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Chapter 1419 - Come!!

Wang Lin floated in the air and clasped his hands at the statue of the first generation Vermillion Bird. He then waved his right hand and the blood sword let out a sword hymn before flying back to Wang Lin.

His words revealed his determination. When the first generation Vermillion Bird heard this, he silently pondered.

Wang Lin looked at the sky. Fire burned in his left eye and thunder flashed in his right eye. They seem to support the entire world as he stood there as his voice echoed.

"Since I can't rely on others to resurrect Wan Er, then I can only rely on my own strength! Since the old Ancestor can't take my friends away, then I'll stay here and break through heaven on my own. I'll take my friends and ascend with them!"

His mighty words echoed across the world like rolling thunder.

If leaving this world was like becoming a celestial, then Wang Lin's words meant not only that was he going to become a celestial, but he was going to make all his friend celestials too!

After pondering for a bit, the first generation Vermillion Bird let out a sigh.

"Perhaps you're right… Forget it, you pass the Heaven Trial… I know you left a drop of Vermillion Bird blood on an abandoned planet and lured the Fire Sparrow Clan to take it… Your purpose should be the fire essence in the Fire Sparrow Clan… Your Vermillion Bird has awakened four times and you've given birth to Ethereal Fire. If you can devour the fire essence left by the traitorous third Vermillion Bird, your fire essence will increase greatly!

"Although the traitorous third Vermillion Bird was a fake, he was the most talented person I've seen. Although he was seriously injured by me, his cultivation was powerful and his mind cunning. He must have left himself a few safety measures to protect himself.

"This old man also suspects that he has another identity in the Ancient Star System. However, I'm unable to leave this place, so I can't investigate this matter. If you have plans for the Fire Sparrow Clan, you need to be careful of the traitorous third Vermillion Bird… He might be in closed door cultivation in the holy land of the Fire Sparrow Clan… If he is really there, then I'll give you this item condensed from my Vermillion Bird Endless Fire. With it, even if you meet the traitorous third Vermillion Bird, you can keep your life… If I'm wrong, then take this as a weapon to protect yourself!"

As the first generation Vermillion Bird spoke, the nine-colored fire between his eyebrows flashed. It condensed into a nine-colored feather that slowly flew at Wang Lin.

"The traitorous third Vermillion Bird has a treasure of my Vermillion Bird Clan, but he doesn't know the method to control it. I'll teach it to you, and if you have the power to take it back, I'll gift that treasure to you!"

The moment Wang Lin caught the nine-colored feather, a complex chant was engraved into his soul.

"Try to keep the members of the Fire Sparrow Clan alive, as they have great use to me! I'll help you make that Vermillion Bird blood you left on the abandoned planet more real. No one but the third generation Vermillion Bird would see through it. You can leave." The first generation Vermillion Bird's voice gradually became more faint until eventually it disappeared. The statue lost its vitality and seemed to turn into a dead object.

Wang Lin looked at the statue of the first generation Vermillion Bird, and after a moment, he bowed deeply. Then he turned around and disappeared.

On the Great Emperor Planet, the heaven incense stick seemed like it would burn forever without end. Time slowly passed, one breath, one breath… It had been a total of 23 breaths now!

Although Wang Lin's conversion with the first generation Vermillion Bird was long, thanks to the interference of the first generation Vermillion Bird, it was merely a few breaths of time outside.

Twenty-fourth breath!

Twenty-fifth breath!

The surrounding cultivators were all filled with shock. Master Simo frowned, and there was a flash of hostility on his face.

Grandmaster Yun Luo's right hand formed seals so fast that her hand formed afterimages as she calmly stared at Wang Lin.

Only the old Vermillion Bird had a gloomy expression. He vaguely guessed the purpose of the ancestor, that this trial was a test of identity… Twenty-sixth breath!

Twenty-seventh breath!

"Twenty-seven breaths!! This third Young Emperor was able to make the heaven incense stick last this long!"

"Look at his body. It just looked like he was facing a life and death crisis, but now he has calmed down!"

The surrounding cultivators began to debate. Every breath that past caused their minds to be shaken even more. Just at this moment, the fire from the heaven incense stick became monstrous and covered almost half the sky.

The monstrous fire charged at the small remaining part of the heaven incense stick. In just an instant, the remaining heaven incense stick had been burned clean.

This sudden change attracted the attention of all the surrounding cultivators. Even the old Vermillion Bird's eyes lit up, and he looked closely.

Although it sounds slow, it happened in an instant. The heaven incense stick was rapidly shrinking, and the fire was about to reach Wang Lin's body.

