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Chapter 143 – Three Cold Cores

It took Wang Lin ten days to slowly move from the Corpse Valley back to the cave. After he appeared outside the cave, he carefully checked his surroundings. When he was sure that nothing was wrong, he came out and dragged the dragon out with him.

The ground shook and alerted Li Muwan. She opened the formation and poked her head out after Wang Lin called her. However, the moment she poked her head out, her eyes were drawn to the 1,000 foot long dragon. She was dumbfounded for a long time.

Wang Lin dragged the dragon into the formation and said to Li Muwan, “Would the bones of this dragon be enough for the formation?”

Li Muwan nodded in a daze as her mind was a complete mess. She had seen records of this type of dragon. They were powerful enough to kill late stage Nascent Soul cultivators and their entire bodies could be considered treasures.

Inside the head of the dragon was a dragon pill. It was a natural pill that only needed a bit of refinement to become a real pill that will increase cultivation. The dragon’s skin was top quality material for making armor and the dragon’s bones and tendons were also rare materials. The most precious material of all though was the marrow.

The quality of the marrow depended on the age of the dragon. The older the dragon, the less marrow. Once it reaches a certain age, it will become a dragon pill.

The dragon pill was something even ancient cultivators would dream of. It would allow one to obtain a dragon’s body and allow them to switch back and forth. Also, from that point on, they will never reach a bottleneck when cultivating.

However, for a dragon to form a dragon pill, it would need to be alive for 9,990,000 years. This was why no exact records of the dragon pill existed. Its effects were still only rumors and legends.

After passing the dragon to Li Muwan, he no longer bothered with it and went on his way. He had obtained everything he needed besides a furnace in this trip, but he learned that there was a place called the Treasure Refining Pavilion where he could buy one.

The Treasure Refining Sect had a lot of shops all over the Sea of Devils. The closest one was in North Dipper city, 40,000 kilometers away. However, things like a pill furnace usually cost a lot, and after hearing Sang Muya say that the head of the Fighting Evil Sect had spent almost all of the sect’s spirit stones for one pill furnace, he gave up on the idea of going to buy one.

He decided to put the matter of the furnace aside for now. Because they had the dragon’s bones, the nine skeleton formation will be strong enough to provide them decent protection. Wang Lin was going to go into closed door training, aiming for the Core Formation stage.

Wang Lin sat down in one of the stone rooms and sealed it with a large rock. Then he took out 30 flying swords and pointed at the ground. The flying swords immediately flew into the ground and started digging a tunnel to the bottom of the mountain.

Wang Lin’s eyes became serious as he shot out some spiritual energy that became a ball of fire. The color of the fire gradually became light blue. Wang Lin slightly frowned, but his face immediately lightened up. Rank 1 common Earth Yin. Although it couldn’t compare to the Corpse Valley, it was more than enough for common cold cores.

His body moved and jumped into the bottom of the pit. It reached rank 3 common Earth Yin. This was clearly the limit, so he put out the ball of fire and began to cultivate.

Wang Lin had already learned the Underworld Ascension Method once, so he was able to quickly pick it up again.

Time slowly passed and three days later, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes revealed a contemplating expression before he took out the heaven defying bead and gathered the spirit liquid.

Time quickly passed by. Aside from cultivating, Wang Lin only gathered the spirit liquid from the heaven defying bead every day. Once he had gathered enough dew, he would spend part of the day cultivating inside the heaven defying bead with the spirit liquid.

As a result, his progress was very rapid. It only took him one month to form two cold cores. He only needed to form the last one to attempt to reach the Core Formation stage.

This last cold core would take longer to make. After all, he had only formed two cold cores last time. However, he was at the peak of late stage Foundation Establishment, so at least it wouldn’t take him years of cultivation for it to finally form.

Wang Lin was confident that he could form his third cold core within three months. As a result, he wasn’t in a rush at all. Aside from cultivating and gathering spirit liquid, he found time every day to nurture some devils.

Wang Lin had tried many times, but he couldn’t imprint his divine sense onto the devil, so he had to work around it by slowly nurturing them.

Speaking of the devil, he was of great use for Wang Lin. He slowly took out souls from the soul flag and fed them to the devil. All of the souls inside this soul flag were cultivators from the Sea of Devils, and a majority of them were disciples of the Fighting Evil Sect. According to Sang Muya, all of these souls belonged to people who fought with him for the attention of their master. After they were killed by him, he sealed their souls inside.

