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Chapter 1407 - I'm Not Willing!

This girl was wearing a yellow dress, and the two strands of hair beside her head wobbled with her, making her look very cute.

She wasn't extremely beautiful, but she was very delicate. Although she still had a childish gaze in her eyes, one could see her gentle nature underneath.

As the girl walked toward the mountain, she pouted and muttered to herself, "Alchemy is too difficult. Even though I am always being very attentive, I can never succeed.

"I wonder how Brother is doing. His talent is better than mine and he is being focused on by the sect. I have to work hard so he doesn't look down upon me." As the girl walked, she stopped and looked at a blade of grass that was giving off a soft moonlight. She quickly walked up and gently picked a few leaves. She didn't realize that a lonely figure had unknowingly appeared behind her.

Wang Lin stared at the girl before him. Although she looked different from how he knew her, he still recognized her at a glance.

A hint of tenderness gradually appeared in his eyes. As Wang Lin stood there, bitterness filled his heart.

After the girl picked up a few leaves of Water Moon Grass, she carefully put them into her bag of holding. When she was about to leave, she suddenly stopped and walked a few steps forward. She crouched down to push away some grass to find a small beast.

The small beast looked like a squirrel, and it seemed like it was dying. There was blood on its right leg. It looked like it had been bitten, and it was broken.

The girl exhaled and revealed a look of pity. She took out some herbs and crushed them before gently applying them to the little beast's wound.

However, these herbs were apparently not enough to allow the small beast to live. Its gaze dimmed as it had lost too much blood and was on the verge of death.

The girl became anxious. She gently picked up the small beast and turned around to go back to the alchemy room to find her master. However, just as she turned around, she screamed and quickly retreated, panic appearing in her eyes.

When she suddenly turned around, she naturally saw Wang Lin and was startled for a moment.

Seeing the girl's frightened expression, Wang Lin's heart trembled and he gently said, "Let me." He waved his hand and a ray of white light shot toward the small beast in the girl's arms. The small beast's wound recovered before her eyes, and even its dimmed eyes regained life.

The little beast that had recovered jumped out from the girl's arms. After landing on a branch, it looked back at the two of them and disappeared.

The girl took a deep breath and patted her chest. She looked curiously at Wang Lin and softly said, "Junior Li Muwan greets Senior. Which peak did Senior come from to find my master?"

Wang Lin shook his head. His gaze became even more gentle and he said, "I didn't come here looking for your master, I live here."

"Live here?' Li Muwan blinked.

Wang Lin smiled as he waved his sleeve and a gentle wind wrapped around Li Muwan. In an instant, the two of them disappeared. When they reappeared, they were at the peak of a mountain surrounded by clouds.

A cave had unknowingly appeared here.

Li Muwan's eyes widened as she looked at the cave, and she took a long time to recover. She then looked at Wang Lin, her eyes filled with wonder.

"Senior must be an old monster of my Luo He Sect… Err, not old monster, but hidden expert." Li Muwan smiled as she retreated a few steps. There was a hint of caution in her eyes.

There was no one here, and she was suddenly brought here by Wang Lin, so she was naturally nervous. Although Wang Lin didn't look evil, Li Muwan's heart still pounded.

"Junior… Junior came here under Teacher's order to pick some herbs. I have been out… for a long time. Teacher might get worried about me and come to find me. Junior should leave now." Li Muwan continued to retreat, and her words pointed out the fact that her teacher could come at any time.

Wang Lin smiled. He had never seen such an expression from Li Muwan before. He nodded.

Li Muwan quickly retreated and climbed down the mountain. It wasn't until she was off the mountain that she relaxed and looked back at the mountain peak.

"Senior Sister had said that all these old monsters have quirks and some like to cultivate with cultivation furnaces. He scared me to death! That old monster silently appeared and took me to the top of the mountain. Hmph, if I hadn't reacted quickly and brought up Teacher, I might've been in danger… However, that old monster looked very young and didn't seem like a bad person… Maybe I am overthinking it."

After muttering to herself for a bit, Li Muwan quickly left.

As Wang Lin stood on the mountain peak, his gaze could penetrate anything. He saw Li Muwan's expression and he could even clearly hear her words.

It wasn't until Li Muwan had left that Wang Lin withdrew his gaze. There was a hint of joy in his eyes, but this was accompanied by melancholy.

"Is this place really formed by my soul or… real… This place clearly doesn't exist in my memory…" Wang Lin let out a sign and no longer thought about this. He closed his eyes.

After a long time, he opened his eyes and whispered to himself, "I'm going to take another look and talk to her once more. Then I'll leave… And ignite the first incense stick."

Time slowly passed. One day, two days… In the blink of an eye, four days passed.

During these four days, Li Muwan didn't appear again. Wang Lin stayed on the top of the mountain, waiting. Just like how Li Muwan waited for his return, accompanied only by the zither music.

