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Chapter 142 – A Body of Treasures

Wang Lin flew at a low altitude near the bottom of the sea with a flag in his hand. This was a soul flag with over 100 souls sealed inside, including the soul of Sang Muya from earlier. The soul flag used to belong to Sang Muya and he didn’t expect it to be his own grave.

After talking with Sang Muya, Wang Lin learned that everything within a one million kilometer radius was considered the outer rim of the Sea of Devils. There were countless large and small sects in this area, and the Fighting Evil Sect was one of them.

The highest level cultivator of the sect was the sect head, Liu Sen, who was Sang Muya’s ancestor. He was at the peak of mid stage Core Formation and was somewhat famous in this area.

The outer rim of the Sea of Devils was very lacking in resources with very few spirit veins. There were very few Nascent Soul cultivators here as many weren’t willing to live in this area. Most of them lived in the middle section of the Sea of Devils.

In addition to all of this, Wang Lin also learned that there weren’t any spirit beast bones in the outer rim of the Sea of Devils. Those powerful spirit beasts all lived in the middle section of the, and even if one were to wander out here, it was not something the demonic cultivators that lived here could kill.

But Wang Lin still managed to obtain some useful information. Within the outer rim of the Sea of Devils, there were three danger zones. One of the three danger zones, the Corpse Valley, had many beast bones. If nearby sects needed such materials, they would go there.

The strange thing was that every so often, new corpses of newly dead spirit beasts would appear in the Corpse Valley. Some of these spirit beasts were very powerful when they were alive. There was actually no explanation for how they appeared there, much less how they died in the Corpse Valley.

Although the Corpse Valley was mysterious, as long as one doesn’t enter the central part of the valley, then generally nothing dangerous happens.

As for the bone Sang Muya was using to deal with his senior apprentice brother, it came from the Corpse Valley. It was made from the bones of a mysterious crow beast. After studying it for a long time, Wang Lin found that this poison only worked on Foundation Establishment cultivators. The effect was drastically weaker against more powerful cultivators.

Wang Lin’s current destination was the Corpse Valley. He quickly flew toward the direction Sang Muya pointed to.

What he saw when he arrived outside the Corpse Valley were countless mountain ranges. There were tall and low mountains, and where the mountain ranges met, there were large and small valleys.

This was the Corpse Valley.

The fog here was very thin and didn’t affect visibility at all. However, as Wang Lin entered, he felt Yin energy that was very different in terms of quality to the energy outside.

Wang Lin immediately formed a seal and began to chant, then slivers of light gathered before him. Eventually, they formed a ball of white light, but right after it appeared, it began to change colors until it finally settled and became blue.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. This was the technique to determine the type of Yin energy in the area. Based on the color of the ball, it would tell him which of the four Yin energies it was. There were four colors: purple, blue, silver, and red, which represented heaven, earth, mysterious, and death Yin.

Since the light was blue, then this place contained the very rare earth Yin energy.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and pointed forward. The ball of light immediately flew forward. Wang Lin slowly followed behind the ball of light and observed its color as he searched for beast bones.

Wang Lin’s divine sense found several cultivators inside the Corpse Valley, but they were all focused on looking for beast bones. Even if they were to meet, all they would do was nod at each other as they passed by.

Wang Lin pondered a little. There wasn’t only one Corpse Valley but countless ones of varying sizes. There were fewer cultivators deep inside the valley, meaning there was a higher chance of finding beast bones there.

After passing through the nine valleys, there were much more remains of beasts. Some of them were terrifyingly large as they took up a majority of the valley.

Wang Lin was standing on top of a giant beast corpse, but after examining it for a while, he gave up on the idea of taking it away. Although this corpse was large, there wasn’t spiritual energy in the bones, meaning this wasn’t a spirit beast. It just had a large body.

As he got closer and closer to the center of the Corpse Valley, the deeper the color of the ball of light became. After he passed the ninth valley, he no longer saw any cultivators, and the amount of corpses increased.

Wang Lin paused in the ninth valley for a while. He was very careful and had his divine sense spread out. For some reason, after he arrived at the ninth valley, he felt that it was different from the previous eight. He couldn’t clearly say what was different, but he felt as if countless pairs of eyes were gathered on him the moment he entered.

Wang Lin sneered in his heart as he swept the surroundings with his Ji Realm Divine sense. The eyes on him immediately disappeared and the valley became silent again.

