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Chapter 1294 - Dao Spell

The Nine Abyss Dragon let out a roar. It had to submit. It felt a terrifying, chaotic aura inside Wang Lin that made it tremble. There were three reasons why submitted.

The first reason stemmed from the memories it had inherited from ancient times. The power of the gods!

The second reason was the tremble from its soul. It was as if Wang Lin's soul had the power to restrain and devour it!

The third reason terrified him the most. It was also from his inherited memories. It was the aura of the emperor of beasts. The aura of Ji Qiong!

In addition, the two palms from Wang Lin contained heaven-shaking power, so how could the Nine Abyss Dragon resist? It could only yield and become Wang Lin's mount!

When Wang Lin used the two palms to subdue the Nine Abyss Dragon, everyone outside the spatial crack was shocked. Their eyes were filled with monstrous fear. This was even more shocking and unbelievable then when Wang Lin destroyed all those fierce beasts and skulls!

Even the three Demon Sect members inside the blue mist were all shocked and filled with disbelief. Their hearts trembled, causing the blue mist around them to distort.

"The Nine Abyss Dragon was taken in by him as a mount!!! This matter… This matter…"

"The three of us attacking together with the Demon Sect's secret spell can beat the Nine Abyss Dragon, but it would be impossible to make it yield, let alone make it our mount. What exactly is his identity to be able to do this?!"

"Although this Nine Abyss Dragon is not an adult, it is still one of Ji Qiong's six companion beasts. How could it be tamed just like this?"

The three of them were terrified and looked at Wang Lin with shock. If they were like this, then there was no need to talk about the rest. The cultivators outside the spatial crack were all dumbfounded.

The six geniuses' origin souls trembled as they stared at Wang Lin standing on the head of the Nine Abyss Dragon inside the spatial crack. Wang Lin's figure was engraved into their hearts!

Wang Lin's white clothes and white hair made him look like an invincible, heaven-shaking battle god that everyone would worship!

"Li Qianmei must have done it for him… He must have come for Li Qianmei… Li Qianmei, I have secretly been competing with you for a hundred years. I thought you would die after being sent into the spatial crack, but I didn't expect such a powerful person would come to save you…" The indifferent woman let out a sigh.

Wang Lin stood on the Nine Abyss Dragon and ignored the shock of all the cultivators outside. He was about to rush into the depths of the spatial crack to save Li Qianmei! However, at this moment, an extremely powerful aura erupted from one of the six Demon Sect planets. At the same time, a person closed in.

This person was too fast. With one step, he teleported in this space that you couldn't teleport in. After taking one step, he took a second step!

After the second step landed, he appeared next to the three people from the Demon Sect and took a third step. He was so fast that no one could follow him as he entered the spatial crack and appeared before Wang Lin.

"Fellow Cultivator, don't be in such a rush. Let this old man see if you are qualified to enter the depths of the spatial crack!"

As the person closed in, a gentle voice echoed, shaking the inside and outside of the spatial crack. As this person closed in, their right hand and pressed down on Wang Lin, who was on top of the Nine Abyss Dragon's head!

Wang Lin's expression was neutral. The moment the palm arrived, Wang Lin raised his right hand and pushed forward. The power from the two palms collided in the air.

Endless origin energy gathered like crazy. A destructive aura that could destroy space itself spread out between their two palms.

An indescribable shock appeared and spread out like crazy. It was as if a powerful storm had swept by the surrounding cultivators, forcing them to retreat. Even the six geniuses turned pale and were forced to retreat.

Only the three people of the Demon Sect were able to remain still before the shockwave. They stared into the spatial crack with solemn expressions!

Wang Lin let out a muffled groan and popping sounds echoed inside his body. He was thrown back several dozen feet along with the Nine Abyss Dragon. The figure that closed in with three steps also let out a muffled groan, but instead of retreating, the figure took another step!

"You're courting death!" Wang Lin's eyes shined and he jumped off the Nine Abyss Dragon toward the figure. When he got close, his right hand formed a fist and the ancient god stars between his eyebrows appeared. A large amount of ancient god energy erupted and entered his fist!

There was a thunderous bang, and the person paused for a moment and was pushed back. Wang Lin looked gloomy as he chased. He waved his hand and a drop of blood flew out from between his eyebrows, turning into a blood red sword!

Holding the blood sword, Wang Lin mercilessly chopped down while chasing!

The retreating figure's expression changed greatly when Wang Lin took out the blood sword. He  spat out a tortoise shell to block before him.

The moment the tortoise shell appeared, the blood sword chopped down and collided with the tortoise shell.