Time slowly passed, and by the time the devil had devoured most of the souls in the soul flag, a sliver of Wang Lin’s divine sense developed inside the devil.

The devil itself hadn’t realized that this sliver of Wang Lin’s divine sense had developed within itself as it thought about ways to escape.

Three months had passed since he had gone into closed door cultivation. The prototype for his third cold core had already formed. In these three months, he had gone outside several times. The room Li Muwan was in was filled with materials. She even managed to get some soil from somewhere and planted some spirit herbs. There was also a formation of low and medium quality spirit stones laid out around the spirit herbs to ensure they had enough spiritual energy to grow.

A small pill furnace was placed in the center of the room with a pile of failed pills beside it. Li Muwan had started refining pills when Wang Lin had gone into closed door cultivation.

Aside from the failures on the ground, there were also jades scattered on the floor. Whenever Li Muwan get stuck or had some inspiration, she would immediately search through the jades.

Of the four rooms inside the cave, one was used for Wang Lin’s cultivation, one was for alchemy, one was for growing plants, and the last one had been renovated into a shower room by Li Muwan.

The Sea of Devils was filled with fog, so the air was very humid. The inside the cave was no exception. Clothes will get wet very quick and stick to your body. Li Muwan was a girl, and adding on the sticky feeling the wet clothes gave her, she really couldn’t stand it anymore, so she put in a lot of effort to make this shower room.

Wang Lin didn’t care about the shower room at all because all he have to do was cycle his spiritual energy and all of the Yin energy would be sucked into his cold core.

The nine skeleton formation’s power had greatly increased with the dragon’s bones. However, Li Muwan said that it should be called the nine dragon bone formation instead of the nine skeleton formation.

The moment the formation was turned on, it could trap a Core Formation cultivator for months, or block a Nascent soul cultivator for a few days. However, Li Muwan regretted that they couldn’t catch the dragon while it was alive, because if they had infused the dragon’s soul into the formation, it would be even stronger. Not only would it be able to defend, it would also be able to attack. Any Core Formation cultivator would die instantly, and a Nascent Soul cultivator would be forced away in a sorry state.

Unfortunately, the soul of a dragon was too hard to obtain, so she could only dream about it.

As for the dragon, Li Muwan took out the dragon’s pill and stored it until she obtains a better pill furnace. As for the skin, Li Muwan spent a month removing it from the dragon and stored it for later.

In addition to all of this, there were the dragon’s tendons. This was the third mysterious part of the dragon aside from the dragon’s pill and marrow. If a treasure refiner was here, they would be able to refine the tendons into weapons that could change their size at will and split into countless branches.

The last part was a small bottle of bone marrow. It was so precious that Li Muwan was scared of using it to refine pills. She handed these things over to Wang Lin and painfully withdrew her gaze.

Wang Lin kept the dragon’s marrow and veins and gave everything else to Li Muwan. With her tender hands, she made two inner armors from the dragon’s hide.

After Wang Lin put one on, he looked at the other one that was clearly made for a woman and threw it at Li Muwan. She let out a smile as she silently put it away in her bag of holding.

There was still a lot of dragon’s hide left after the armor was made, so Wang Lin put it all away to exchange for other resources in the future.

The entire dragon became various treasures.

Another month passed and Wang Lin finally formed his third cold core. The Yin energy cycled through the cold core at his head, chest, and dantian.

Wang Lin opened his eyes and revealed an excited look. He closed his eyes and decided to do it all in one go, so he fused the three cold cores into one.

Situ Nan had explained in detail before about the process of fusing the three cold cores into one. The fusion was divided into the initial step and completion. If he could reach the initial step, then he would truly be half a step into the Core Formation stage. If he were to take the Distant Heaven Pill at the same moment he completes the fusion, then he would have an 80% chance of reaching the Core Formation stage.

He didn’t let Li Muwan complete the Distant Heaven Pill because it required a better pill furnace and there was only one incomplete pill. He had to ensure the highest success rate of the pill being completed.

At the same time, he made the backup plan of using the demonic blood root to make a fake Distant Heaven Pill.

Before, he thought buying a pill furnace would be too expensive, but now that he had the dragon’s hide, he could try to get one. If it was still not enough, then he would do whatever was necessary to get a pill furnace. He took a deep breath and began to attempt fusing his cold cores.

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