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Chapter 1334 - A Terrifying Guess

With Wang Lin's powerful divine sense it didn't take him too long to completely figure it out. Only thunder cultivators could learn this, and its power changed depending on the amount of thunder in one's body. The more thunder there was to compress, the more powerful it became!

For example, Big Red could compress the thunder in his body 10 times and get a burst of power. This was common in the Scatter Thunder Clan, but if this was in the Inner Realm on planet Suzaku, he would be one of the most powerful cultivators.

However, this was only secondary. To really use the Great Thunder Stamp, one had to reach the second step. Then they could gather thunder from the void and cause the thunder in their body to compress 1,000 or even 10,000 fold.

As a result, its power would be heaven-shaking!

This was only one of the methods of controlling thunder. It was due to them studying ways of controlling thunder for tens of thousands of years and finding many methods that even though they didn't have a third step cultivator, they were still one of the great clans in the Ancient Star System!

Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense from the jade. His expression was calm and he began to ponder.

"The strongest person in the Scatter Thunder Clan is the ancestor who is at the fifth Heaven's Blight and only one step from the third step. Although this step is like the gap between heaven and earth, his strength is unquestionable. If he uses this spell, I wonder how many tens of thousands of times he could compress it… He might even be able to hold off third step cultivators for a moment…"

While Wang Lin pondered, he memorized the Great Thunder Stamp. As his hands formed a seal, thunderous rumbles echoed and countless bolts of thunder appeared. They were like silver snakes, and they charged for his hand, forming a fist-sized ball of thunder.

There were popping sounds coming from the ball of thunder, and it was being constantly compressed. Ten fold, hundred fold, thousand fold, ten thousand fold. In the blink of an eye, the ball of thunder had been compressed almost 30,000 fold.

The ball of thunder had disappeared and become invisible to the naked eye. Only with your divine sense could you see the ball of thunder that had been compressed 30,000 fold in Wang Lin's hand.

"Although this body has been modified by me, at most it can only display up to Soul Formation strength. However, my origin soul is powerful, so it isn't limited by this body, and outsiders can't perceive my origin soul! This is because my origin soul has merged with the thunder here and is on the same level of existence as the eternal thunderbolt. Even if the Scatter Thunder Clan ancestor came, as long as he cultivates the Scatter Thunder Clan mark and the eternal thunderbolt, even with a higher cultivation level, his control over thunder can't match mine!" Wang Lin looked at the dust particle-sized ball of thunder and pondered.

"30,000 fold of compression is the limit of this body. If I try to intensify it more, this body will immediately collapse." Wang Lin waved his right hand and the dust particle formed by compressing the ball of thunder 30,000 fold silently disappeared.

"Big Red is a member of the Scatter Thunder Clan, so there is no harm in him acting. As for Xu Liguo, he is not a cultivator, but a sword spirit, so I'll let him be happy. The Scatter Thunder Clan exists within the thunder lake, where non-clan members can't enter at all, so they aren't on guard against outsiders.

"I don't have to be too lowkey…" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and he stopped thinking about this. He closed his eyes and began studying the Scatter Thunder Clan's mark.

This Scatter Thunder Clan's marks were all extensions of the eternal thunderbolt and had evolved from that power. To study the mark was like indirectly studying the eternal thunderbolt.

The thunder mark Wang Lin was studying was Yu Fei's. Although Yu Fei had ripped out his mark, it was imprinted in his soul, so it was not something that could be destroyed by just ripping off the flesh.

As Wang Lin studied it, he could feel how ancient and powerful the eternal thunderbolt was. Just this extension of the eternal thunderbolt already contained a large variety of thunder. And just this small mark contained a trace of thunder essence.

However, he couldn't absorb this thunder essence. This essence contained a will and seemed to be sleeping, but it was constantly absorbing from the members of the Scatter Thunder Clan.

Time slowly passed. Wang Lin had already been in the hall for more than a month. As he continued to research, he vaguely noticed something strange.

His eyes slowly opened and revealed exhaustion, but there was a strange light within them.

"All members of the Scatter Thunder Clan cultivate their mark for countless years, and as the mark awakens more, they obtain endless power and the power to control thunder. While the mark improves their cultivation, at the same time… they are constantly giving their lifeforce and thunder as offering to the eternal thunderbolt...

"This is very similar to Joss Flames!" Wang Lin's eyes grew brighter and brighter.

"If the eternal thunderbolt is a third step cultivator, then entire Scatter Thunder Clan are like disciples for the eternal thunderbolt… These disciples all have the marks, and they are constantly cultivating and offering everything… But depending on how much they offer, they get varying cultivation levels in return...