A thunderous rumble echoed, but the tortoise shell wasn't able to stop the blood sword at all. When they collided, the blood light pierced into the person.

The person's body staggered and blood came out of the corner of his mouth. He retreated once more, but then he fiercely waved his hand. Origin energy began to gather like crazy.

His voice suddenly echoed. "Earth, Emperor, Dipper, Celestial, Explosion! War Spirit Print!" Five runes suddenly appeared, and together they formed a giant palmprint!

This palmprint was the War Spirit Print, the real War Spirit Print. The moment it appeared, the origin energy in the world rapidly condensed and instantly turned solid. It charged toward Wang Lin's forehead with unimaginably strong momentum!

Wang Lin didn't retreat, and as he charged out, his eyes glowed red. The blood sword in his hand disappeared and fused with his body. At this moment, his body gave off a monstrous, red glow. His body became the blood sword!

He was the blood sword!

His right hand's two fingers were the tip of the sword that could pierce the heavens and earth. He pointed at the palm with these two fingers. The 10 million rays of sword energy surrounded him, forming a sword storm that collided with the palmprint.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The heavens and earth trembled when the 10 million rays of sword energy collided with the palm print. The rays of sword energy collapsed and the palm paused for a moment. At this moment, Wang Lin's two fingers covered in red light stabbed into the center of the palmprint!

The palmprint collapsed with a thunderous bang, and the oppressive origin energy scattered. The expression of the person changed once more, and he wanted to retreat, but it was too late. Wang Lin broke through the palmprint and stepped forward. His two fingers pointed at the person's forehead!

The figure shook and coughed out blood. He quickly retreated and left the spatial crack!

There was a flash of cold light in Wang Lin's eyes as he chased the person out of the spatial crack. His left hand was pressed between his eyebrows as if he was going to rip something off!

The figure's expression changed once more after seeing Wang Lin's left hand, and he quickly shouted, "Fellow Cultivator, stop!! Fellow Cultivator, stop!! This old man was reckless on this matter!" 

He stopped before the three members of the Demon Sect and turned into a white-haired old man. He then clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin stepped out of the crack, stared at the old man, and put down his left hand.

The three Demon Sect members behind the old man respectfully said, "Greetings, Elder."

The old man nodded slightly and then looked at Wang Lin with shock in his eyes. Then he clasped his hands and said, "Fellow Cultivator is extremely strong, and this old man is no match for you, especially against your blood sword. That treasure…" The elder shook his head and smiled bitterly. The shock and horror this treasure had brought him was indescribable.

Wang Lin coldly stared at the old man. Without a word, he withdrew his gaze and charged back into the crack. The Nine Abyss Dragon inside had been scared out of its wits and didn't dare to escape.

The old man looked at Wang Lin's back and said, "Fellow Cultivator, it was this old man who was rude. I believe Fellow Cultivator came to save Li Qianmei. Li Qianmei was scouted by this old man to be accepted into the Demon Sect, and it was also this old man who allowed her to leave." Then he waved his right hand and a jade flew out toward Wang Lin.

"This crack is very large. If you search randomly, it will be very difficult to find Li Qianmei. This jade contains a map, and I have marked her location. With Fellow Cultivator's speed, you might be able to catch up."

Wang Lin stopped and caught the jade. After he scanned it with his divine sense, the coldness on his face softened. Then he turned toward the old man and said, "Go back and go into closed door cultivation for three days. Don't use your dao intent and focus your mind. In the last five hours of the third day, your dao intent will collapse. Bear with it, and if you can withstand it, there will be no harm!"

After Wang Lin finished speaking, he left the shocked old man and entered the spatial crack. He landed on the head of the Nine Abyss Dragon and charged into the depths of the spatial crack!

The old man looked at where Wang Lin disappeared to, and his expression changed. He carefully checked his body and then his face gradually turned pale, becoming terrified. He saw that there was a mysterious change to his dao intent. It was as if a foreign force had invaded and caused his dao intent to gradually weaken.

"This… This is… Dao spell!!!" The old man's face was without blood, and he felt lucky. If not for his own good intention in gifting that jade, the other person wouldn't have told him about it. Even if he had noticed that his own dao intent was damaged, he would've just gone into closed door cultivation to heal. Then, on the last five hours on the third day, he would be caught off guard. If he didn't die, he would be seriously injured from it.

"This person perhaps could really save Li Qianmei. Even with my second Heaven's Blight cultivation, I'm not confident in winning against him, and I was secretly hurt by him. The most terrifying part is that he still has a seal on him. If he releases that seal…" The old man's eyes became serious as he looked into the spatial crack. Then he turned around and returned to the cultivation planet. He immediately went into closed door cultivation.

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