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Chapter 1394 - Seven Colors Again (2)

The woman's mind was cloudy and there were flashes of green light inside. Wang Lin's divine sense swept through it, trying to find her memories. However, no matter how much he searched, he couldn't find anything relating to her memories.

This place was extremely cloudy.

As his divine sense was spread out, an unknown amount of time passed. Wang Lin's divine sense suddenly began to gather from all directions toward an area surrounded by green fog.

The light from the green fog here was weak, and after circling it a few times, Wang Lin's divine sense slowly extended inside. Just as he entered, the green light from the fog increased and shot toward Wang Lin's divine sense.

This green light was extremely similar to the green gas Wang Lin had just faced outside.

As the large amount of green light arrived from all sides, Wang Lin's divine was like silk, avoiding all the green light as he continued to move forward.

The deeper he went, the more green light there was. In the end, it was so dense that it formed a net and closed in on Wang Lin's divine sense without giving him a chance to escape.

Wang Lin's divine sense shrank rapidly and all the divine sense that had entered here condensed into a needle. The moment the green light closed in, his divine sense shot out and collided with the green light.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. In the cave, Wang Lin still had his hand placed on the woman's forehead. His eyes were closed and his face turned pale as blood flowed down from the corner of his mouth. However, his eyes remained closed.

Inside the woman's mind, most of Wang Lin's divine sense had dissipated by the time he broke through the green light. The remaining divine sense charged into the depths of this cloudy area.

More green light arrived, but Wang Lin's divine sense moved around and in the end arrived at the deepest part of this green fog!

The moment Wang Lin entered the depths, his divine sense trembled and he saw something shocking that he could never forget!

Deep within the green fog sat a person!

This person wore a seven-colored robe and was a middle-aged man. As he sat here, he gave off seven-colored light. He wasn't an origin soul or real, but was formed by a seal!

Inside the cave, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, feeling shocked. He moved his right hand from her forehead. Although he didn't find her memory, his gains were great!

"The figure in the woman's mind is exactly the same as the statue!" Wang Lin silently pondered.

"It's seven colors again…" The moment he saw the figure, he first thought of the Sovereign! However, he dropped the idea immediately.

Although the Sovereign was strong, he was not strong enough to make Wang Lin terrified just as a statue! He had see third step cultivators before. Dao Master Blue Dream's cultivation level was really close to the Sovereign's, so Wang Lin could tell the difference quite easily.

"Seven colors… Seven colors… During my cultivation life, I have encountered the seven colors many times. The All-Seer likes the seven colors and the Sovereign also has the seven colors. There is also the spells that are seven-colored… and the Seven-Colored Realm, where the dao fruit was!

"There is also the Seven-Colored God Void Nail!" Wang Lin had a feeling that there was a great secret hidden in the seven colors!

"There is also the green gas and green light. Could they be part of the seven colors?" Wang Lin frowned, and after a long time, he let out a sigh. He waved his sleeve and put the woman in silver back into his storage space.

"This matter is too unfathomable for me, it is pointless to think about it now. I should refine Greed's treasure and obtain the Fire Sparrow Clan's essence!" Wang Lin pondered a bit and then no longer thought about the statue. Instead, he took out Greed's treasures to refine and research.

"99 Hollow Crystal Swords! Greed obtained this from a boulder with the head of an ancient demon. In his memory, the eyes of this head didn't have any stars. The 99 swords were stained in blood and formed a sword formation!" Wang Lin waved his right hand and the 99 swords immediately surrounded him, each giving off powerful cold energy.

Wang Lin's eyes lit up and his divine sense swept out. He carefully examined each of the 99 swords.

"They are indeed treasures of ancient demons, and they contain powerful demonic energy! It might not display its full power in my hands, but if my second avatar is complete and I use it as an ancient demon, the power would not be ordinary!

"This treasure, should I keep it or refine it…" Wang Lin pondered a bit before waving his right hand. He left his divine sense imprint and restrictions on the swords before putting them away inside his storage space.

"If I refine them, the demonic energy inside will be wasted. Once I return to the Inner Realm, the second avatar can absorb it! Unfortunately, my connection to my second avatar is being blocked by the Sealed Realm Formation, or else I could transfer it now."

"I won't know how my second avatar is doing after all these years…" Wang Lin silently took out the second treasure, the Protection Bone Tablets!

The nine tablets surrounded him and gave off an aura Wang Lin was familiar with. This was the aura of the ancient gods!

He lifted his right and touched a stone tablet. In Greed's memory, he obtain them from a boulder that had the head of an ancient god on it.