Wang Lin didn't cultivate during these four days but stared at the sky as he waited.

It wasn't until the afternoon of the fifth day that he heard a sound coming from the base of the mountain. Li Muwan quickly ascended up the mountain. She wiped the sweat off her forehead, and there was still fear and caution in her eyes. However, she clenched her teeth and walked toward Wang Lin. 

Wang Lin calmly looked at Li Muwan and revealed a gentle expression.

However, in Li Muwan's eyes, this gentleness made her subconsciously retreated a few steps and she became even more cautious.

"Sen… Senior, can you save it…" Li Muwan bit her lower lip and carefully took out a small beasts the size of her palm.

This small beast was like a cat, and it was still a child. It was trembling in Li Muwan's hands and is eyes were only opened a sliver. It seemed to want to open its eyes, but it had no strength.

Wang Lin laughed and nodded. He raised his right hand and touched the small beast. A white light flashed and vitality entered the small beast. Its eyes slowly opened and were filled with energy.

Li Muwan was surprised and gently stroked the small beast's fur. She looked at Wang Lin, and her caution gradually dissipated, but some still remained.

"Many thanks, Senior." Li Muwan's face was filled with joy and she bowed at Wang Lin. She quickly retreated down the mountain. It was obvious she was still on guard toward an old monster. If not for it being a last resort, she would not have come here.

After Li Muwan descended from the mountain, she looked back and muttered to herself, "That old monster probably isn't a bad person…" 

This was the second time Wang Lin had sent Li Muwan off, but the reluctance in his eyes became even stronger.

Just at this moment, the entire sky began to rumble and changed colors. The clouds rumbled and a giant vortex appeared.

This vortex rotated rapidly, stirring up the world and giving off an unimaginable sense of majesty!

This pressure was extremely shocking, and when it spread out, it covered the entire Human Trial. Strangely, nothing else in the world was aware of it at all. It was as if the world had changed just for Wang Lin, as if the vortex had appeared just for Wang Lin!

"Wang Lin! Why don't you quickly ignite the human incense stick? What are you waiting for?!" These words formed a storm and echoed across the world!

On the Great Emperor Planet, the old Vermillion Bird was worried that Wang Lin's soul was trapped inside and he couldn't pull himself out. He disregard the rule of the trial and pressed his hand against the first incense stick. His soul rushed into Wang Lin's soul and let out a roar.

"It isn't difficult to ignite the human incense stick. As long as I ignite the fire in my soul and burn this illusory world until nothing remains, the human incense stick will be ignited!


"I'm unwilling!!" Wang Lin raised his head. There was fire burning in his eyes as he looked at the vortex in the sky.

"To enter this place as a soul to hone the soul to erase the last hint of returning back to a mortal. Turn it into a burning force and cause the soul to born. This will be integrated into the soul to become a seed that will allow the Vermillion Bird to awaken a fourth time!

"However, burning my feelings as a mortal as the price is something I can't do!" Wang Lin looked up at the sky.

This was the land of his soul. Although the old Vermillion Bird was powerful, this trial ground created by a mysterious treasure was filled with a mysterious power that made it so he couldn't be here for long!

"You… this is only an illusion, it's not real. This old man has also come here before. You just need to destroy it and ignite the incense stick to leave. Why must you be so obsessive?" The old Vermillion Bird's voice was anxious and the vortex in the sky collapsed as his voice gradually dissipated.

The moment his voice dissipated, Wang Lin's voice entered the vortex.

"In my whole life, I never gave up the the lingering feelings in my heart. At the Ascendant stage, I chose to trigger divine retribution over giving it up. Burning this world isn't the only way to create the immortal fire seed in my soul!

"If the heavens will this and I must burn this world, then I'll defy the heavens. I'll take my own path, and instead of burning this world, I'll use my soul to create the fire of karma!!"

On the Great Emperor Planet, the old Vermillion Bird withdrew his hand. He looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh.

Although Master Simo didn't know what was going on inside the human trial, he seemed to have noticed a few things. He couldn't help but sneer. "Senior, it has been a long time. It seems the third Young Emperor had encountered an accident in the trial…"

Before he finished speaking, the old Vermillion Bird suddenly turned around and waved his hand. He slapped Master Simo once more.

Master Simo coughed out blood and his body was knocked back 100,000 feet.

"What accident? This old man's junior is going to use his karma to burn this incense stick. It is not something a bastard like you can understand!"

After finishing the slap, the old Vermillion Bird's anger lessened and he thought, "Karma, karma, good. This kid has guts to light the fire of karma. The first ancestor once said that using the immortal soul fire to reach Ethereal Fire is not the proper method, but only because igniting the fire of karma is extremely difficult. The Ancestor only succeeded thanks to the help of the Celestial Emperor, which why he never gave anyone else the choice! If this child can succeed, he will be the first after the first ancestor!"

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