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Chapter 1406 - Like the Soul of Sadness

That was basically himself!

The youth that had recited that arrogant poem and was holding the cup of wine looked almost exactly the same as Wang Lin!!

The only difference was the trace of time. Although Wang Lin looked young, he had lived for over 2,000 years, so there were traces of time on his body.

However, the youth drinking wine was filled with vitality and life. No matter how you looked at it, he was a mortal no more than 30 years old!

Wang Lin was frozen at the spot as he looked at the boat approaching. He watched the youth put down the cup and wipe away the wine from the corner of his mouth.

The servant behind the young man was in his 40s, and his head swayed as he said,

 "Good, the Young Master's poem is really extraordinary. To this little one's understanding, this poem means that what the heavens have is difficult for people to obtain. Good!" 

The youth smiled as he picked up a fan and pointed at the servant. "Fart, this is clearly a poem left behind by ancient people. From what you say, it's as if I made it myself." 

The servant and smiled. He didn't seem to mind. He looked around and sighed. "Young Master, we don't have a lot of silver left. Renting a boat in the river in the city of Su is not cheap. It has been four days, we should rush to the capital…"

The young man shook his head and someone poured him another cup. He took a sip and was about to speak when his body trembled. His gaze fell on the bridge ahead of him.

Wang Lin was standing on top of the bridge, and for an instant, their gazes met.

The young man's body trembled and his expression changed. There was a hint of surprise in his eyes and he put down his cup. He clasped his hands at Wang Lin, who was on the bridge, and said, "Brother, do you have the time to spare to come drink with me?"

The tremble in Wang Lin's heart gradually calmed down and his eyes revealed a strange light. He took a step forward and floated like a leaf before landing on the boat.

The four servants next to the young man were all shocked; they stared at Wang Lin in disbelief. What surprised them was not Wang Lin's action, but the fact that Wang Lin looked exactly the same as their young master!

Wang Lin didn't speak after landing on the boat, and he sat down across from the young man.

The young man carefully looked at Wang Lin, and the more he looked, the more shocked he became. This person simply looked too much like him. After hesitating for a bit, he ordered his servants to prepare another cup.

Shortly after, the servant took out a clean cup and personally filled it. While he was pouring, he observed Wang Lin and was secretly shocked.

"Brother looks extremely similar to me. I have seen many people while studying abroad, but I have never encountered anyone who looked so similar to me. May I ask what Brother's name is?" the young man asked with curiosity, and a smile on his face.

Wang Lin didn't speak. He was still pondering. He picked up the wine cup and drank it alone.

Seeing that Wang Lin didn't reply, the young man didn't mind. He personally picked up the wine jug and poured another cup for Wang Lin.

The soft sound of water rushing by the boat echoed as the boat gradually passed under the bridge. The dancers and singers were still there, but the people watching were silently pondering.

Wang Lin drank one cup after another. The contemplation in his mind made it so the wine he drank had no taste.

"What the hell is going on… Why would this person appear in the Human Trial… Not only does he look like me, but even his soul…" Wang Lin frowned and drank another cup.

The young man was still smiling and no longer spoke. However, the servant beside him was not happy and complained in his heart.

"This is the city of Su's Ancient Flower Wine. It is very expensive…"

Night gradually arrived and a breeze that contained a chill flew by. The dancers and singers had already left, leaving only Wang Lin, the young man, and his servant.

The moonlight gradually covered the earth and was reflected in the river. The breeze caused ripples to appear in the water. It was all very beautiful.

The servant, already feeling impatient, looked up at the sky. Shortly after he couldn't help but pull on the young man's cloth and winked.

The young man smiled and shook his head. He ignored his servant.

The servant bitterly smiled and whispered, "Young Master, if we continue, we have to pay more for the boat… Also, there isn't much wine left…"

"Drink with me." The contemplation in Wang Lin's eyes dissipated and he waved his right hand to take out a wine jug. This wine was not the dragon blood, but it wasn't ordinary wine. If a mortal drank it, their lifespan and intelligence would increase.

Seeing Wang Lin pull a wine jug out of nowhere, the servant's eyes widened. There was terror in his eyes and he no longer dared to rush his master.

After pouring a cup for himself, Wang Lin placed the jug at the center of the table. He drank the cup and looked up at the sky. He suddenly said, "This is the country of Zhao…"

The young man was also shocked by Wang Lin taking out the wine jug. After a long time, he took a deep breath and nodded.