At this moment, Wang Lin's soul still hadn't returned. If he didn't return before the incense stick was burned clean, then even if he passed the trial, he would have failed in the eyes of the surrounding cultivators!

All of this happened in a flash. The sudden increase in the burning rate of the heaven incense stick was like an invisible force that attracted everyone's attention.

Under their gazes, the fire from the heaven incense stick quickly descended and devoured Wang Lin. The heaven incense stick had completely burned out!

"He didn't come out!! The third Young Emperor's soul didn't come out!!!"

"Did he fail? Hmph, I told you this trial was extremely difficult and he wouldn't succeed!"

"So what if his cultivation is monstrous? He still failed in this trial. I want to see how the first Young Emperor will save him."

The surrounding cultivators went into an uproar. Master Simo took a deep breath and joy appeared in his eyes. However, the moment the joy appeared, it drained away and was replaced with endless gloom.

Grandmaster Yun Luo's right hand was a bloody mess once more as she was interrupted once more. This time she wasn't interrupted by a strange force, but by an indifferent gaze coming from the burning incense stick!

The gaze was like fire and thunder, and the moment it appeared, it caused the world to rumble!

A black shadow gradually walked out of the burning stick and appeared before all the cultivators present!

Wang Lin walked out with a gloomy expression. The moment the heaven incense stick burned out, his soul returned to his body. Once he was back in his body, this fire was nothing to him. Under the shocked gazes of all the surrounding cultivators, Wang Lin waved his right hand and the fire behind him moved with him. It turned into a river of fire that wrapped around his right hand. Wang Lin clenched his fist and the river of fire collapsed, sending fire scattering in all directions. 

The scattering bits of fire were like fireflies with Wang Lin at the center. The nine-colored fire rotated rapidly in Wang Lin's left eye and turned into Ethereal Fire. In his right eye, the thunder tattoo had nine accompanying thunders rotating around it.

His clothes fluttered and his hair moved without wind. His gaze swept past all the surrounding cultivators!

At this moment, Wang Lin was like a celestial and a demon fused into one. An indescribable aura surged out from him, and all the injuries on his body healed. At the same time, an endless fire burned in his soul as endless power condensed his body!

All the cultivators that met his gaze felt their minds tremble, and huge waves were set off in their minds. They felt as if a fire was burning inside them, and the stronger their emotions became, the more powerful the fire became. In an instant, the fire was strong enough to burn them to ashes!

What was even more shocking was that once you were swept by Wang Lin's gaze, your mind and soul seemed to no longer belong to you. At this moment, you would feel as if the world was occupied by a giant thunder tattoo with nine different thunders around it trying to destroy your soul.

This feeling only lasted for an instant for most cultivators when Wang Lin's gaze swept by them. However, it was unforgettable, and that feeling of terror was something they could never forget!

Wang Lin was about to display his might!

Just one sweep of his gaze had caused the hearts of the surrounding 10,000 cultivators to tremble. Panic appeared in their eyes and they all lowered their heads. They actually didn't dare to look at Wang Lin.

In particular, those who were disrespectful to Wang Lin and had talked behind his back turned deathly pale. They clearly felt that as soon as Wang Lin willed it, their bodies would be burned to nothing and their origin souls would turn to ashes!

Wang Lin's gaze swept past these cultivators one by one. No matter what cultivation level they were at, Wang Lin could see the Ethereal Fire coming from them. The more their emotions fluctuated, the more intense the fire became!

A powerful feeling appeared in Wang Lin's eyes. A hint of killing intent appeared in his eyes as he waved his hand and the world rumbled. Ethereal Fire appeared in the bodies of all the surrounding cultivators. This fire gave off intense heat, and fear appeared in their eyes.

In an instant, the ethereal fire that had ignited within the 10,000 cultivators rushed out of their bodies and gathered toward Wang Lin, who was still on the back of the giant tortoise.

This scene was extremely shocking. The monstrous Ethereal Fire was like smoke, and it turned into a huge vortex and was absorbed by Wang Lin. The fire surrounded him and formed a monstrous firestorm!

This storm rotated rapidly and formed violent gusts of wind. The surrounding cultivators were all blown back 10,000 feet by this gust of wind.

"This is… gathering of external Ethereal Fire!!" The old Vermillion Bird's eyes widened and he was filled with shock.

Grandmaster Yun Luo's face was pale and her mind trembled. At this moment, if Wang Lin had a bead and a needle floating before him, then he would look exactly the same as the figure she had seen.

Wang Lin's body floated up inside the storm of Ethereal Fire. He looked down past Yun Luo and directly at the gloomy Master Simo.

"Master Simo, didn't you want to kill me? I'll give you the chance, come!" Wang Lin stretched out his right hand and taunted Master Simo.

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