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Chapter 1395 - Wind Rises

A moment later, Wang Lin's eyes were filled with determination and his right hand pointed at the Devil Soul Bottle. The bottle immediately let out a mournful roar. This roar seemed to contain a penetrating force and directly entered Wang Lin's mind.

"Even the power of a firefly would dare to compete with the bright moon!" Wang Lin snorted, and his voice turned into ripples that collided with the mournful cries.

Shortly after, black fog came out from the Devil Soul Bottle. There were ancient devil souls struggling inside the black fog, and they immediately charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression remained calm. As the devil souls rushed at him, he waved his hand and a gust of wind swept past the devil souls. They were all trapped in his hand.

"Dao spell, fuse!" Wang Lin's voice was calm, but it contained a sense of coldness.

As his words echoed, his eyes revealed a strange light and he immediately used Dao Master Blue Dream's dao spell. Popping sounds echoed and the devil souls began to let out mournful cries once more. They wanted to escape, but Wang Lin's hands were like a heavenly prison that they couldn't escape from!

Wang Lin closed his eyes and focused his mind on fusing. Under the effects of the dao spell, the countless devils were being fused together. Time slowly passed, and in the blink of an eye, seven days went by.

During these seven days, Wang Lin had continuously used the dao spell and didn't relax at all. On this day, the souls had fused together into a ball, and this ball gave off a ghostly light. This light got stronger and stronger until it lit up the whole cave.

A violent aura came from the ball, and at the same time, a roar that sounded like sound of countless devils fused together echoed.

"You want to refine my ancient devil clan. Impossible!!!"

"Blood refining!" Wang Lin's eyes suddenly opened and he bit the tip of his tongue. He spat out blood and it landed on the ball. This blood contained essence and was also Wang Lin's ancient god heart blood!

The moment the blood landed on the ball, the ball let out a miserable scream. The ball became chaotic, as if it would collapse at any time.

The ghostly light dissipated almost completely and was replaced by blood light. The blood light slowly circulated through the entire ball. It didn't take long for the ball to become blood red!

Wang Lin relaxed a bit and his right hand reached out, grabbing the Devil Soul Bottle. He spat out origin energy, and it entered the bottle. In an instant, large amounts of black fog flew out with countless devil souls. The moment they appeared, they were absorbed by the ball of blood.

"This ancient devil treasure contains 3,000 ancient devil souls. I'll fuse these 3,000 souls and form my ancient devil avatar!" Wang Lin waved his sleeve and then the cave became filled with fog. The fog was filled with devilish energy.

Time slowly passed as Wang Lin refined the devil souls. One month went by.

It was less than one month away from the Fallen Elder Selection. Wang Lin had been in closed door cultivation for two months! During these two months, a major event had occurred in the Fallen Land!

On the edge of the Fallen Land, on an abandoned planet, the entire planet burst into flames. The fire was blue, and it shrouded the entire abandoned planet.

However, this fire didn't last for too long. It dissipated after eight minutes and then everything returned to normal. However, just these eight minutes caused the skins of all the fire cultivators in the Fallen Land to crawl!

It didn't matter what they were doing, the moment the planet burst into flames, they were all shocked. The fire inside their bodies flew out of their bodies without their control.

Their fire began to move toward that abandoned planet as if it were being summoned!

This strange thing shocked all the fire cultivators! In particular, all the Fire Sparrow Clan members felt a stronger sensation than the others. The elder that had traded with Wang Lin was cultivating when the fire in his body suddenly appeared and turned into a fire sparrow. It opened its wings and seemed like it was going to fly away, causing the elder's expression to change greatly!

This matter caught the attention of the fire cultivators in the Fallen Land. The elder of the Fire Sparrow Clan quickly left his closed door cultivator and went to the abandoned planet with a few of his clan members. However, when he arrived, he didn't find anything no matter how much he searched. However, he did feel a hint of essence that was the same as the one from the pills!

Also, during these days, an event that shocked the entire clan took place in the Fire Sparrow Clan!

The three people who had escorted the drop of blood back from the Fallen Land had handed over the drop of blood. Then they waited there to be summoned again. They were anxious as they didn't know if this would catch the attention of the clan.

In the vast star domain occupied by the Fire Sparrow Clan, on the main planet, there were giant fire sparrow statues scattered across the planet. There was also one that was almost as high as the sky.