Wang Lin pondered for a bit, then casually collected beast bones before moving to the tenth valley. When he arrived at the thirteenth valley, the ball of light split into two.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He knew that this meant that the quality of Yin energy had broken past rank 10 normal quality and entered rank 1 good quality. Waves of Yin were coming from the 14th valley. Wang Lin felt his body stiffen.

Wang Lin looked around and let out a sigh. In truth, this was the best place for him to go into closed door cultivation. However, although this place looked calm, for it to be considered one of the three danger zones, it must have its dangers. Wang Lin didn’t dare to go into closed door cultivation for long no matter how good the conditions were. Before he fully understands this place, he won’t stay here for long unless he absolutely has to.

He hesitated for a bit. He had already collected a few beast bones. Although their quality wasn’t very high, they should at least be able to increase the power of the nine skeleton formation a bit.

But he was a bit unwilling to walk away now. From his current position, he could see just how big the fourteenth valley was. This fourteenth valley was clearly different from the 13 before it. Its size was almost the same as the previous 13 combined.

In addition to all of this, what was most strange about the 14th valley was that there were no corpses in sight. The entire ground was covered in shining blue frost that looked very mysterious.

From a distance, Wang Lin could see that the fourteenth valley wasn’t the center of the Corpse valley; it could only be considered the halfway point. Wang Lin shook his head and decided to head back.

Just as he was about to leave, a roar came from the distance and a giant dragon over 1,000 feet long appeared from the fog.

Wang Lin’s expression changed as he took a few steps back and entered the ground. His divine sense spread out and was locked onto the giant dragon.

The dragon’s body was very large. As it moved its body, it created huge gusts of wind. In one jump, it crossed 13 valleys and entered the fourteenth valley.

As the giant dragon passed over Wang Lin, a large amount of fresh blood fell from the sky. Wang Lin looked up and saw that there was a giant wound on the dragon’s stomach. The wound covered half of the dragon’s body length.

Wang Lin looked at the direction the dragon came from and saw a trail of blood. It seemed the dragon was bleeding non-stop on the way here.

The dragon stopped above the fourteenth valley and seemed indifferent about the amount of blood he was shedding as he let out one last roar. The moment this roar came out, the air around the dragon rippled and spread out like waves in the ocean.

The bones in the other valleys were turned to dust and were pushed outward by the air waves.

Wang Lin could feel that three inches of the ground were peeled off. He was extremely shocked. This dragon was probably even stronger than a Nascent Soul cultivator.

This roar lasted for one hour before the dragon’s eyes dimmed. It used the last of its strength to smash into the blue ice on the ground and dug into it.

At this moment, Wang Lin jumped out of the ground and charged toward the dragon without any hesitation. In the blink of an eye, he had entered the fourteenth valley. As he floated in the air, he grabbed the tail of the sinking dragon and pulled with all his might.

He only heard crackling sounds as the dragon’s body was pulled out by him. His heart pounded as he carried the heavy body and flew out of the Corpse Valley.

The dragon was too heavy. Even when using all the spiritual energy in his body, he could just barely carry it. He could hear his own bones compressing under the pressure, but when he thought about obtaining the body of a dragon that had just died, Wang Lin completely ignored the pain.

After shakily flying out of the Corpse Valley, Wang Lin could see the cultivators that were collecting bones on the outer rim. All of them had activated defensive treasures as they looked at him. They were stunned.

These cultivators were used to these kinds of things happening, so the moment the dragon appeared, they all scattered, opened up their defensive treasures, and found a sturdy place to hide. Even so, there were still people who had their bodies shattered by the roar.

In order to survive, not only would they need a certain level of cultivation but also a quick mind. These people were here year round as they relied on selling the bones from the Corpse Valley for a living.

Because they were here year round, they did sometimes see spirit beasts dying inside the valley, but this was the first time they had seen someone carry out the body of a spirit beast that had just died.

They have never even heard of it, let alone seen it. However, this person had not only done it, but was carrying a complete dragon corpse.

A complete body that hadn’t rotted! At this moment, most of the cultivators had lost their reasoning and revealed looks of greed.

Wang Lin could feel countless eyes looking at him. He let out a cold snort as he stepped on the ground and went underground using the earth escape technique with the entire dragon.

The moment he sunk down, his Ji Realm divine sense shot out. All of the cultivators here were below the Core Formation stage, so every single one of them died.

The dragon’s body was simply too large. Even though he was constantly drinking spirit liquid, he couldn’t move very fast. He could only ever so slowly move toward the cave as he was carrying the dragon.

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