That ancient god head looked very young; it didn't seem to be an adult. The anger and confusion had lingered for an eternity in his eyes.

"The material of these stone tablets… They are made out of the bones of my ancient god clan… However, it wasn't made out of malice, but from the bones of an ancestor who died and willingly gave out their remains to be refined as treasures… Otherwise, there would be powerful resentment coming from it and it would not be this calm.

"Greed only used this treasure as protection and wasn't able to activate the hidden ancient god spell inside…" Wang Lin waved his right hand and the nine tablets began to shine. Powerful ancient god aura erupted from the nine tablets as they rotated around Wang Lin.

In the end, they shrank until they condensed around Wang Lin's right arm. The nine tablets fused into one and turned into a gauntlet! This gauntlet was greyish-white, looking as if it was a piece of bone!

It wrapped around his fist so that his fist was now one size larger. It even wrapped around his fingers, so when he formed a fist, there would be crackling sounds.

There were also many damage marks on it. There were sword marks and cracks, representing all the battles the young ancient god had fought.

"There is also an ancient god spell hidden inside this treasure… Just like the green shield, it's a life-saving spell… Unfortunately, it wasn't able to save the life of that ancient god." Wang Lin had a complicated expression on his face as his ancient god energy rushed into the gauntlet.

"8-Star Ancient God Spell, Ancestral Protection! This spell is not in Tu Si's memory." Wang Lin was immersed in the spell inside the gauntlet and only awakened after 15 minutes.

"If this spell is used with the Light and Shadow Shield, it will be extremely powerful!"

After looking at his right hand, with a thought, the gauntlet melted and fused with his body.

He raised his hand and reached at the void. The third treasure appeared!

Emperor Furnace!

When Wang Lin first saw the Emperor Furnace, his heart skipped a beat. This was an aura he was very familiar with. It was an aura unique to royal ancient gods, and only royal ancient gods could feel it!

"I didn't expect Greed to obtain a royal ancient god treasure! Although it wasn't passed down by inheritance and was refined by someone else, it indeed is a royal ancient god treasure!"

Wang Lin's eyes were filled with joy as he looked at the Emperor Furnace, and the ancient god stars rotated rapidly between his eyebrows. Then starlight fell on the Emperor Furnace. The furnace rumbled and began to spin. Eventually, starlight came out from the furnace and landed between Wang Lin's eyebrows.

Its size rapidly shrank until it eventually fused with Wang Lin's first star!

Tuo Sen had fused third step cultivators into his stars, while Wang Lin fused treasures. These two methods were fundamentally different, so their paths were naturally different.

Wang Lin's body trembled and the ancient god power in his body rapidly increased. Popping sounds echoed in his body. This lasted for a long time before dissipating. His hair moved without any wind and his body became stronger.

"Although it can't compared to the blood sword or the heaven splitting axe in the Sealed Realm Formation, it is almost on par with Tu Si's God Slaying Spear. If I can completely refine it, its power will be endless! More importantly, its power is focused on refining!"

The joy in Wang Lin's eyes became even stronger. He waved his sleeve and took out the fourth treasure. It was the fog lance that constantly changed between real and fake!

The moment the lance appeared, devilish energy filled the cave and mournful cries came out of it, making it more fierce.

"Ancient devil treasure… Unfortunately, I don't have an ancient devil avatar. If I did, I could display its full power!

"Ancient devil avatar… I think that if I can integrate all three clans, I can reach back to the power of the Ancient Order!!" Wang Lin stared at the devil lance and pondered.

"I cultivated the ancient god body myself. The ancient demon avatar was formed from the soul fragment and the worship from Thirteen's clan, forming a power similar to Joss Flames. This made the ancient demon think it was me, so I didn't have to spend much effort to make it a part of myself... As for ancient devil, I might be able to create one myself! Of course, if I can catch one, it will be better!" Wang Lin pondered as his right hand reached at the void and Greed's Devil Soul Bottle appeared before him!

The moment the Devil Soul Bottle appeared, the devilish energy in the cave increased greatly and countless devil shadows appeared. The devilish energy shrouded the entire planet.

From afar, the Dark Scorpion Clan's planet was shrouded by a layer of devilish fog. It was extreme shocking!

"I can't form a devilish body, but I can create a devil soul. Using that soul to control the ancient devil treasures would increase their power greatly. If there is a chance, I can possess a ancient devil body and make it my third avatar!

"However… what are the chances of success…" Wang Lin stared at the Devil Soul Bottle and hesitation appeared in his eyes.

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