There was a hall under the statue, and at this moment, there was an old man sitting inside. The old man's face was red and covered in flames. He was the Fire Sparrow Clan's patriarch!

A drop of burning blood was floating before him. He stared at the blood with shock in his eyes.

"This is… essence!!"

The old man's eyes shined and then he suddenly stood up, grabbing the blood. He took a step and disappeared without a trace.

When he reappeared, he was in the inner part of this cultivation planet. The inside of the planet had been hollowed out and was filled with a sea of fire. Even fire cultivators would find it difficult to bear the heat.

This old man quickly moved through the sea of fire and soon arrived in the depths of the planet. The fire here was dark purple and looked terrifying!

There was a flashing formation at the center of the purple fire, and inside the formation sat a middle-aged man. His clothes were also purple, and as he cultivated, a shocking aura was slowly circulating through his body.

The old man seemed to be afraid of the dark purple fire. He stayed at the outer edge and respectfully said, "Junior requests to see Ancestor!"

After the old man spoke, he remained motionless, waiting to be summoned.

After a long time, the middle-aged man inside the sea of purple fire slowly opened his eyes. Each of his eyes contained a fire mark. Combined with the mark between his eyebrows, they formed a triangle!

These were three fire marks, but the colors were all distinct. The fire mark between his eyebrows was purple, the fire mark in his right eye was blue, and the fire mark in his left eye was ethereal, as if it didn't exist. But if you looked closely, you would see traces of it.

This ethereal fire seemed like it hadn't stabilized yet and was blurry.

However, it was this trace of ethereal fire that shocked the old man, causing him to lower his head and no longer dare to take a second look.

"Even though you're the clan's patriarch, without my summon, you can't take half a step into the holy land! Did you forget?" The middle-aged man's voice was flat.

The old man's face was covered in sweat as he licked his lips and whispered, "Ancestor, please don't be angry. Junior was anxious because some clan members found an extremely strange drop of blood, and I require Ancestor to examine it."

The middle-aged man's expression remained the same, as if nothing could cause his expression to change. The indifference in his eyes remained, and this coldness created a startling contrast with the fire in his eyes. This made him look even more strange.

"You even messed up a small matter like this. I'm not satisfied with a clan patriarch like you! Take out the blood and leave. Punish yourself according to the third clan law."

The old man's face immediately turned pale. He wanted to explain, but the moment he saw the ancestor in the sea of purple fire, he nodded. He waved his right hand and the drop of burning blood appeared. Then the old man lowered his head and left.

The middle-aged man casually reached out and grabbed the drop of blood from the sea of purple fire. The drop of blood landed in his hand and he casually took a glance at it. However, this casual glance shocked him greatly and he stared wide-eyed at the drop of blood.

"This… This is…" The calmness within the middle-aged man collapsed and was replaced by shock and disbelief. He quickly held the blood closer to his eyes and his divine sense spread out. After scanning it hundreds of times, the shock in his eyes became even stronger!

"Vermillion Bird Blood!! This is Vermillion Bird Blood!!" The middle-aged man sudden stood up and held the blood next to his mouth. After licking it, his body trembled once more.

"That's right, the essence inside the blood can't be wrong, it is Vermillion Bird Blood!! Vermillion Bird!!" The middle-aged man was excited, and his left hand reached at the void.

The Fire Sparrow Patriarch was about to leave the underground, his face full of remorse. He let out a sigh when a rumble suddenly came from behind him. He turned around and his pupils shrank as a giant, fire palm grabbed him.

In a flash, the hand brought the old man back to the edge of the sea of purple flames.

Before the old man could react, he heard the ancestor's excited voice. "Where did you obtain this blood?!" He froze for a moment. He had never seen the ancestor so excited. He quickly said, "A clan member from the Fallen Land brought it back!"

After the middle-aged man heard this, he began to laugh. There was ecstasy in his eyes, and even the three flame marks began to burn wildly.

"Good, good, good! You're worthy of being chosen as the clan patriarch by me, good job!! Immediately send all clan members and find the source of this blood in the Fallen Land at all costs!!"

The Fire Sparrow Patriarch quickly nodded and was about to leave. The middle-aged man's eyes lit up and he suppressed the excitement in his eyes. He said, "It's not convenient for me to go the Fallen Land, so I'll be outside to pick you all up. Also, be careful when you're there, and check if this is a trap!"

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