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Chapter 1433 - Was He Really the Sovereign?

There was an inexplicable force that made Wang Lin choose but also not choose after facing this indescribable struggle. He turned into a ray of light and left.

Dao Master Blue Dream had made Wang Lin chose once before, and the first generation Vermillion Bird had made Wang Lin chose a second time. These instances had allowed his dao heart to match the of a master of a generation.

More importantly, if he hadn't entered Master Simo's memory and seen someone who had a similar life but chose the different path, Wang Lin might have chosen to stay… to become the Sovereign's slave… The Sovereign's words had hit Wang Lin's weak point!

After leaving the Fire Sparrow Clan, the collapse of the holy land created a devastating fire that raged in all directions. The fire destroyed nearly half the Fire Sparrow Clan, and the monstrous fire glowed behind Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles came from the distance and shook the star domain, but Wang Lin didn't awaken from his daze.

His heart seemed to be torn apart and pain filled his body.

After an unknown amount of time, the confusion in Wang Lin's eyes gradually dissipated and was replaced with bleakness. The injury inside him had reached a point where he had to recover or else his cultivation would irreversibly regress.

After reaching his cultivation level, an ordinary injury would be no problem, but once he was seriously injured, it was a serious matter. If he was a bit careless, his cultivation level would fall.

Fortunately, as an ancient god, the recovery of his physical body was extremely powerful. This was an obvious difference between him and ordinary cultivators. Some injuries that might require other 100 years to recover would take Wang Lin much less time to heal.

"Wan Er, believe me, I'll personally awaken you… Then, together with Ping Er, we can live in a mountain village somewhere where no one knows us, and we will quietly spend a lifetime… I also want to teach Ping Er how to carve, to pass down my father's craft…" Wang Lin murmured, and he suddenly felt homesick. He wanted to see the star system of his home.  Although the Ancient Star System was very lage, he felt no sense of belonging here.

In this vast star system, one couldn't see the end. The stars were bright but emitted no warmth, there was only a feeling of coldness. Wang Lin felt a powerful sense of loneliness in his heart.

Wang Lin had spent 2,000 years alone. He had grown accustomed to being lonely. His indifferent expression wasn't something he made deliberately; it was just after spending 2,000 years alone, he didn't know any other expression.

He only knew indifference… He rarely smiled… The only thing that remained was the sorrow that couldn't be erased hidden deep under his indifferent eyes. It was sorrow that had accompanied him all his life.

Feeling bitter, Wang Lin's injuries became even worse. He staggered as he took a step and merged with the world using Spatial Bending. He crossed an immeasurable distance and then appeared outside an abandoned planet.

Perhaps this cultivation planet was brilliant once, or maybe a powerful cultivator had been born here. However, now all its past glory was gone with the wind, leaving only the gravel and the cities void of spiritual energy.

Just like an old man who had reached the end of his life, struggling, grasping, unwilling to give up his last breath. The east side of the planet was in autumn, and the cold, autumn wind slowly blew by. The leaves rolled across the ground, their yellow color like the spots on an old man's face, giving off the feeling of desolation.

As the autumn leaves flew in the wind, one could see a river in the distance between the leaves. A white figure was sitting beside the river, allowing the yellow, autumn leaves to blow past.

Wang Lin looked at the surface of the water. Some of the autumn leaves had been sent here by the wind and floated on the river. After they been soaked, they drifted into the distance.

The wind had brought them here into the water, and they would never be able to return to their homeland. They would be sent to some unknown place and, perhaps after a few seasons, become part of the river bed. If they had souls, perhaps their souls would fly out of the river and return to their homeland.

The river reflected Wang Lin's figure and clearly reflected his appearance. The pale face, the indifferent gaze, and the sadness in his eyes all seemed to integrate into the river and flow far away.

Wang Lin murmured softly, "It's time to go home…"

There was another path home beside the Sealed Realm Formation. It was the jade given to him by the mysterious woman in the spatial crack in the rank 9 region of the Cloud Sea Star System.

Back then, the woman had said that she would help him explore a place and then gave Wang Lin this jade. Once he used the jade, he would return back into the spatial crack.

Wang Lin had studied the jade many times. There were many restrictions inside, some that not even he could see through.

