeared in his eyes.

With a roar, the burly man charged forward, and the sky seemed to collapse as he charged! Behind him, the projection of a giant green wolf appeared!

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