"Senior is… an immortal?"

Wang Lin held the cup and muttered to himself, "You grew up in a mountain village. Your father is Wang Tianhsui, the second son in the family, and a carpenter… Your mother is Zhou Yingsu, a member of the Zhou family who studied for a few years in a private school. When you were young, your mother taught you how to read and write…" 

These words were like thunder to the young man's ears, and he was startled.

Wang Lin let out a sigh and put down the cup. He looked at the young man with a complicated gaze and softly said, "Continue walking down the life you chose…"

After he finished speaking, Wang Lin stood up and looked at the moon in the sky. At this moment, the surroundings were no longer blurry, everything had become crystal clear.

Wang Lin took a step toward the river and flew off into the distance.

The servant on the boat trembled and slumped against the boat. There was panic in his eyes as he looked at the direction Wang Lin went and stuttered, "Real… A real immortal… Young Master, a real immortal. Young Master, your dream was real!!"

The young man stared at the sky, and after a long time, he let out a deep breath. He looked at the wine jug on the table and bewilderment filled his eyes.

Wang Lin floated in the air and looked at the earth below him. He was familiar with this place. It was exactly the same as the country of Zhao in planet Suzaku.

"When I entered this Human Trial with my soul, I thought I would be seeking dao like on planet Tian Yun. I didn't expect that instead of seeking dao, it would be my inner demons…"

Wang Lin let out a sigh and revealed a complicated expression.

"Am I tired of cultivating… How else could I have created a phantom that walked down a different path…" Wang Lin silently pondered.

"Unlike that time on planet Tian Yun, I know who I am, and I know that all of this is an illusion. I know that I entered here with my soul, and I know my purpose here… I need to ignite the Human Trial…"  Wang Lin raised his head, and there was a hint of melancholy in his eyes. The moment he was able to see the world clearly, he understood what the human incense was and how to ignite it.

If he wanted to, he could ignite the first incense stick right now.

"However, I want to look at them once more before igniting the incense stick… Them… And her…" Wang Lin's eyes revealed a hint of loneliness and sorrow. He knew that all of this was fake and was formed by the illusion of the human trial. However, he couldn't help but want to look at the one thing no one could touch, his bottom line… Her.

"Just one gaze and then I'll ignite the human incense stick…" Wang Lin took a step forward and disappeared without a trace.

On the Great Emperor Planet everyone's gazes were locked on to the motionless figure with one hand on the first incense stick on the back of the giant tortoise.

The gentle wind blew, causing the figure's long hair and clothes to flutter.

The old Vermillion Bird revealed a hint of anxiety. He looked at the figure and became even more anxious.

"Why is he so slow… Given his cultivation level, this child should have already ignited the first incense stick. I expected him to take half an hour and light it after one breath. Now it has been nearly one hour, which is the majority of a day inside. Could it be that he hasn't spent enough time cultivating to see through it all and his soul is unwilling to leave?"

Master Simo revealed a sneer and stared at the figure below the first incense stick. He thought in his heart, "It is only the first incense and this little bastard is already showing weakness. There is no way he can pass the trials. Once he fails this, the first Young Emperor will lose a lot of face before all these cultivators…"

Grandmaster Yun Luo frowned hard as her right hand hidden in her sleeve moved even faster. It seemed her divination had reached a critical moment.

Just at this moment, the old Vermillion Bird's gaze staring at the figure below suddenly narrowed. Not only him, but a majority of cultivators clearly saw two lines of crystal tears fall from the eyes of the figure standing before the first incense.

Dao Master Blue Dream looked at the tears and thought to himself, "The soul returns to the homeland… If the soul is filled with sadness, it will return to the body and tears of sorrow will flow… What a powerful Human Trial…"

Inside the Human Trial, Wang Lin stood under the Heng Yue Sect's mountain. He looked at the village before him as he turned away, and a trace of tears fell from his eyes.

Country of Hou Fen, the Luo He Sect.

In the alchemy in the back mountain, a young girl with a flower dress frowned and stared at the smoking pill furnace. She stared at the frowning middle-aged woman beside the pill furnace and whispered, "Master, Wan Er has failed again…"

The middle-aged woman glared at the girl. "Fine, fine, you always have such a pitiful look. Go to the medicine mountain and pick some Water Moon Grass. I'll see if I can re-refine these pills." 

The girl stuck out her adorable tongue and quickly ran out of the alchemy room with a  smile.

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