"All of this is also very similar to the Scatter Thunder Ranking in this clan!"

Wang Lin felt like he had found a heaven-shaking secret. He took a deep breath and muttered, "All the clans in the Ancient Star System have a mark… This mark isn't always between the eyebrows. The Blue Silk Clan has blue hair, but it is also a mark! If all the other Ancient Star System clansare like the Scatter Thunder Clan… then this Ancient Star System, could it be… could it be…"

Wang Lin's pupils shrank and he suddenly looked up. His gaze pierced through the hall and looked at the world. His gaze was extremely gloomy.

"Could it be that the Ancient Star System is a mysterious existence with unimaginable cultivation and a captive place created by it? For example, when Daoist Water and I battled, there was a world that he had created containing two billion disciples. There were also cultivation planets there, and to those disciples, Daoist Water was God!"

The more he guessed, the more his heart felt cold. But his gaze wasn't able to pierce the heavens and the fog surrounding the truth.

"This is all my speculation… Perhaps it is not as I thought… However, this means that the Sealed Realm Formation is not as the Lord of the Sealed Realm had said. It wasn't placed there to simply trap the people of the Inner Realm...

"Also, the woman in silver said that Joss Flames are poisonous and a scam… Coupled with what Dao Master Blue Dream said about the Sovereign being seriously injured by someone in the Inner Realm with a roar and fleeing in panic… Are all of these connected? What kind of secret shrouds the Inner and Outer Realms?

"Also, what role did the Ancient Celestial Realm play in all of this…" The more Wang Lin thought about this, the more terrified he felt. A rare trembling arose in his mind.

He took a deep breath and calmed down. He buried his speculation deep within his heart.

"No matter if it is true or false, I won't casually cultivate Joss Flames!" Wang Lin's eyes lit up and became filled with determination.

Several days later, Big Red returned before Xu Liguo. Just as he returned to the sect, he immediately changed his expression to one full of excitement and respect. After hearing that Wang Lin was in closed door cultivation, he immediately arrived before the hall and told everyone to leave. He stood outside the hall by himself and looked extremely vigilant, like he was a royal follower guarding his master.

It was as if even if an Ascendent cultivator came, they would have to step over his body to enter the hall.

Not long after he made his pose, Wang Lin's summon echoed in his mind. He immediately became spirited and turned around. He first patted his clothes to dust his clean outfit and then walked into the hall with a flattering expression.

The moment he entered, before he even saw Wang Lin, Big Red excitedly said, "Junior Big Red has gathered a large amount of items that can traded for thunder crystals for Senior." As he spoke, he entered the main hall and touched his mark. The things he had collected over the past month flew out and formed a small mountain.

He was spirited as he took a deep breath and excitedly said, "This little one hasn't seen Senior for several weeks. Now that I have seen Senior, I immediately feel refreshed. Just breathing the air that Senior has cultivated in has made me feel like my cultivation level has increased! I only hate that I can't follow Senior at all times. However, doing Senior's bidding is a great honor for Big Red. I wish I could turn into many avatars so I could gather faster."

Wang Lin's expression was neutral as he looked at Big Red. He waved his hand and put away everything that could be used to trade for thunder crystals.

"Not bad. This is a reward for you." Wang Lin flicked his finger and a pill landed in Big Red's hand.

Big Red lowered his head and was shaken. He couldn't cover the excitement as he quickly said, "It is this little one's honor to do things for Senior. Senior is as bright as the sun and moon; even without the reward, this little one would still be pleased to help Senior. 

"Senior, there are only few more days until the day to trade for thunder crystals. The Thunder Crystal Temple will open soon. Should we leave now to trade for some?"

Wang Lin pondered a bit and then looked at Big Red with a smile that wasn't a smile before nodding.

When Big Red saw Wang Lin agree, he became excited. He had deliberately chosen to come back before Xu Liguo in order to have some time alone with Wang Lin to use his invincible art. He had also decided to take Wang Lin to the Thunder Crystal Temple so that Xu Liguo wouldn't find Wang Lin when he returned.

"Hmph, hmph, I, Big Red, am about to begin my war with you. I don't believe I can't beat you! As long as Senior accepts me, what are mere things to trade for thunder crystals? If I stick with Senior, I'll seriously gain a lot of benefits! From the looks of it, Senior is intending to get into the Scatter Thunder Rankings. Once Senior rises, it will also be the day I make a name for myself!  Perhaps there will be a place for I, Big Red, in the Scatter Thunder Clan!"

Big Red had ambition. This was his biggest difference from Xu Liguo.

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