It seemed like many of the restrictions inside were not things cultivators of this world could master; they seemed to come from another world.

However, Wang Lin was a grandmaster at restrictions. Although he couldn't completely see through then, he could tell that the jade had a 70% chance of sending him back into that spatial crack!

Holding the jade, Wang Lin didn't open it but placed it back into his storage space. A certain amount of power was required to activate this jade, but this was secondary. More importantly, he wouldn't appear before the mysterious woman in his current state.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin looked at the blue sky and muttered to himself,

"Was he really the Sovereign…"

After he seriously injured the middle-aged man inside the seven-colored flame, the man had admitted that he was the Sovereign. However, after calming down, Wang Lin couldn't help but wonder.

That person's cultivation was very powerful. He could fight off the Vermillion Bird origin spirit, use Fishing the Moon in the Well, knew about Master Simo, and knew about Wang Lin. Add all this up and he could be the cunning Sovereign.

"His cultivation is fire and he has the seven-colored Vermillion Bird. He should be the traitorous third Vermillion Bird… But is he really the Sovereign…" The reason Wang Lin had guessed the third Vermillion Bird was the Sovereign was because the Sovereign was the most mysterious person in the Ancient Star System. No one knew which clan he belonged to!

In addition to this, back in the Demon Spirit Land, Wang Lin once met a person. Later he found out that this person was the Sovereign's disciple! This person used fire spells!

That fire spell was not something an ordinary person could cast. It was clear that it was someone who was reaching the edge of the fire essence.

All of this made Wang Lin come up with a good guess. Combining some other clues, Wang Lin had determined that the traitorous third Vermillion Bird was the Sovereign!

It was because of this that the Sovereign Council knew about the truth of the Fallen Land and didn't dare to do anything!

However, after seeing the Sovereign personally, Wang Lin became suspicious.

"Qing Lin once said that the Sovereign's essence was the essence of origin! However, that person never used the law of origin… Most importantly, the Sovereign has cultivated for tens of thousands of years. He is extremely cunning and has schemed against the Inner Realm many times. The middle-aged man that admitted he was the Sovereign didn't seem to have the aura of someone like that… It was as if he wasn't really that powerful…"

Wang Lin frowned, after pondering a bit, he still couldn't find the answer. He let out a sigh and no longer thought about this. He then took out the few remaining pills he had and swallowed them all. Then he closed his eyes and began to cultivate.

The autumn wind blew and Wang Lin's figure slowly became blurry. It was as if he had merged with his surroundings. Even if a cultivator came, they wouldn't notice that there was someone sitting at the side of the lake. 

Time slowly passed. In the blink of any eye, three days went by. Wang Lin's origin soul's injuries didn't improve, but it was no longer deteriorating. However, a majority of his physicals injuries had recovered,

Ignoring his spells, with just his 6-star ancient god power, he was at around 50% of his peak. Wang Lin knew he was short on time. He had seriously injured that person that he suspected to be the Sovereign and must have set off a huge wave in the Ancient Star System. Surely there were people pursuing him now, and there was also that bounty on him.

As for the Fallen Land, it had already been sealed by others. If he were to rush back now, he won't be able to enter, he'd just fall into a trap!

That's why he had done all he could to recover his cultivation.

However, on this day, while Wang Lin was cultivating, he suddenly opened his eyes, revealing a glint of coldness. His heart felt a strange sense of shock. This was an early warning sense he had developed after reaching his current cultivation level!

"Something is wrong!" Wang Lin stood up and looked around. His expression became gloomy. The surroundings had become completely silent; even the autumn wind had disappeared.

Right now it was night, and the bright moon was hanging in the sky. The moonlight fell on the earth, allowing Wang Lin to see the fine ripples on the river spread out.

The autumn leaves that were falling into the river also began to rotate in a circle.

Without hesitation, Wang Lin took a step forward and the world distorted, ripples echoing around him. With this step, he should have dissipated and merged with the world. Just as he was about to merge with the world, the sky rumbled and changed colors. A giant crack suddenly appeared.

A powerful pressure descended upon this abandoned planet and a giant hand reached out from inside the crack. It rapidly extended toward Wang Lin, who was about to merge with the world!

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